Unwanted Passions, Chapter 3

Author’s Notes: Set during BtVS season 2.

This isn’t exactly where I thought this story would go – I think my muse has gone on vacation…. So, that being said – I’m not too happy with it, but decided to publish anyway. I promise – the next chapter will be better!

Warning: For mature audiences only. Adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. This is Angelus people, he’s not very nice.

Rating: Very much Adult; explicit sex, rape, coercion, blood play.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/Aus, includes W/S.

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Originally posted: May 23, 2002

The only indication that she knew someone was in the room was the brief pause as she turned on the bedside light. “What are you doing here?”

Buffy had yet to look at him as she moved to the dresser and began removing her jewelry, including the cross she wore around her neck.

“Waiting for you.” His eyes focused on her short brown skirt that was hugging the curve of her hips and emphasizing the firmness of her behind. “You’re late.” Angelus knew she had been at the Bronze earlier, he had watched her go in with her friends.

“My mom-” Buffy looked at the bottle of holy water on the dresser then toward her bag by the door. She had a few weapons within reach if necessary.

“Is away for the weekend. Back late Sunday night. Dinner’s in the fridge.” Angelus crossed his legs as he shifted in the chair near the window. He shrugged as Buffy finally glanced at him. “I read the note.”

Buffy turned away, ignoring him as she opened the closet door and hung up her coat.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to this, Buff. Our first weekend alone.” His words in the darkened room were soft and seductive, rolling over her in warm ripples.

Despite her wishes to the contrary, she felt a spur of excitement race through her at the thought of the entire weekend alone with him. What was wrong with her? She was the slayer, he was a vampire – one of the worst around if the truth be known. She knew she should stake him and yet…

Buffy finally turned to look at him fully. He was comfortably sprawled in the chair near the window, his legs crossed. His dark hair appeared darker in the dim light. And, as usual, his dark eyes were unreadable. The black silk shirt he wore was patterned brocade, contrasting with his pale skin and accentuating the ruthlessness of his expression. His shirt was tucked into his trademark leather pants, his coat draped over the back of the chair behind him. He was as dark as Lucifer and as beautiful as sin, Buffy thought as she looked at him, the familiar heat of desire stirring within her.

That’s when Buffy noticed the chain draped casually over his knee, cuffs at either end. She swallowed nervously, wishing that she didn’t want him so desperately. She was loathe to admit to herself that his dominant behavior thrilled her, leaving her weak in the knees and panting for more. Maybe it was the fact that she had to be the strong one all the time that gave her such a fierce desire to be dominated sexually. Or, maybe it was Angelus himself. As she looked him over once again, she thought that the latter was more likely the answer. She felt a surge of arousal at the thought of dominating him. Tying him down and having her way with him…

Buffy gasped softly, snapping out her musing, as Angelus stood, the chain cuffs sliding to the floor. He ignored them as he walked toward her slowly, stalking her gracefully as a predator would his prey. When he reached her, his eyes narrowed, taking in the low neckline of the tight top.

“What did I tell you about your clothing, Buff?” His eyes had not moved from her visible cleavage.

“To wear what I wanted. Especially if it were tight and revealing.” Buffy met his eyes directly, the challenge clear. She might want him, but she wouldn’t give in easily.

With one hand he toyed with the low neckline. “I see. You’ll need a lesson. A reminder.”

“Not from you.” With a quick start, Buffy shoved him backward and bolted toward the door, suddenly afraid. Of him or herself, she wasn’t sure.

Using his body weight, Angelus slammed her into the door just as she reached it. She punched him hard, knocking him backward and reached for the door again. Sneering, he yanked her head back hard by her hair. “You honestly didn’t think you’d get away from me did you?” Buffy never saw the fist that struck her next, knocking her out cold.

Angelus dropped her on the bed carelessly before picking up the chain cuffs from the floor. With her hands cuffed safely behind her back, he lifted her over his shoulder and headed out of the house. He’d secured them a secret hideaway where they wouldn’t be disturbed by her damned nosy friends or by Spike and Drusilla.

When Buffy came to, she was lying face down on a soft black coverlet. Her arms were secured over her head by the chain cuffs around her wrists, which were now attached to another chain hooked to the wall. Lifting her head slightly, she groaned and looked around. The room was well lit, but completely unrecognizable to her. A low fire burned in the fireplace giving the room a warm, almost romantic feel.

“It’s about time, lover.” Angelus, now shirtless, stood up from the chair by the fire where he had been sitting. “I was getting bored waiting for you to wake up. But, on the positive side, it did give me some time to reflect on all of the things that I want to do to you over the next couple of days.”

