A New Chapter

Author’s Notes: This is AU.  This is the NC17 rewrite of my earlier story, Moving On. It’s actually a different story (with some reused content), but the gist is the same.

I got a surprising number of requests for this, so here it is. (Thanks for all the positive feedback & e-mails!)

Background: For the record I am a total B/A ‘shipper. Reading the transcript of a radio interview with David Boreanaz annoyed me so I decided to give Buffy someone else.* Parts of the interview have been omitted and/or edited so that it would appear as if Angel we talking (not DB) for this story. The complete interview can be found online at here.

Be warned – I was a little bit mean to Angel (but he deserved it!). Oh, and Buffy doesn’t remember the day that wasn’t. Just consider it a bit of farfetched, therapeutic fluff. And remember, in fiction – anything is possible.

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/Other, and C/A.

Distribution: My site, EverySixSeconds; any site with permission to post my fics; all others please ask.

Originally posted: Apr 15, 2002

“Mmm. I missed you.” Buffy licked a slow, wet path down the strong neck and powerful chest of the man that was presently lying docile between her legs as she straddled his hips. The only light in the room came from the glow of the small fireplace, casting a shadow across the couple on the bed.

“I love your skin… golden…warm.” She marveled at the golden bronze skin, the heat emanating from him. “No. HOT. Hard.” She smiled up at him, returning her lips once more to his as her hand slid along his erection, caressing the hard shaft through his pants. Tongues tangled and caressed as they explored each other’s mouths, their kisses growing more heated and demanding at each touch.

Sitting back and slowing grinding her hips into the erection that was pressing insistently into her bottom, she pulled her top over her head revealing her naked breasts. Large hands reached up to caress them, cupping them in his palms and squeezing gently before rolling the spiked nipples between his fingertips.

Sighing with pleasure, Buffy slid down his strong thighs, running her hands across his chest and down his hips before unzipping his pants, her pace leisurely and unhurried as she watched his face. At her insistent tugging, he lifted his hips and allowed her to slide his pants and boxers down his legs and off.

“Ummm. Big. Delicious.” Buffy smiled as she grasped his cock, her hand moving with firm, sure strokes up and down. Looking up at him seductively through the veil of her lashes, she opened her mouth and licked the head as if it were a melting ice cream cone. At his groan, Buffy shifted, squeezing her legs together as feelings of desire melted through her body raising her temperature another few degrees. With long, slow wet licks she concentrated on his pleasure, leaving no part of his hard shaft untouched. Moving down, she gave the same attention to his testicles, light touches with her fingertips alternating with licks and sucks. Returning once again to his cock, she captured it into her mouth using her teeth to gently bite the tip before sucking it hard back into her throat.

With a sudden, unexpected movement, Buffy found herself flat on her back, the object of her attention removed from her grasp. She closed her eyes as his lips tugged on her nipple, nursing powerfully. Alternating sucks with gentle bites, he worshiped the stiff and swollen tips. Everything became a white-hot blur to Buffy as his hands and lips touched her everywhere, sliding along her arms, down the sides of her breasts to her waist then hips and thighs, moving from her feet along her calves to her knees – caressing her everywhere but between her legs where she ached for him. She was panting heavily when he finally removed her skirt and panties, tossing them carelessly to the floor. His dark eyes met her hazel ones for a brief second before her eyes closed again, his hand trailing up her leg to the neatly shaved apex of her thighs. At the first light touch Buffy whimpered softly, her hips rising of their own accord to meet his hand. His fingers sliding easily through the wetness, he explored her – teasing and touching lightly, two fingers probing inside. Finally relenting to her pleading, he began to rub her clit firmly, his thumb pressing hard bringing Buffy closer and closer to climax.

He settled between her open legs, pressing against her with his weight as she rocked her hips into him, insistent, her desire for him burning hot. He kissed her lips, returning again and again to plunder her mouth. Trailing his lips down her neck, he fit his hard cock against her dripping wet sex and thrust inside. That single motion enough for senses already stimulated, Buffy cried out as she came, legs wrapping around his hips and strong arms clutching his shoulders to hold him tightly to her.

