Unwanted Passions, Chapter 5

Author’s Notes: Set during BtVS season 2.

Warning: Reminder – for mature audiences only. This is a dark story rife with adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. This is Angelus people, he’s still not very nice. And now we have Spike, who’s not really nice either.

Sorry this has taken so long to get out; I’ve had to work tons of overtime in the last two months and take care of my hubby, who’s been incapacitated with a major knee injury (he’s now starting physical therapy after the surgery – so woo and hoo, we’re on the road to recovery now) – all of which have left me little to no time to write.

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Rating: Very much Adult; explicit sex, rape, coercion, blood play.

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Pairing: B/Aus, includes W/S.

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Originally posted: Aug 4, 2002

Buffy searched her mind for what to tell Willow, how she could answer the question. Hesitantly, she began to speak. “It’s exciting and yet scary. I don’t know how to explain it really. It’s like somehow I’m drawn to him, even though I don’t really want to be…”

“Does he hurt you?” Willow, unbeknownst to Buffy, was rather familiar with the darker world of sex – at least in theory. She had stumbled across several explicit BDSM web sites that were in the browser history of her dad’s computer, having borrowed it when her own laptop was in the shop. She was titillated and intrigued by the pictures and stories, and had gone back several times to see and read more, her father’s password to the sites extremely easy for her to guess.

“Yes, but not really. I mean, some of the things hurt but it feels good at the same time. I know that makes no sense.” Buffy sighed, trying to understand it herself.

“No, it makes a kind of sense. I-I sorta find it exciting.” Willow blushed, shyly admitting for the first time to anyone what she had only recently discovered herself.

“Really?” Buffy’s eyes were wide with surprise, sensing that there was more to this than Willow was telling.

“Willow! What do you know about this stuff?” Buffy relaxed a little and smiled as Willow began to tell Buffy about some of the things she had seen on the net…

Later she’d find out more about Buffy and Angelus.

– – – – –

When Buffy arrived at the apartment on Wednesday for her meeting with Angelus, she was intentionally early. With slow cautious movements, she opened the door and peeked in. Just as she suspected, Angelus was already there and to her good fortune, he appeared to be sleeping soundly.

Buffy opened the bag she was carrying and quietly extracted the chains that she had stolen from Giles’s supplies in the library. She supposed she should have asked Willow to do some sort of enhancing spell on them for just this occasion to make sure that they would be strong enough to hold one physically powerful vampire, should he not want to stay chained but she hadn’t been quite ready to share *all* of her intentions for this rendezvous, even with her best friend, even after all that she had already shared the other night.

Quietly she crept toward the bed, knowing that she’d have to work fast to get him secured before he awoke. Standing next to the bed, she smiled slightly at the sight of him sleeping, clad only in black sweat pants with his chest and feet bare. One arm was thrown over his head, which was turned toward her. His features were relaxed in sleep, making him look younger and certainly far less lethal than she knew him to be.

Buffy’s eyes traced the muscles of his arms, his lean torso and abs, marveling once again at his sheer beauty. He was like no other man she had ever seen. Granted, there had not been many, but she still could not imagine anyone else as perfectly formed as Angel. The name certainly suited him.

With quick and quiet movements she looped the chain between the cuffs through the headboard, then clasped one cuff around his wrist locking it. He stirred, waking slowly as she straddled his chest and quickly managed to wrestle his other arm up and into the attached cuff. At the sound of the loud click of the lock, she let out the breath she had been holding and smiled. She hadn’t realized how tense she had been during the brief operation. Her smile widened into a grin as she suddenly had the urge to laugh. Just as suddenly, that urge vanished as she met Angelus’s eyes. He was awake and looking up at her, and he did not appear to be too pleased.

“Buff, what do you think you’re doing?” He was still and quiet, watching her. While he had not put up any real resistance yet – Buffy able to catch him by surprise – she could see the faintest trace of anger in his chocolate eyes. The chain rattled slightly as he shifted, pulling slowly against the bonds as if to assess their strength.

“Playing…” Her voice was playful, flirtatious. Despite the flicker of fear that he would extract retribution for this, she was euphoric that she had been able to carry out her plan so far. And she suspected that he’d enjoy everything she had planned to follow…

Angelus said nothing in response, as Buffy ran her hands down his arms enjoying the cool, smooth feeling of his skin, the hard muscles beneath the surface. She felt a surge of wetness between her legs at the thought of the hard powerful body quiescent between her thighs, his strength restrained for her pleasure.

His nostrils flared briefly as he caught the scent of her arousal and felt the increased heat across his abdomen where she straddled him. His own body responded easily to her, his erection firming.

“Now stay there and be a good boy. I’ll be right back.” Angelus’s temper flared and he growled at her words, his dislike of the submissive role instinctive. Ignoring his growl, Buffy brushed a kiss across his lips and climbed from her position atop him.

