Part III, Reunion

Author’s Notes: See previous parts for notes.

Warning: lots & lots of explicit sex; little to no plot. Please do not read if you don’t like either.   And if you’re a Cordelia fan, you may not like the next turn of events.

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

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Originally posted: Apr 20, 2002

Buffy walked nervously through the house and into the kitchen, eyeing the clock and pouring herself more wine.

“Buffy, he’ll be here. Your pacing is making me nervous.” Willow opened the oven to check on the roast chicken she was making for the reunion dinner with Buffy and the gang.

Xander, Anya and Giles had arrived earlier and were talking quietly in the living room about Xander and Anya’s expected new addition to the family, now that Anya was 3 months pregnant. Spike was outside having a smoke, while Tara and Willow were preparing dinner. This would be the first time Buffy would see Angel since her return from Ireland.

“Does this look okay?” Buffy looked again at her outfit, which was the third one she had tried on so far this evening. She was wearing a pink camisole top, a light cream skirt with pink flowers and raffia ankle strap sandals.

“You look beautiful, gorgeous even.” Willow glanced at Buffy, then at Tara who joined them in the kitchen. Tara smiled, surprised to see Buffy so nervous and curious to meet the man that she had heard so much about from the various members of the Scooby Gang.

When the doorbell rang, Buffy rushed to the mirror to check her appearance one last time. Maybe she shouldn’t have put her hair up – or maybe a different color of lipstick would be better. Taking a deep breath, Buffy opened the door. “Angel.” His name came out sounding somewhere between a breathy sign and a question.

“Buffy.” Angel handed Buffy the bouquet of pink roses that he held in his hand, silently congratulating himself on his choice of color, which matched Buffy’s outfit perfectly. He had debated the choice of red or pink roses and had finally settled on the pink as they seemed less showy and presumptuous. “Welcome home.” Bending down, he kissed her on the cheek.

“Hi.” Connor smiled shyly, leaning into his Dad’s leg. He had grown a lot in the last 10 months and was now much more of a little boy than a toddler.

Buffy leaned down to his level. “Hi Connor. Remember me?”

“Yes. Buffee.” Connor held out a small beanie cow. “For you.”

“Thank you! How sweet. You’re learning early how to be a charmer, just like your father.” Buffy smiled and took the beanie before looking up at Angel, who shrugged. “He wanted to bring you something too.”

“I love my new little cow friend. Wait until he meets Mr. Gordo. Come on in.” Taking Connor’s hand, Buffy led him into the house. “Connor, I want you to meet my friends.”

Over dinner the gang laughed and talked, Buffy filling them in about her experiences in Ireland and they updated her on all the events in Sunnydale. Spike’s description of the Angelus imposter was so outlandish it had them all laughing, including Angel. Even Connor joined the conversation and told them all about LA and the team at Angel Investigations.

Several hours later, Angel relaxed in the living room chair listening to the Lenny Kravitz CD that Buffy had put on earlier. The song “Stand by My Woman” was playing and Angel was thinking that the lyrics were fittingly apropos for the moment.

“Alone-” Buffy walked back into the living room after closing the door behind Spike who was the last to leave. The sound of the door closing upstairs as Willow and Tara went to bed was the only indication that Buffy and Angel weren’t completely alone in the house. Looking toward the ceiling and smiling, Buffy altered her statement “Almost alone at last.”

Angel watched her as she walked slowly, purposefully across the room, her eyes never leaving him. “Is Connor asleep?”

“Yes. I hate to wake him, but we’ll have to head back to LA soon.” Angel reached out his hand to take hers as Buffy drew close to the chair. Despite their racy conversations in the last few months, he didn’t want to assume anything about their relationship and was still willing to take things slowly.

“Stay. At least for the weekend?” Buffy pouted slightly, not wanting her plans for the weekend interrupted. She’d been thinking about this moment for several months, had spent the day trying to anticipate any of Angel’s objections so she could refute them, and was fueled by re-reading their last messages. No, he wasn’t going home just yet. “I just got back and you just got here. Besides, you haven’t welcomed me home properly.”

Placing her hands on his shoulders and one knee on the chair next to his hip, Buffy leaned down and kissed Angel softly. Watching his closed eyes for a moment, she then shut her own eyes as she ran her tongue across his lips, seeking entry. Mouths fused, tongues dueling and caressing, they kissed for several long moments, desire flaring hot in an instant from months of teasing and separation.

Buffy moved her other leg into the chair to straddle Angel’s lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Slanting her head to the side, she ran her tongue along his teeth before thrusting her tongue deeply in and out of his mouth, mimicking motions yet to come. Angel groaned slightly and sucked on Buffy’s tongue, stopping her movement as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

Buffy broke off the kiss, panting slightly to catch her breath as she began planting small kisses along his nose, moving to his eyes then down one cheek to his ear. “Mmmm. you feel good. I’ve been thinking about this for so long.” Angel moved his head to the side giving her better access as she nibbled on his earlobe, her warm breath sending pulses of heat straight through his body to his erection.

Buffy continued a path of slow, wet kisses on his neck planning to kiss every inch of him before the night was over. “Yum. You’re ice cream.”