Kissing her softly for long minutes, he whispered to her how much he had missed her even though they had only been apart for 2 weeks, how good she felt, how good he felt inside her, how tight and hot she was, how much he wanted her. Rotating his hips in slow, barely perceptible movements he pressed against her sensitive clit, steadily driving forward. Buffy gasped and arched against him, feeling her desire flare hot again at his husky whispers and subtle motions.

Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled to his back. Buffy lay fully on his chest, licking and biting at his neck before slowly raising herself to a seated position, grazing her nipples across his chest in a tantalizing caress. Large hands that could easily span her waist helped guide her as she began to move slowly up and down, rotating her hips slightly with each downward stroke. Pausing with only the tip of his erection within her, she looked down and marveled again as the strength of the man that lay between her legs. His size alone was a powerful aphrodisiac. Buffy lowered herself fully on him this time, stopping to absorb the sensation of fullness, his size stretching her. Using only her vaginal muscles, she gripped his cock, clenching and squeezing slowly until she elicited a groan from him. “That’s it, baby. Ride me.”

Little by little increasing the rhythm, Buffy began to glide up and down, her breasts bouncing slightly with each thrust. Reaching up, large hands once more grasped her breasts, unable to resist the hard nipples that seemed to beg for his touch. He watched her with half-closed eyes as she licked her fingers then rubbed the wet pads of her fingertips across his nipples. His eyes moved lower, down her firm abdomen to where their bodies joined, his erection disappearing between her thighs as she moved. Grasping her hips in his hands, he braced himself and thrust hard, releasing a guttural groan as he spurted his seed inside her. Buffy followed his lead, slamming her hips hard into his as she came, crying out softly before collapsing against his chest.

As Angel and Cordelia reached the door of the remote cabin, Angel felt a familiar sensation. One that he hadn’t felt in years. Buffy. She was here? But that didn’t make any sense – what would she be doing here? Angel’s senses were fully alerted at the muted sounds and soft cries coming from the back of the small building. Slowly, he opened the door and he crept silently inside, cautioning Cordelia to wait.

Buffy opened her eyes as she too felt a familiar pang pass through her. Lifting her head, she looked around and listened for any sounds of an intruder. Dismissing the feeling – she hadn’t thought of Angel in at least a year and besides, he certainly wouldn’t be *here* – she snuggled once again back into the chest beneath her.

Seconds later the bedroom door burst open with a bang, revealing a familiar – and fully armed – sight.

“Angel?!” Even though she had felt him, she was still incredibly surprised to see him.

“Buffy?” Angel glanced at Buffy, then to the man lying beneath her. The man scowling angrily at him. Naked. Beneath her. And clutching her possessively to him.

“What are you doing here?” As Buffy slid off her lover, she plucked the sheet off the floor, modestly clutching it to her chest to cover them both.

Unable to resist, Angel snorted, “Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Once. One time only.” Buffy shot him an irritated look. “You didn’t answer my question. Why are you here? Breaking into our cabin in the middle of the night?”

“Demon hunting. You?” Angel couldn’t keep the touch of resentment out of his voice. Buffy wasn’t supposed to be with someone else. Last he had heard Buffy was in Sunnydale working at some fast-food burger joint and screwing Spike. When Cordelia had passed along those tidbits of news from her friends still in Sunnydale, she and Angel had laughed. Admittedly, he had felt a little guilty for finding it funny, but to be honest he was also a little pleased. He felt that the Buffy and Spike thing was due to Buffy missing him and so she had turned to the closest thing, his grandchilde and another vampire. Childish it may be, but it was also a huge boost to his ego to think that he hadn’t been replaced. That Buffy wasn’t over him, that she hadn’t moved on.