Scooping up her bag, she headed into the bathroom to change. On Willow’s suggestion, she had bought what she thought would be the perfect outfit for the occasion – a black bra with lace cups that were so low her nipples were visibly peeking over the edge, a black lace g-string and garter belt along with a pair of thigh-high stockings. To complete the outfit, she had a pair of very high-heeled black patent leather pumps.

Once dressed, Buffy turned to her hair and makeup. She applied a shimmering charcoal shadow to her lids and then lined her eyes thickly with black eyeliner that she smudged into a smoky outline. Her cheeks were already pinked so she skipped the blush and chose a deep plum gloss for her lips. She fluffed out her hair, bending at the waist to brush it making it full and thick. It was a much more sophisticated and sexual Buffy that stared back at her from the mirror. The dark sultry eyes promised things that she knew little of, but was beginning to crave.

With ease and confidence that belied the nervousness she felt inside, she walked casually back into the room, stopping at the foot of the bed. Angelus’s eyes flared in appreciation as he took in her changed appearance and the obvious carnal promise in her eyes. He was fascinated and awestruck, yet that was really nothing new with Buffy. He was loath to admit the level of his obsession with her, the sheer depth of intensity of his feelings.

He watched her as she trailed her hand slowly along his foot, tracing the toes and the arch. Walking slowly alongside the bed, she let her fingers drift over his leg until she reached his waist. “Mmm. You have too many clothes on, lover.” Her voice was husky as she toyed with the waistband of his pants. When she pulled them down his legs, he lifted his hips to help her despite his own tumultuous and reluctant feelings.

Buffy left him clad only in the burgundy silk boxers, noting that they were a color that she had blushingly pointed out to him in a catalog just days before they had first been intimate. Idly she wondered if he bought them for that reason, or if he already had them.

Reaching out, she fondled the hard bulge through the silk, the slippery material making for an erotic caress. She cupped his testicles and squeezed, rolling them gently between her fingers as her other hand continued to stroke his cock. Angelus grunted softly at her sudden grip, then shifted on the bed when she abruptly released him and stripped the boxers down his hips.

Buffy bent over in an extremely showy straight-legged pose to extract something from the bag she had placed on the floor. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her. Angelus took an unneeded breath at the site of Buffy’s bent form, her firm behind perfectly framed by the black lace of the garter and stockings, the curve of her breast and pointed tip of her nipple visible as it threatened to escape the small lace bra. His only regret was that she had not yet removed the g-string – he would have preferred an unobstructed view to her charms.

Her smile was chaste and virtuous as she sat next to him on the bed, but her eyes were seductive and heated. She draped a crimson scarf around the jutting erection that lay against his stomach, making it surge larger and harder. “Mmm… Let’s see how my new toy looks in a pretty red bow…” Her voice a purr, she wrapped the slippery material around the hard shaft, sliding it up and down teasingly before tightening it with exquisite slowness.

Angelus closed his eyes and groaned deep in his throat, a small reluctant sound. Her teasing was arousing him more than he thought possible.

Buffy made two more loops that she slipped deftly around his testicles before she tied it tightly in a bow. “Pretty.” She smiled as she looked at him, tugging on the silky material. “You’re so hard… You must like being tied.”

Angelus’s eyes flew open at her words, disliking the connotation. A muscle twitched in his cheek as his brows drew together in a scowl.

Buffy however, wasn’t looking at him; she was searching the table near the bed for something. Angelus moved his arms, rattling the chains as he once again tested their strength.

“Let’s see what we have here.” Buffy turned back to face him with a small pink vibrator in her hand. It was one that he had bought, along with several of the other toys, to use on her. She tugged the bow free from his erection and released it, brushing her fingertips over the crest in a teasing caress.

“Hmmm… You’re bigger…” Buffy murmured as she placed the object in her hand against his erection lying hard against his stomach. “Much bigger… I’ll just use this one for practice then. To get me ready for you…”

Despite his dislike of the chains, Angelus was aroused. More than aroused. He disliked that had been able to sneak up on him and chain him, but even more he detested the fact that she could manipulate him so easily. He felt like a novice – inexperienced and in a rut and it made him angry. Angelus wondered briefly if Buffy was provoking him deliberately, knowing full well that anger and lust were a potent combination – particularly with vampires.

Buffy turned on the vibrator and slid it up the length of his arousal. “Do you like that?”

When he didn’t answer, having closed his eyes against the surging rush of sensations converging through him, she repeated her question in a coaxing whisper before placing a wet kiss on this thigh. “Do you?”

“Yes.” Angelus opened his eyes and released a controlled exhalation of breath.

“You’re not very talkative.” She pouted seductively as she continued to tease him, using her hand and the vibrator to stroke him while planting soft kisses on his stomach and groin.

He gazed at her under his lashes, his eyes flecked golden. “I don’t recall being asked to play in this particular game. Is conversation required?”