“Hm?” Angel, concentrated mostly on feeling – and on controlling his impulse to throw her to the floor and burying himself between her legs – didn’t quite understand her statement.

Between kisses and licks, Buffy murmured “You’re ice cream. You know, it’s like when you want ice cream but you get yogurt instead because it’s better for you – less fat and stuff. But, yogurt isn’t satisfying because you really wanted ice cream.”

Now completely confused, Angel lifted his head to look at her. “What are you talking about?”

Buffy glanced up at Angel’s face before returning her attention to the buttons on his shirt, pressing kisses to the chest that she exposed with each open button. “Patrick was yogurt. You’re ice cream.”

Barely controlling the jealously that shot through him at her words, Angel grabbed Buffy’s shoulders to stop her movements. “Patrick?” Arching an eyebrow, Angel stared into her face.

“You know. The guy I mentioned in Ireland.” Buffy struggled to free herself from his grip, wanting to continue their amorous play.

“Mentioned, yes. But maybe you didn’t tell me everything?” Feelings of desire, of anger, of lust were rushing through him. In that moment Angel wanted to possess Buffy, brand her as his and his only. He would gladly and willingly remove this Patrick from the face of the earth if he had touched her.

“I-I kissed him, that’s all.   He was so like you – big, tall, strong. Dark hair, dark eyes.” Buffy studied Angel intently for a moment. “Not as gorgeous or as perfect. And you *were* making me horny with all those calls and letters.” Buffy smiled teasingly until she realized that Angel was not in the mood for it. Breaking his hold on her shoulders, she slid her arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek. “He was sweet and nice, but he wasn’t you. When he kissed me, I knew. I knew that you were the only one for me.”

Angel looked at her intently.   Her lips were slightly swollen and glistening wetly from their kisses. Her cheeks were delicately pink, flushed with arousal, and her hazel eyes were half closed as she looked back at him through thick lashes. More disturbing to his mood was her eagerness, her willingness, how *easily* she was aroused. He couldn’t know that only he affected her that way. “You let him touch you?”

Buffy sighed, knowing that she shouldn’t have brought this up now – of all times – but wanting a completely clear conscious as they started their relationship anew. “He took me to dinner, then to a local pub to hear the band. He kissed me twice – no tongue – at the end of the night. His hands in no way touched any part of me, other than maybe my arm or my back – so no intimate contact. Baby, these are only hard for you. And he was in no way close enough-” Leaning down, Buffy rubbed her breasts and hard nipples against Angel’s chest. “to feel them. Okay?”

Angel stared at Buffy’s face before glancing down, the outline of her nipples evident through the thin material of her shirt. Her skirt, which had ridden up high on her thighs as she straddled his legs, was teasingly close to exposing her most intimate parts.

Sensing his uncertainty, Buffy took one of his hands and pressed it to her damp panties under her skirt.   “This is only for you baby. Only you do this to me. Only you make me hot by just thinking about you. Only you make me wet just by being in the same room. I crave you – no one else.”

Sliding his hand up to her neck, he tilted her head then murmured “mine” harshly against her lips before plunging his tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard. She responded instantly, arching into him and sucking greedily on his tongue. His hand between her legs rubbed firmly her through her silky panties, which were soaked with her juices.

Jerking her mouth from his, Buffy panted “Oh god Angelll. Don’t stop.” and began to rotate her hips against his hand. Angel stroked her harder, watching her face.

“Are you going to come sweetheart?” His husky whisper combined with the motions of his hand as he gripped her clit through her soaked panties and squeezed, set off her orgasm. She bucked hard against his hand, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she came before collapsing against him with her eyes closed tightly.

“Oh…Yesss.. I. Missed. You.” Buffy traced the outline of his jaw with her hand before running her fingertips over his lips. Leaning forward, she kissed him thoroughly before sliding off his lap to kneel on the floor in front of him. Resting her arms on his thighs, she began stroking the hard bulge in his pants, gently caressing then grasping it in her hand tightly and squeezing. She looked up at his face as she unfastened his pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. Still staring into his eyes, tugged on his pants, pulling both pants and boxers down his thighs.   Closing her fingers around the pulsing shaft, she moved her hand downward. Angel groaned deep in his throat as the sensation swept over him. Buffy stroked up and down, brushing her fingers over the sensitive tip, her tongue tracing her lips unconsciously as she concentrated on his pleasure.

Angel placed his hand on her head and tugged her forward with deliberate pressure, wanting to feel her mouth on him. Holding his arousal upright, she ran her tongue around the head wetting it completely before sucking it into her mouth. Angel watched her as she moved her head up and down slowly, her lips and tongue creating an intense friction that he could feel through his entire body. Buffy began to move her head faster, using her teeth to gently scrape the tip before sucking him hard back into her throat. Unable to resist, Angel guided her head and moved his hips, sliding his erection deeper and faster in and out of her mouth. Buffy sucked harder, the ache between her legs intensifying with his thrusts.   Reaching between his legs, she caressed his testicles, rolling and squeezing them gently. Suddenly Angel came, spurting his seed down her throat as Buffy swallowed greedily.

