A Night At… The Bronze

Author’s Notes: PWP.Season II-ish.  No happiness clause exists.
Written for entertainment purposes only, not trying to write for either show or capture the true ‘essence of the characters’ (whatever that may be). Admittedly, struggled trying to come up with “realistic” Xander speak – so I know that parts weak.  But, what do you expect from PWP? * grin *

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/A, C/X, W/O

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Originally posted: Feb 14, 2002

The band had just started their first set, but the Bronze still wasn’t very crowded.  Oz and Willow were shyly holding hands under the table watching Cordelia and Xander slow dance while Buffy looked around anxiously.  She knew Angel would meet her there as planned, but she missed him.  Sure, she had seen him Wednesday night – ok, well technically Thursday morning – but it was already Friday.  “This must be what an addict feels like going through withdrawal,” she grumbled.  Just the thought of Angel and their past nights together made Buffy feel warm and flushed all over.  She smiled slightly and fidgeted in her seat, looking around again.

“Buffy, Oz’s band is playing her tomorrow night.  We should come watch, er, listen.” Willow was already nervous – it was only her third date with Oz – and Buffy’s fidgeting was only adding to her nervousness.  “Um. Yeah. Huh?” Buffy had clearly not been listening.  “Oz’s band. Tomorrow night. Here.” Willow repeated just as Xander and Cordelia returned to the table. “Cool.  We’re in, right Cordy?”  Any excuse to spend time with Cordelia was good in Xander’s book, although after the night he had planned with her tonight, he hoped that he wouldn’t need an excuse.

“Ooh, I love this song.” Cordelia interrupted any further conversation, pulling Xander back out on the dance floor.  “Dance?” Oz turned to Willow, who without answering, jumped up and grabbed his hand, happy for any excuse to be close to him.  Left alone at the table, Buffy glanced around the room again restlessly.

“Hey.”  Angel said quietly in Buffy’s ear as he came up behind her and kissed her cheek.  “Oh. Hey!  There you are.” Buffy smiled brightly and reached up to wrap her arms around Angel’s neck.  She pulled his head down for a soft lingering kiss.

“So, dance with me?” Buffy took both of Angel’s hands and pulled him toward the dance floor.  The song was slow and sensuous, and Buffy intended to make the most of it.  Moving in front of Angel she stared up into his eyes and slowly began to rotate her hips, moving them closer and closer to his body.  She raised her arms over her head, lifting her breasts and arching slightly toward him, closing her eyes.  In the dim light, he could make out the faint outline of her nipples through the lavender halter-top.  Lowering her hands, she ran her fingertips along his collarbones, then down his arms.  The vanilla scent of her perfume permeated his senses, along with the smell of her arousal.  He rested his hands on her hips, resisting the urge to pull her closer into him.

Slowly she turned around, pulling his arms to wrap around her waist.  Still undulating her hips, she stepped back pushing her bottom into his groin, her back into his chest.  Smiling slightly she was glad that she had worn the stiletto sandals – they added just enough to her height to fit into Angel’s body perfectly.  Reaching one arm back, she pulled his head into the groove of her neck.  Angel growled slightly, a deep almost purring sound that sent shivers down Buffy’s body, culminating in heat between her legs.  He hadn’t ever let his vamp side take control when they made love, now she found herself excited by the possibility.  Unable to resist, he bit and sucked softly at her neck as she swayed against him to the music. Angel’s hand was sliding up her abdomen to her breasts, when the shifting tempo in the music jarred them apart as the band started the next song.

Buffy turned and smiled at Angel, pleased that he seemed as affected as she was by their nearness.  Stepping closer, she stood on tiptoe to reach his mouth, kissing him deeply as she twined her arms around his neck.  Stretched taut against the solid strength of his body, she felt his erection hard and explicit against her stomach.

“You missed me.” She murmured against his lips before slanting her head for another kiss.

“You noticed.” He smiled slightly at her, before pushing his tongue back into her mouth, arching her slightly backward so that she was pressed even more firmly into his body.

“Mmm.” Her voice was teasing and suggestive, “Oh, yes, I noticed.”

