Unwanted Passions, Chapter 1

Author’s Notes: Set during BtVS season 2.

Warning: For mature audiences only. Adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. This is Angelus people, he’s not very nice.

Rating: Very much Adult; explicit sex, rape, coercion, blood play.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/Aus, includes W/S.

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Originally posted: Apr 25, 2002

With a roundhouse kick and two quick punches, Buffy managed to subdue the vampire she was fighting and retrieve the stake from her waistband. Making quick work of the vamp, Buffy turned back to Xander, shaking her hands to remove the dust.

“Another one of Angel’s boys-” Buffy stopped mid-sentence. Drusilla was holding Xander by the throat, her fangs and one of her extremely sharp nails dangerously close to his jugular.

Angelus stepped from behind them, another of his minions close at his heels. “Hello Buff.”

Buffy looked nervously at Xander, knowing she’d do whatever they asked to save her friends life. She regretted now that she hadn’t been more insistent that he stay home. “What do you want?”

In the five days that had passed since her birthday and since Angelus had surfaced, Buffy had seen the vampire twice. Both times they had, against her initial resistance and better judgment, ended up having sex. And it was sex – or perhaps saying that they had fucked would have been a better way to describe it. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed it – but it wasn’t anything like making love with Angel. She also hadn’t mentioned it to any of her friends, sure that they wouldn’t understand her inability to resist the tall, dark – and ok, evil – vampire.

“Buff. I’m hurt. You don’t sound happy to see me.” Like a predator, Angelus moved forward closing the distance between them. As he moved, Buffy instinctively backed up until the tombstone behind her prevented her from moving any further. Angelus leaned into her, pressing his erection into her stomach and nuzzling her hair. Without looking back, Angelus called over his shoulder “Dru, why don’t you and Leo take the boy over there by the tree? I’ve got a few things to discuss with Buff, personally. And Dru, no snacking.”

As the three of them passed by, Angelus leaned down and kissed her, his tongue probing Buffy’s mouth as he pressed her tight between his body and the cold granite behind her. Buffy closed her eyes at the initial contact, unable to distinguish his kisses or his hard body from the one that she loved. Buffy held her hands together behind her back, resisting the urge to wrap them around Angelus’s neck and pull him closer. Slanting his head, he deepened the kiss as he slid one hand around her waist and the other around her hip to her bottom. Kneading the firm flesh, he lifted his head and looked down at her.

“Don’t tell me you wore this whorish outfit to school?” An expression of distaste on his face, Angelus took in the black camisole style tank top, short red skirt and black high-heeled boots.

At his words, Buffy punched Angelus hard in the face, glad for the reminder that this was the demon that wore her lover’s face, not her lover. Just as quickly, he slapped her back. “I’m not in the mood to play Buff. If I say so, Xander will become Dru’s toy – and you know what kinds of games she likes to play. Now, are you going to do that again?”

“N-no.” Buffy licked her lips nervously, knowing already that Angelus’s moods were unpredictable and often dangerous.

“You will not exposure your – considerable – charms for all those high school boys to drool over or beat off to. Anytime you are not with me, you will dress more conservatively, lover, or I will take my anger out on your flesh. Do you understand?”

Buffy hesitated only a moment, Angel’s arched eyebrow prompting her for an answer. “O-Ok.” She’d lie if it would placate him.

Without warning, Angelus reached out and jerked Buffy’s top over her head. Smiling slightly, he ran his finger along the lace of her bra. “Very nice Buff. Very, very nice.” With one finger he traced a line up and down her cleavage. Using his thumbs, he rubbed her nipples through the lace. “Sexy underwear, however, that I will expect no matter what you might be wearing.”

Xander saw Angelus toss something off to the side, but couldn’t make out what it was in the dark. Xander, now kneeling on the grass with his arms tied behind his back, could only see a little of Angelus’s left arm as he and Buffy were mostly hidden by the tall tombstone. Dru and the other vamp were behind Xander, talking occasionally and glancing around the quiet cemetery.

Tugging the lace down, Angelus exposed her breasts to the cool night air. He toyed with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers then tugging and pinching them. Licking and nipping at her lips, he kissed her again. As he slid his tongue inside her mouth, Buffy began to suck it, her body’s reaction to him instinctive and seemingly unable for her to control.