Resting her head on his thigh, Buffy continued to kiss and nibble his semi-hard erection with feather light kisses, waiting for Angel to stir. Long minutes later, Angel finally opened his eyes and looked down at her. Whispering huskily, he repeated her earlier words “I. Missed. You.”

Buffy smiled widely, then stood, reaching for his hand. Angel stood, pulling up his boxers and pants, then zipping them halfway before leaning down to kiss Buffy gently on the forehead, then the nose and finally settling on her lips. His mouth brushed across hers gently, his tongue tracing her lips before pushing inside. Reaching up, he traced her nipples gently through her shirt before raising his hand to slide the strap of her top off her shoulder.

They broke apart at the sound of a door closing upstairs. Glancing at Angel, Buffy shivered with lust as she thought how sexy he looked standing in her living room with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants only half zipped. Taking his hand, she led him toward the stairs. She hadn’t meant for things to go so far in the living room, and was relieved that they had not been interrupted. Now however, she wanted to ensure their privacy.

Knowing that Connor was asleep on her bed, she guided Angel to the guest room and closed the door. Immediately wrapping his arms around her and resuming their kiss, Angel walked backward toward the bed. Buffy pushed his shirt from his shoulders as he reached to pull her camisole over her head. When the back of his legs hit the bed, Angel sat down pulling Buffy between his legs before cupping her breasts in his hands. Leaning forward, he teased one nipple with his tongue while he pinched her other nipple gently, gradually increasing the pressure. Rolling his tongue around the hard pebble, he tormented her before finally closing his mouth over the taut peak and suckled. Without lifting his head, he unzipped her skirt and slid it down her hips. Shifting his attention to her other breast, his lips and tongue once again teased the tip before he finally drew her nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. Buffy’s knees buckled and she whimpered, wrapping her arms around Angel’s head holding him to her breast, not wanting the delicious feeling to end. Between kisses and nibbles, Angel pulled Buffy’s panties down her legs and tossed them aside. “I want to taste you.”

Breathing heavily, Buffy pushed Angel away and leaned down to unbuckle her sandals. Angel kicked off his shoes, slid his pants and boxers off and sat back on the bed just as Buffy climbed on top of him.

Laying back and gripping her hip, Angel nudged her forward to straddle his head. Reaching up with his tongue, he lightly grazed her clit and whispered, “I can’t reach you.” Buffy whimpered and spread her legs wider, lowering herself down to his mouth. At the first sure touch of his mouth against her, she moaned loudly and grabbed the headboard of the bed to steady herself. Angel smiled slightly at the profusion of wetness evident between her legs before sliding his tongue inside her and probing gently. Moving slowly, he nibbled at her outer lips, lapping up the wetness before shifting his mouth to lick and suck at her most sensitive spot. Sliding first one, then two fingers inside her, Buffy began to grind her hips against him, mewling softly as he continued to suck her clit. Angel felt the tiny convulsions begin just seconds before she exploded, crying out his name softly. As Angel continued licking softly at her dewy wetness, Buffy attempted to pull away, the sensations too intense. “Wait.too much.”

Whispering softly, Angel refused to release his hold on her bottom. “Never too much sweetheart.” Licking and sucking with expertise acquired through years of experience, Angel brought Buffy to orgasm twice more before finally releasing his hold on her.

“Want you. Inside me. Now.” Still panting, Buffy slid down his body. Angel steadied her as she guided the tip of his erection to her pulsing, heated entrance. Angel gritted his teeth as she lowered herself on him, her passage feeling small and tight despite the abundant lubrication. Buffy rotated her hips, lowering herself further as Angel pushed upward. She paused before moving upward until only the tip of his erection was still inside her. Pushing down again, Buffy lowered herself fully on him this time, stopping to absorb the sensation of fullness, his size stretching her. She loved the feeling of having him deep inside her. Using only her vaginal muscles, she gripped his cock, clenching and squeezing slowly until Angel groaned and expelled an unneeded breath.

Beginning a slow, bewitching rhythm, Buffy began to glide up and down on him. Reaching up, she pulled the clip out of her hair then shook it out over her shoulders. Angel watched her through half-closed eyes, marveling at the sexy sight of her slow movements, her breasts bouncing slightly with each thrust, her dusky nipples hard and jutting toward him, begging to be touched. His eyes moved lower, down her firm abdomen to where their bodies joined, his erection disappearing between her thighs as she moved. As he watched, she opened her eyes to look down at him. Never breaking eye contact, she licked and sucked on her fingers before leaning down to rub the pads of her fingertips across his nipples. Rubbing and caressing them, she tweaked them firmly before running her hand down his chest to stop between her thighs.

Watching her, Angel was once again filled with the inexcusable need for ownership, jealous of anyone else Buffy had ever been with, of never wanting another man to see her as she was now, to never have her look at anyone else with hot wanting eyes that stared down at him.

Rolling her beneath him, he yielded to his selfish impulse to possess her. Thrusting hard, he plunged into her over and over again wanting to mark her as his, to dominate her with an animalistic masculine impulse as old as time. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, hearing her cry out but unable to stop. She was finally his again, and he wanted to wipe away all traces of Riley, of Spike. Of anyone else she had ever been involved with.

