Unwanted Passions, Chapter 4

Author’s Notes: Set during BtVS season 2.

Warning: Reminder – for mature audiences only. Adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. This is Angelus people, he’s not very nice.

Rating: Very much Adult; explicit sex, rape, coercion, blood play.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/Aus, includes W/S

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Originally posted: Jun 11, 2002

Buffy blinked and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, surprised to see Angel’s tattoo straight in front of her. She shifted slightly then groaned at the dull pain in her behind, reminding her clearly of the events of last night. When she reached back to rub her abused posterior, the chain around her wrists rattled. Her hands were still cuffed and now her wrists felt chafed.

Glancing around the room, she spied a door that appeared to be a bathroom, which consequently reminded her that a call of nature was in order. The only problem was that she would have to climb over Angelus, who appeared to be still sleeping heavily, to get there. Holding her breath, Buffy rolled slowly out from under the sheets then paused. Angelus remained unmoving. With deliberate movements, Buffy inched her way out of the bed.

She had only just slid off the bed when she heard his voice over her shoulder. “Come here, Buff.”

Buffy closed her eyes and brushed her hair away from her face before turning to confront him. What now?

Still lying on the bed, Angelus picked his pants up from the floor and was fishing through the pockets. She stood next to the bed and waited.

Without a word, he used the key he retrieved from his pants to unlock the cuffs from her wrists, dropping them on the table next to the bed. She looked away quickly, spying the other “objects” that he had brought which were next to the cuffs. She resented the perverse thrill that shot through her at the sight of the sex toys.

Angelus rubbed her wrists and lifted them for his inspection. After seeing that she wasn’t significantly harmed, he grunted softly and released her wrists, lying back on the bed.

Buffy wondered for a moment if she could leave. Glancing around, she spotted her skirt and the remnants of her shirt. When she turned to pick them up, he spoke again.

“If you try to run Buff, I’ll make the beating I gave you last night feel like a love tap. I suggest you take care of your business and get your ass back in this bed.” Buffy chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully, debating her options. Her eyes skipped back to Angelus who lay on the bed apparently unconcerned that she would disobey, eyes closed. Her heart constricted at the sight, her body unable to distinguish him from Angel. She sighed, turning toward the door.

In the bathroom, Buffy found a basket full of expensive cosmetics and other toiletries, along with her favorite soaps, shampoo and even a toothbrush, conveniently placed in a stand next to his still damp one. She took a quick shower and brushed her teeth before returning hesitantly back to the bedroom. As much as she might want to, there was just something about blatantly returning nude to him in bed that her mind rejected.

Angelus however, was tired of waiting. The second she stepped into the room she found herself scooped up and tossed back on the bed, the force of the landing knocking the air from her lungs. Seconds later his hard body was pressing her into the bed, his face scant inches from hers.

“Mmm. You smell nice, lover.” Angelus licked his lips, eyeing her as if she were a juicy treat. Running his tongue wetly along her throat to her cheek, he paused by her ear. “How’s you little ass this morning, Buff? Sore?”

“Yes. What did you expect?” Buffy hissed as she struggled under him, unable to dislodge his heavy weight.

“Oh yeah. Wiggle just like that, baby.” Angelus grinned. He was enjoying the feel of Buffy’s breasts against his chest, the hardening tips brushing rubbing against him as she squirmed. He leaned up on one elbow then lowered his hand to her breasts, his palm running over her. Her nipples firmed even more so to his touch, the smirk on his face clearly letting her know that he was aware of her body’s response to him.

“You love it when I play with your tits, don’t you?” He pinched her nipple, his eyes locked on the pink crest between his fingers. As he squeezed harder, she winced slightly. Her hands pressed weakly against his shoulders.

“You know I own you Buff. You’re my little toy for as long as I want you. Now put your hands above your head and keep them there. If you can’t or won’t, then I’ll put your cuffs back on and tie you there – after I spank your ass. Although, now that I think about it, you seemed to enjoy that…”

Buffy studied his face for moment before placing her hands above her head on the pillows. The position lifted her breasts, pushing them firmly into his hands. He smiled wickedly and tightened his grip on her nipples, pinching hard.

