A Night At… The Sunnydale High Library

Author’s Notes: Just smutty PWP fun.

Rating: Adult; explicit sexDisclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: Initially C/A, ultimately B/A.

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Originally posted: Jan 26, 2002

It was well after midnight but the lights were still on in the Sunnydale High library. Buffy and Angel sat across from each other at the table – Buffy trying to study for her history exam tomorrow, Angel quietly reading a book to keep her company. Giles had left hours earlier to meet Jenny for dinner, but had extracted a promise from both of them that they would stay in the library until Buffy finished her homework. It was only the second time in the two weeks since her birthday that they had been alone together, so both were finding it difficult to concentrate.

“Argh. I still have one more chapter to go.” Buffy said with a pout as she leaned back in her chair. As Angel glanced up at her he was struck once again with how beautiful, how sexy she was. His eyes trailed down her body noting the shiny lip-gloss on the full pouting lips, the sexy black tank top that was molded to her breasts and the beige miniskirt that teased him as it rode up on her golden thighs.

“C’mon baby, take a break for a minute.” Angel held out his hand. Buffy instantly hopped to her feet, a big smile on her face as she moved around the table to sit in his lap. Before she could sit, he pushed his chair back from the table then turned her so that she was facing away from him. He reached an arm around her middle and pulled her back between his legs to sit on the edge of the chair. His other arm reached up to move her hair away so he could kiss and nuzzle her neck.

“Mmm. Much better.” Buffy murmured as she closed her eyes and moved back, pushing her bottom into the erection she could clearly feel behind her. As Angel began biting her neck gently then slightly harder, she arched her back and wrapped an arm around her head. His arm came down and began to trace a lazy pattern up her thigh.

“Is everyone gone?” Angel whispered huskily in Buffy’s ear as his hand moved from her thigh to her breast. With desire humming through her, Buffy could barely think much less answer his question. “Um, yea. We’re alone.” Turning her head, she opened her eyes and pulled his head down for a kiss. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she began to suck greedily while arching her body further into the hand that was teasing and plucking at her nipples.

Xander had been sleeping in Giles’s office until the sound of a chair moving had woken him up. He now stared with bleary eyes at the sight of Buffy and her vampire lover where they sat directly in his line of vision as he exited the office. He knew he should say something – clearly they thought they were alone – but the sight mesmerized him. He knelt down quietly behind the counter, leaning around just enough to be able to still see them. Angel had slipped the hand around Buffy’s waist under her shirt and the hand that had been rubbing her breast now moved to her shoulder to pull down the strap of her top. He knew he shouldn’t watch, but he couldn’t look away. After all, it was Buffy – THE Buffy that he himself had wanted once.

Angel broke off the kiss and looked down as he pulled Buffy’s top down baring her breast. “Naughty girl, no bra.” His hand brushed her bare nipple as he moved to pull down the other side of her top so that both breasts were exposed to his gaze. Her coral nipples were spiked and hard from his attention and her want of him. She could feel the wetness flood between her legs as she felt him looking at her with hot eyes. Angel moved both hands to grasp her breasts, rubbing and stroking them, rolling her nipples between his fingers. “Do you like that, hmm Buffy? Do you like me to touch you?” His whisper against her neck was giving her goosebumps. She was rotating her hips, whimpering and pressing into him as she was pressing her legs together to ease the ache that was building in her. “Want me to touch your little pussy? You like it when I do that.” A moan broke from Buffy’s lips at his words and she pressed hard against him, arching into his hands.

Xander could not make out Angel’s words, but he knew from Buffy’s reaction that it was making her hot. His own erection was pressing painfully against his jeans as he stared at the couple, his eyes returning to Buffy’s breasts and the large hands that were petting them. As he watched, Angel wrapped one arm around Buffy’s waist and lifted her into his lap as he moved his legs together. As her legs fell on the outside of his, he moved his legs apart parting her legs even farther. Angel moved one hand down and slid it up Buffy’s thigh pulling up her skirt up further, exposing white satin panties. Xander saw them only for a second or two before Angel’s hand moved to touch her there. Xander’s own hand moved down to stroke his cock through his jeans.

“Nggah” Buffy moaned louder as Angel’s hand touched her pussy through her damp panties. “Mmm, Buffy, you’re wet, verryy wet.” Angel turned Buffy’s head to once again kiss her, biting and nipping at her lips as his hand lightly rubbed her clit through her panties. Buffy’s hips moved faster as she tried to press Angel’s hand harder into her now aching pussy. Against his lips, Buffy squeaked out “Please ANGEL. Baby, I need you” before pushing her tongue into his mouth and kissing him hard. Holding her tight against his hard cock, Angel began to stroke Buffy harder, moving his hand to the rhythm of her hips. “Come on baby, cum for me. Let’s see if we can make that pussy really wet.” Angel’s words and husky voice against her neck were just enough to push her over the edge. Nipping at her shoulder, he slipped two fingers under the leg of her panties and into her tight hole, then reached down with his other hand to rub her clit hard. “Aaaaaawwwww, ANGEL!” Buffy spasmed around his fingers, cumming hard. Buffy opened her eyes to look at Angel just as he moved his fingers from her sticky wetness to his mouth. She felt that familiar fluttering in her stomach start again as he licked his fingers, eyes never leaving hers.

Xander never thought his cock had been so hard in his life. He had managed to quietly unzip his pants and was now stroking himself through his underwear. He could feel the moisture leaking from the tip and knew he was close to cumming himself. This was better than the scrambled Playboy channel that he tried to watch every so often in his uncle’s basement.