“More…” Buffy breathed, clinging to him, relishing the weight of his strong body driving into her, “Harder.” seeming to understand him, to want what he wanted. “Want you.” Driving harder, he kissed her softly before burying his face in her neck and biting at the scar on her neck. His mark. Strong arms pulled him closer as her hips arched to meet his. His hand slid down under her bottom, pulling her into his next thrust. The frantic pace continued, until finally they both exploded, their mutual orgasm pouring over them in hot, intense waves.

It was nearing dawn as Angel rolled Buffy on her back once again. “No more. too sore.” Buffy pressed her palms against his chest “can’t. ” Despite her words, she wanted him still. They had made love most of the night, both feeling that they had lost time to make up for. At times tender and playful, other times demanding and aggressive, they pushed the limits of sensation.

Angel slid lower in the bed, touching her swollen nether lips gently. “Sweetheart, you’re so small. So luscious.” Spreading her legs apart, Angel settled between them leisurely before sliding his tongue gently over her swollen flesh before dipping inside the pouting entrance. She stirred restlessly, running her fingers through his hair as his fingers gently opened her to allow him to slide his tongue in deeper. Whimpering softly, the throbbing between her legs intensifying, she began to move her hips slowly up to meet his tongue. “Please.”   Buffy begged, all previous reluctance forgotten as he soothed her with his gentle licks and delicate touches.

Crawling up her body, Angel planted small kisses along her abdomen before stopping to nurse at her nipples once more. Sliding his erection inside her, he leaned down to kiss her, the taste of her on his mouth further adding to her desire. They made love with special tenderness, both aware of the second chance that they had finally been given. Angel heard only the faintest whisper from Buffy as she dropped off the sleep in his arms. “Angel.. love you.” Planting a soft kiss on her head, he closed his eyes and smiled. “I love you too.”

* * * * *

They had only been sleeping for a short while when Connor burst into the room and jumped on the bed. “Daddy – daddy – daddy.” Connor chanted as he bounced on the bed, his words in time with his bounces. “Daddy-daddy-daddy.   I’m hungry.”

“Angel?” Buffy stirred at the sound of voices before snuggling her nose more firmly into his chest. Angel kissed the top of her head as he pulled the blankets up higher to ensure that she was covered.

At the sound of her voice, Connor stopped bouncing and peeked over Angel’s shoulder at Buffy. “Why is Buffee in your bed? Was she scared?   I get in bed with you sometimes when I get scared.”

Angel rolled onto his back still keeping Buffy pressed to him, and reached an arm around Connor, pulling him to lie down with them. He was trying to decide how to answer Connor’s question, this being one of the few times to date that Connor had asked a question requiring something more ambiguous than complete truth. “You slept in her bed, so she slept here.” There. That was innocent enough.

“Oh.” Connor digested that for a moment, then leaned over to look at Buffy again. “I’m hungry. And we were going to play trucks.” Angel usually made Connor breakfast then they spent time together, either reading or playing. Early mornings were their time.

Angel glanced around the room at the scattered clothing, then over at the closed blinds on the window, noting that the sun was up. He had left the bag he packed – just in case, along with Buffy’s Christmas presents, in the car. He’d just have to wake her and have her go get them.

“Buffy?” Angel shook her gently, smiling slightly at her nuzzling against his chest. “Buffy. Sweetheart.”

“Make love later..sleep now.” Buffy groggily responded, blissful and contented, still unaware that they had company.

“Can I make love too, Daddy?”   Connor, knowing only that he liked spending time with his Dad and Buffy, had no idea what he was asking. For all he was concerned, it was some new game. However, the innocent question brought Angel’s eyes open with a snap. Oh boy. He did not want to discuss the facts of life with his 4-year old.

“Connor, um, that’s something that grown-ups do. You’ll know more about it when you get older.” Much older, he hoped. “Hop up now and go wash your hands, ok?” Connor, confused by the strange request, nevertheless obeyed his dad and headed out of the room.

Angel moved quickly, rolling out of the bed and pulling on his pants before grabbing Buffy’s robe out of her room. Pulling Buffy from the bed, he wrapping her in the robe and then hugged her to him. Burying his face in her neck, he murmured, “Welcome home. Again.”

“Mmm. Thank you. That was a very, *very* nice welcoming.” Buffy wrapped her arms around Angel’s neck. “And why are we up?”

“You’ll learn that a four-year old can be very determined.” Angel smiled down at her just as the person in question entered the room.

“Daddddyyy.” Connor whined. He wasn’t used to competing for his Dad’s attention, having been only a baby during the short time when Angel had been involved with Cordelia.

“Connor. You know better than that. No whining.” Angel’s voice was stern. “Buffy. Can you get my bag out of the car? It’s a little bright out.” Angel shrugged slightly, hating to ask for favors. “You might also find some gifts in there for you.”

“Sure.” Buffy smiled, finally awake. “I just got you back, I don’t want you flash-fried.”

Buffy was back in minutes with Angel’s bag and the small pile of presents. Squealing delightedly, she put the gifts on the chair then grabbed Angel, hugging him from behind. “Are these *all* for me?”

