Rockstar, Chapter 1

Author’s Notes: Total AU. Angel, Oz, Spike and Xander are the members of the band Dingoes.

Inspired by the movie Rock Star (hence, the unimaginative title).

Rating: Adult; explicit sex angelscookie_au1

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox,

Pairing: B/A. Includes W/O, and mentions of Spike/Dru, Angel/Darla, and Spike/Dru.

Distribution: My site, EverySixSeconds; sites currently with permission to host my fics; all others please ask.

Originally posted: May 31, 2002

Angel noticed the blond the minute that she stepped into the darkened club. The Dingoes had just started the third song of their set when she crossed the room, looking around as if she were trying to find someone in the throngs of people. The Dingoes were a popular local band, so the club was usually packed when they played. And due in no small part to the striking good looks of the band members – Oz was lead guitar, Spike played drums, Xander on Bass and Angel as their lead singer – a large percentage of the audience were women, many of which were dressed in the skimpiest and sexiest of outfits hoping to attract some attention and maybe take one of the boys in the band home – or backstage, wherever…

While still continuing to belt out the lyrics to their latest tune, Angel watched her make her way through the crowd. Most likely she was meeting a boyfriend – a girl that looked that good certainly wouldn’t lack for male attention – so Angel was surprised when she stopped at the table where Oz’s girlfriend, Willow, sat. The girls hugged, then the blond sat down. Angel glanced her way often, watching her as she watched the band and chatted with Willow. When the band finished up the rest of the songs before their break, Angel immediately walked over to Oz who was turning off his amp and asked, “Who’s the blond?”

Oz glanced over at Angel then at the women crowded around the stage, “More specific?”

“The one at the table with Willow.” Angel glanced up as Spike and Xander joined them.

“She’s a hottie, that one.” Spike had also noticed her and was considering having a go. “Think she’ll give me her number? That is, before or after we’ve shagged?” Spike and Xander laughed, while Angel cast them an irritated look.

“That’s Buffy. Buffy Summers. She’s new. Just moved to Sunnydale. Goes to school with Willow.” Oz put his guitar on the stand, the moved toward the end of the stage planning to sit with Willow during the break.

“Introduce me.” Angel moved quickly behind Oz.

“Sure.” Oz looked at Angel, somewhat surprised. While Angel never lacked for female companionship, he never exerted any effort for girls – it was a well-known joke with the band. Spike was amused. “An introduction, Peaches? Well, well, this has got to be a first. You’ll actually know this ones name when you send her home tomorrow.”

Angel ignored Spike as he followed Oz down the stairs and off the stage. Still laughing, Spike and Xander followed behind them, all of them good-naturedly accepting handshakes, high-fives and hugs from the fans that gathered around them as they made their way through the crowd.

Buffy looked up as the guys approached the table. Buffy had met Oz a few days ago, shortly after school had started and she and Willow had gotten to be friends, but this was her first real Sunnydale social event.

“You guys sound really good.” Willow gushed as Oz kissed her cheek, then sat in the chair next to her.

Buffy had been watching the sexy lead singer of the band since she entered the club. He looked amazing in the tight black leather pants with his shirt unbuttoned exposing his smooth, hard chest and abs. In fact, she had trouble concentrating on what Willow was saying, she was so drawn to watching him move with catlike grace across the stage, his rich voice rolling huskily across the room making her feel warm and breathy.

Buffy and Angel locked eyes and could not seem to look away. The rest of the room seemed to fall away as they stared at each other. Buffy was aware only of the man standing in front of her, his size dwarfing her, the heat radiating off his body making her warmer. She wanted to reach out and touch him, slide her hands through his spiky hair, run her hand down the exposed chest… Unconsciously licking her lips, she leaned forward-

Oz grinned, noting the obvious mutual attraction. “Buffy… This is Angel. Angel… this is Buffy.”

Buffy jerked slightly, her cheeks pinking with embarrassment as she realized that she had almost touched him. “Uh, Hi.”

Angel smiled slightly, “Hey. Nice to meet you. Do you mind?” He gestured toward the vacant spot on the bench next to her, wondering at himself for a moment. Blushing girls were not his style.

“Oh. No. Not at all.” Buffy scooted over to make room. As Angel sat down, Buffy once again felt her attention become riveted on him.

“Hello, cutie. I’m Spike. This is Xander. We’ll be back lads, just going out for a smoke.” Spike shook Buffy’s hand across the table then he and Xander headed outside.

While Oz and Willow cuddled and kissed, conversing in whispers, Buffy and Angel made small talk. She told him about moving to Sunnydale from LA, he talked about the band.

Angel studied Buffy under his lashes as she talked. His glimpses of her across the room had not done her justice. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Her tanned complexion was flawless, perfectly complimentary to the golden hue of her hair. Her full pouty lips and enormous hazel eyes particularly enticed him. His eyes flicked down for an appreciative glance at her breasts, temptingly displayed in a pale blue halter.

Buffy shifted on the bench nervously. The gossip among the girls at school had certainly left no doubt in Buffy’s mind about the attractiveness of the lead singer of the Dingoes, but it hardly prepared her for the lure of his magnetic beauty. There was no mention of the compelling stare of the rich chocolate eyes or the breathtaking power of his tall, muscular form. Other than the word ‘gorgeous’ there was no adequate description of the perfection of his features – the straight dark brows over seductive eyes, molded cheekbones, a fine straight nose, and gently curved lips that Buffy found herself wanting to touch. She smiled as she wondered idly what he would taste like.

At her smile Angel shifted, feeling his erection rising uncomfortably in the tight pants. As they talked, they both relaxed and moved closer together without realizing it. His arm was draped over the back of the bench behind her, and she was turned slightly toward him, their thighs pressed together. He was close enough that he could smell her perfume, a delicate vanilla scent that seems to suit her – delicate, sweet, honestly sensual. Angel was entranced. Buffy was not only beautiful, but funny and witty. They connected so well – the conversation so easy.

When they both reached for their drinks at the same time, their hands touched startling them both. Buffy flushed again and snatched her hand back. What was wrong with her? She was having the most uncontrollable urges and feelings for this man that she had just met. Never before had anyone affected her this way.

Angel was amused. Was she truly that naive? Her lush beauty and obvious innocence were provocative. As he wondered how she would respond to his kiss, he felt surge of lust along with an unusual sense of possessiveness.

It was all too soon that the Dingoes had to head back on stage for the last set of the night.

“Wait for me? I’d like to see you home.” Angel took Buffy’s small hand in his and studied it before looking back into her eyes. Buffy nodded nervously, unsure of his thoughts but greedily wanting more time with him.

Willow sighed regretfully, noticing the dreamy look on Buffy’s face as she watched Angel on stage. Willow had seen that look too many times before, as too many women fell hard for the handsome singer only to be casually dismissed. Angel never lacked for female companionship and they never lasted long. Rumor had it that his longest relationship had lasted almost two weeks – and that had been due largely to the young nubile dancer’s incredible and unique acrobatic skills.

“Buffy.” Willow didn’t want to see her friend get hurt, so she knew she needed to say something. “Hello. Earth to Buffy.”

“Huh?” Buffy glanced at Willow before returning her gaze to the stage. A brunette had worked her way to the front of the floor near the stage and was now shamelessly trying to attract Angel’s attention.

“Buffy. Angel-” Willow sighed exasperatedly, Buffy wasn’t paying attention. She knew by look on Buffy’s face that it was already too late. The little blond was smitten. She’d have to be blunt. Tugging on her hand, Willow finally managed to get Buffy’s attention. “Angel is, well, there’s no easy way to put this. He’s not really a relationship kind of guy. He goes through women like, well, Kleenex.”