“My little clamps look great on these, don’t you think?” Angelus reached over to the table near the bed and held up the clamps for her view. Buffy grimaced slightly, but felt a frisson of heat that went straight between her legs.

Leaning down, Angelus sucked a nipple into his mouth. He tongued the tight bud roughly then sucked it hard through his teeth. He pulled back slightly, stretching her flesh before releasing the nipple with a wet sucking sound. Lowering his mouth once more, he chewed and sucked on the rosy tip leaving it wet and hard. When he was satisfied that it was sufficiently engorged, he slowly attached the clamp. Buffy let out a deep breath at the crushing pressure as Angelus shifted his attention to the other breast, treating it much the same.

“God, these look good on you Buff.” Angelus studied her chest, the pressure of the clamps making her nipples an angry red. Flicking one with his fingertip, he enjoyed her soft hiss of pain as she sucked in her breath. He tugged on the chain, pulling at her nipples and ensuring that it wouldn’t slip off. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he squeezed the plump flesh, lifting and kneading them, further confusing Buffy’s senses with the combined sensations of pleasure and pain.

Moving down her body, his head propped up on one elbow he stared down at her at flat stomach. His eyes roved across her body taking in her outstretched hands, her closed eyes, the taut nipples imprisoned in the tight clamps, the nearly bare vee between her legs. Her legs shifted on the bed as if she felt the heat of his gaze between her legs.

Buffy’s stomach tightened and she flinched when his hand brushed her stomach. He could smell the beginnings of her arousal and knew that she despised it. He also knew by her submissive position, that she wanted it. That she wanted him. He chuckled.

“You’re wet, I can smell you.” At his words, Buffy moaned so softly he almost did not hear her. Angelus reached between her legs and probed the slick flesh. Easily he slid two fingers inside her stroking several times before shifting up to tease her clit. Her legs parted further as he rubbed her clit, gripping it between his fingers and squeezing. He took his time, exploring her wet folds and thrusting his fingers inside her. When he removed them, they were drenched with her wetness.

“Lick them.” Angelus pressed his sticky fingers to her lips, smiled slightly when she hesitantly opened her mouth. His cock grew harder at the sight of Buffy sucking on his fingers and he knew he’d have to have her lips around him soon.

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and sucked on them himself, tasting the faintest bit of her. Crawling back up her body, he pressed his lips to hers forcing her mouth wide as his tongue pushed deep into her throat. Her kissed her repeatedly, his lips relentless, hard and demanding. When she responded by curling her tongue around his, he growled deep in his chest.

Once more he tugged at the chain between her nipples, exerting pressure on them until she let out a soft moan.

“Up Buff.” Angelus moved to the edge of the bed and spread his legs. He motioned for her to kneel in front of him.

Buffy rolled off the bed, and stood next to him. As she started to kneel, he changed his mind.

“No. Wait. Go stand over there.” When Buffy reached the other side of the room, she turned back to face him. “Now on your knees. Crawl over here.”

His hand slowly stroked his hard cock up and down as he watched her face, hoping that she would resist. Buffy in turn, studied him. She was now onto his little game. If she resisted, he’d use that as an excuse to punish her. Not that he needed an excuse, but it gave him some sort of thrill. If she obeyed passively, then there was a chance he’d get bored. If he was bored, maybe he’d let her go.

She lowered her face so that he could not see her pique, then dropped to the floor and crawled toward him. His cock hardened even more at the site, her breasts swaying as she crawled, the chain hanging between her nipples swinging. Despite her submissive position, he could see the resentment in her eyes as she looked up at him. Perfect. He didn’t want her passive and mewling.

“Now, lover. You know how to do this.” Buffy came to her knees and reached out to take his erection in her hand. He guided it to her lips, watching as she kissed the tip and licked a wet circle around the head before taking it into her mouth. His hand moved to the back of her head, directing her movements. Angelus growled softly, deep in his chest as she sucked. She opened her eyes at the sound, hazel eyes meeting gold as she looked up at him. His tongue licked across his fangs at the sight of her naked between his legs, on her knees, thighs parted slightly for balance.