Kissing a wet path down her throat, Angelus moved to her nipples. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he squeezed them tightly. “You have beautiful tits, love. Perfect pink and hard nipples…” Angelus laved Buffy’s nipples with long, slow licks. “I’ll bet Harris would love to see these. To touch them.” Taking one nipple into his mouth, he worried it with his teeth and tongue before sucking it hard. “To suck them.” Buffy whimpered softly as the intense pleasure of his mouth on her breasts spread through her body, increasing her arousal and the wetness between her legs. Suddenly Angelus bit down hard causing Buffy to cry out sharply, the irrational thoughts of her with another man angering him.

Jerking her head back by her hair, he stared down into her face. “I don’t share. If I find out that you’ve ever let another man or *boy* touch you, I’ll remove the offending body part from him while you watch Buff. Then I’ll strip you naked and beat your ass.” Tugging hard at her nipples, he kissed her again harshly, his tongue plundering her mouth. Moving back to her breasts, he began to lick and suck her nipples, alternating with bites and pinches, leisurely taking his time until the sensations overwhelmed her and Buffy climaxed, arching her back and biting her lip hard to keep from crying out. Without realizing it, Buffy had wrapped her arms around Angelus’s head and was holding him to her. Pulling away and looking down, Angelus took in Buffy’s closed eyes and erect nipples, now thickly swollen and gleaming wetly in the moonlight. Her breasts were still held high and somewhat suspended from the bra, still hooked underneath them. Smiling an arrogant, and somewhat feral smile, Angelus whispered, “I didn’t know you’d come from just my sucking on those big, beautiful tits lover. Soul boy was never able to do that, was he? I know he spent plenty of time trying…”

“Noo… You’re wrong.” Buffy opened her eyes, looking up at Angelus trying once again to remember that this was not Angel, but all the while remembering the nights spent in his arms, the erotic things he did with his mouth and hands to her body – learning her and teaching her to respond to him. Her voice was a husky whisper. “He did…I did. More often and better than with you.”

Reaching in his pocket, Angelus pulled out a small chain, a clamp on either end. “Mmm. Well, then I’ll have to try something else. Something I *know* he didn’t- I should say – wouldn’t – do.” Angelus drew the cold chain across her skin, teasing her nipples once again with the cold metal. Buffy gasped at the pleasure/pain as Angelus put first one clamp then the other on each nipple. The chain hung suspended between her breasts. “How does that feel, Buff?” Angelus tugged on the chain, stretching her breasts toward him. Buffy moaned deeply, intense desire streaking through her. Attempting to ease the ache between her legs, she clenched them together tightly.

Squatting down in front of her, Angelus roughly pushed her skirt up to her waist. “I smell hot, wet pussy.” Angelus breathed deeply, inhaling the scent. Buffy shifted against the cold stone at her back, wanting him desperately but unwilling to beg. Wishing her body didn’t respond so easily to him.

Now kneeling in front of her, Angelus slipped a finger under the crotch of her thong panties. “Very wet Buff. Looks like you’re ready to be fucked.” Tearing them from her, Angelus tossed them aside. Leaning closely, he parted her curls and explored her wet cleft with his fingers and eyes. Spreading her folds, Angelus rubbed at the swollen nub of her clit before pinching it between his fingers. Using his other hand, he thrust two fingers inside her and began moving them in and out. “Unless you want me to eat your hot little cunt first.” Buffy moaned at his words, dropped her head back against the cold stone and spread her legs wider. Angelus looked up and smiled wolfishly before he tugged once more on the chain that hung from her breasts. “Say it lover. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Lick-” Buffy wanted him fiercely. Knew what incredible pleasure he offered with his lips and tongue.

“Lick what? And just lick? Come on lover. Tell me *everything* that you want. And how you want it.” Angelus’s thumb was rubbing hard up and down her clit. When she didn’t answer immediately, he tugged on Buffy’s clit and squeezed it firmly between his fingers.

“Lick-lick me.” Her voice barely a whisper, Buffy knew what he wanted to hear. “Please. Suck-suck my clit. Hard.”

“Good girl.” Angelus lifted one of her legs, placing it on his shoulder before he leaned in, licking her clit before sucking it into his mouth. Angelus left no part of her untouched, licking each and every crevice, exploring and driving his tongue and fingers inside her before sucking her clit until Buffy collapsed against the stone behind her, coming and moaning his name loudly.