Buffy sighed heavily, knowing that Willow was probably right but feeling drawn to him despite herself. “I know Will. I mean, I guessed as much. He’s just so-” Buffy glanced back at the stage.

“I know, I know. He’s a honey. I just don’t want to see you get hurt, okay?” Willow genuinely liked Buffy even though they had only known each other a short time.

“Thanks, Willow. I’ve been warned.” Buffy hugged her friend. “And it’s just a walk home.”

The brunette was now dancing sensuously in front of the stage, a small crowd of mostly men standing around her and giving her room to move. The short skirt and barely-there top were attention getters in their own right, but combined with her now explicit movements every eye in the house was drawn to her. The smile on her face, directed at the dark haired man on the stage, clearly promised sexual delights.

“That is, if he hasn’t changed his mind.” Buffy sighed, disappointed. There was no way Angel would turn down such a beautiful girl – who obviously offered, well, apparently anything and everything.

“Oh, that’s just Cordelia. He’d never- at least, not with her.” Willow took another sip of her drink, dismissing the floor-show. Cordelia regularly chased after Angel, but to Willow’s knowledge that was one girl that he had never bothered to take home.

Buffy shrugged as she watched Angel stare at the girl. She wasn’t so sure. He sure seemed interested now. As she thought about it, she realized that she recognized Cordelia from school.

Despite saying she’d stay, Buffy looked around intending to gather her things and go. She didn’t want to be humiliated by waiting around to be dismissed when Angel left with Cordelia. But when the song ended and Angel turned and smiled at her, a warm, sexy smile, Buffy felt her resolve crumble. Even the slightest glance from him made her feel warm and fuzzy. She slumped back on the bench seat, a small smile playing around her lips.

Cordelia glanced in the direction of Angel’s smile, her features hardening with anger as she spied the new girl, Betty, no Bunny – no, that didn’t sound right. Buffy. Yes – Buffy – staring attentively at the stage. Surely Angel wasn’t smiling at her. Dismissing that idea as ridiculous, Cordelia turned back to the stage. She would never admit that there was anyone else that even came close to being as attractive as she was. Which was one of the reasons why she could not understand Angel’s lack of interest.

When the Dingoes finished their set it was just after midnight. Buffy knew that her Mom was going to be furious with her for missing her curfew (if she found out), but she didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see Angel. She and Willow stood outside chatting quietly as the guys loaded their equipment into Oz’s van. From Willow Buffy learned that the four guys shared a house. All had jobs to pay the bills, but still put in a lot of hours practicing and playing every gig they could get hoping to make their band successful. Oz worked at a coffee house, Xander waited tables, Spike worked at Guitar Center, the store of choice for all local musicians, and Angel helped out at his uncles pub when he wasn’t working as a painter. He was genuinely artistic, but paid the bills by painting houses.

Just as Angel stepped toward Buffy, Cordelia came barreling out of the back door of the Bronze. “Well, there you are.” Smiling cheerfully and struggling into her coat, she stepped in front of Angel. “Walk me home?”

Angel simply stepped around Cordelia, dismissing her. “Nope. Plans. Maybe Xander can drive you – again.” Everyone in the band knew that Cordelia had spent some time in Xander’s room at their last party, and Xander was explicitly forthcoming about what had happened with the cheerleader. Cordelia had mistakenly assumed that her bedroom expertise would make Angel more interested, rather than less.

Reaching Buffy, Angel stopped. “Ready?”

Buffy nodded and turned, walking down the street toward her house.

Cordelia huffed angrily. She’d been trying to snag the handsome singer for months and much to her chagrin, he had declined her. Repeatedly. She couldn’t believe that he’d turned her down for Buffy! Narrowing her eyes, she watched their retreating backs. She’d have to warn little miss Buffy off.

Buffy and Angel talked quietly but walked a good portion of the way to her house in companionable silence. Buffy was a little nervous and self-conscious while Angel simply enjoyed the quiet. Too many of the girls that he knew felt the need to chatter constantly – it could be grating.

“This is me.” Buffy stopped just before her house. “Thanks for, um, the walk.”

As she turned, Angel stepped up close to her. His gaze captured hers as his arms reached out and caught her shoulders, pulling her toward him. Against her better judgment Buffy acquiesced, parting her lips and tilting her head back. Her breath caught and held as his lips descended on hers, kissing her tenderly. As his mouth moved on hers, her arms lifted and circled his neck, her fingertips brushing the soft hair on his neck tentatively. Despite the brevity of the kiss, she trembled.

Still holding her loosely, Angel asked. “Can I see you tomorrow? We’re having a party at the house – you could come.” For reasons unknown even to himself, he didn’t want to rush things with Buffy. He hadn’t even intended to kiss her, just walk her home but somehow he had been unable to resist. He wanted to savor their time together. He wanted to savor her, like a rare treat. He didn’t question the fact that these feelings were staggeringly unique in his experience.

“Um, okay. I mean, if you’re sure. I don’t want to crash or anything.” Buffy knew that she should simply decline the invitation and forget him, especially after Willow’s warning. But she was fast finding him irresistible. Her eyes drifted down to his lips again as she unconsciously swayed forward, wishing he would kiss her again. He dropped a light kiss on her lips and stepped back.

“I’ll call you tomorrow with the address or you can get it from Willow. See you around 8?” Without waiting for her answer, Angel moved off down the street.

“Oh boy.” The words came out in a soft breath as Buffy watched him go.

* * * * *

When Buffy arrived at Willows the next day, she was bubbling over with excitement. Her good cheer and bright smile were infectious; despite her misgivings about Buffy getting involved with Angel, Willow couldn’t help but be happy with her friend. The girls went shopping, Buffy determined to find a ‘killer’ outfit for the party. She eventually settled on a pair of tight black pants and a pair of simple black high-heeled sandals. The pants were low cut, but would go with a pink halter top and sweater that she had left at Willows. The halter-top was short and cut into a point, leaving her midsection bare. She had a silver chain belt that hung around her waist, which would go perfectly.

Willow picked out a dark green floral skirt, a perfect match to a pale green shirt she had picked up on her last shopping trip. The last stop was the cosmetics counter, where Buffy picked up a light cranberry lipstick, in a no-smear formula. “I like the color. And it’s practical.” She looked sheepishly at Willow and shrugged. “Okay, okay. And *he* might not want to wear it. Yes, hoping for a few smoochies. Color me guilty.”

Willow smiled and shook her head, but picked out a peach color for herself. “Let’s go. We can grab some food at the wraps place on the way back to my house. We’ll have to go soon and get ready.”

* * * * *

When Buffy and Willow arrived at the party just after 8, Angel was nowhere to be seen. Oz greeted them at the door and led them inside. He gave Buffy a brief tour of the house, pointing out the bathroom, kitchen, living room and Spike’s room, all of which were downstairs. The rest of the bedrooms were upstairs. In the kitchen, Spike was chugging a beer to the chants of Xander and several other onlookers.

When they returned to the living room, Oz pulled Willow in his arms to give her a more thorough greeting. As they kissed, Buffy looked around the living room shyly, suddenly wondering if she might have made more of the invitation than Angel intended since he was nowhere in sight. She glanced toward the stairs just as two women descended, giggling and laughing.

“Hello there, cutie.”

Buffy jumped at the sound of Spike’s voice just over her left shoulder.