“Maybe.” Angel laughed at her obvious happiness. “Breakfast first.”

Angel showered quickly and was making pancakes and eggs for breakfast when Willow and Tara appeared downstairs. Connor was contentedly eating and Buffy was still upstairs in the shower.

They all ate, Buffy finally coming down to join them, talking companionably about various news items and things of interest. Buffy’s face flushed bright red however, when Connor blurted out “Daddy and Bufee are going to make love later. Buffee said so.   I can’t cuz it’s something grown-ups do.” Willow and Tara laughed, not in the least bit surprised. Buffy made a mental note to herself to watch more closely what she said when young ears were present.

After breakfast, Angel called LA to check in with the AI team. Luckily, things were quiet so he could stay another day without feeling guilty. Connor wanted to say hi to Cordy, so Angel put him on the phone.

“Hi Cordy.” Connor listened intently. “Yes. No. We’re going to play trucks. No. Yes. Buffee slept in Daddy’s bed.”

Angel turned and looked at Connor. What did Cordelia ask him? “Hey big guy, say goodbye to Cordy then give me the phone.”

“Cordelia? What did you ask Connor?” Angel didn’t think it was an appropriate topic of conversation for the 4 year old, much like the earlier comment at breakfast. (Angel had already talked to Connor about that comment, explaining that it was a *private* thing that grown-ups did, and he was not to discuss it anymore).   Cordelia said she just asked Connor where he slept, but Angel doubted her. Not knowing what else to say though, he left it at that and hung up.

“Daddy, Cordy says that Mommies and Daddies sleep together. Is Buffee’s going to be my Mommy?”

“Hum? What?” Angel was startled by Connor’s question, now sure that Cordelia had said more that what she admitted to. “I don’t know Connor. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Later that night after Connor had gone to bed, Buffy and Angel exchanged their much belated Christmas gifts.   Angel was touched by the Claddagh ring that Buffy had bought him, as well as the antique books – one on Ireland, the other a book of poems. She was overwhelmed by the gifts he had selected for her. There was a diamond necklace and earrings, the diamond a simple round solitaire that appeared to be suspended in air. He had also given her a long strapless black dress, a pair of dainty but high heels, several vanilla scented candles (he knew she loved them), and some fuzzy bunny slippers that for some reason struck him as very Buffy when he had seen them. There were also chocolates, a couple of sweaters and various assorted items of lingerie.

Afterwards, they cuddled together on the couch, relaxed and happy. They had spent the day together as a family, playing with Connor this morning then the three of then slept the afternoon away on Buffy’s bed.

“I have to go back to LA tomorrow.” Angel quietly ventured, stroking Buffy’s hands that he had been holding. “I was thinking- hoping really- that maybe you’d want to come with. Maybe spend the summer.” This was the first time that they had opened up the subject of the future.

“Really?” Buffy had been wondering how they were going to manage this new relationship, but hadn’t dared yet to bring it up.

“Really.” Angel studied her expression intently, not wanting to pressure her in any way but wanting her to come back to LA with him. “Willow and Tara will take care of the house. We can work something out with Giles to keep up the patrols. You can come back to finish school, or you can transfer to UCLA – whatever you like.”

Buffy paused for only a moment before she shrieked and jumped on Angel, knocking him backward on the couch.

“Is that a yes?” Angel murmured against her lips.

“A definite yes.” Buffy’s huge smile spoke volumes. Wrapping her arms around his neck, and coming up on tiptoe to press against him, Buffy whispered. “Angel. I love you.”

“I love you.” Angel kissed her, feeling truly blessed that they were together again. Minutes later he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs.

* * * * *

A few months later…

Buffy had only just entered the hotel lobby when Cordelia burst through at a run.

“Gunn… Angel… trapped… demon”   Cordy panted, trying to catch her breath and continue her run to the weapons closet. “Need bigger… Weapon.”

Cordelia grabbed an old military rocket launcher and Buffy grabbed an axe out of the closet. Hauling it along with her usual bag of stakes and other weapons that she carried, she gestured to Cordelia. “Where?! Go. I’ll follow.”

Cordelia let the way down to the pier, then to the small storage locker just to the left of a large warehouse.   As they reached the door, Cordelia was trying to figure out how to fire the rocket launcher. “Nooo!” Buffy shouted, noticing that Cordelia was aiming straight at the demon – and at Angel and Gunn. “You can’t fire that thing in there. You’ll blow them all up.” Buffy glanced inside, then cautioned Cordelia to watch out.

Wesley lay on the floor unconscious, Gunn and Angel were backed into the corner. Gunn’s weapon had been knocked out of his hand by the exceptionally large, scaly, dragon-like demon so he stood behind Angel who was fending off the creature with the sword in his hand.

“Hey. Big ugly.” Buffy shouted at the thing before kicking at the spiny tail. The demon whirled quickly, extremely fast for it’s size, and slapped her back against the wall.   Buffy rolled quickly out of reach, then swung the axe at its’ leg just as Angel plunged his sword into it’s neck from the opposite side. It still took the two of them, along with Gunn who had retrieved his weapon, considerable effort and quite a few more punches, kicks and stabs before the demon finally collapsed.