Buffy rolled to her side looking toward Angelus. Her eyes widened at the sight of him idly toying with several objects on the table. She recognized the clamps and chain from the other night at the cemetery, and she’d seen, but never used, a vibrator before. There were a couple of other things that she couldn’t quite see or didn’t recognize. She struggled wildly against her bonds for a few minutes before lying back panting on the bed, wondering what perversions he would subject her too.

“We can do this the hard way-” Angelus strolled casually over to the bed. Buffy scrambled to her knees, the prone position on the bed making her feel much too helpless. “Or we can do this the easy way. I know I’ll like it either way, lover.”

Buffy waited until he reached the side of the bed, then she kicked out hard with her foot catching him on the hip. He staggered back slightly and laughed derisively. “Good choice, Buff. We’re doing this the hard way. My personal preference.”

Buffy swallowed nervously as Angelus moved toward the chain hooked in the wall. He was at an angle where she couldn’t reach him easily – not without turning her back to him anyway. With a quick jerk he pulled the chain toward him, causing her to fall as her wrists were pulled forward. Quickly he pulled her to him and secured the chain between her wrists to the wall. She could rest her hands on the wall as long as she stayed up on her knees. The pile of pillows in front of her kept her from moving her knees forward, so she was forced to bend over them at an awkward angle. Now she had almost no latitude for movement. But she could still kick out with her legs.

“If you kick me again – I’ll make this worse for you Buff. Much worse.” Buffy looked sideways at him. He seemed to read her thoughts. As he moved to her side and rested his hand on her behind, Buffy debated her choices. She didn’t think she could break the cuffs around her wrists and the hook securing them to the wall seemed pretty strong as well. Plus, she was at this incredibly awkward angle with her back arched and her butt in the air… She sighed heavily, not sure what to do.

Angelus squeezed one cheek of her ass, hard. “You’ve got a great ass, Buff. Really. Perfect like a peach.” Tugging her skirt down, he pulled it to her knees. Running both hands over her behind, he squeezed and massaged the firm flesh.

“And I’ve got to say, love your choice of underwear.” Angelus tugged on the strip of material between Buffy’s legs, pulling the thong away from her body. “Nothing like a great ass in the air with only one of these on.” Buffy flinched slightly as he released the material, causing it to snap back.

“But, your shirt…” Buffy flinched again as Angelus ripped her shirt down the back in one smooth tear. “I told you not to be flaunting your body and there you go – wearing a shirt like this out to the Bronze. Tell me Buff, did the boys there get a good look at your tits?” He shredded the rest of the material, tossing it aside.

Angelus leaned over her, his chest close to her back, his lips by her ear. “Hmm? Did they? Did it turn you on, having them look at you? Did it make you hot?”

When she didn’t answer, he pulled hard on her hair yanking her head back. “Well?”

“N-no.” Buffy closed her eyes against the pain in her scalp. “No.”

Pushing her head away, Angelus moved back and finished pulling off the rest of her clothing. Using a small knife, he cut the straps of her bra and tossed it aside. She was now completely naked and felt very vulnerable.

He moved away from the bed only to return with a small bottle.

“Wh-what’s that?” Buffy attempted to see what was in his hand, wrenching her neck around to look over her shoulder.

“Oil, lover. It’s an expensive almond and vanilla blend, I think you’ll like it.” Angelus smiled mockingly. “It keeps the skin smooth and soft. After all, I don’t want to damage your beautiful skin, Buff.” His hand trailed up her thigh to her behind as he spoke, tracing lightly across her skin.

“It does makes the leather sting like hell though.” Angelus grinned as he spanked her ass hard with his palm. Buffy closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She hoped she would be able to stand this. She tugged again at the chains holding her wrists before she felt the first drizzle of oil as Angelus poured it liberally on her bottom. Slowly he massaged the oil into her skin with firm strokes and strong fingers. His deliberate kneading and sensual manipulations slowly caused Buffy to relax, the first flames of desire stirring within her.

“I was going to spare you this Buff, but since you insisted on disobeying me by wearing your whorish outfit you need a lesson.” Without warning, Angelus spanked her hard, alternating blows on each cheek. Buffy gasped in surprise, jerking forward. Her bottom stung where he had hit her.

Once again he resumed his massage, caressing the now pinkened flesh gently as he poured more oil on her. Slowly, methodically he rubbed it into her skin before drizzling oil between her bottom-cheeks. Buffy wiggled and squirmed as his fingers followed the oil, delving between her cheeks. He pressed his finger against her puckered hole, the oil enabling him to slip it easily inside. “Mmm. Tight.” Buffy quivered as Angelus whispered huskily by her ear.