“That’s it, suck me.” Buffy redoubled her efforts, sucking hard as she stroked with her hand. Her other hand reached between his legs to fondle his balls. As she caressed the heavy spheres, a fleeting thought of wrenching them tightly in her hand crossed her mind. She could have him on his knees in an instant.

As if he could read her mind, Angelus pulled her hair and forcefully pushed his erection hard into the back of her throat. “Don’t even think about it Buff.” Holding her head, he fucked in and out of her mouth as if to punish her for her thoughts. Within minutes, he was coming. Buffy swallowed rapidly, trying not to choke as he ejaculated in her mouth. When he released her, she sat back on her heels breathing hard.

Angelus stared down at her, his semi-hard cock stirring at the sight of her wet lips, the chain still suspended from her breasts. He was so hot for her that he was beginning to think he was going to fuck himself to death before he could exorcise her out of his system.

“Come here, lover.” Angelus crooked a finger, gesturing for her to move forward. Rising up on her knees she inched forward, then stood. He reached out, releasing the clamps from her nipples, his face returning to his human visage as he stared at her. Buffy released a soft breath, the pain intense for a few minutes as the blood flowed back to the constricted flesh. Angelus massaged the sore peaks gently with cool fingers, before tweaking them hard. He pulled on them with increasing pressure as she gasped. Finally he took first one, then the other nipple into his mouth soothing them with wet licks before lifting his head and leaving them glistening wetly.

“On the bed. On your knees.” Angelus stirred, reaching for another object off the small table.

Buffy nervously wondered what he had planned, hoping that it wasn’t another beating. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to sit comfortably for the next few days as it was.

As she kneeled on the bed, he ran his hand over her bottom caressing it lightly and examining the few faint bruises. She shuddered when his hand brushed between her legs. He played with her clit, rubbing it firmly before exploring the slippery folds. When her hips began to slowly rotate in response to his caresses, he slowed. He smiled at the small whimper of frustration.

“What do you want Buff? Do you want to come?” His hand continued to stroke her, pushing her toward orgasm. “You have to tell me.”

“Yes. Yes, I want to-” Buffy exhaled, the words coming out in a rush. She had not wanted to plead with him, but his hands were such magic…

“Hm. First I think I’ll see if I can make you wetter.” Angelus fingers skimmed between Buffy’s bottom cheeks, pressing at her puckered hole. She stiffened, suddenly knowing what he had in mind.

“Nooo…” Buffy whined softly, yet did not attempt to pull away.

“Just relax, lover. You’ll like this.” Angelus poured lube on the object in his hand. When Buffy felt the cool liquid run between her cheeks, she jerked in surprise.

“Easy, baby.” Running his hand over her behind, he soothed her gently. She tensed again as the plastic plug pressed and began to penetrate her behind. Angelus waited for her to relax, the pressed firmly guiding it into her.

“It’s too big…” Buffy groaned as the widest part of the plug stretched her slowly before disappearing inside her.

“Yeah? Well, my cock’s a lot bigger and it’s gonna fit in there…” Angelus smirked but gritted his teeth. He was so hard, he ached. Once again he was struck by his lack of control where Buffy was concerned. With any other woman, he would never have been in such a rut. He stood up abruptly, slapping her on the behind and stepping back from the bed, hoping that distance would give him the control he desired.

Buffy closed her eyes at his harsh words even as she felt the heat streak through her body. She was stretched tautly, the thickness of the object filling her and stimulating her nerves. She knew it was madness to want him so desperately, yet she couldn’t stop. She was powerless against her lust for him. She glanced at him over her shoulder, feeling the shift of the bed without his weight. At the sight of her eyes, glazed with passion, he moved back to the bed.