Cordelia, who had been tending to Wesley, was helping him to stand now that he was conscious.

“What. was. that?” Buffy stopped, staring down at the creature.   Angel walked closer, preparing to check to see if the creature was dead. Gunn glanced at Buffy and simply stared. Her coat had come open during the struggle and now revealed her wearing a tiny plaid jumper and sheer white shirt, which teasingly revealed the dark shadows of her nipples in the dim light. She had started back to school at UC Sunnydale two weeks ago, but had cut class and come to LA two days early, having missed Angel after spending almost every day of the last two and a half months with him. She thought it would be fun to wear the outfit from her little adventure as a stripper – minus the shoes, which she had exchanged for a pair of simple white tennis shoes. Besides, he *had* asked her once to wear it for him. And now that she was back in school she thought it would be sort of fitting. She had even put her hair up in two ponytails and had a dum-dum sucker in her pocket, ready to complete the look.

Cordelia, standing behind Buffy couldn’t see what Gunn was seeing, but noticed his open-mouthed stare. “Gunn? You okay?” Angel looked up at Gunn then followed the path of his eyes.

Buffy, who had been intently watching Angel and the demon, preparing to jump in if needed, finally looked over at Gunn. It took her only a split second to realize why he was staring and to feel the cool air on her skin. The heat rushed to her cheeks, as she stared back seemingly frozen in her spot.

Moving quietly, Angel shot Gunn a quick look before moving in front of Buffy and pulling her coat closed. “Buffy. Thanks for the help.” At the first touch of his lips on hers, Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck. Breaking off the kiss at the sound of Cordelia clearly her throat, Angel lifted his head. “I thought you weren’t coming until Friday. You had classes?”

“That. Um, yeah, well. It’s just intro stuff.” Buffy looked away shyly. She knew that Angel wanted her to take her education seriously and probably would not approve of her cutting classes already.

Angel whispered softly in her ear, “Now, Miss Summers. I think you should wait for me back at the hotel. We can discuss this when I return.” Kissing her again quickly, he turned back to help Gunn dispose of the demon.

When Angel returned to the hotel about an hour later, Buffy was curled up on the couch reading a textbook and Connor was in bed asleep. Buffy still had on her schoolgirl outfit, but had put on one of Angel’s shirts over it. Stopping in front of her, Angel pulled her to her feet then kissed her, a hard, passionate kiss. His tongue pushed into her mouth, forcing her lips wider. Slanting his head to the side, he kissed her several times before sliding his shirt down her arms and off. Wrapping her arms around his neck, all games forgotten with his kisses, Buffy pressed closer and murmured, “Angelll. oh god. I want you.”

“Miss Summers. Are you coming on to your instructor?” Angel unwrapped Buffy’s arms from around him and held her back.

“Angelll. Please, I’m dying for you. It’s been two weeks.” Buffy whined softly, trying once again to wrap her arms around him.

“Miss Summers. Please come here and we’ll discuss your improper behavior.” Angel released her arms and walked past Buffy into the bedroom.

Buffy followed him inside.   “Close and lock the door please.”   Angel reclined in the chair next to the bed. They had learned from their exploits this summer that a locked door was, if not exactly a requirement, highly desirable.

“As your instructor, I feel responsible for your education. I believe that you had classes today and tomorrow, is that correct?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir?” Buffy fidgeted, her eyes drawn to the ridge of his arousal in his pants. She wanted nothing more than to make love to him, the last two weeks of abstinence feeling like two years after the hedonism of their summer together.

“Very good. Are you skipping your classes?”

“Yes. I mean, yes, sir.”

“Do you have a good reason for missing your classes Miss Summers?”

“Yes, I think so sir.”

“And what would that be?” Angel shifted in the chair, his erection growing by the minute. She looked incredibly sexy in that outfit, and he knew that she was more than a little aroused.

“I needed to see you, sir.   I urgently need your help with a, er, subject that only you can help me with.” Buffy bit her lower lip, portraying the innocent schoolgirl act to perfection.

“I see. First, Miss Summers, let’s talk about you breaking the rules. You know that you are not to wear your school uniform outside of this classroom, do you not?”

“Um, yes sir.”

“And yet, you wore it on the bus here and down to the pier. Did anyone see you in your uniform Miss Summers?”

“Y-yes. Gunn.”

“Did anyone else see you? Anyone on the bus? Think carefully.”

“No. No sir, I kept my coat tightly closed. It only came open during the fight with the demon.”

“Where is your bra, Miss Summers? Your nipples are clearly visible through your shirt.” Angel’s voice was stern, the tone one of false prudery. “Are you trying to invite my attention?”

“I left it in my bag sir. Oh, and ye-yes, sir. I was hoping that you would notice me.” Buffy looked shyly toward the floor.

“Your reason for being here is acceptable, Miss Summers. You will discuss missing any future classes with me, or risk being punished. You will receive demerits for shamelessly trying to attract my attention with your naughty behavior. However, you still must be punished for breaking the rules and wearing your uniform outside of class. Bend over and place your hands flat on the bed please.”