“Jumpy little thing, aren’t you?” Edging in closer, Buffy could feel his breath on her neck. She had pulled her hair up, thinking it made her look older, more sophisticated. As she glanced around at the women in the room, she was glad she had although she wasn’t sure it was enough. At the moment, one woman had chosen to jump up on the coffee table and was gyrating her hips to the music much to the enjoyment of the male party-goers.

“Dru, damn it. Not on the table.” Spike turned to Buffy, touching her lightly on the shoulder. “Excuse me, pet. I’ll be right back.”

“Hey.” Buffy jumped again at the soft voice behind her. “Sorry. I had to work late.”

Buffy whirled around, almost bumping into Angel who was standing close. His hair was still damp as if he had rushed out of the shower. He was wearing a black sweater that clung to the curve of his arms, drawing attention to the muscles beneath, and a pair of black jeans.

“I’m glad you came.” Angel smiled and gazed down at her.

Tiny flutters of heat stirred within her at his smile. Buffy smiled and inhaled deeply, drawing Angel’s attention to her chest before returning to her face. She was exquisite – more so than his memory of her.

“Can I get you something? Beer? Soda?” Angel glanced around the room then back at Buffy.

“Ooooh. My Angel. There you are.” The dark hair girl who had been dancing on the table earlier suddenly pushed between them. Standing very close to Angel, she was running her hand down his chest and over his arms all while swaying drunkenly to the music.

“Druscilla.” Angel grabbed her wrists and pushed her back toward Spike who had just stepped up behind her. “Spike, maybe you can keep your girlfriend occupied?” The sentence was more of a statement than a question.

“Come on Dru. Leave the bloody poof alone. Let me show you my etchings…” Spike led Druscilla off, shooting a leering look toward Angel as they left.

“She’s an old family friend. She and Spike have this on-again, off-again relationship.” Angel tried to explain the girl to Buffy, not wanting her to think that he was involved with her. Dru was usually a bit wild, and not easily placated when she had been drinking.

“Oh.” Buffy watched Spike and Dru for a moment before turning back to Angel.

“I’ll get us some drinks. Wait here?” At Buffy’s nod Angel left the room. Other than an occasional sip of wine at a family event, Buffy had never had alcohol. But, she didn’t want to appear unsophisticated or immature to Angel, so she thought she’d at least give it a try. She glanced over where Oz and Willow had been – they were now gone. Crossing her arms across her chest, she looked around the room again searching for other faces that she might recognize.

Cordelia had been searching the room for Angel when she spotted the blond standing by herself. Which, how pathetic is that? The girl clearly crashed a party where she doesn’t know anyone. But now was a good enough time to warn the girl off.

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing here.” Stomping over to where Buffy stood, Cordelia stopped in front of her.

“I was invited.” Buffy held her ground, undaunted.

“Angel is mine. If he is at all interested in you, it’s only for the one thing that your outfit screams so clearly that you give away. I had him first and I will have him again.” Cordelia saw nothing wrong with the little fib, especially since it suited her purpose.

“Really? Well, if you’re really all that good then I don’t see why he would be looking else where.”

Furious, Cordy splashed the remainder of her beer on Buffy, soaking her shirt. If Buffy wouldn’t leave when asked, then she’d make sure that she left because she had too.

Without a thought, Buffy drew back a fist and punched Cordelia hard in the nose. The taller girl staggered back, falling into the people standing behind her.

The conversation in the room had ceased when Cordelia threw her drink. Now everyone stared silently at the two girls. Cordelia was moaning on the floor with both hands on her face, her nose bleeding slightly while Buffy stood completely still, hating the attention. Suddenly realizing that her top was clinging wetly to her braless chest, Buffy fled to the bathroom.

Angel returned to the room just seconds after Buffy left and glanced around in confusion at the quiet. Xander, with a grin on his face, tapped him lightly on the arm. “Man, you should have seen it. Your little blond piece just punched out Cordy.”

Cordelia, now standing, threw herself at Angel wrapping her arms around his waist and almost causing him to spill the drinks that he held in each hand.

“Cordy let go and tell me what happened.” Looking with exasperation toward Xander, Angel tried to extract himself.

“It was awful. I just said hi to her and she punched me, saying something about you being hers.” Her words were muffled with her head still buried in his chest, as Cordelia refused to release him.

“Where is she?” Xander took one of the drinks from Angel so he could have a hand free to pull Cordelia off.

“I don’t know.” Cordelia attempted to wrap her arms around Angel once again, but he effectively blocked her efforts.

“Bathroom.” Oz stepped up to Angel and Cordelia. He and Willow had just been coming down the stairs when they saw Buffy rush into the bathroom. Willow, noticing that she appeared to be upset, had followed her.

Buffy, now blotting her soaked top with a towel, was chastising herself for letting the girl get to her. For all she knew, Cordelia could be right. Buffy had no claim on Angel, certainly not after a day – which, regardless, did not give her the right to punch anyone out.

“When she threw her drink on me, I just reacted.” Buffy glanced at Willow who was sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Cordy has needed a good ass-kicking for a long time, Buffy. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” Willow smiled, wishing she had been there to see it.

“Buffy?” At the soft knock and sound of Angel’s voice, Buffy turned startled eyes to Willow. “Can I come in?”

Willow raised her eyebrows in question to Buffy. At Buffy’s hesitant nod, Willow stood and unlocked the door slipping out past Angel. Angel stepped inside and closed the door. Silence hung between then, both conscious of the small room and somewhat intimate setting.

“You ok?” His eyes gazed at her with concern, searching her for any sign of injury.

“Yes.” For a breathless moment, Buffy simply stared up at him. “I’m really sorry-”

“What happened?” Finding it increasingly hard to keep from pulling her into his arms, Angel leaned on the counter near the sink.

Buffy’s back stiffened, “She said something to the effect that she had you first and she would have you again. I just said that if that were true, then you wouldn’t still be looking.” Nervously, she looked away.

“Which, I mean, I really have no way of knowing if you are looking or not… I mean, I don’t know if- that is – if you and me- I mean- Uh.” Buffy paused again, annoyed that she was stammering so much.

“Well anyway, when she threw her drink on me I just sort of reacted and punched her.” Looking up at him anxiously, Buffy continued. “I didn’t break her nose or anything, did I?”

Setting down the cup he still held in his hand, Angel took both her hands in his and pulled her to stand between his legs. “Cordelia just got more than she bargained for when she attacked you. If she was really hurt we’d be hearing about it now. She’d still be screaming the house down.”


“Yes. And I’m not looking. At least, not anymore.” His voice, low and warm near her ear gave Buffy goose bumps. She looked up at him, wondering what he meant.

Giving in to impulse, Angel ran one palm gently up her neck and around to cup the back of her head while his other hand slid around her waist to bring her closer. Bending his head low, he brushed her lips softly with his. When his tongue traced across her mouth, Buffy gasped in surprise and drew back. Angel’s eyes met hers briefly before his arm tightened around her, drawing her insistently closer.

When he kissed her again, his lips settling on hers firmly, Buffy felt a stirring warmth in the pit of her stomach that gradually spread, moving lower. Under the pressure of his lips, Buffy opened her mouth. She moaned softly at the velvety, heated caress of his tongue as it entered her mouth, exploring and licking with tantalizing slowness. He tasted faintly of cinnamon and Buffy tentatively responded, sucking lightly on his tongue and delighting in the flavor.

His low groan stoked the fire racing through her. She pressed closer and opened her mouth wider, docile under his exploration. Her hands came up to rest on his shoulders.