Xander watched Buffy and Angel and bit back a groan.  As if his cock wasn’t hard enough already with Cordelia in his arms, he was now reminded – vividly – of what he had seen Buffy and Angel do the other night at the library.  He wanted to look away. No, he wanted to leave immediately with Cordelia, rip her clothes off and try all those things that he’d only dreamed about.  Pulling his eyes away from the couple kissing on the dance floor, he drew Cordelia closer and heard a surprised gasp from her as she felt his erection.  “Xander?”  Cordelia sounded pleased as she pulled his head down for a kiss.

Buffy knew she couldn’t wait any longer. Her senses were on fire, desire pulsing insistently through her blood, her brain and her nerves.  Her nipples were so hard against Angel’s chest, they ached.  She sucked hard on his tongue, one hand sliding up the back of his neck into his hair.  The insistent throbbing between her legs was now becoming a roar in her ears. She parted her legs, straddling one of his then began to rock her hips into him.  Angel lifted his mouth from hers and glanced around to find the nearest exit.  Moving with preternatural speed, Angel grasped Buffys hand and pulled her out the door into the alley behind the Bronze.

“Where’s Buffy and Angel?” Willow asked Xander and Cordelia as they returned to the table.  Xander and Cordelia had been kissing for a while themselves when Buffy and Angel seem to have disappeared.  “Maybe they just went out for some air.” Willow was the only one that seemed unaware of the sexual tension that had been demonstrated on the dance floor.  “Sure.” Oz politely agreed.

Buffy pushed Angel back into the shadows against the wall, kissing him hard while reaching up to untie her top.  As she slid her mouth down his neck, licking and sucking, Angel moved to unzip her pants.  “Buffy, baby, why did you wear pants?”  He pushed her away as she bit him hard, then stripped the pants and thong panties down her legs.  Leaning back against the wall, he pulled her between his legs and bent his head to her breasts.  His lips closed over one nipple, nuzzling then licking and sliding around the hardened tip while she waited anxiously for the full pressure of his mouth. And then it came – firm, hard, sucking.  His hands clamped on her hips to steady her as her head fell back.  Bracing her arms against his biceps, she pushed her breasts harder into his mouth.  He teased, nibbled and sucked on both breasts in turn, while every nerve in her body tensed and roared.  “Anggg..eeellll”  She was panting heavily, pressing her hips into his and gripping him tightly.  Angel leaned back, running his palms over her breasts, down her narrow waist to her hips.  Watching her, surveying as one might look at a sculpture or work of art.  Her nipples gleamed wetly in the moonlight, spiked and swollen from his attention.

Buffy opened her eyes. “Please.”

Shifting his hand between her legs, Angel stroked slowly back and forth, watching her face.  Buffy’s hips rose, following the movement of his hand as he stroked her wet slit.  “Baby, you’re so wet,” he murmured softly as he nuzzled her neck.

She moved to unbutton his shirt, feeling slightly embarrassed that she was nude while he was still completely clothed.  She paused, sighing softly as he slipped his finger inside her.  Wetness was running down her thighs, soaking his hand.  She leaned in to him, kissing his chest, running her tongue around his nipples and moving her hand down to stroke his cock through his pants.  Buffy whimpered as his thumb lightly caressed her clit.  She ground her hips harder against his hand, feeling him slide another finger inside her as his thumb began moving in a circular motion on her clit.  Finally getting his pants unzipped, she reached inside and pulled out his cock, stroking her hand up and down.  Leaning over she ran her tongue around the head, tasting him, before sucking him into her mouth.  Withdrawing his hand from between her legs to suck her wetness off his fingers, Angel moved his other hand to the back of Buffy’s head to guide her motions as she bobbed up and down on his cock, stroking and sucking.  Unable to stand anymore, Angel pulled Buffy up and kissed her hard on the lips.  Reversing their positions, he turned and walked her backward into the wall.  Lifting her slightly, he bent his knees and slid his cock inside her with one quick thrust.  Closing his eyes against the sensations drumming through his senses, Angel began to move his hips slowly, firmly, burying himself deep between Buffy’s legs.

“Maybe they came out here.” Willow’s voice drifted over their heads in the moonlight.