When Xander first heard Buffy cry out, he increased his struggles against the ropes that held him. He had a pretty good idea that Angelus intended rape, and Xander knew that he would never be able to live with himself if he didn’t do everything he could to prevent it. His struggles were in vain however, the ropes seeming to get tighter rather than looser with each movement. Looking up, Xander could now see Buffy’s knee and calf, her leg draped over Angelus’s shoulder as he kneeled in front of her. As he heard Buffy begin to moan, Xander dropped his head and closed his eyes, trying to wipe away the vision and close out the sounds. How could she enjoy anything that evil monster could do to her? Dru’s voice close to his ear brought his head up with a jerk. “Mmm. Sounds like Angelus is making the slayer very happy. Eh, dearie? You could make me happy like that if you want…” Dru trailed her fingers along Xander’s check and down to his chest. As she reached lower, he flinched and pulled away, closing his eyes. Dru laughed, moving once more back behind him.

Angelus looked up at Buffy, his lips shiny wet with her juices. As he stood, he tugged once more on the chain that hung from her nipples causing spikes of pleasure and pain to race through her once again. “N-no. Please. Take it off.” Buffy felt over-sensitized, unsure if her body could stand being touched again for the next few minutes.

“No.” Angelus tugged harder as Buffy gasped. He watched her for a moment, wondering if she would put up any resistance. When she bit her lip to stifle her groan, he kissed her, a hard passionate kiss. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue, and reluctantly sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth.

Cupping her breasts in his hands, he kneaded and squeezed before releasing them abruptly, causing them to bounce. Rubbing the clamped nipples with his fingertips, he asked, “Are your hard little nipples getting sore, Buff?” At her slight nod, he smiled cruelly. “Good.”

“Now, on your knees.” Angelus moved back and unzipped his pants. “If you do a good job, I’ll consider removing the chain.” Buffy dropped to her knees in front of him. At her hesitation, Angelus wrapped his hand in her hair and jerked her toward him. “You know what to do lover. Take out my cock. Suck it. If you’d like, I’ll have Dru bring Harris over her to watch.” Reminded of Xander, Buffy felt a pang of guilt. She hated that her friend life was at risk because of her. Reaching out, she pushed Angelus’s pants down his thighs, the tight leather making it difficult. Of course he wouldn’t wear underwear, the thought crossing her mind almost absently.

Wrapping her hand around the thick shaft, she pumped up and down a few times before leaning forward to lick the drops of pre-cum off the crest. Opening her mouth wide, she slid his cock into her mouth and began to suck softly while still sliding her hand up and down in a firm, slow rhythm. Angelus closed his eyes for a moment at the sensation of her hot mouth on his cold flesh. He resisted the urge to wrap both hands in her hair and hold her head while he fucked his cock in and out of her face, ramming it down her throat. Opening his eyes, he watched his cock disappear in and out of her lips, the wet sucking sounds increasing as she began working faster.

Below her mouth, he could see the chain hanging from her breasts swinging back and forth as she moved. Damn, that was good investment. Erotic games and sex toys were nothing new to him, but Angelus was even a little surprised himself at how much more arousing these things seem to be when Buffy was involved. He’d have to pick up a few more things for his next round with her… As he felt himself grow harder, he slid one hand to the back of her head and began pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, sliding it into the back of her throat. At the first hard thrust, Buffy’s eyes opened in surprise. His cock jerked again as he looked into her wide eyes. He loved the sight of her on her knees in front of him, a toy for his pleasure. Angelus thrust in and out of her mouth several more times, his hard cock sliding down her throat, before he dropped his head back and let out a deep growl. Buffy swallowed rapidly, trying not to choke as he spurted his cold seed down her throat. When he looked down at her again, he was fully in game face, his golden eyes gleaming evilly in the moonlight.

Buffy couldn’t suppress the shudder of fear that passed through her as she slumped back onto the grass. This was the first time he had shown his demon face during sex – or sex related acts, she thought rather ruefully – and she was sure that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Damn, but you’re a good cock sucker Buff.” Buffy dropped her eyes from his face, hating his words and finding some strength to resist him. She looked around slowly – knowing that the stake she had earlier should be nearby in the grass.

“Looking for this?” Angelus mocked her, holding the stake she had been searching for in her face. Buffy said nothing as he crushed the stake, breaking it into several small pieces and tossing it far behind him. “Buff. I’m surprised at you. Surely you wouldn’t want Dru to hurt your little friend and I don’t want to hurt you. Besides, you can’t tell me you’re not enjoying this. I can smell your wet pussy from here.”

“Now be a good little whore and spread your legs for me. If you ask me nicely, I’ll give you what you want then you and Harris can go.” Buffy hesitated, hating herself for inability to resist him. Slowly she leaned back on her elbows in the grass and opened her legs.