“Don’t let my little toy come out now.” Angelus reached between her legs, causing Buffy to jump at the sudden unexpected touch. Pressing firmly on the object, he ensured that it was held in place by her tight muscles. He massaged her clit lightly, moistening it with the wetness that was flowing profusely between her legs. After a few minutes, Angelus lay back on the bed and slid under Buffy between her spread legs.

With his hands on her bottom, he pressed her down toward his mouth spreading her thighs wider. At the first touch of his mouth on her swollen nether lips, Buffy cried out softly. As he licked and ate her, Buffy ground her hips against him, craving release. She came hard, crying out his name when his lips seized her clit sucking powerfully, his hand slowly rotating the plug in her ass.

Refusing to release her, Angelus nibbled further at her sensitive flesh, once more driving her toward orgasm. He began moving the plug slowly in and out, as his lips explored her, sucking and licking her highly stimulated flesh. Buffy was too absorbed with the dizzying sensations, the pulsing unfulfilled ache to care what he did to her just as long as he didn’t stop…

She was shaking, having come a seemingly endless number of times before he deemed that she had enough and that he hadn’t. When he flipped her over on to her back, the plug was pushed deeper into her ass startling her with the momentary added pressure and fullness. He climbed on top of her and plunged inside, his jaw clenching at the feel of her hot, clenching vagina around his cock. Leaning over her, Angelus once more caressed her nipples, pinching one and then the other.

“Mmmm.” Buffy gasped and squirmed as he squeezed both nipples firmly between his fingers. “That hurts.” She felt incredibly full, her flesh stretched to capacity in both holes, nerve endings stimulated beyond belief.

“I know, lover.” Angelus felt his features changing once again as the demon inside him took over. He lowered his mouth to hers, tracing his tongue across her lips before probing her mouth aggressively with his tongue. Her tongue twined with his, pushing past his fangs to explore his mouth with equal fervor.

Slowly he began to move, thrusting inside her with increasing force. His powerful rhythm was propelling her across the bed, each thrust harder than the last. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist as she clung to him, arching up to meet each downward stroke. Angelus lowered his mouth to her neck, kissing her wetly before sliding up to her ear where he told her what he was going to do to her in a husky whisper, his words explicit, arousing. She whimpered as he nipped at her neck, scraping the flesh with his sharp fangs.

Reaching down, he hooked his forearms behind her knees. Pausing only a second, he pushed her thighs back toward her shoulders. Her eyes opened, meeting his as he withdrew from her and slid the plastic plug from her ass. He guided his erection to her bottom hole, then pushed forward with slow, deliberate pressure.

Buffy gasped at the tightness, the fullness as he slid steadily up her virgin ass. Her eyes watered and she groaned, the pain increasing. Angelus stopped, then leaned down and sucked at her nipples. With one hand, he petted her slippery pussy, his thumb tracing circles around her clit. When she relaxed, he pushed hard driving his cock the rest of the way inside her. Once again he waited, lowering his mouth to her breasts as she adjusted to the feeling of him inside her.

When he began to move, she whimpered. As he continued to rub her clit she slowly began to push back against him. With gradually increasing strokes he moved as Buffy began to rock in rhythm with him. Spreading her legs wider, she encouraged him on as she adjusted to the feel of him inside her and the pleasure took hold.

“More.” When her husky voice came to him, he almost lost control. “Please… Don’t stop.” She writhed against him, the combined pleasure and pain creating an overwhelming sensation.

With her panting cries echoing through the room and driving him on, he moved roughly. He was without the finesse he had perfected through years of fucking, Buffy an obsession without explanation or equivalent. He pounded feverishly, forcing her, taking her.

Leaning down, he sank his fangs into her breast breaking the skin on either side of her aureole and sucking the nipple deep into his mouth as it filled with her blood. He sucked hard, drinking in the powerful elixir.

When he heard her high keening cry out and felt her contract around him, clenching the two fingers he had slid deep inside her wet hole and tightening her anus around his cock, he responded with a feverish desperation. His orgasm was explosive, shattering, ravaging his mind and jolting his body.

When he could move again, he pulled out of her and rolled away, collapsing on the bed and closing his eyes. “Fuck.” Angelus muttered, his voice rough. He inhaled deeply, sucking in the unneeded air and trying to quell the pulsing shock still radiating through his body.