Buffy’s eyes flew open in panic as she looked up at Angel. He smiled slightly at her before he closed his mouth over hers, pushing his tongue inside to match the rhythm of his still moving lower body.  Sliding her arms around his shoulders, she pulled him closer, opening her mouth wider to his, arching her breasts up to rub against his chest.  Wanting her closer, needing to be deeper inside her, Angel lifted her legs around his hips.  Dropping his head to her shoulder, he thrust harder, running his hands over her bottom and thighs.  Buffy moaned loudly as Angel’s thrusts rubbed hard against her clit.  Angel’s mouth moved quickly to cover Buffy’s, his reaction to danger instinctive.  His hips kept up the tantalizing rhythm, pounding harder and harder.

“Did you hear that?” Willow’s voice once again sounded in the night.  Oz, sure he didn’t want to find Buffy and Angel if they were doing what he thought, turned Willow back toward the door. “It could be a vampire or demon. Best we go back inside.”  “But, Buffy.” “I’m sure she and Angel are fine. If it’s anything, she’ll slay then we’ll party.”

Angel lifted his head, grinned at Buffy with amusement and murmured, “You have to be quiet.”  “Its.Your.Fault,” Buffy grunted, moving her hips in opposition to his.  Buffy kissed his neck moving her lips up his jaw and finally reaching his lips.  A few short minutes later, Buffy broke off the kiss with a moan,  “Angel, ooh, more.yes. oh. Ugghhhh.”  Reaching down to hold Angel still and keep him inside her, Buffy came, pulsing around him.  Angel broke from her grip and continued to thrust into her.  Growling deeply, the sound vibrating through him, Angel buried his face in her neck, biting roughly before he came too, releasing his seed into her throbbing body.

“Angel?” Buffy’s eyes were still closed as they leaned heavily against the wall, his name sounding more like a sigh than a question.  She had no idea how long they had been clinging to each other there in the dark, her legs still wrapped around his waist.  “Mmm?”  Angel didn’t want to move, hoping instead to prolong the delicious sensations in his body.  “We should go inside.”  “Yeah, we should.”  But neither of them moved.

“Well kids, it’s been fun.” Xander picked up his and Cordelia’s jacked from the table as they started to leave.

“But, don’t you want to wait for Buffy?” Willow was now a little worried that something had happened.  Buffy and Angel had been gone for a while.

“Will, I think the Buffster probably got tied up.  Not tied up literally.  Not that she and Angel do that.  Not that I would know. ” Xander babbled self-consciously as he realized that everyone was staring at him.   “Well, I haven’t seen them. Anywhere.  Or at anytime.”

“Xander, just shut up.” Cordelia affectionately nudged his arm and the two of them headed out the door.

“Well, I think we should wait for Buffy.  Or maybe, maybe we should look for them. Besides, Buffy’s sweater and Angel’s coat are still here.” Willow tended to ramble when she was nervous.  Oz, content to be with her, easily agreed to wait.  The band had played only two more songs when Buffy and Angel reappeared from somewhere toward the back of the dance floor.  Buffy appeared slightly flushed, but they both appeared relaxed and happy.  “Were there vamps outside?”

Buffy, smiled teasingly at Angel before replying. “Um, yeah. One.”

“Oh, I thought there were more since you were, well, you know, gone awhile.”

“Well, this one. He was particularly. um, hard.” Buffy couldn’t resist the teasing comment.

“Oh. OH.”  Willow blushed as she caught on.

“Well, we’d love to stay and chat but duty calls.  I’ve still got to take care of that, er, hard one, so we’ll see you guys later.” Buffy smiled as Angel wrapped his arm around her shoulders and they strolled out the door.

Cordelia turned her car into a dark alley just a few blocks from the Bronze.  She was warm and tingly from the kisses that she and Xander had exchanged on the dance floor and was hoping for more.  She wasn’t a virgin, having slept with two of her previous boyfriends, but Cordelia wouldn’t say any of them had made her feel like she felt now, with Xander.  Her made her feel adored, cared for. Worshipped.

She turned toward him as their mouths met.  His hand drifted along her cheek to her jaw, touching lightly, innocently.  Her hands slid up his chest to his shoulders.  As Cordelia opened her mouth, Xander’s tongue skimmed hers then pushed inside. She began to suck lightly on his tongue, as his fingertips continued down her neck and throat to the tops of her breasts.  Cordelia felt her nipples harden as his hand grazed her breast, lightly touching the tip before moving to cup the weight in his hand.