Buffy felt the heat rise within her another 10 degrees at his words. She was so hot for him now that she thought she would burst into flame. Turning to the bed, she bent over placed her palms flat on the crimson silk. This position caused her short shirt to ride up, exposing the firm globes of her ass. She was unable to see Angel, but she heard him stand up and move behind her. After only a few seconds, she heard him unbuckle and remove his belt. She tensed with anticipation, unsure what he was going to do. They had made love a lot this past summer, but they hadn’t played this particular game.

Angel ran his eyes greedily over Buffy’s behind and the tiny thong panties between her legs before raising the belt. Buffy flinched at the first slap of the leather against her bottom, then hissed as the belt struck her three more times. She waited tensely for the next blow, not daring to move, when she heard the belt hit the floor.

“Now Miss Summers. Please come here. I wish to discuss your wanton behavior.” Angel sat down in the chair again and gestured for Buffy to come close.

Buffy’s ass burned where the belt had hit her, but it in no way compared to the fire burning inside her.   Reaching the chair where he sat, Angel grasped her hand and pulled Buffy on to his lap, seating her sideways.   Feeling the hardness of his erection under her now stinging bottom, she squirmed and tried to turn and wrap her arms around him. Grabbing both her wrists in one hand, he held her still. “No. First you must complete your lessons.”

“Angelll.” Buffy whined and pouted, wanting him inside her. Now.

Kissing her softly, teasingly, her murmured. “Lessons first. If you’re very good and get an ‘A’ on today’s lessons, you can choose your reward.”   He then removed the bands from her hair taking down her ponytails, before running his fingers through it and spreading it over her shoulders. “Any. Reward.”

Buffy squeezed her legs together, attempting to ease the ache between her legs at his words. She knew what he meant, knew that he was offering her his exquisite talent for oral sex – something she had often selected as her prize during games played during the summer.

Sliding a hand up her leg and under her skirt, Angel felt the profusion of wetness on her thighs. “You’re wet. Very wet. Is this normal for you Miss Summers?”

“No. Yes.” Buffy closed her eyes as Angel’s hand reached her panties.

“Which is it?” Grasping the thin strip of material, Angel pulled it back and forth, using it to stroke across her sensitive clit.

“No, I’m not normally like this.   But I’m always like this with you, sir.” Buffy opened her eyes, wanting to tease him as much as he was teasing her. “Only with you.”

Sliding his fingers inside her, he began to stroke slowly in and out. “Has anyone ever touched you here?”

“Yes, sir.” Arching against his fingers, her voice now as suggestive purr.

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes sir.”

“Do you touch yourself Miss Summers?” Angel watched her face.

“Y-yes, sometimes.”

“Show me.” Angel’s husky whisper against her ear sent goose bumps racing through her entire body. Taking her hand, he guided it between her legs. Buffy moved her hand slowly up and down between her legs, concentrating on her clit. She flicked her clit with her fingers before squeezing it between her fingers, her hand picking up speed as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm.

“That was an excellent demonstration.” Angel stopped her hand and kissed her, a hot, intrusive kiss, his tongue moving in and out of mouth slowly. “Are you ready for your next lesson?”

Without waiting for her answer, Angel lifted Buffy to her feet, unzipped his pants and slid pants and boxers down his hips. “Take off your panties for me, Miss Summers.” Reaching out, Angel rubbed his fingers between her legs once again, sliding easily through the shiny wetness. Taking Buffy’s hand once again, he guided her down on top of him, sliding his erection into her wet heat.

Holding her still on his lap, Angel caressed her nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt, running his palms over them slowly before taking his nipples between his fingers and tugging firmly. “Your nipples are hard Miss Summers. Begging for my attentions. Were you hoping that I would touch them?”

“Yes, sir.” Buffy arched her back, pushing her breasts forward wanting him to touch them.

Unbuttoning her shirt and pushing it wide, Angel exposed her breasts to his gaze.

“Your breasts are quite large Miss Summers. Have you been letting anyone touch them? Suck on them?” Angel stroked her breasts and nipples, caressing the soft flesh before pinching and plucking once again at the taut peaks.

“Oh no, sir.” Buffy moaned as Angel braced his feet and ground his hips into her bottom, moving slightly inside her and increasing the pressure on her sensitive clit.  Her voice was husky, seductive as she finished the sentence. “That would not be proper.” Buffy panted and thought back to their many lovemaking sessions over the summer, how Angel would often suck on her breasts until she came.

Leaning down, Angel teased one nipple with his tongue. At the sound of Buffy’s whine, Angel lifted his head. “What do you want Miss Summers?”

“Please. Suck…it” Buffy was close to coming, her senses having been on fire for too long now, feeling over sensitized from their passionate game.

Nuzzling one peak gently with his lips, he teased her before closing his mouth tightly and sucking. At the first sucking pressure from his mouth, Buffy came, keening softly and bucking and arching against him. Angel held her for a few minutes, softly stroking her hair.

“Now for your extra credit assignment. Stand up.”

Buffy shook her head, not wanting to lose the delicious fullness between her legs.

“You must be an obedient and respectful student, or I won’t be able to instruct you.” Angel lifted her to her feet before standing next to her.