Angel changed the slant of his head, greedily pushing his tongue deep into her mouth in a demanding, passionate kiss. His large hand held her captive, resting just under the hem of her short halter top on her bare back as they kissed. Buffy felt her nipples harden as the melting warmth swept through her senses, the heat of his hand slowly stroking her flesh creating new and delicious sensations. Clinging to his shoulders, she pressed closer as if knowing that the strong male body was the key to easing the slowly growing ache.

Her innocent responses were setting Angel’s blood dangerously on fire. The tentative touches and breathy sighs were far more erotic than the brazen talents of the most skilled lover.

Trailing delicate kisses along her cheek, he reached her earlobe and bit down gently before sliding his mouth along the smooth column of her throat. Buffy’s head dropped back and tilted to the side, allowing him better access. With tender bites, he nibbled at her neck sucking the flesh between his teeth gently.

Buffy whimpered softly and moved her hips, banging against his ungracefully. At the touch of her against his throbbing erection Angel groaned and lifted his head to look at her.

She was temptation personified, her lips moist and slightly swollen from their kisses, her eyes closed, her soft breasts pressed into his chest and the sweet scent of her filling his senses. The look of her, the feel of her only whetted his appetite for more. Lowering his head, he kissed her again – an urgent, demanding kiss. Buffy sighed into his mouth, melting against him and wanting more.

The pounding on the door separated them with a start. Both panting heavily, they stared stupidly at the door. “Bloody hell! Are you going to stay in there all night?”

Buffy closed her eyes, somewhat mortified that she had been so caught up in their kisses. What was she thinking? If they had not been interrupted, no telling how far she would have gone with him.

Angel however, was feeling rather a rather strong sense of masculine satisfaction. Buffy was beautiful, passionate and his – at least for some indeterminate time. He cheerfully ignored the implications of such singular feelings as he looped his arm around Buffy’s shoulders and opened the door.

“Keep your pants on Spike.” Angel smiled, as he led Buffy past the line of people in the hall. Buffy blushed knowing what they all must have been thinking.

“You do have a bedroom upstairs for this sort of thing, you know.” Spike shouted after then with a smirk. Without turning around, Angel flipped Spike off and kept walking.

Leaving Buffy with Oz and Willow, Angel went to get them fresh drinks. Buffy ignored the soda he brought for her and instead drank his vodka tonic with one shot, feeling the need to steel her nerves after their noticeable tryst in the bathroom. She had felt the curious stares and heard the subtle whispers ever since.

“Well Buffy, you were certainly right about the lipstick.” Willow couldn’t resist teasing her friend as she studied Angel’s face. “It doesn’t come off with smoochies.”

“True. Or Oz would be wearing a whole lot more ‘Perfect Peach.'” Buffy teased back. She smiled up at Angel and impulsively wrapped her arm around his waist, hugging him.

Angel, who normally avoided all public displays of affection, kissed the top of Buffy’s head and slid his arm around her. “We can do some additional tests if you think it’s necessary.”

“Hmm. It may be.” Buffy snuggled closer, smiling happily.

Buffy and Angel stayed close together for the rest of the party, enjoying each other’s company and talking with friends. Around 11:30, Buffy and Willow had to go so the guys walked them to Willow’s car.

“How about dinner next Saturday, just you and me?” Angel held Buffy’s hand, reluctant to get closer or start anything that might prove difficult to stop.

“Dinner? Um, yes.” Buffy smiled at him, somewhat disappointed that it would be a week before she would see him again. She opened the car door and got in, rolling down the window.

“I’ll call you during the week, ok? We have practice most nights or I have to work, otherwise I’d like to see you sooner.” Angel leaned on the door, bending down to see her face.

“I’d like that.”

Angel dropped a quick kiss on her lips before she and Willow sped away.

* * * * *

The next week at school Buffy could barely concentrate. She willed the week to pass by quickly so she could see Angel again. Talking to him on the phone every night only seemed to add to her excitement.

Cordelia, spiteful as usual, had tried to make things difficult for Buffy at school, attempting to get even for her black eye and bruised nose. The few who believed Cordelia’s nasty rumors were of little concern to Buffy however, so the damage was minimal.

* * * * *

When Saturday rolled around, Buffy was a bundle of nerves. She dressed carefully, choosing a short black mini-skirt with a sexy slit on the thigh, black boots and a beige sweater. Luckily her Mom had decided to spend the weekend away with Ethan, or Buffy would never have gotten out of the house dressed so scantily.

When Angel arrived to pick her up, his appreciative glance told her that she had chosen perfectly. They went for sushi, which turned out to be a favorite food for both of them. The conversation flowed easily over dinner, the two of them never lacking for things to talk about.

Buffy was a little disappointed when Angel stopped the Jeep Wrangler in front of her house after dinner. She thought he might suggest parking somewhere, if not going back to his place. He had no way of knowing that her Mom was out of town. And, while she wasn’t sure she was ready for sex, she was certainly open to kisses – preferably lots of them.

“Um. Would you want to come in?” Buffy glanced at him nervously, her hand on the door handle. “My Mom’s gone…”

Angel knew that he shouldn’t, but his libido stirred restlessly at her words.

“Just for a little while?” Buffy opened the door and slid out.

The innocent query in her eyes combined with the soft voice, faintly pleading, weakened his resolve. Angel followed her to the door, questioning his sanity.

Angel settled on the couch and watched her as she turned on the low lamp in the living room then removed her coat. Minutes later, she sat next to him on the couch. “Is-is, this okay? I could turn on the TV.”

“Fine.” Not since he was 16 had he felt this same nervous anticipation in a girl’s living room. “Come here.” His husky voice sent a flutter down her spine.

Buffy scooted closer. Leaning forward, she kissed him. A light, butterfly kiss. When he didn’t move, Buffy grew bolder and planted several more of the dainty closemouthed kisses on his cheeks, his eyes. With a sudden boldness, her tongue traced his upper lip.

As she teased his mouth with her tongue, Angel’s hand came off the couch to her back, drawing her closer. With slow strokes, he moved his hand up and down, caressing, the heavy warmth sending tingles through her.

When his lips settled firmly on hers, he leaned forward pressing her back into the couch. His tongue slipped into her mouth as Buffy’s hands came up to slide around his back. His head angled as he increased the pressure on her lips. Drawing her tongue in his mouth, he encouraged her to explore, to make her own demands. Alternating teasing kisses with passionate ones, Angel led her into areas beyond her knowledge or experience.

When his hand touched her shoulder, Buffy shifted restlessly. As his hand moved slowly downward, her pulse sped up. She knew what he intended but didn’t have the will to stop it. Nor did she want to stop it. When his hand finally reached her breast, she moaned into his mouth. The wicked sensations he was stirring overtook her completely. Greedily, she sucked on his tongue as his hand molded and fondled her, his thumb finding her nipple. When his lips moved along her cheek to her neck, she sighed.

“Angel.” Her voice came out breathy, soft. It sounded like an endearment, rather than the admonishment she intended. His lips nuzzled her ear and the excitement intensified. When his tongue licked the delicate shell, she sighed and sank back into the couch.

Knowing that he shouldn’t push her too far, Angel withdrew. Buffy lay pliant in his arms as the wondrous sensations coursed over her. When she shifted, her thigh coming in contact with his erection, he mentally cursed. Her softness pressed against him was a potent attraction, an almost irresistible temptation.

He drew back, studying her face. “I should go.”

“But-” With wide eyes, Buffy searched his face. She wanted him to keep kissing her, but was also afraid of where the kissing would lead.