“I guess not… But if you don’t tell me what you like I’ll just have to guess…” Buffy purred, sliding the vibrator along the length of his penis again exerting subtle pressure. A few drops of cum appeared on the head, which she leaned down and licked away.

Angelus cursed softly, resentful of her apparent calm while he was burning with lust.

“Well, if you don’t like that then maybe you’ll like this better then…” Buffy sat back on the bed on her heels with her legs parted, displaying herself for him a she moved the vibrator between her thighs, the pink contrasting with her tan skin as she slid it against the lace of her g-string. “Watch…”

With slow deliberate movements, she rose to her knees. Licking the tip of her fingers, she then toyed with her nipple briefly as she continued to move the vibrator slowly and lightly against her mons. Pulling the material aside, Buffy gave Angelus a glimpse of her wet and swollen flesh as she steadily moved the vibrator ever closer. He struggled against the chains as he anticipated her next move.

“Ummm…” She moaned softly, reflexively as she touched her clit with the humming device. Angelus would never have known that she had never done this before, never used a vibrator. She was going purely on instinct and on desire. Buffy sucked in her breath as she increased the pressure moving the device firmly against her wet core. When Buffy could remember to breathe again after several long moments, she opened her eyes and looked down at Angelus’s face.

“Do you think I’ll like this better than…” She nodded her head toward him, toward the flagrant hard erection lying resplendent on his stomach, unwilling to stop the exquisite sensations building between her legs. “Mmm… That?”

“No.” His voice was rough, infused with sarcasm.

“Why don’t we see…” Buffy licked her lips as she angled the vibrator so that she could slide it inside her. Slowly she worked it back and forth, the wetness becoming more obvious as the object glistened on each retreat. “Maybe not… but…mmm… it’s… pretty… umm… great…though…” Panting as she approached orgasm, Buffy suddenly stopped, her breath held as the shuddering sensations flashed through her senses.

When she opened her eyes to look at him, she couldn’t help the shudder that passed through her. He studied her intensely, his golden eyes knowing and attentive. He could tell, she thought, what she was feeling, how transfixed and urgent her desire, how much she wanted- no, needed him. Buffy felt the briefest spark of resentment at his experience, his knowledge.

Buffy reached out and curled her fingers around his cock, forcing it upright away from his body. It was hard, long and engorged. Slowly her fingers slid around the head, touching the sensitive crest with feather light touches in gradually widening circles. Finally, she squeezed trying to reach her fingers all the way around the thick shaft but failing.

Summoning all restraint, Angelus forced his thoughts into a semblance of calm as Buffy continued her teasing manipulations of his cock.

“Well, did you like that?” Bending low she brushed her lips across his, then bit his lower lip sucking it into her mouth. Running her tongue along his fangs, she flinched slightly when she sliced it on the sharp point. Angelus reacted immediately, sucking her tongue hard into his mouth and tasting the small amount of her rich blood. Their tongues dueled for several long minutes before Buffy lifted her head, but stayed in her position resting on top of him. Her breasts lay warm against his chest, her nipples like small pebbles pressing against him above the lace.

“Buff…” It was a soft warning as he shifted once more against the restraints on his wrists – now intent on freeing himself.

“No? Hmm… You’re a hard one – literally – to please… Maybe you’ll like this then…” She ignored him, her hand stroking up and down his erection leisurely as she slid down his body. Lowering her head, she flicked her tongue out licking the crest in a feathery flickering rhythm.

He groaned, the sound low and muted. No matter how experienced he was at restraining ejaculation, he did have his limits and she seemed determined to find them. Angelus tugged against the chains now testing the strength of the headboard that Buffy had looped them through.

“Buff.” His tone was quiet, the overpowering sensations of her mouth threatening to overwhelm him as she sucked him into her mouth. She nibbled and licked before taking him into the back of her throat and sucking hard.

With fists clenched and biceps straining, Angelus pulled on the chains now determined to escape.

“Untie me.” He relaxed back on the bed as Buffy licked languidly up and down the hard length.

She lifted her head and gazed at him with half closed heated eyes, her lips wet and shiny. “Later.” She was intent on testing him, pushing him.

Buffy teased and licked, sucking him deep into her mouth and throat before nibbling provocatively on the tip. She repeated her motions; bobbing her head and stroking with her hand making Angelus close his eyes against the exquisite sensations she was stirring. When he was nearing orgasm, she stopped only to start her teasing motions once again. Eventually, she released his erection with a loud sucking sound and licked her lips as she glanced up at his face.

Moving slowly, she straddled his thighs. Her smile was flirtatious, provocative as she glanced at him. “I like your submission…”

It was not precisely the word she should have used to describe his present mood. His lip was curled back to reveal his fangs and his golden eyes fairly smoldered with tempestuous anger.