Despite her nervousness and fear, the persistent massaging soothed her, aroused her. She could feel him close behind her, his hands caressing her as a lover. He knew how to touch her, how to make her respond to him. As his cool hands stroked her, her pulse raced and her nipples tightened. Between her thighs she grew wet as the ache of want began. She whimpered, not wanting to respond so wantonly to his lewd fondling.

Angelus drew back and gave her another hard spank on the ass. Buffy couldn’t see him behind her, but she heard the soft slithering sound of his belt being removed. He wouldn’t- would he? She tensed in trepidation, releasing a soft hiss through her teeth as he struck her hard twice with the belt. The leather stung just as he warned her it would.

His hands were on her again, rubbing and fondling. Once more he moved up behind her, his chest close to her back. Pouring more oil on his hands, he reached around and began to knead her breasts.

“No! Please…” Buffy attempted to pull away. Surely he wouldn’t hit her there?! She tried to twist away from the tormenting fingers, but they merely gripped harder.

“Shhh.” Angelus continued his now rough handling of her breasts, pinching at her nipples and sliding them through the slick oil. One hand slipped down her firm stomach to the neatly trimmed apex of her thighs. “Very nice. I like the new ‘do Buff. Naked pussy is a favorite of mine.” Buffy turned her head away from his voice, ashamed. She regretted the impulse that made her get the Brazilian bikini wax. Angelus would no doubt think she’d done it especially for him.

Angelus pushed his hand between her legs, finding her wet and open. Slowly he stroked his fingers across her, teasing her outer lips before dipping inside and smearing wetness on and around her clit. He pinched the sensitive nub between his fingers, rolling it and tugging it just as his other hand was doing to her nipple. Buffy whined, a small sound, but a definite whine of arousal. Her hips moved slightly, hesitantly against his fingers.

Moving away from her again, Angelus smacked the belt down hard on her behind. Tears formed in Buffy’s eyes at the next three hard blows. Stepping up behind her again, his hands cupped her breasts, pinching and tugging her nipples. He scraped his nails across the jewel hard tips, before clasping them hard between his fingers and twisting. He ran his hand roughly across the red welts on her behind, reaching once more between her legs to fondle and caress her wet slit. She had tensed up with the pain of the belt, but relaxed and responded quickly to his skilled touches. As he rubbed her clit, she began to slowly rotate her hips to meet his hand.

“You’re wet, lover, verrry wet.” He licked her shoulder lewdly as he pushed her further toward orgasm. Just when she was on the brink, panting heavily and moving her hips in time with his fingers, he withdrew. She whimpered at the loss of his touch, desperately craving release. He struck her several more times with the belt.

Now mewling softly from shame and fear, Buffy allowed her body to go limp. She felt the strong, firm hands once more on her bottom. Easing her buttocks apart, Angelus exposed her. Buffy moaned in despair as his fingers began to explore her, before pushing inside the tight rear channel. Her breath caught in her throat and her stomach tightened into knots. She was afraid of Angelus and what he would do to her, but she was more afraid of her own feelings and her longing for him to do what he threatened.

Buffy rolled her head in frustration. She was being betrayed by her own body, just when it most dangerous for her to do so. Even knowing how her own passion for him would be used against her, Buffy wanted Angelus to continue, needed him to continue.

With his other hand, he rubbed her clit, then pinched it between two fingers. Tremors rippled through her body as waves of pleasure washed over her. Angelus continued working his fingers in and out of her body, feeling Buffy contract around him as she pushed back toward the invading fingers.

“I knew you’d like this, Buff. I can tell.” Angelus sniggered.

Buffy ignored his self-congratulatory tone, her mind and body was too full of the sensations spiraling fast through her.

She lost count of the number of times he teased and aroused her only to step away and strike her now tender backside with his belt, replacing pleasure with pain. She twisted and writhed against the chains, biting her lips to stifle the moans of pleasure at his hands stroking and petting her so knowingly. Buffy hated him at that moment, but even more she hated the way that she was responding to him so readily.

Finally Buffy heard the belt hit the floor as he tossed it aside. She was covered with a light sheen of sweat. Her bottom felt sore and every nerve seemed alive and stretched to the breaking point.

When Angelus unhooked the chain from the wall, Buffy collapsed on the bed. Her wrists were still bound together, but at least she could move freely.

“C’mon Buff. Get your ass up.” Standing behind her he waited. “And get those legs apart.”