“Kneel down and take me in your hand Miss Summers. Place the tip in your mouth.” Angel reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, tucking it behind her ears. “Now slide it into your mouth. You’ll be able to taste your sticky wetness on me.” Angel closed his eyes as Buffy’s mouth closed over his cock. “Relax your throat so you can take all of it in.” Buffy’s head moved slowly up and down until she was finally able to take his entire length into her mouth. Angel rocked back and forth several times, sliding in and out of her mouth. He groaned, knowing that he would soon shoot his seed down her throat if he didn’t stop her.

Pulling her up by the hand, he pressed his lips to hers kissing her teasingly.

“Now Miss Summers. If you will lay back on the bed and spread your legs, I’ll give you an ‘A’ on your lesson for today.”

“Angel. Please. Fuck me. Now.” Angel’s smile was wolfish as he crawled over Buffy and thrust inside her. Hips moving firmly, powerfully against hers in a passionate rhythm, Angel smiled against her lips and murmured. “Why Miss Summers, is that anyway to talk to your tutor?”

Cordelia had heard the muffled sounds from the bedroom when she entered the apartment. Admittedly, her reason for being there was flimsy – she was dropping off a case file that she could have just as easily left on Angel’s desk – but she wanted to know why Buffy was back already. Cordelia hoped that when Buffy left to go back to Sunnydale for school that she wouldn’t have to see the little blond for a while. It was bad enough that she had spent the summer here.

As Cordelia heard the muffled moans from the bedroom, she shook her head. Did they ever do anything else? Much to her chagrin, she had walked in on them twice this past summer – of course, they hadn’t even noticed her.

The first time was when she was dropping off groceries after a Costco run. They had been so involved with each other that they had not even heard her enter the apartment. She stopped short, mesmerized by the site. Buffy was sprawled on the kitchen table, completely naked, her arms thrown over her head and her legs braced on Angel’s shoulders. Angel stood at the end of the table, barefoot and shirtless, his head buried between her legs. As Cordelia watched, Buffy arched her hips against his face and moaned his name, clearly in the throes of orgasm. Angel raised his head and nuzzled Buffy’s thigh, biting gently before saying “That was three. What was the bet again?” Buffy murmured “Ten. And you’ve only got 45 more minutes before Fred and Connor will be back.” before closing her eyes as Angel slid his hand between her legs and whispered “Mmm. You’ll be sore by eight.” She had fled as Angel lowered his face once again to Buffy’s crotch.

Cordelia masturbated to that vision for several weeks, replacing herself for Buffy of course. And wondering the whole time what they had bet. And why she and Angel had never done that when they had been together.

The second time, she had been working late at the office, surfing the net and catching up on e-mail. She heard the door open to the office, and had heard their voices. From the sound of it, they were fighting.   Curious, and admittedly, somewhat hopeful that they were arguing, Cordelia peeked inside. Buffy was standing in front of Angel behind the desk. “Are you kidding me? You just spent the last two hours at the movie theater with your hand up my skirt, and *now* you want to check on a case?” Buffy pushed Angel down into the chair behind the desk, before reaching for his zipper. “I don’t think so mister.” Buffy’s head blocked her view of Angel’s penis as she lowered her head and took it into her mouth.

Cordelia closed her eyes as she recalled, vividly, every detail of Angel’s erection. She had only used her mouth on him twice, it not being a particular favorite thing of hers to do, but feeling like she should return the favor. She could easily recall the pleasure that his talented mouth and long, hard length had given her. While she enjoyed sex – somewhat – Cordelia had never been the aggressor during their sexual encounters. The few times that Angel encouraged her to be on top had resulted in an unenthusiastic performance and disappointing experience for them both, so their repertoire had been pretty limited during the few short months they were involved.

Cordelia opened her eyes as Buffy moved to straddle Angel’s lap, pulling up her skirt before kneeling in the chair and lowering herself on him. Angel’s eyes were closed as Buffy began to move up and down, then his face was blocked from her view as Angel put his hand on the back of Buffy’s head and pulled her face to his for a kiss.   Cordelia watched the couple, envious, as they made love in the office chair. They continued moving at a frenzied pace until she heard Angel growl Buffy’s name and slam her hips into him. Buffy moaned, arching against him. Long minutes later, the couple finally stirred. “Where are my panties anyway?” Buffy asked, snuggled against Angel’s chest, smiling.

“I think I dropped them in the theater. I’ll have to get you another pair.” Angel stood with Buffy still wrapped around him. Shifting her in his arms, he carried her down the hall.

Cordelia wondered once again why Angel had never done that to her when they had been together. She thought the sex had been great, but it was never this uncontrollable, animalistic thing that he and Buffy seemed to have. She in fact thought that Buffy’s aggressiveness would be a turn off.

Cordelia left the apartment, her expression thoughtful. She had been so happy when Buffy returned to Sunnydale to school. She never really liked Buffy, she hated seeing Buffy and Angel together and more than anything, Cordelia wanted Angel back. She’d just have to find a way to get “Miss Summers” out of their lives. Surely Angel would return to her if his precious Buffy was out of the picture.