“Let’s see…” Her hands followed her eyes, roving over his body. She traced a small pattern along his chest then stopped to pluck at his flat nipples, pinching hard. “What else will the big strong vampire like? Ooh, I know…” Leaning down, she bit down hard on his neck sucking at his throat in a mock feeding fashion.

Angelus closed his eyes against the sensation, the feeling incredibly erotic and arousing. Vampires are notoriously known for having particularly erogenous necks and Angelus was no different. He was hard and throbbing and beyond teasing games.

“Buff, untie me now.” His voice was quiet, hiding the menace. “Your little game is over.”

She continued to suck and nibble at his flesh, feeling a heady sense of power at having him docile under her hands. “You said I could be in control sometimes…” Her voice, albeit muffled from her position with her mouth against his neck, was light, teasing.

His however, was not. “I didn’t agree to be chained.”

Angelus was not, in fact, comfortable being tied. He was rarely if ever submissive. The reasons were too inchoate, too complex and far too ingrained in his personality to change. The fact that Buffy had been able to keep him tied this long was a testimony to her own allure, his powerful, undeniable attraction to her.

Buffy sat back and studied him. He was too beautiful, lying naked and powerful on the bed, too perfect, too used to eager women wanting him. Dismissing his anger, she mistook his calm as a response too casual, too controlled, and too experienced. Unexpectedly it annoyed her, and she felt angry and jealous. “Have you done this before?”

He only regarded her casually, unwilling to admit that she was the first that he had ever allowed to get this far. Even Darla, who had often tried, had never been able to dominate him.

“Answer me.” She gazed at him with stormy eyes.

“No.” The answer was abrupt, brusque.

“No, you haven’t?” She wasn’t sure if he was responding to her question, or telling her that he wasn’t going to answer her.

“No.” Angelus was at that moment considering his options. His temper was fast reaching its limit.

“Surely Darla or Druscilla or any of the other hundred women you’ve fucked have entertained you like this before… Druscilla definitely seems the type.” She knew she shouldn’t have asked. It couldn’t – shouldn’t matter to her even if there had been dozens of women that Angelus had been with just like this.

“No. They haven’t.” Even answering the question was a huge concession, especially given the level of effort required to fight the intensity of his passion.

“I don’t believe you.” Buffy’s eyes flared in surprise at his response.

“How many women have there been, Angelus? How many have you fucked?” She asked, suddenly driven by irrational feelings of jealousy that she could not control.

His temper flared, revealing the extent of his anger at last. “A thousand.” His voice was a low rough growl.

Buffy paused only the briefest second before she slapped him hard.

In a sudden surge of power Angelus sat upright, the headboard of the bed splintering, as he pulled free. His wrists were still cuffed together, but with quick yank he snapped the chain in two, several links flying across the room with the force of the effort.

In a second later Buffy was flat on her back.

“And you Buff, you’re a thousand and one…” Angelus gripped her wrist hard forcing it to the bed as his heavy weight pressed her into the bed. It was a masculine impulse, chauvinistic and beyond explanation but he did not want to be dominated, and especially not in bed.

Buffy struggled and punched him hard in the shoulder, forcing him backward for the briefest second before he picked up the scarf she had dropped on the bed looping it around her wrist. She bucked against him, trying to throw him off with no avail. She only succeeded in arousing him further as she writhed against him, her legs on either side of his waist as he leaned into her.

Angelus wrenched her up off the bed, and slid the crimson scarf behind her then looped it around her other wrist, pulling it tight and securing them together. He’d left a short length between her wrists behind her back so that she wasn’t lying completely on her arms, but they were bent at an angle that left her no leverage. “I wouldn’t struggle too much Buff, those slip knots tighten under pressure.”

“Damn you…” Buffy panted as she continued her struggles, the scarf so far resisting her attempts to tear it and the loops around her wrists only tightening as he predicted.

Angelus had paid her little attention while breaking the chain cuffs off his wrists, tossing them carelessly to the floor. Clucking softly, he eased his fingers in the loops around her wrists easing the tension. “Now then, Buff, you know I have to punish you. You chained me up without permission, you didn’t release me when asked and, of course,” Angelus rubbed his face as he recalled her last action “there’s that little slap.”

“I’m sorry Angelus, I should never have chained you up.” Buffy looked up at him with big eyes, nervously licking her lips and attempting to placate him. “Or slapped you.”

“Apology is a little too late, lover. But I’ll tell you what. Since you do look so fuckable and hot in that outfit, my sweet little bitch, I’ll let you choose your own punishment.” Angelus licked his lips as he eyed her greedily, his lust spurred on by Buffy’s body adorned in such sexy attire. He’d definitely have to purchase some additional lingerie for her. However, equally adding to his heated desire were Buffy’s eyes, wide with nervousness and a touch of fear now.