“I’ve got to work tomorrow, but how about we go to the beach next weekend?” Standing, Angel pulled her to her feet as he walked toward the door. He knew he’d have to take one cold shower when he got home tonight – and that his roommates would undoubtedly tease him tomorrow.

“I have to spend next weekend in LA with my Dad. But, I’m free the weekend after that if you still want to-” Buffy’s face mirrored her disappointment. Normally she enjoyed spending time with her Dad, but right now she wanted nothing more than to be with Angel.

“Ok. Then the Saturday after. I’ll pick you up in the morning around 9, okay? And I’ll call you this week.” Angel kissed her one last time, a soft searching kiss, before driving away.

* * * * *

The next two weeks were interminably long for Buffy. She missed Angel’s calls twice due to extra time spent in the library on homework, and he’d been busy as well, the Dingoes doing double practice sessions working on some new material.

Buffy was waiting on her front porch when Angel arrived on Saturday at precisely 9. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for their beach outing.

When Buffy stripped off her baggy sweatshirt and shorts, Angel stared. Her body in the black bikini was breathtaking. Full breasts, a tiny waist, gently flared hips and perfectly formed legs. Perfection in a tiny package. He was glad for the debilitating cool water, as they dove in for a swim.

After lunch, Buffy dozed on the blanket that they brought while Angel sketched.

“What are you drawing?” Buffy asked without opening her eyes, basking in the warmth.

“You.” Angel smiled slightly.

“Mmm. Make me pretty.” Buffy squirmed, arching her back and attempting to strike a seductive pose. Giggling, she collapsed back into the sand.

Setting aside his sketch, Angel rolled close to Buffy. “Impossible.”

“Hey!” When Buffy opened her eyes, instead of the blue cloudless sky she expected, she was looking directly into a pair of warm chocolate eyes.

Looping her arms around his neck, she smiled. “And why not?”

“Because…” Angel’s eyes closed as he lowered his head to hers. “You’re beautiful…” His lips touched hers. “Stunning…” His tongue lightly traced a path down her nose. “Gorgeous.” Kissing her lightly on each eyelid. “All of which…” Nuzzling her ear. “are barely adequate…” Nibbling softly on her neck, before finally returning to her lips for a sensual kiss. “To describe you.” Sliding his mouth down her neck, he kissed collarbone. “All of which are…” Lightly his lips brushed across the swell of her breast above the black triangle top. “Way beyond just pretty.”

Buffy felt the anticipation course through her, stoking the fire that consumed her faster and hotter each time he touched her, kissed her. Even though he was only touching her with his lips, she felt his strength, the hard body scant inches away.

Angel shifted, leaning over her as he returned his lips to hers in a deep, searching kiss, his tongue twining with hers. Sliding one hand into his hair, she pulled him closer and attempted to hold his lips to hers.

“Well, hello kiddies. Fancy meeting you here.” Spikes voice rang out above them. When he guessed that Angel was heading toward the beach, he and Xander thought it would be great fun to interrupt the romantic rendezvous. Annoying Angel was one of Spike’s greatest enjoyments in life – and something that he was remarkably good at.

Angel reluctantly lifted his head and looked up. “Spike. Xander.”

Glancing back over her head, Buffy spotted several people that Buffy recognized from parties at the house. Oz and Willow were the only ones missing from the usual group, but they had gone to a family birthday party for Oz’s nephew, Jordie.

Angel and Buffy both sighed as they realized that their romantic afternoon had been interrupted. Angel rolled away from Buffy and went for swim to cool both his hot blood and his temper, all the while vowing that one of these days he’d get even with Spike.

* * * * *

The next three weeks raced by in a blur. The Dingoes usually played both Friday and Saturday night in the local clubs or an occasional house party. Unfortunately for Willow and Buffy, all of the clubs with the exception of the Bronze were 21 and over clubs. On those nights, the two girls ended up on their own, renting movies, shopping or hanging out at the Bronze.

Angel and Buffy still managed to squeeze in some time here or there, but not nearly as much as either would have liked. Finally, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, the Dingoes were playing the Bronze again – and Buffy was anxious to get going. Joyce, however, insisted that Buffy stay home for dinner before she and Ethan left for another weekend away. The added family time made Buffy late in arriving at the Bronze, the Dingoes well into their first set when she burst through the door practically running.

Angel had been casually watching the crowd for her while they performed, but didn’t see her until she had already sat down next to Willow. Her presence seemed to give him additional energy, and the Dingoes played one of their best sets ever.

Just as Angel was about to make his way over to Buffy, a dark haired man in a suit stepped in front of him. He introduced himself as Wesley Wyndam-Price from Liberty Records. He liked what he had seen of the band, and wanted to represent them. Could they meet with him now?

Oz told the girls what was going on, while Angel retrieved Spike and Xander from outside. After Wesley explained what he could do for them, they quickly signed the necessary paperwork. Shaking their hands, Wesley said he would be in touch with them in the next few days to discuss next steps, including getting their first demo album cut.

Jubilantly, the band took the stage after their break – their performance proving to Wesley that they had the talent to be a major act. Afterwards, they bought several bottles of champagne and planned an impromptu party at the house to celebrate.

Spike invited everyone from the Bronze, so when Buffy and Angel arrived at the house it was already a wild party in full swing. The guys in the band celebrated by passing around a champagne bottle. When it reached Buffy and Willow, they each hesitantly took a sip. When the discussion turned to loud joking debate about the benefits and perks of the rock star lifestyle – particularly those of the female kind – Buffy and Willow rolled their eyes and took a seat on the couch to chat. Within a few minutes, Spike joined them with another bottle of champagne.

“You lovely ladies shouldn’t be sitting here alone. At least not without a little bubbly.” He popped the cork off the bottle and handed it to Willow. “Here you go, red.”

Willow shook her head, declining. “I don’t really like it.”

“That’s the problem. You haven’t had enough. Champagne is an acquired taste – you don’t learn to like it by only a tiny sip.” Eventually Spike persuaded the two girls to have a great deal more of the bubbly liquid.

The champagne made Buffy’s head spin, but it wasn’t unpleasant. She watched Angel, studying his profile. It seemed to her that she could feel every nerve in her body acutely. Her fingertips were tingling, her pulse racing. As Angel laughed, Buffy moistened her lips with her tongue, feeling an incredible hunger to taste his skin, to run her tongue along his neck and down his chest. And lower, a devil inside her suggested. Buffy shifted on the couch, feeling incredibly warm.

“Angel. You may want to check on your little fluffy. She knocked back a bottle of champagne.” Spike stood next to Angel and grinned, turning to Oz. “Red too.”

Angel turned surprised eyes to the couch where Buffy and Willow sat, now giggling happily. When he leaned down to talk to her, she cupped his cheek with her palm and ran her thumb firmly across his lips, grinning. “Hi.”

Buffy giggled again as Angel pulled her to her feet. Willow had managed to pull Oz to the couch and was climbing happily into his lap.

“Let’s get you some fresh air.” Just as Angel tugged her forward, the music that had been playing loudly changed to a sensual Lenny Kravitz tune.

“Oooh. I love this song. Dance with me?” Buffy smiled widely, her hands resting on his waist. Feeling completely uninhibited, she didn’t care that no one else was dancing. All her attention was focused on Angel and the music.

Slowly she began to move in front of him, rotating her hips and lifting her arms. Her golden hair fell down her back as she tilted her head back to look up at him. As she raised her arms over her head, her breasts lifted, drawing Angel’s attention as they strained against the neckline of her top.

Her eyes were half-closed as she continued to undulate in front of him, inching closer with each movement. Her breasts rose and fell as her hips moved toward him.