Their kisses heated up as Xander unbuttoned her top.  Pulling back to look at her lacy bra, Xander groaned slightly. “Cor, you’re so beautiful.”  Cordelia closed her eyes against the cool air as Xander pulled her bra down, exposing her completely to him.  Kissing her lightly on the lips, Xander began to caress and pinch her nipples, running his hands around her breasts, which were suspended slightly from the bra underneath.  Pushing her back against the seat, Xander leaned in and lowered his mouth to her nipples, sucking lightly, then kissing and nibbling.  Cordelia could feel the wetness between her legs just as she could feel the hot wetness of his kisses on her breasts.  Xander kissed her again, hard, then pulled back to look at her breasts in the faint moonlight, watching his hand rub and stroke her nipples.  Cordelia was moving her hips slightly, clenching her legs together as she felt the thrill of Xander’s eyes on her.  Pulling his lips back to hers, Cordelia unbuttoned Xander’s shirt and slid it down his arms.  She ran her hands over his chest with her palms.

“Cordy, let’s move to the back seat ok?” Xander whispered.  “We’ll only go as far as you want.”  After they both climbed in the back, Xander pushed Cordy back against the seat so she was reclining.  Bending his head, they exchanged several heated kisses before Cordelia realized that Xander had slid his hands up her legs, under her skirt and was cupping her bottom.

“Trust me?” Xander murmured in Cordy’s neck as he kissed her throat moving once again to her breasts.  Unsure about going further, but feeling like she was on fire, Cordelia nodded mutely.  Xander moved down her body then pushed her skirt up around her waist.  Looking into her eyes once more, he pulled her panties off.  Cordelia felt a moment of shock as she realized what he was going to do.  None of her boyfriends had ever gone down on her.  Sure, they had wanted her to suck them off, but they never offered to return the favor.  Cordelia closed her eyes and dropped her head back against the seat, as she was both embarrassed and excited to have Xander see her so intimately.  As his tongue swept across her, she moaned and moved her hips, bumping into his chin.  Gripping her hips, he pressed her back into the seat then began to lick and suck – everywhere.  When his mouth found her clit, she bucked hard and began panting.  “Yes. yes.. YES”  Xander moved his hand up to slide a finger into her slick opening.  Stroking his finger in and out, he began to suck harder on her clit.  The sensation within her exploded as she came, bucking and writhing against him.  “Oh, Xander.”  she moaned dropping back on the seat.  “Where did you learn THAT?”

“You inspired me.” Xander murmured as he kissed her lightly on the lips. He wasn’t about to admit where he had really gotten the idea.  Cordelia could smell her musky scent on him and it sent a spiral of heat down between her legs again.

“Do you have anything?” she whispered.  “Anything?” as he said it, Xander couldn’t believe he didn’t bring condoms!  “Oh, no.  I wasn’t. Well, I didn’t.” Cordelia was strangely disappointed and pleased at the same time.  While she was eager now to have Xander inside her, she knew that he didn’t expect it, he didn’t think she was a pushover.  Pushing him back against the seat this time, she smiled up at him.  “That’s ok.  We’ll make do.” She reached down and caressed his hard cock through his jeans.  He was wound so tight that he thought that alone might make him come.  Cordelia licked her lips as she unzipped his pants and pulled both pants and boxers down to his knees.  Xander’s cock was big and slightly thick.  Cordelia moaned slightly as she thought what it would feel like inside her – maybe not tonight, but soon.  Leaning down, she licked up and down the shaft, pausing to look up at him.  Xander’s eyes were closed as he tried hard not to come.  Cordelia had only just sucked the head into her mouth when Xander moved his hips and came, spurting into her mouth.  Cordelia sucked hard and swallowed, dribbling only a little bit of cum on his stomach before moving up to snuggle next to him on the seat.   “Um, Xander, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for tomorrow night.”

Oz walked Willow to her door, then softly kissed her goodnight.  He had noticed Cordelia’s car in the alley as he and Willow drove past in his van, but he didn’t mention it to Willow.  He thought she would have wanted to stop and check on her friends, and once again he didn’t want to risk finding them if they were doing what he thought.  One thing he did know though. he was going to enjoy hanging out with this crowd.