“So what will it be?” Angelus continued his perusal of her, drawing back slightly to look down at her as she lay beneath him. His eyes and hand were drawn to the wet cleft between her legs, and he reached between them to rip the g-string from her. Buffy whimpered slightly at the sound of the tearing material.

“That was expensive, you bastard.” Buffy stared up at him angrily, equally annoyed that he had upset her plans. He had been enjoying it, the prick.

“I’ll buy you another one, several in fact. Although, I have to say, I think I prefer your naked pussy…”

“Go to hell.” Buffy turned her head away from him, frustrated and more than a little uncertain as to what Angelus was going to do.

“Maybe later. Now then, let’s see what my little slayer likes…” Angelus reached for the vibrator that she had dropped on the bed. “What was it you said you were going to use this for? To get you ready for me…?”

Buffy’s head jerked back around at the sound of his voice, the deep purr that seem to emanate from him. He was dangerous – she had been stupid to lose sight of that.

Angelus lowered the vibrator between them, slid it with deliberate slowness over her swollen, wet flesh. He pressed the rounded tip forward, easing it inside her following as she squirmed backward on the bed inching away.

“Uh-uh-uh. No moving, now.” His voice mild, Angelus gripped Buffy’s hip to hold her still as the vibrator penetrated easily despite her struggling protest. When he turned it on, Buffy closed her eyes against the converging sensations, the low vibrations stimulating her senses. She felt the wetness seep down her thighs as he continued to manipulate her, working the vibrator easily in and out of her with slow firm strokes as his thumb brushed her clit intermittently.

She resented how easily he could manipulate her body, how readily she responded to him despite his insolence and dominance. But she couldn’t refuse him and he knew it, damn him.

Angelus felt his cock surge higher, harder as the sight of Buffy’s passion, the obvious fluid of her arousal running between her legs. Her inability to resist him, despite her wishes to the contrary provoked him more than he would have thought possible. He wanted to command her body’s response, as if by doing so it placed his stamp of ownership on her. And he desperately wanted to own her.

After several long minutes, Buffy closed her legs around his hand in surrender, arching her hips toward him as she desperately sought the sensation of pleasure that was eluding her.

Angelus smiled, moving his hand to her breast and tugging down the lace bra to fully reveal her nipples. He massaged them, pinched them and tugged them to even stiffer peaks as Buffy moaned softly against the building rapture, quivering under his hands as fire raced through her blood.

“Maybe I won’t let you come.” Lowering his hand, Angelus traced the distended flesh of her cleft surrounding the vibrator. “That could be your punishment. You’ll satisfy me all night, my little whore, but you can’t come.”

Buffy whimpered softly, her body aching with desire. “Please… no… I-I couldn’t stand it… Anything but that…” Closing her eyes in humiliation, Buffy braced her feet on the bed and continued to push her hips up to meet his hand.

“Anything?” Angelus smiled, anxious to mount her and bury himself between her legs yet wanting more, wanting to prolong the astonishing sensations she provoked. Ruthlessly he leaned down and kissed her, his tongue plundering her mouth. In truth, he knew that she didn’t want him to be gentle or submissive. She needed this as much as he did. And her reluctant submission had served to dowse his anger, reducing it several degrees in intensity.

Buffy, her anger only heightening the intensely carnal feelings, realized that she was powerless against Angelus, against the innate sexuality of the man, the beast, and the demon. And no matter that she equally hated and envied all of the women in his past, she was seemingly unable to stop from becoming yet another one.

Turning off the vibrator but leaving it buried deep inside her, Angelus slid to the edge of the bed and patted his lap. “Buff. I’ve decided on your punishment.”

Buffy looked up at him in surprise, his tone casual seemingly without a trace of his earlier anger.

“What-what are you going to do?” Buffy swallowed nervously as she struggled to sit up, her tied wrists making it difficult not to mention the object between her legs.

“Spank you. Now come here.” His smile feral, Angelus once again patted his lap. Humiliation was an important part of her punishment.

“And if I don’t?” Buffy was incredulous. Did he think that she would eagerly submit to another beating? Her bottom had been sore for days after the last one.

“Then it will just take longer – much longer.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe you didn’t like being chained, but you can’t say you weren’t enjoying it you-you-” Buffy sputtered, unable to come up with the appropriate term to accurately describe him in her indignation.

“If you take too long, I may decide to get my belt. Unless you prefer it-?” When Angelus made to stand, Buffy moved quickly. She didn’t want to chance a worse punishment for a little resistance. She knew that in his present frame of mind, Angelus would only make it worse for her.

Buffy stood before him, her head bowed and her heart pounding. With a queasy feeling in her stomach, she slowly bent and lowered herself on to his lap. With her hands still tied, she half-expected to pitch over on to her face but Angelus’s strong hand in the middle of her back stopped her.

Spike sputtered in surprise and nearly choked at the sight that greeted him when he looked into the small window of the apartment. The slayer, dressed to kill – well, if not to kill then certainly to fuck hard and then kill, was tied and lying submissively across his Sire’s lap.