With her head pressed against the coverlet, Buffy spread her legs slightly, feeling her face flush at how exposed she was. A perverse thread of excitement raced through her. She had been denied relief too long, right now the only thing that mattered was to quell the raging fire inside her.

Angelus leaned down casually stroking her back, her hair. Buffy flinched as he ran his hand down her still burning bottom to stop between her legs. She closed her eyes in shame but allowed her thighs to part wider, inviting him in. Buffy hated herself for it, but she could not resist exposing herself to the man who had been abusing her so deliciously.

“You want me, Buff?” Angelus was drawing circles with his thumbs on her thighs, close but not touching her where she wanted it the most. Buffy lifted her hips and wiggled them slightly, tempting him.

“Beg me.” Angelus continued to taunt her, his thumbs brushing lightly across the swollen, wet flesh only to dance away. He stared between her legs, finding the sight of her naked pussy incredibly erotic. This particular grooming style was one of the wonders of the last ten or so years that he appreciated, extremely.

“Please.” The word came out in a breathy whisper, barely audible.

“Please what Buff? Use my name. Tell me what you want.” Angelus stroked his hand once more on her reddened bottom cheeks, rubbing hard.

“Angel- Angelus… I want you.” Buffy sighed then added as an afterthought, “Please.”

“Say, fuck me.”

Buffy hesitated, uncertain.

“Say fuck me or I’ll leave.” Angelus voiced the threat, all the while knowing that he would not be able to leave her like this even if she held a stake to his heart. He burned to bury himself inside her since the other night at the cemetery – he’d be damned if he wouldn’t do it again when given such a blatant invitation. But he craved her submission, so he waited.

“Fuck me.” The whispered words burned on her lips even as her hips moved again in invitation.

Buffy heard the sound of his zipper sliding down as he removed his pants. In the next instant, the swollen head of his cock was pressed against her quivering wet lips as he knelt behind her on the bed. “Very good, lover.”

The air was forced out of her lungs as he plunged forward, pushing hard inside her. Only his grip on her hips kept her from falling forward onto the bed as he slammed his hips into her sore bottom. With a relentless, punishing rhythm he began to move, stretching and filling her as he drove forward.

The hot, liquid feeling began rising, slowly spreading throughout her body. Buffy was now panting in rhythm with the cock thrusting in and out of her so forcefully. Each new surge brought forth moans of pleasure from deep within her. Buffy tried hard to suppress the sounds, but it was a battle she could not win.

Surging with intensity born of hunger, of need, Angelus stroked his hands down her back leaning forward to grip her shoulders and give himself extra leverage. With a growl, Angelus revealed his demonic features and sunk his fangs into the nape of her neck, sucking voraciously. As her blood flooded his mouth, he gripped her hips hard and spurted his seed inside her.

Buffy squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she gyrated wildly against him, the sharp stinging pain in her neck setting of a seemingly endless tide of orgasms. Buffy felt every muscle tighten at the first spasm and she pushed back hard trying to draw his cock deeper into her hungry, aching, needful pussy. As the last shudder passed over her, she collapsed weakly on the bed. Her breathing shallow, Buffy allowed her eyes to close. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, Angelus still curled around her.

After awhile, Angelus lifted Buffy and tucked her under the covers beside him. Wrapping his arms around her tightly, her back pressed to his chest, they slept. He’d given up trying to analyze his feelings for the small blond. He did know that he wanted her, and what Angelus wanted he took. For now, that would be enough.

– – – – –

Willow knocked again on the door at Buffy’s house. She was worried about her friend, especially after she had finally managed to get Xander to spill the news about his and Buffy’s adventure in the cemetery the other night. She thought it best if either she or Xander stayed at Buffy’s house while her Mom was out of town – she just didn’t realize that it was already too late.

Xander came from around the back house. “It doesn’t look like anyone is here.”

“Buffy wouldn’t go out on patrol this late, would she?” Willow looked nervously at Xander then at her watch.

“I dunno, Will. I doubt it, but maybe.” Xander looked toward Buffy’s window. Her light was on. Within minutes he was climbing up the tree to get inside. Several minutes later he opened the front door for Willow. “She’s not here. Her stuff is though – including her weapons.”

Xander suspected that Buffy had left to meet Angelus on her own, Willow however, thought he had taken her.

“Do you-” Willow swallowed nervously, “Do you think he’ll hurt her? That is, if she is with-”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I guess we should stay here in case she comes back.” Xander was pissed that she would be so irresponsible and well, the word ‘slutty’ came to mind. He wanted to confront her.