“Uh, see any demons here?” Buffy couldn’t resist the jibe. “You must be losing your touch.”

At Angel’s dark look, Buffy sighed, answering his question. “Same.” She then noticed that Angel kept glancing behind her. “Oh. Uh. Angel. This is Rock. Rock, Angel.”

“Hey.” Rock waved his hand slightly as Angel glowered, then reluctantly returned the greeting.

“Um. Now that we’ve all met. If you’ll get out of our bedroom.” Buffy rose and fairly pushed Angel out of the room, closing the door in his face.

“Sorry, honey.” Buffy wrapped her arms around Rock’s neck, kissing him as he now sat on the edge of the bed.

“Not exactly how I expected to met your ex.” Rock hugged her and laughed softly, secure in his relationship with Buffy. During the year that they had been together, she had told him all about her past, including the details about her vampire ex.

“Well, helllooo there.” Cordelia perked up from her place on the couch as Buffy and Rock entered the room. Even from the short distance away, Cordelia could tell that the man was tall and well, *gorgeous* was the only word that came to mind. As he got nearer, she thought that the man was even better looking close up. He was taller than Angel by a couple of inches, and was easily 50 pounds heavier – all muscle. Cordelia fairly drooled at the outline of his muscular arms and chest, clearly visible through the snug beige sweater. He smiled slightly, the expression on his face friendly and welcoming as he looked at their surprise midnight guests.

Laughing flirtatiously, she smiled. “Hi, I’m Cordelia.”

“Cordelia?” Buffy squeaked as she appeared from behind Rock, his tall form having hidden her from Cordelia’s view.

“Buffy?!” Cordelia shot Angel a dirty look. He hadn’t mentioned that he’d found the blond slayer during his search of the cabin. In fact, he hadn’t said much of anything when he returned. He just sort of, well, brooded.

“What are *you* doing here?”

“Slayage. Big bad supposedly in the area. You?” Buffy was surprised to see Cordelia, especially with her new short, blond hair cut, which, in Buffy’s opinions, was definitely not an improvement for the normally beautiful brunette.

“We’re here on a case.” Cordelia frowned, unhappy to see Buffy and even more so to see her with someone so absolutely gorgeous. She had never understood what men saw in the petite blond.

Angel and Cordelia had come to the sleepy little seaport town two days ago after Angel Investigations had received an anonymous tip about a particularly nasty demon that was rumored to be residing there. Angel thought it best that they head up and check it out. Besides, it would give them some time alone in a rather romantic location – something Angel was hoping would help to kick start their relationship.

“And you are-?” Cordelia turned back to the man at Buffy’s side, batting her eyes and smiling her best seductive smile.

“Cordy, this is Rock. Rock, Cordy.” Buffy rolled her eyes at Cordelia unsubtle flirtation. “Anyone for coffee? I want coffee.” Buffy turned and headed to the small kitchen.

“Rock, huh? That’s so – er, fitting.” Her eyes drifted down his body, drinking in the sight as she smiled. The sound of Angel clearing his throat behind her brought her attention back to him. While there had been some sparkage between them lately, she still was a little reluctant to get intimately involved. She mommied Connor of course, but the curse was still an issue, and then there was that whole cold, dead body thing. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to get past that in order to get physical. Hugging was one thing, but sex. Cordelia smiled again, her thoughts turning back to the man standing in front of her. “So, are you staying long?”

“A few days. How about you?” In the year that they had been dating, he and Buffy had kept their relationship very private, wanting to avoid the scrutiny that they would be subjected to by the media once the news was out that the WWF superstar was involved with someone. Recently both of their schedules has been so hectic that they had only been able to manage a day or two here or there at most, so they had been looking forward to some relatively uninterrupted time alone together. Sure, they were here because Buffy had some big bad to deal with – but before and after, well, they could think of plenty of things to occupy their time in the remote location… He shook his head slightly, willing away the distraction and returning his attention to Cordelia. “I should help Buffy with the coffee. Excuse me?”