He knew that Angelus had been fucking the little chit – even if Druscilla hadn’t mentioned it, he would have known. Christ, the little blond’s smell was all over Angelus – much to Spike’s annoyance as the erotic potent vanilla musk smell gave him a constant hard on that not even Druscilla could ease.

He’d followed Angelus here two days ago, wondering where the annoying poof had been taking himself off to. And, since Druscilla kept creeping out as well, Spike wanted to be doubly sure that she wasn’t screwing the bloody poof too. He could take her fooling around, somewhat, but not with Angelus.

Spike quietly moved back to the window, searching for a better view. He wasn’t about to miss this show…

Slowly Angelus slid his hand up the back of her calf and along her leg in a gentle caress. Buffy closed her eyes in confusion, as her body tensed not knowing whether to expect pain or pleasure. His hand reached her bottom and continued that same gliding caress before squeezing her firm flesh.

Buffy braced herself, her faced burning from embarrassment and humiliation. Angelus continued to explore her, his hand reached between her legs now to toy with the vibrator still lodged inside her. He moved it easily, rotating it slightly before pushing it hard in and out. After a few minutes, he released it and moved his hand back to her behind.

The suspense was almost worse than the punishment, waiting for that first blow. When it finally came, Buffy gasped. It was a hard smack, making her bottom sting. She tensed her muscles waiting for the next blow.

“That, Buff, was going to be your only punishment for chaining me up. However…” Angelus had returned his hand to the object between her legs and was moving it in and out forcefully now. His change in tone gave her warning. “You disobeyed and did not release me.”

The next blow was harder than the last. “And let’s not forget that little slap.” His hand descended again and then once more, the final blow making Buffy cry out. With that, he pushed her roughly from his lap, Buffy falling ungracefully onto the floor.

Outside the window, Spike chuckled and began to stroke his cock through the denim of his jeans.

A glance up at Angelus and Buffy was able to see easily how furious he was. But that did not deter her. She struggled to her feet, her bound hands making it difficult, then paused in front of him. She hesitated only a moment, her hazel eyes meeting his gold ones, before she climbed into his lap. Her bottom was on fire, but that in no way compared to the one that burned between her legs.

Angelus did not need any additional encouragement. He roughly flipped Buffy on to her back and pushed her legs apart, crawling between them. She cried out softly when he lowered his head and licked at her sensitive clit, running his tongue around it wetly. When he sucked it into his mouth roughly, she shuddered. When he bit down, she came hard, releasing a delirious scream that echoed through the room.

“What do you want, Buff?” He whispered when she stilled, wanting to hear her submission, wanting her to beg.

“I want…” Buffy considered her words, briefly wishing that she didn’t want him so badly.

“What? You have to tell me or I won’t know.” He slid the vibrator back inside her, deeper this time. She was flowing wet with desire, the vibrator glistening wetly on each withdrawal.

“You, Angelus. I want you.” Her voice was soft, imploring.

“But you came already. Aren’t you satisfied?” His continued to stroke her sensitized flesh, slowly building up the pulsing between her legs to a strong, steady ache.


“Beg me.” Angelus was insistent as he caressed her.

Please. I need- I need you…” Buffy whined softly, her pulse pounding, as her wanton need increased to a near fever pitch.

“Here? You want me here?” Angelus stroked her firmly, continuing to move the vibrator in and out of her, brushing it across her clit every so often and making her jump.

Buffy nodded incoherently as he licked his lips, his own need becoming urgent. While he might deplore his need for her, he couldn’t ignore the intensity of his feelings. He was as much in thrall to her as she was to the passion driving her.

The sensation was lust, pure and simple and he recognized it easily from years of experience, but it was an obsession unsurpassed. His hands moved over her as if she were his possession, his fingertips brushing her collarbone before sliding down her chest to her breasts. He removed her bra then cupped her breasts in his hands as if weighing them, squeezing and caressing before gripping her nipples between his thumb and fingers. With increasing pressure he pinched them until she gasped softly, then he released them and continued his personal exploration of her body.

When her eyes met his, he debated for an infinitesimal moment who wanted who more, which one of them resented their attraction to the other the most. Reaching between her legs, he extracted the vibrator and then tossed it aside. He then moved to untie her wrists, studying her without comment.

Outside the window, Spike looked on curiously, wondering why the great poof would untie the little bitch when he could have a go at her so many ways and times without worry. A tied slayer was a good slayer, in his book. Of course, nancy boy always was a bit of an idiot. Hell, if he had the slayer there he’d have already fucked her three ways from Sunday and would be feeding off her hot little cunt now.

Buffy lifted her arms, reaching for Angelus as he moved toward her. His hands drifted over her face then slid down her body to reach for her hips, adjusting her slightly to accept his stroke as he pushed inside her.