“Wider.” Angelus dropped to his knees in front of her, pushing Buffy’s knees apart. With one hard thrust, he was fully sheathed inside her. Leaning down he slowly released the clamp from first one then the other nipple. Buffy hissed in pain as the blood flowed back to the sensitive tips. Angelus licked and sucked gently on the hard pebbles, soothing them with his cool mouth and tongue. Gasping in surprise at his gentle touch, Buffy slowly began to grind her hips against him.

Sliding his hands under her bottom, he pulled her into each stroke, thrusting savagely, fiercely. How could it be this fucking good when he’d done it thousands of times before? What was it about Buffy, about touching her, tasting her, about being inside her that he found impossible to resist? He no longer had any interest in Dru or any other women. Former escapades with Darla paled by comparison.

Despite the fangs, he kissed Buffy passionately, his tongue caressing hers before probing her mouth. He sucked her tongue greedily into his mouth, his hands caressing her bottom and thighs as he continued to move inside her. Buffy returned his kisses, her tongue exploring his fangs tentatively. As if suddenly disgusted by the tender kisses, Angelus reared back and pulled away from her.

Slapping her on the leg, he growled. “On your knees.” Buffy rolled slowly, rising to her knees as Angelus gripped her hips and slid forcefully back inside her. Once more he began to move with long, slow strokes. His hands explored her ass, alternating caresses with hard spanks as he continued to thrust inside her. Parting her cheeks, he ran his fingers across her puckered bottom hole. “What-” Buffy tried to pull away and she turned to look back at him. Gripping her hip to hold her still, Angelus leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Don’t worry Buff. I’m not going to fuck your tight little ass tonight. Soon, but not now. I just want to warm you up a little.” Increasing the pressure, he pushed first one finger then two in the tight channel.

Buffy lowered her head and closed her eyes. Angelus’s husky voice close to her ear combined with the exquisite sensations already coursing through her causing her body to push back to meet each thrust. The initial uncomfortable fullness from his fingers inside her was quickly replaced by pleasure as nerve endings never before stimulated were aroused. Soon she was bucking hard against him, spiraling toward yet another orgasm. Just as she felt the building sensations explode, Angelus sunk his teeth into her neck, jerking her head back and spilling his seed inside her. Buffy cried out softly as she exploded, a new level of ecstasy reached as Angelus fed off her. The feelings too intense, Buffy blacked out.

When she came too, Buffy was laying on the grass where Angelus had left her. She felt weak, but incredibly sated. Despite her slayer healing ability, she knew she’d be sore tomorrow – a deliberate reminder no doubt from Angelus.

Buffy straightened her clothes as best she could, her bra and panties torn beyond repair and her top covered with stains. Obviously Angelus had used it to clean himself up after he left her. Luckily the coat she removed earlier was still there. Wrapping it tightly around her, she went in search of Xander.

Xander was dozing, still tied and slumped over in the grass where they had left him. He groaned as Buffy untied him, the circulation returning to his arms creating a painful tingling.

“You ok?” Buffy was reluctant to meet his eyes, knowing what he probably heard and maybe even saw.

“Yeah, I’ll live.” Xander too, was more than a little uncomfortable. He was also mad and disappointed. “Buff, how could- I mean, he’s evil and you- you *screwed* him! I wanted to help you because I thought – rape – but then you’re enjoying it! How could you?”

“I don’t know Xand. Would it be better if- if he hurt me? I mean, really hurt me?” Buffy looked away, unsure how to explain it. “I don’t want to like anything about him. I know he’s evil, but I can’t seem to forget that he’s also Angel.”

“I’m sorry Buff. I just wish-” Xander realized that he forgot sometimes how hard this must be for Buffy. “I just wish I could have protected you better- you know, so it wouldn’t have happened at all.”

Standing slowly, they began to walk out of the cemetery. “Xand? Don’t tell the others ok? I couldn’t face them if they knew.”

Xander considered he question for a minute, “This has happened before, hasn’t it?” When Buffy looked away, unwilling to answer, Xander knew he had guessed correctly. “If the others knew, maybe we could do something. You know, stop it from happening again.”

“Um, thanks but I think this – Angelus – is just something I have to face on my own. It’s my fault he’s evil now and…” Buffy trailed off, her feelings about the vampire much too complicated for her to understand, much less explain. She did know however, that despite everything she still had an intense desire for the tall, dark vampire and she wasn’t ready to end their games, just yet.