She turned away from him, her hips still moving in slow, sexy circles to the music. Reaching up once more, she circled his neck with her arms and stepped back, pushing her bottom into his groin.

Angel stood motionless unable to break the spell of desire and fascination she so easily wove around him. She lowered her arms, tracing the outline of her body slowly before turning back to face him again.

Tentatively, he reached a hand out to touch her hip. Buffy dropped her head back and smiled at him, a seductive, inviting smile.

Suddenly, one powerful hand swept her to him, circling her waist and pulling her into his body. Angel hesitated only a moment, watching her face. Buffy was staring at his lips as her arms slid around his neck and into his hair.

When his lips met hers, his eyes closed. He ran his tongue along her lips before delving deep inside.

“Man, Angel sure knows how to pick ’em. I’d love to have those moves on the mattress beneath me.” Xander and Spike had been watching the couple attentively since Buffy had begun her dance.

“Something tells me you’ll have a wait awhile for this one, mate.” Spike, who had known Angel the longest, recognized something unique in Angel’s attitude toward Buffy.

“Yeah? Well, even with an ass like that I’ll give her another two weeks tops before Angel loses interest.” Xander was ever the cynic about women, having seen too many that were simply interested in saying there were with guys in the band.

“Think so, do you? Well, it’s been two bloody months and I don’t think the poof has even nailed her yet. So, I say little fluffy is going to be around awhile.” Spike lit a cigarette and looked back at the couple.

“You’re kidding me! She has to be puttin’ out man, otherwise Angel would have already put her out like last nights trash. Which of course, I’d be right there to recycle… And hey – if she’s managed to stick around this long, I’d have to say she’s got to have some incredible moves in the sack.” Xander leered, glancing at Spike. “That, or maybe she’s one of those women that can suck a bowling ball through a straw.”

Spike regarded Xander carefully, sensing an opportunity to make some easy money. “All right mate. One hundred bucks says he hasn’t got in her pants, another hundred bucks says she’ll be around at least until Christmas, I’m actually willing to say even longer.”

Xander, stupidly assured that no man would stay with a woman for reasons other than sex, grinned and nodded. “You’re on.”

Completely unaware and uncaring of any watchful eyes, Angel kissed her with incredible tenderness, his lips moving softly over hers. Buffy felt ridiculously weak. She wanted him to keep kissing her. Even the tangy taste of the champagne on his breath was enticing.

Angel knew that he could have her, that she would willingly go upstairs with him. But this was not how he wanted their first time together to be. If they made love now, she could easily regret it later.

Buffy looked up at him in surprise as he broke off their kiss. His lips brushed her forehead and he smiled. “It’s late. You need to get home.”

“Noooo. Kiss me.” Buffy whined, attempting to kiss him again. “Besides, I’m staying at Willows.”

“In a minute sweetheart. Let me get Oz.” Angel deferred but kept Buffy close with a tight grip on her hand until he and Oz managed to get the two inebriated girls home.

* * * * *

As the sun streamed into the room Buffy opened her eyes slowly, looking over at Willow who was sleeping next to her. She groaned as last night came back in a flash and put her hand to her temples to stop the throbbing. She should never have drunk that much champagne.

Willow stirred, yawning and sitting up. “If champagne is an acquired taste, I think I acquired a little too much.”

Buffy laughed then moaned, the motion increasing the throbbing in her head. Vague memories of the previous night nagged at her. She remembered pleading with Angel to kiss her when they had arrived at Willows. “I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much last night.”

“You mean that sexy dance you did with Angel?” Willow smiled slightly, leaning back against the headboard of the bed.

“Yeah. That and begging him to kiss me.” Buffy’s eyes widened with horror at the memory. “Oh, God, what must Angel be thinking?”

“Well, I’m thinking that he’s thinking about you. A lot. A *whole* lot actually.”

“Ooh. I wonder if I’ll be able to live this one down…” Buffy rolled out of the bed.

Willow teased, “I’m thinking no, you won’t.”

* * * * *

The holidays sped by, Angel spending Christmas with his uncle and Buffy sharing time between Sunnydale and LA. Angel gave her a gold charm bracelet for Christmas, and she gave him some CD’s that she knew he didn’t have but would like.

Joyce and Ethan had decided to go to Tahoe for New Years Eve, and Hank Summers was spending the holiday in Las Vegas, so Buffy was left home alone – much to her satisfaction. She and Angel, along with Willow and Oz were all going out. At the last minute, they were going to be joined by two other couples – Dru and Spike had reconciled a few days ago, shortly after she heard that the Dingoes potentially had a record contract. Similarly, Cordelia had decided that Xander was a great catch – and so had been hanging around him constantly.

Xander grudgingly paid Spike the $200 that they had bet earlier in the year on Angel and Buffy, although Xander argued that Angel’s “none of your business” could easily be taken either way – maybe he had slept with her or maybe he hadn’t. Spike, true to form however, teased Angel relentlessly about being pussy-whipped – especially pathetic since he wasn’t even getting any. Angel’s response was to tell Dru that Spike had developed a keen interest in being dominated, that he complained endlessly that she was much too lenient with him. Dru, being the consummate dominatrix, assumed her role appropriately much to Spike’s dismay. His ass burned for a week from her flogging after their last sex session.

Angel had called earlier in the day to tell her that they had heard from Liberty Records. Wesley was arranging studio time for them so they’d probably need to go to LA soon – for 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how long it took to lay down the tracks. Buffy was excited for him, but disappointed too. She knew she was falling hard for Angel and would miss him when he left.

When Angel arrived to pick her up, Buffy shouted for him to come in but to wait for her downstairs. When she descended the stairs, he stood, his gaze sweeping over her, stopping at her sandal clad feet before pausing briefly and traveling back up her body. The black silk dress clung flatteringly to each curve, the v-neck dipping low to accentuate the swell of her breasts, the tiny spaghetti straps resting delicately on her shoulders. Her hair was piled on her head, two small dragonfly barrettes the only jewelry that she wore. The pale pink pashmina wrap she carried framed her perfectly.

She smiled as she turned in a circle, showing off the low cut back of the dress. “You like?”

“Very much.” His lips curved into a smile as he stepped forward.

“You look pretty amazing yourself, mister.” Buffy stepped closer, placing her hand on his chest. She had been equally impressed with Angel’s attire. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt topped off with a black leather blazer.

His eyes traced her face, stopping on her lips as he leaned forward. Gripping the lapels of his jacket, Buffy arched closer and lifted her lips for a kiss. When his lips met hers, it was a kiss of pure pleasure and warmth. And to which anyone watching, would have added ‘love’. How long they spent in that soul-searching kiss neither could have said. The ringing of the phone startled them apart, Willow’s voice on the answering machine reminding them that they needed to go.

Buffy and Angel spent most of the time dancing together or cuddling at the Bronze’s New Year’s Eve party. Occasionally they were interrupted by fans who recognized one or more of the Dingoes band members, but everyone still had a great time. At midnight, Buffy and Angel exchanged the customary kiss – only theirs went on for long minutes past midnight, subjecting them to the teasing and ribald comments of their friends.

Darla watched the couple with considerable interest. Having recently returned to Sunnydale as a wealthy divorcee, she had all the material goods she had long desired. And now, hearing about Angel’s and the Dingoes success – or potential of – she was even more interested in her former lover.