As his hips moved, his traced her features with his lips realizing for the first time that it was likely he would never be able to get her out of his system, that he wanted her with him – forever.

His eyes closed as she arched up into him, her arms twining around his neck as her lips searched for his.

“Bloody fucking hell.” Spike cursed and turned as someone bumped into him just as he was about to spurt his speed on the side of the building.

Willow gasped in surprise, her heart pounding as she turned. She had been creeping quietly around the building in search of Buffy and had been looking behind her when she backed into Spike. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to run into him here.

“Well, well. Hello there cutie.” Spike eyed the frightened redhead with interest. His evening was looking just a little more interesting…

When Willow attempted to run, Spike caught her easily. With one hand, he covered her mouth to keep her quiet, the other wrapping around her waist to her him against her.

“Now then, let’s just finish watching the show and then I’ll decide what to do with you.” Spike turned Willow to face the window, glancing in once again to see what Buffy and Angelus were up to now.

Willow felt Spike’s hard cock against her bottom and she squirmed, arching her back and attempting to move away from him. Despite her dreams of illicit sexual liaisons with Spike, she knew the difference between fantasy and reality, and that Spike would just as soon kill her as play games. Willow, however, forgot about Spike for a moment when she glanced in the window, her eyes taking in the sight on the bed in front of her.

Angelus’s back flexed, his tattoo appearing to fluctuate in an erotic dance as he moved powerfully between Buffy’s legs. She whimpered and clutched him closer, whispering softly in his ear. “Harder…”

When he paused halfway inside her, she clutched at his shoulders sighing and urging him forward. With discipline and control fast spiraling away, Angelus moved, inserting his enormous length into her tiny body, stretching her and filling her as Willow and Spike watched.

Buffy arched against him, fiery hot and so tight around him that Angelus thought he might go out of his mind. He thrust harder, his hips slamming into her and scooting her up on the bed. “Yeessss… more…” Buffy begged as her nailed raked Angelus’s back. She was fast becoming unable to distinguish individual sensations from the all-consuming need for consummation.

Angelus’s nostrils flared at the scent of his own blood, any restraint he had now unleashed as he continued to thrust hard into Buffy.

Buffy released an almost hysterical cry as Angelus braced his feet and grasped her shoulders, their mating now frantic and violent as he surged forward. Had Buffy not been the slayer, she would have easily been battered and brusied from the violent thrusts.

“Ahh… ahhh… aaahh…” Her wild cry echoed through the room but in the grips of his own savage need Angelus moved by instinct alone, driving in to Buffy again and again, penetrating her without caution or constraint each stroke driven by the entire force of his lower body.

Buffy whimpered as the pleasure pounded her senses, her orgasm bursting through her body and filling her mind and nerves with the inescapable ecstasy. At the height of pleasure, she turned her head and offered her neck to him in submission.

Angelus heedlessly plunged deep inside her again, his own savage epiphany overwhelming his senses. Shutting his eyes, he ignored the sharp stinging pain of her nails into his back and her cries echoing in his ears, and buried his face in her throat. When he bit down sharply, she jerked and cried out but Angelus was beyond caring. Meeting her violent outburst with his own, he drank hungrily before he poured his explosive climax into the hot and willing heat of Buffy’s enthralling body.

Long moments later, Angelus licked softly at the closing wound on Buffy’s neck, holding her close as she mewled softly in satiated reply. It was the smallest sound that made Angelus glance up toward the window. His preternatural eyes easily making out the blond hair, the blue of Spike’s eyes, and his keen sense of smell suddenly picking up on the fear of the girl held in Spike’s arms.

Angelus glanced at Buffy, lying beneath him with her eyes closed, unaware of their audience. With an evil grin, Angelus rolled off Buffy, his every intention to show Spike was he could not – and *would not* – have.

Spike leaned close to Willow’s ear, his voice a husky whisper. “So, Red, did you know they were fucking? And it looks like he might do it again. Damned poof always did have stamina.”

Angelus rolled over, taking Buffy with him. With one large hand on the back of her head, he guided her mouth to his. His tongue probed and played with hers, tracing the edges of her teeth before filling her mouth. In response, Buffy sucked on his tongue, scarcely believing Angelus’s somewhat gentle behavior. After several kisses, Angelus sat up, Buffy still on his lap one leg on either side of his hips.

Spike watched in fascination as the blond slayer wrapped her arms around Angelus’s neck and continued to kiss him, as if he weren’t an evil blood-sucking fiend. He sniffed, noting that the redhead in his arms was not at all immune to the lusty sight in front of them. If he had to guess, he’d say her panties were getting moist.