When Rock approached, Buffy turned smiling brightly at the tall man. Angel could seem them clearly in the light of the small kitchen. The expression on her face reminded him vividly of her 17th birthday. She had smiled so brightly up at him even after crashing through the window of the Bronze and dusting a vampire. Angel had only seen that smile a few more times. He forgotten by half her beauty, the warmth of her smile, the sunshine that seem to radiate from her.

As he watched, Buffy laughed softly at something Rock whispered to her then slid her arms up his chest. Even with her up on her tiptoes, Rock still had to bend for Buffy to wrap her arms around his neck. That appeared to be okay with him however, as he pulled her close to him, tilting her backward slightly to arch into his body as his lips descended on hers.

Angel looked away as their kisses became more heated, intimate. This was a Buffy that he hadn’t seen before. She was no longer the innocent schoolgirl he had left behind. Rather, this was a vibrant, passionate woman. Despite himself, he found his eyes drawn to her again and again. Angel turned back as Buffy walked into the room, carrying a tray with coffee cups, coffee and cookies. “I’m sorry Angel, I don’t really have-” Buffy paused, remembering that Angel was normally shy about his need for blood.

“That’s ok.” Angel sat down on the couch next to Cordelia, Rock sitting in the chair opposite leaving Buffy to stand. Or to sit in Rock’s lap, where she perched quite happily. Angel shifted uncomfortably, not liking the feelings that were surfacing at seeing his Buffy in another man’s arms. His Buffy? Where did that come from?

“So, what do you know about the big bad around here? Seen anything?” Buffy’s voice interrupted his thoughts as she poured coffee for herself and Cordelia. Sipping her coffee, she studied Angel. He seemed to have gained weight since she’d seen him last – and not in a particularly flattering way.

“We got a tip – anonymous – but with enough detail that seemed pretty reliable, so we came up to check it out.” Angel left out the part about hoping to have a romantic weekend with Cordy. He feelings were in turmoil at seeing Buffy again.

“Hmm. Same here.” Buffy absently nibbled at a cookie, now wondering if this was some kind of set up. It was too much of a coincidence that she and Angel would have received the same information about the remote location. “I don’t like this.”

As if on cue, something was hurled through the cabin window shattering the glass. Angel leapt for the door yanking it open in time to see two guys running toward a van parked at the end of the dark lane. Behind him he heard Buffy’s angry voice. “Unbelievable! Warren, Andrew and Jonathan. My Sunnydale pains in the ass.”

Rushing past him, Buffy ran headlong down the dark road intent on catching at least one of them. Rock sprinted out behind her, the two of them managing to catch Jonathan and Warren before they reached the van. Andrew, driving the van, panicked and spun out, spraying dirt as he sped off leaving his friends.

“What are you doing here?” Buffy shook Jonathan hard. Warren simply stared at the ground, held easily in a one-arm headlock by Rock. Angel reached them just in time to hear Jonathan’s excuse.

“Uh-uh, we just- well, we got this tape from Warren’s uncle. He’s, he’s a lawyer in LA for Wolfram and Hart and we thought-” Jonathan swallowed hard, the three angry faces staring at him making him nervous. He expected Buffy and Angel to be there – that was the whole point. The other guy and Cordelia were not part of the plan.

“His uncle gave us the tape. He said that we could use it to get even with you- and maybe you’d take care of a problem that they have.” Jonathan blurted the whole story, another not-very-well-thought-out idea, typical of the threesome’s usual plans.

“Go. Just get out of here.” Buffy pushed Jonathan away with disgust and started back toward the cabin where Cordy stood with the tape in hand. “And don’t let me see you again.”

“Here’s the tape. Do you want to hear it?” Cordelia has removed the tape from the padded envelope that had been tied to the rock. She shook her head slightly wondering about the losers that threw it.

Buffy watched as Warren and Jonathan ran awkwardly down the road, “Sure, why not?”