If asked, only a few of their friends would recall that Darla and Angel had dated for almost a year when they were both in high school. She had been a senior, he a sophomore when they met. She had been instantly enamored of the dark haired young man, but was disappointed to find out that he wasn’t wealthy or even from a prominent Sunnydale family. However, he had been an excellent lover, eager to please and with amazing stamina. But Darla had ambitions. She knew she was beautiful, but she wanted to be rich and preferably famous.

Angel had broken it off with her before her graduation when he found out that she had been less than faithful. Darla was furious but unable to change his mind. She never forgot Angel, even when she married Stan a scant few weeks later. Stan was 22 years her senior, but was extremely wealthy. He had enjoyed having the young trophy wife, until he found out that she had been screwing his business partner, his lawyer, his accountant, his gardener and his son (who was only a few years older than Darla herself). He threw her out, but still had to give her a hefty amount of money in the divorce settlement.

Now that she was back in Sunnydale, surely she could rekindle Angel’s affections. Her wealth had afforded her a few cosmetic improvements that she was sure he would appreciate; now it was just a matter making contact. If he became famous as the lead singer of the Dingoes, well, that was like having your cake and eating it too. The idea of living such a lifestyle was enormously appealing.

Darla was also a realist. She knew that Angel would always have women flaunting themselves at him with offers that he would find difficult to refuse, if he refused them at all. She was prepared to overlook that, if he could be discreet.

Angel was unprepared for her when she stepped in his path on the way to the restroom. He was even more surprised when he recognized her.

“Darla.” His voice was flat, without welcome.

“Darling. It’s great to see you. You’re looking…” Her eyes scanned him in what she hoped was a seductive manner. “Incredible. But then, I expected as much. Actually, I was hoping to find you here. I thought maybe we could go somewhere, just you and me. We could relive old times, get reacquainted and make a few new memories.” The lift of her brows, the glint in her eye left no doubt what she offered.

At one time Angel might have been tempted, but there had been too many women between then and now. He was no longer the easily influenced youth he had once been. Not to mention, Darla’s artificial façade held little attraction for him.

“No.” He attempted to step past her, feeling no need to converse with her further.

“She’s young.” Darla stepped in his way, “Under 18, I would guess.”

Angel paused and looked at her questioningly, his brows lifted slightly.

“I only say this, darling,” Inching closer, Darla ran her fingers along his lapel. “Because I would hate to see you in trouble just when you’re career is about to take off.”

“Then you can mind your own business.” Angel wanted nothing to do with Darla, his memories of her as a conniving, manipulative woman unchanged even after 8 years.


“Let me make this plain. I want nothing to do with you. Don’t call. Don’t come by. Don’t follow me. And don’t bother to contact any of my friends or my family. Do you need me to make it any clearer?” Angel was calm, but assured of what he wanted.

“No.” Darla pouted, seeing clearly that she perhaps would not get her way. At least not tonight.

“Good.” Angel simply walked off, Darla forgotten within minutes.

* * * * *

It was just after one in the morning when they got back to Buffy’s house, Angel following her inside. The house was dark and quiet, the intimate atmosphere giving Buffy an expectant pleasure.

She was in his arms before he realized her intention. Eyes wide, she looked up at him and parted her lips. The invitation was clear and Angel was not about to refuse. Lowering his head, his lips met hers. Buffy could feel the heat of his hands through the thin silk as he slid his palms over her hips to her bottom and pulled her firmly against him. Slowly her arms slid up his shoulders to wrap around his neck, pressing her breasts into his chest as she felt the hard ridge of his arousal against her stomach. Her wrap slid carelessly to the floor.

Without breaking off their kiss, he lifted her in his arms. When they reached her room, Angel gently lowered her to the bed. At his momentary hesitation, she extended her arms reaching for him.

He shrugged off his coat and joined her on the bed, carefully lowering his weight slightly over her. When his lips met hers in a searing open-mouthed kiss, Buffy curled her tongue around his, teasing. She clutched his shoulders, pulling him closer. She loved the feel of his hard body pressed close to hers, his size and strength a powerful aphrodisiac. Running her hands down chest, she began unbuttoning his shirt. As she licked a wet path down the exposed chest, Angel took a deep breath, attempting to exercise some control over the fire she was so easily fanning. Pressing his palms to hers, he closed his fingers around hers and forced her hands back on the bed on either side of her head.

Buffy wiggled against him as she attempted to free herself from his grip, creating yet another surge of lust through his body. Ravenously he kissed her, seeking fulfillment while at the same time desperately trying to retain control. Shifting slightly, he changed the angle of their kiss, his tongue deeply probing her mouth.

Trapped beneath his heavy weight, Buffy continued to arch and squirm, urgently attempting to press closer wanting to feel the solidness of his chest against her tingling breasts. She broke away from his kiss, panting heavily.

“Touch you.” Her words came out as a breathy whimper as she struggled once more to free her hands. One thigh slid along his, provocatively stroking the part of his anatomy he was desperately trying to ignore. At her touch, his breath caught and held. He captured her lips once again with his and released her hands. With one hand, she gripped his bicep her fingers digging in to the hard muscle. Her other arm hooked around his neck, holding him close. Everywhere she touched him, she felt the heat.

As his mouth moved down her neck, his hand dropped to her breast. His touch was excruciatingly light and she desperately wanted more. His hand tightened, cupping the weight of her breast in his palm. She sighed, dropping her head back and arching into his hand. When his fingers toyed with her nipple through the silk, she gasped squeezing her legs together, becoming more aware of the growing ache between them.

She almost moaned in disappointment when his hand left her breast, then she felt him slid the strap of her dress down her arm. The fabric caught on the hardened tip of her nipple as he drew it down, scraping across it teasingly. As he slid the other strap down and bared her breasts to his gaze, she felt a rush of pure excitement. She wanted him, needed him to quell the ache inside her.

His eyes met hers briefly before she closed hers as he lowered his head to her chest.
He planted wet, hot kisses around her aureole before sucking her nipple into his mouth. When he suckled, she tensed and all her thoughts drifted away. Desire hummed through her body, the hot wetness of his mouth promising pleasure beyond her imagination.

Angel teased and tortured one hardened peak until she cried out softly, then shifted to pay the same attention to the other breast. When his hand skimmed down the curve of her hip to her thigh, her breath caught and held. In one smooth motion, he pulled her skirt up to her waist and slid his hand along her bare thigh. The air felt cool on her fevered flesh.

With an almost frantic gesture, Buffy tugged his shirt out of his pants and pushed it off, tearing off the two bottom buttons in the process. She ached to feel his bare flesh against her, she wanted something – just what she wasn’t sure – she only knew instinctively that it could be found in the hard body pressed close to her.

Lifting his head, his gaze roamed over her taking in the bare, swollen and wet dark pink nipples, the firm abdomen covered slightly by the strip of her dress bunched at her waist, and the tiny black lace panties.

“You’re beautiful.” He murmured as his lips returned to hers once more, his tongue probing in a relentless rhythm. Her stomach tensed as his fingertips skimmed the bare flesh just above her panties. Lightly pressing her legs apart, his fingers once more brushed against her, stroking her through the slippery material. Gradually firming, he increased the pressure of his hand stroking between her legs. He could feel the wetness soaking her panties, evidence of her desire for him.

When Buffy was panting heavily, the first shock of his touch between her legs past, he pulled her panties down her legs and off. Returning his hand to caress the wet folds between her legs, opening them to his questing fingers. Buffy whimpered and shifted restlessly, her lips clinging to his, her hand gripped his shoulder firmly.

When he circled the sensitive nub of her clit, pressing firmly she moaned. She was consumed with a mind-numbing want, shocking waves of pleasure coursing through her. She eased her legs further apart and pressed her hips toward his hand.