Buffy lay almost perfectly still on the bed, completely satiated and insensate, the slow rise and fall of her chest the only sign of movement. She didn’t want to think about what she should do or how she should feel. She only wanted to hold on to the searing rapture coursing through her for as long as possible.

Eventually Angelus stirred, running a hot bath. When he attempted to lift Buffy from the bed, she sighed faintly and pushed at his shoulders. “No more…”

He unknowingly smiled as he pulled her into his arms. He sat down in the tub, arranging her in front on him. She lazily relaxed against his chest, not daring to believe his seemingly gentle demeanor.

Angelus closed his eyes, resting his head back against the wall of the tub enjoying the heat of the water, feeling sated for the moment. Angelus wanted Buffy as he never wanted a woman. It was disturbing, she was supposed to be his enemy, but there was no help for it. He wanted what he wanted. She was his, whether she wished it or not.

After their bath, Angelus had dried Buffy off and put her in the bed. When she woke a few hours later, he was gone but there was still warm Chinese food waiting for her. She ate a little, then slept awhile longer stirring briefly when he had returned and climbed in bed with her.

It was now almost noon on Sunday and she was finally awake. She stirred slightly, taking inventory and finding some lingering soreness but no real aches and pains. Turning her head, she studied Angelus sleeping next to her.

His physical beauty was still overwhelming to her, the raw sexuality he exuded affected her on a primal level as if her body could sense it’s mate. She rolled toward him as she contemplated the events since he had returned as Angelus. He obviously still wanted her, and she would be lying if she said that she didn’t want him.

As her eyes drifted down his body, slowing taking in the powerful chest and arms, the lean torso and strong legs, he stirred slightly. When her gaze drifted back to the growing erection between his legs, she lifted her eyes to him in surprise. There was an unmistakable heat, faintly challenging and clearly sexual in the deep mahogany eyes that now stared back at her.

Without breaking eye contact, Buffy moved closer and reached a hand out to brush her fingertips along his arousal. Lightly she circled the crest with the pads of her fingers, gradually increasing the pressure until she wrapped her fingers around him, grasping the hard, rigid length.

Angelus didn’t move, his attention riveted on Buffy. He watched as she slid down the bed, moving between his legs and pressing her lips in small nipping kisses along his thigh.

“Maybe I can make you beg…” Lowering her head to his cock, Buffy began to treat it with slow, measured licks and soft bites. Her eyes trained on his, she offered her own challenge. Would he let her set the pace? Trusting the slayer could be the most dangerous thing a vampire could do, but would he dare?

“Why don’t we see?” He arched one eyebrow as he looked down at her, settling comfortably on the bed. Years of experience giving him confidence that he could, without a doubt, outlast one easily aroused woman.

She sucked him greedily, backing off when she could feel him attempt to take control. Repeatedly she teased him, licking and nibbling at each and every inch. When she had pushed him almost to orgasm, Buffy moved up straddling his thighs. Rising to her knees, she adjusted the head of his cock against her slippery entrance. She waited, “Well?”

“Ride me, Buff.” Without hesitation, without equivocation he voiced his demand. She knew it was as close to begging as she would hear from him – for now.

Slowly she slid down, taking him deeply inside her. She was hot beyond his wildest fantasy, perhaps even insatiable. He smiled at the personal ramifications of that thought.

Angelus was utterly still as he watched her, her breasts bouncing slightly with each movement, tempting him. He experienced a new level of lust, her assertive movements and aggressive stare turning him on more so than he would have ever imagined. Closing his eyes briefly, he reached up to guide her firmly down.

Buffy resisted, removing his hands and pushing them back on the bed. When he smiled slightly and crossed them behind his head, she moved, resuming her slow enticing rhythm, once more refusing to let him force the pace. Running her hands slowly along his chest, she caressed him first with her palms, then with her fingernails. She passed over his nipples lightly, then returned to pinch them between her fingers.