Rock covered the broken window while Buffy rounded up the tape player. Resuming their earlier positions in the small living room, Buffy pressed ‘play’.

Man’s voice: “That’s right! You’re already a father. What’s it like having a baby?”

Angel: “Actually, it’s pretty neat. I love Connor.”

Everyone looked at Angel at the sound of his voice. Buffy had heard that Angel had a son, but having not actually seen the baby it was one of those things that didn’t seem quite real.

Man’s voice: “Darla killed herself, right? The baby’s mother? Who’s been helping you raise the baby? Buffy?”

Buffy glanced at Angel again, vividly recalling the conversation in the cemetery when Angel told her that he couldn’t have children. How willing she had been to accept that she wouldn’t have any children just to be with him.

Angel: “God, no. Buffy’s pretty much out of the picture. That’s just the past. I think between Cordelia and Fred he’ll be mommied to death. But, Buffy’s just the past.”

Angel stared at the floor, regretting his words and wishing that Buffy wasn’t hearing this. He knew that his offices had been bugged at one time but he was still surprised they had recorded this conversation with Whistler. He reached out his hand to stop the tape, but Buffy’s stopped him with a single look. She wanted, no, she *needed* to hear the rest of this.

Man’s voice: “Oh, come on. Buffy can never really be just the past, can she? I mean, she’s your soulmate.”

Angel: “I think Darla was probably my soulmate. I mean, we spent a hundred years together, then made a baby. You can’t just-“

Man’s voice: “Well, then Buffy was your first love.”

Angel: “I was Buffy’s first love, but I loved Darla in a sick way.”

Buffy sighed and looked at Rock, his dark brown eyes watching her with concern. Clearly she had felt more for Angel than he had for her. Was the “In 243 years I’ve loved exactly one person” just a line that he had fed her? She knew she shouldn’t be surprised – after all, he had made her promises about making things work between them that he never kept, probably never intended to keep.

Man’s voice: “I just thought it would always be Angel & Buffy. Sorry.”

Angel: “You’re forgiven. I’m just saying that it’s not gonna happen. There’s no more story there for us. Buffy isn’t my priority anymore. At one time, she was always in the back of my mind, well, now it’s all about the baby and Buffy is just, well, she’s just a person I used to know.”

Buffy closed her eyes as she felt strong hands run down her back, soothing her and seeming to know exactly what she needed. While it was true that she hadn’t thought about Angel in months, his words still hurt. She had thought that they had something special, something both of them would remember with fondness and affection. Not something so casually dismissed.

Man’s voice: “Awww, come on! The story there was so incredible.”

Angel: “And like every good story, it came to an end.”

Man’s voice: “Are you going to hook up with Cordy?”

Angel: “Well, I’m all for it. I don’t know what the Powers that Be have planned in that regard, but I’d love to be romantically involved. Cordy is really what I need, I believe.”

Cordelia smiled, pleased to be mentioned. And more than glad that Buffy was hearing that Angel wanted her, Cordelia. Not Buffy. Pulling out her lipstick, she began applying a fresh coat and checking her makeup.

Man’s voice: “And she’s hot, too.” Angel: “Incredibly hot. Cordy’s low maintenance if you can believe that. I’ve worked with a lot of women and I’ve got to tell you Cordy doesn’t care if her hair’s messy or her lipstick isn’t dark enough. She gives a hundred percent of her ability and her looks aren’t her priority all the time.”

Cordelia preened at the compliments, soothing her hair and shifting closer to Angel, putting her hand on this thigh. Unaware that her primping of a few minutes ago made Angel’s “low-maintenance” comment seem suspect.

Man’s voice: “Is Darla coming back?”

Angel: “I don’t know. Certainly people rarely stay dead in our world, but you never know.”

Man’s voice: “Buffy just came back to life, too.”

Angel (audibly sighs): “Yeah.”