Angel stood abruptly, pushed their few books and papers aside, then lifted Buffy up on the table. He pulled his sweater over his head and dropped it on the floor. Reaching down, he wrapped his arms around her and drew her to him for a kiss. Her hands slid around his neck and he leaned further into her, kissing her deeply. Buffy opened her mouth wide, inviting his tongue to take possession. He searched her mouth, slanting his head and pressing his cool chest against her erect nipples. He teased and lured her tongue back into his mouth. His hands slid down her arms to caress her breasts. Breaking off the kiss, Angel pushed her back down on the table, his mouth moving down her throat to her breasts. Licking and sucking, he moved from one nipple to the other, leaving a wet trail of kisses. Buffy whimpered as she felt her desire from him rise again. Passing over the shirt and skirt now bunched at her waist, Angel planted rough kisses along her stomach. When he pulled her panties off with a jerk, Buffy moaned. Opening her eyes, she looked at Angel as he looked down at her. His expression could only be described as ravenous. Her eyes grew wide with surprise as he stepped closer to her and hooked a thigh over each of his forearms. With his eyes still locked on hers, she heard him say “You know what I want Buffy? Do you know what I’m going to do?” She swallowed hard as he continued to push her thighs forward, opening her legs wider to him. Dropping on his knees in front of her, he whispered, “I’m going to taste you baby. I’m going to lick your pussy. You tasted so good on my fingers I need more.” “Oh ANGGGEEELLLL” Buffy shrieked as his tongue touched her clit. She thought she was going to cum from his words alone, but – this – this was 100 times better. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygoddddd” Buffy’s hips jerked as Angel licked her tiny slit from top to bottom, and stopped frequently to suck on her clit. Moving slowly, Angel took his time to lick and taste each crevice. He nibbled at her outer lips, then pushed his tongue inside her. He kept her just on the edge, pulling back each time he thought she was going to cum. Finally, when he thought she couldn’t take anymore, he pushed two fingers inside her, then moved to suck her clit hard. “OH. MY. GOD. ANGELLLL. Ooohhhhh”.

The minute Angel buried his head between Buffy’s legs, Xander felt his own seed spurt from his cock. He bit his lip to hold back the groan that threatened to reveal his position and sagged against the counter. He had never thought about kissing a girl there much less seen it. From the noise that Angel was making, he must enjoy it. And there was no doubt that Buffy was benefiting from Angel’s expertise.

“Oh baby, I need your cock. Please. Want you. Inside. Me” Buffy was panting and moaning. That last orgasm was incredible, but she loved to feel his thick hard length inside of her. Granted, she had only had his cock twice (including her birthday), but that was enough to make her crave it. She imagined sucking and licking it, driving him crazy the way he did her, but she hadn’t been bold enough yet to suggest it and he hadn’t asked her. To be honest, she hadn’t really even gotten a good look at it. She glanced down through her legs, which were now propped up on the table, and watched as Angel kicked off his shoes and started to unfasten his pants. Watching her interest, he moved closer. Reaching out his hand to pull her up, he kissed the top of her head then murmured “Unzip them for me sweetheart.” Glancing up at him uncertainly, but still wanting him inside her, she reached forward and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Looking up at him again, she pushed his pants and boxers down his hips. He stepped back to shimmy the rest the way out of his pants and moved back to Buffy, his hand cupping her cheek then sliding down her neck. Buffy leaned forward and kissed his chest, running her hands up and down his sides as he moved his hands to her head, wrapping them in her hair.

Xander glanced back around the counter to see what the happy couple was now up to. His own semi-erect cock came to attention as he saw Buffy slide off the table to her knees in front of a very well endowed Angel. His eyes widened impossibly large as Buffy took Angel’s cock in her mouth and began sucking. Xander immediately returned his hand to his own erection and began stroking it hard and fast. At this rate, he knew he would probably have blisters tomorrow but right now he didn’t care.

Angel groaned as Buffy’s lips wrapped around his cock and she began to bob her head. She wrapped one hand around his shaft and the other moved up between his legs to caress his balls. Moving one hand from her hair to her hand on his cock, he began moving her hand up and down, stroking his shaft. Angel didn’t want to cum in her mouth the first time she sucked his cock, so he reached down and pulled her to her feet. Kissing her hard, he tumbled her back on the table entering her almost at the exact same time. “Baby, your mouth is so good. I loved you sucking my cock.” Angel moaned as he began moving in and out of her pussy. Buffy was slamming her hips up to meet his thrusts, reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck and bring his head down for a kiss. “Harder, Angel, harder” Buffy panted. Angel gripped Buffy’s hips as he pumped harder. “Uugh, Buffffyyy” Angel came with a groan and two quick hard thrusts. Buffy bucked back and came too, moving her legs from the table to wrap around his hips.

Xander came too in the next instant. A quiet moan escaped his lips as he leaned against the counter once again. Luckily for him, Buffy and Angel were too wrapped up in each other to hear the sound. Xander glanced back at the table to make sure he hadn’t been caught spying, but Buffy and Angel were kissing sweetly and murmuring to each other. He crawled slowing back into Giles office, preparing to wait until Buffy and Angel left before making his own way out. Boy, he sure had a few new moves for Cordelia in their next make-out session.

Between kisses and cuddling, Buffy and Angel dressed and fixed their clothes. “Uh-oh” Buffy glanced down to see the wet spot on the library table. “You know that will stain and Giles will blame me.” Angel smiled “Well, it IS your fault.” “Not all of it, big guy. I think you’ll find sem-” “Ok, ok. I’ll get some Kleenex out of Giles’s office to clean it up”. As Angel grabbed the box of Kleenex off the desk, he was surprised to see Xander asleep on the couch. Well, as long as we didn’t wake him up, I won’t mention it to Buffy – it’d only embarrass her to think he might have heard us.

“Now Buffy, you still have to study that last chapter.”

A Night At… The Bronze

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