“Maybe I should try your little clamps on you…” She released him then glanced over at the nearby table.

“Or not. They aren’t really my style Buff. But we could get them out if you like…”
Angelus opened his eyes and bucked against her, forcing himself deep inside her.

“Um… You’re no fun.” Buffy pouted sexily, then ran her hands down her own breasts feeling the hard tips. When she noted his avid interest, she continued her caresses, lightly pinching her nipples before tracing her fingertip along the two small puncture wounds near her aureole. “Umm…”

When she leaned down and bit his lip, holding it firmly between her teeth, Angelus growled low in his chest. She slipped her tongue in to his mouth, massaging his wetly. His hands returned and gripped her hips hard as she moved, shoving her downward with ever increasing pressure. She let him, only because it was what she wanted as well. Buffy marveled at the degree of sheer lust he invoked, while Angelus wondered once again if he would ever get her out of his system. She was a bitch with no equal – a worthy mate for him. Roughly his hands caressed her as he braced himself and thrust up to meet her downward movements. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on her movements, awash in intensely carnal urges.

Buffy moved with increasing urgency, frantic now with a desperate physical craving.

“Bite.” Angelus opened his eyes in surprise as the husky whisper. He looked up to see Buffy leaning close, her breast close to his lips. “Bite… please.” She could not explain it, but the piercing sensation of his bite at the moment of orgasm brought her an ecstasy unparalleled.

His face morphing instantly, Angelus slid up in the bed taking Buffy with him. As he leaned back against the headboard, she found her stride once again and continued to thrust her hips down on him. He brushed her hair back over her shoulders as he waited, discerning the level of her arousal until it was near the scintillating peak. At that moment, he sank his fangs into her breast, biting deeply into the plump flesh. Buffy whimpered and bit her lip before releasing a high, delirious scream that provoked him and made him surge hard against her, his own orgasm imminent. Clutching Buffy to him tightly, he drank greedily until the last shudder melted away. He licked softly at the closing wounds as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him to her.

“So, this thing with us… it keeps happening.” Buffy hesitantly began, her fingers absently stroking the short hairs at his nape.

Angelus only grunted in response, still focused on her breast.

“I was thinking, maybe we could work something out…” Buffy was having a hard time concentrating, now that his lips had drifted down to nuzzle her nipple.

Finally Angelus lifted his head. “What? You want some kind of deal to screw me? Always knew you were a little whore, Buff.” He laughed cruelly. “Well? What’s the going rate?”

Buffy angrily pushed his head away and climbed off his lap. “Forget it.” She grabbed her clothing, pulling on the skirt – the only item still wearable.

Angelus stood and grabbed her arm. “Tell me what you were going to say.”

“Why? So you could laugh again? No thanks.” Buffy jerked away, intent on leaving. At every turn her proved to her that he was not Angel, that he was not the man that she had loved.

“Tell me Buff.” Angelus refused to release her arm. He actually felt a momentary remorse at his response to her.

“I was going to say that I would meet you when you wanted, your rules. You just have to stop killing people – and…” Buffy hesitated, unbelieving what she was about to say. “And I get to be in control some of the time.” The last words came out in a rush, as if she had to get them out before she changed her mind.

Angelus slowly smiled, a feral wolfish smile. “So, my little Buff wants to play… Well, well. Lover. You never cease to surprise me.”

Roughly he kissed her, the thought of games they could play rapidly racing through his mind. Angelus, as most vampires, had a definite interest in pain – he just never thought his little Buffy would be interested in reciprocating. Oh, the things he would teach her…

“I’ll bite. Literally.” Angelus smiled again, chuckling to himself at the pun as he glanced down at her neck and breasts covered with faint bite marks. “But don’t expect me to stop feeding.” Serious again, he stared down at her.

“I can’t let you kill people.” Buffy knew she had to draw the line, despite her interest in his lascivious games. She could not, would not let him kill anyone else.