After a few minutes of silence, the tape clicked off. Buffy sniffed slightly, hurt and stung that Angel sounded – well, disappointed – that she had come back to life.

“Well, I’m guessing that this Wolfram and Hart – whoever they are – thought that I would be pretty pissed off at this. They must have thought I would stake you or something.” Buffy looked at Angel. “I guess that’s why they helped those lame brains out there orchestrate this farce.”

“Buffy-” Angel wanted to explain. He wanted to tell her that he didn’t really mean any of those things, not now, not after seeing her again.

“Which, now that I think about it, is actually kind of funny.” Buffy smiled, a genuine smile as she turned to Rock, nestling more comfortably into his lap. “This is priceless – they actually thought I was still pining over Angel. Obviously they know nothing about you. Guess their spies must really be working with some outdated information.”

Cordelia stared at Buffy in surprise, clearly expecting a different response. “But Buffy-”

“Oh god. Our secret will be all over Sunnydale too – once they figure out who you are. They’ve seen you there before they just didn’t put it together that we were dating. What are we gonna do?” Buffy continued as if Cordelia hadn’t spoken, her attentions turned back to Rock and the reasons why they had kept their relationship private.

“It’s ok, babe. We’d have to tell everyone soon anyway, right?”

“Um. I guess so.” Buffy looked up nervously. “Why?”

Rock whispered something in Buffy’s ear. She blushed and smiled. “They are not bigger.” Which was met with a raise of an eyebrow. “Ok, okay, maybe a little. I was going to tell you this weekend, but. I wanted to. you know.first. And I wasn’t sure what you.”

“Buffy, baby. I’m ecstatic.” Rock hugged her to him, kissing her before turning back to their guests. “Sorry-”

Buffy interrupted, turning to Cordy and Angel, smiling happily. “Um, you see. I’m pregnant. You’re sort of the first to know.”

“Uh. Congratulations.” Cordelia’s voice was flat. She was reeling from the news. What happened to fast-food-working, Spike-boinking, moping, loser Buffy? Buffy was supposed to have all the bad stuff, while Angel was becoming more likeable and moving toward redemption. Had the Powers-That-Be changed things somehow?! What sort of altered universe had they stumbled into?

Noticing Angel’s wounded expression, the smile disappeared from Buffy’s face. She felt a twinge of guilt. She never wanted to hurt Angel. “Uh, Angel, can I talk to you for a second? Alone?”

Buffy and Angel stood quiet for a moment on the tiny porch, taking in the dark night. “Does this bother you?” Buffy finally asked quietly.

“No. Yes. Maybe.” Angel shrugged, uncertain still of his feelings. It only took seeing Buffy again to realize that he missed her. He wanted to be happy that she had found a normal life, that she had moved on, but he wasn’t. He was filled with regret about the things he had said, and he realized that he missed her. It was probably for the best that he had left, but he should have gone back for her. He’d blown it, big time, and he finally realized it.

“I’m sorry Angel, but you left me. You moved on, I needed to too. If I thought there would have ever been a chance for us, then I would have waited.” Buffy shrugged. “I had heard – before tonight that is – that you had feelings for Cordelia. And you made it clear that we weren’t meant to be together. I finally understood that. You’ll always have a part of my heart, but.”

Angel looked away, knowing there was nothing else he could say short of asking her to leave with him now, tonight. But he knew that was something that she wouldn’t do. “We should go. Cordelia and I, that is.”

“Um, well, Ok.” Just as he reached the door, Buffy grabbed his sleeve. “Angel? Thanks for- well, everything. Take care okay? Good luck with Cordy.”

Buffy closed the door after Angel and Cordelia left. A chapter of her life had closed and she was finally free to move on to the next one.

Additional Notes: * Yes, the very yummy “The Rock” (yes, Scorpion King/WWF guy). Sorry, I’ve been on a “Buffy has a baby kick” with my fic. I’ll knock it off soon, promise! That and I’ll get back to my usual B/A writing. :)