“Easy, baby.” He slowed her, his knowing fingers continued to explore her, deliberately drawing out the pleasure. As one long finger slid insider her, she moaned and bucked her hips seeking a surcease of the ache that was building. He stroked, continuing to fuel the fire. She had not imagined the incredible pleasure that his touch would bring her. She moved against him, arching and urging him on.

Once more he returned his lips to her breast, taking a nipple in his mouth. He circled it with his tongue, playing with the stiff pebble before sucking hard.

Between her thighs his finger slid deeper still, encountering the virgin barrier and giving him pause. Every instinct he possessed urged him on, to sink into her and claim her for his own. Watching her and hearing her soft sighs, he was filled with the inexplicable need for ownership. Perhaps one needed a virgin to feel this possessiveness, this need he mused briefly before his thoughts were once again focused on the very hot woman beneath him.

Nearly frantic, Buffy reached for him, running her hand across the ridge of his arousal pressing firmly against his pants. When she reached for the button, tugging it free Angel jerked back. Suddenly Angel realized that he didn’t have any condoms. He had thought about it before he left, but simply did not slip one in his pocket. And, quite honestly, his usual bedmates were typically more sophisticated about such matters. His mind rejected the idea that his little virgin would have them. While he certainly wanted – more than wanted – to make love with Buffy, he didn’t want to put her at risk with pregnancy. And he did not want to count on having the control to pull out on time, which, granted was not 100% effective.

Needing some distance between them, he pushed away and stood up, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t you- Um. Do you want-” Buffy stammered, nervous that she had done something wrong. Did she not kiss right? Was she too eager? She knew that she didn’t have much experience – perhaps Angel wanted someone who knew more. She shivered, feeling the cool air on her skin where his heat had previously been.

“Yes. Buffy. Yes, I want you. More than anything.” Angel stepped back to the bed, his lips descending on hers once more in a hungry plundering kiss. His tongue caressed hers then settled into an intimate probing rhythm. Never before had she felt like this. Her senses were whirling, driving an uncontrollable impulse to give herself to him. To still the ache that was now burning between her legs. How long he kissed her, Buffy could only guess. When he finally lifted his head, she had lost touch with the world. But there was no doubt in her mind that he wanted her.

“But not tonight. I- I don’t have anything. Any protection.” Dropping a kiss on her lips, Angel once again sat down but away from her.

Buffy stared at him questioningly, his meaning unclear. Suddenly realization dawned and her eyes widened. Oh. Condoms. No condoms.

“But if you don’t come in-” Buffy blushed, unable to finish.

“Sweetheart, when I make love to you I want to do it right. Completely. Multiple times.” His voice husky with passion, he stared back at her.

“Please, Angel. I want you…” She pleaded with him, her eyes hot and wanting. She reached for him, her hand sliding up his forearm. He watched her small hand for a moment, his mind rapidly sorting through options. Buffy sensed his indecision; she could feel his muscles tensing under her hand. “What if- just once? I don’t think anything would happen.” Buffy wanted him more than she thought possible; she was willing to take the risk.

He sighed and reached for her, pulling her close. His lips nuzzled her ear, lightly tonguing the delicate lobe. “Trust me, ok?”

Buffy swallowed and licked her lips, wondering what he was going to do. Nipping softly at her throat, he sucked the delicate flesh between his teeth.

When his lips reached her breasts, Buffy dropped back over his arm. Her fingers slid into his hair, feeling the soft, thick mass. His hand slid up her thigh and rested on her abdomen.

“Open your legs baby.” At the whispered command, she sighed and spread her legs slightly.

Angel slid his hand between her legs, touching her softly. As his thumb pressed her clit, he slipped one finger inside her. As his hand moved slowly, then with gradually increasing speed and pressure, sensation crashed over her. When he bit down sharply on her neck, wildfire raced through her, contracting every muscle. Minutes later the spark that had been ignited within her exploded. He felt her tighten around his fingers as she climaxed. Panting heavily and collapsing back on the bed, Buffy sighed, sated. She felt a pleasure more intense than anything else she had ever experienced. Lightly, Angel kissed her lips, then her temple as his hand caressed her hip lightly, soothing.

As Buffy stirred drowsily, she determined that she wanted to give Angel the same intense pleasure that he had just offered her.

“Can I touch you? I mean, you didn’t-” She searched his face hesitantly, uncertain as to his reaction. When he didn’t reply immediately, she placed her hand on his stomach. His muscles tensed and jumped under her hand, his skin warm to her touch. Pressing him back down on the bed, she kneeled next to him unconcerned with her own nudity. Slowly she reached for his zipper, tugging it down.

She glanced up quickly at his face before reaching into his pants and caressing his erection through the soft silk of his boxers. Growing bolder, she tugged his pants and boxers down his thighs.

Buffy’s eyes widened in surprise at the first sight of his cock, the first naked man she had ever seen (other than a few pictures). She swallowed hard as she stared, glad that they had waited, that he had not tried to put that inside her, knowing that there was no way that it would ever fit. Her hands explored his chest once again, exploring him impatiently and slowly building her confidence. Finally she reached lower touching his penis. It jerked at her first touch and she smiled, looking up at Angel’s face. He stared at her with an almost pained expression, his eyes glazed and jaw clenched. Curling her fingers around him, she tentatively began to stroke up and down. She marveled at the velvety softness, the silky smoothness that encompassed such an incredible hardness. She licked her lips, wondering if she dared to taste him.

Groaning, Angel closed his hand over hers. “Like this, baby.” Gripping tightly, he guided her hand up and down stroking him. Eagerly she followed his led, learning what he liked. Gritting his teeth, Angel groaned. His erection was so hard it was almost painful. As Buffy continued to stroke, his arousal swelled. Suddenly he came, an arc spurting toward her and landing on her stomach, most of the rest landing on his.

Angel relaxed back on the bed, his eyes closed. Tentatively Buffy dabbed at the white fluid on her stomach and lifted it to her lips. Her tongue darted out and she tasted it, watching him under her lashes.

“Mmm.” Buffy wrinkled her nose at the salty taste, deciding that it was not at all unpleasant.

Angel’s eyes opened at the soft sound and he watched her as she licked more of the milky fluid off her fingers. He groaned and his cock stirred. Moving quickly, he pulled up his pants, knowing that it was a really bad idea to continue this. The little bit of control that he had left was fast eroding. He would have to make love to her or leave.

Angel wrapped Buffy in her robe, kissed her several more times and promised to call her first thing in the morning. She wanted him to stay over, but he refused, knowing it was more than he could stand in one night. On his way out he made a mental note to himself however, to keep condoms in all his pockets and his car. Maybe he’d even give some to Buffy to keep in her purse… His thoughts abruptly shifted, not sure he liked that idea.

* * * * *

Buffy waited impatiently until 9 am the next morning before dialing Willow’s number.

“Willow, it’s Buffy. Can you talk for a minute?” Buffy waited while Willow picked up the extension in her room.

“What do you and Oz do for birth control?” Buffy listened attentively and took down a few notes, including the number for the local planned parenthood.

“Yes. We are. I mean, we would’ve last night but-” Buffy paused when Willow interrupted her excitedly.

“No. I’m serious. He really didn’t have any.” Buffy laughed at Willow, who was finding it unbelievable that Angel would not have carried condoms.

The two talked for a while longer, making plans to get together later in the week when she got back from LA. Angel called shortly after and they had talked until he had to go to practice and she had to get ready to go to her dad’s in LA.