Angelus studied her, knowing that she wasn’t going to back down. “Ok, lover. You win. If you’re worth it then we have a deal. If not, the deals off. If you break your word, the deal’s off. Got it?” He kissed her again, his lips hard and demanding as he arched her back over his arm. Long minutes later, he lowered her down to the floor and pushed her skirt up around her waist. She might have won a concession from him, but he made sure to show her that was not all she got…

– – – – –

It was already dark by the time Buffy started home. The weekend had gone by so fast, she couldn’t believe it was Sunday evening already. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief that her Mom wasn’t home yet – she wasn’t sure how she would explain that she had come home wearing Angelus’s shirt and her skirt – with no under garments. Not to mention that she wasn’t sure how to explain him, since he insisted on walking her home.

“Well, well. Look who’s finally back.” Xander’s voice rang out from the living room just as Buffy stepped through the door.

Buffy turned in startled surprise, not expecting anyone to be in the dark house. “Xander? What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you. I was actually worried about you – when I came on *Friday* to see if you were ok. How was I to know that you planned on spending the entire weekend with your murderous fiend of a boyfriend? Or did I miss the bulletin where you changed your name to Slutty the vampire layer?” Xander came into view, crossing the room to stand in front of her.

Xander did not even see the fist that connected with his jaw, his attention too focused on Buffy to notice the tall, dark vampire behind her. Angelus had heard more than he needed when he struck the boy, instantly knocking him out cold.

“Honestly Buff. I don’t know why you insist on hanging around with this loser.” Angelus kicked at Xander, now on the ground.

Buffy shot Angelus a withering look, then leaned down to check on Xander. “Like you can talk. Let me just say two words, Druscilla and Spike.”

Angelus grunted, still annoyed at Xander’s words. At that moment he wished he hadn’t promised Buffy he’d stop feeding… Pulling her to him he kissed her roughly. “See you Wednesday, lover. Same place.” Buffy sighed heavily when he left, then closed the door.

Xander groaned and stirred, gingerly rubbing his jaw. “Huh? What happened?” He blinked and opened his eyes, focusing on one very pissed off slayer in front of him.

Willow sat next to Buffy on the couch, having arrived about 10 minutes ago after Buffy called her. She had waited with Xander while Buffy changed and showered.

“Xander. Just what gives you the right to break into my house and lecture me?” Buffy wasn’t going to let this go. She had to make Xander understand that he was her friend, but she didn’t have to listen to his insults nor did he control her life.

“Huh?” Xander was still groggy and not quite sure what had happened.

“I know you’re my friend. But as my friend, you have to be supportive. That doesn’t mean you have to like everything I do – but you have to try to understand. You can’t put me down or call me names. You have no right to spy on me or judge me. You never liked Angel – even when he was good, so I don’t expect you to understand anything about my relationship with him. Then or now.”

Willow looked nervously between the two of them.

“You have a relationship with a killer. How am I supposed to understand that? How can you let him touch you?” Xander sat up, rubbing his jaw. “Did you punch me?”

“No, I didn’t. But I should have.” Buffy pursed her lips, thinking. “Look Xander. Maybe you can’t understand. I hope you never have to be put in the position where the one person you love is also someone that you can’t love. That you’re not supposed to love. Only then could you understand even the smallest part of what I feel. Things are complicated right now, and if you can’t help me deal with this, then I don’t want you to come around. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.”

Xander stood slowly and gave Buffy a dirty look. “Fine. Let’s go Willow.”

“N-no. I’m staying with Buffy.” Willow turned away, refusing to look at Xander as he left.

“Buffy. He’ll get over it.” Willow turned to Buffy, knowing that it had been hard for her to say those things to Xander.

“I know Will.” Buffy sighed and sat down next to Willow. “I know. It’s just hard…”

“I know.” Willow sat quietly, working up the courage to ask the question that had been running through her mind since Xander had told her about Angelus and Buffy in the cemetery.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking. What’s it like?” Willow was burning with curiosity. Despite her innocent looks, Willow had her own dark side and lustful cravings. The idea of titillating sex games between Buffy and Angelus had stirred her interest and made her envy her friend. Although, in Willow’s imagination it was she and Spike playing naughty games…