With his mouth Angelus traced a path down the thin column of Buffy’s throat, stopping to lick at the healing wound on her neck. His hands moved up her arms to her breasts, cupping them in his hands and squeezing. When Angelus leaned forward Buffy arched back lifting her chest to meet his lips. Gripping her hair in one hand, Angelus pulled her head back arching her even further, giving the spectators at the window a better view. His tongue circled the pink nipple, laving it roughly before moving to treat the other one the same. The faintest bite mark could be seen from the other night, further stirring Angelus’s lust.

Buffy’s eyes closed when his mouth locked around her nipple, the heated frisson of pleasure coursing once again through her body. His dark head bent, Angelus sucked hard on both rosy peaks as Buffy melted back against the strong arm that held her, luxuriating in each new burst of pleasure that sped through her veins.

“Anyone ever suck on your tits, Red?” Spike moved his hips against Willow’s behind, his erection poking hard against her. Willow swallowed hard and attempted to shake her head, but was limited by the tight grip Spike had on her mouth.

Angelus took his time, sucking and nibbling on Buffy’s breasts as she ground her hips into his lap. Finally, his faced morphed into the demon and he scraped the tip of one fang across a peaked nipple.

Willow whimpered at the sight of Angelus with his fangs so near such sensitive flesh. Buffy mentioned that he had bitten her, but not where. Willow just assumed her neck… But, would he bite her there?

“Oh yeah, daddy’s going to have his supper.” Spike gripped Willow’s waist hard as he thrust his hips against her with an almost violent slam, his eyes trained with singular focus on Angelus’s next move. Then his hand began to climb up her waist to cup her breast.

Angelus sank his fangs into the plump flesh on either side of her aureole, sucking hard as Buffy wrapped her hands around his neck, her fingers sinking into the thick dark hair. He drank for several long moments before sliding one hand between them to reach between Buffy’s legs. His fingers toyed with the moist and dewy entrance, caressing the silken tissue that was swollen and pulsating with desire.

Buffy moaned softly when he lifted his head, glancing at her face before licking the remaining few drops of blood from her. Her lips were parted, her breathing a soft pant. A rosy blush was slightly visible through her tanned skin, the delicate hue giving away her desire. With small whimpers, she clung to Angelus with breathless urgency.

Lifting her off his lap, Angelus turned her on her knees on the bed. With one hand on her head, he guided her lips to his cock. Buffy took him into her mouth easily, sucking with skill and zealous energy.

His eyes closed against the fierce pleasure as he cradled her head in his hands urging her to take him deeper. Drawing him deep into her mouth, she swallowed, taking him into the back of her throat before releasing him and repeating the motions.

“Is this turning you on? Don’t bother to deny it, I can smell your hot cunt.” Spike cupped Willow’s breast in his hand through her jacket and shirt. With his palm flat, he pressed her back against him and rubbed, feeling the slight tip of her nipple through the layers of clothing. “Slutty appears to be quite the cocksucker. But then, I should have known. No doubt Angelus had her sucking cock weeks ago.”

Angelus’s thoughts were focused solely on the intense and riveting sensations Buffy was so easily creating with her mouth. Her skill was such that he questioned briefly for a miniscule second if she might have been with someone else, anger flaring at the thought. Jerking her head away, he looked down into her face as his returned to his human form. She was panting heavily and her lips were wet and shiny. He pushed away the irrational jealously, knowing full well that she wouldn’t fool around. Besides, he would have detected the scent on her, and he knew full well the only scent she was marked with was his.

Moving behind her, he slid his hands up her thighs to stop on the firm flesh of her bottom. Leaning down he kissed the ripe curve, then bit down hard with blunted teeth. Buffy gasped in surprise, but did not pull away. Angelus licked at the bite, nibbling gently on her behind before pushing her legs wider apart.

When Angelus glanced up, he looked directly at the window meeting Spike’s eyes. The possessive gleam and fierce anger left no doubt in Spike’s mind that Angelus knew he was there, and that two things would happen next. First, Angelus would fuck his slayer, then, second, he would kick Spike’s ass.

Angelus ran his hand over her wet cleft and across the sensitive flesh between the cheeks of her bottom. His mouth followed his hand as he leaned down and licked a wet path across the very heart of her desire. Buffy shuddered convulsively as his tongue licked a slow, flicking path along her damp cleft moving up across the rosebud of her bottom. Her eyes closed at the delicate licks on her sphincter, increasing in intensity with each touch. She writhed and twisted as he continued his deft strokes, pushing her to the very edge of ecstasy.

Spike’s hand retreated down Willow’s chest only to return under the material of her sweater and top. He couldn’t see exactly what Angelus was doing, but from the slayer’s writhing he could guess. “Well, well, what do you think of that?” Spike’s voice was soft near her ear, his hand now pushing her bra up over her breasts under her shirt to feel them without restriction. Willow closed her eyes at the first touch of his cold hand on the warm skin of her chest. No one had ever touched her there before.

Spike palmed her nipple, feeling the hardened tip before moving to the other one. “Nice tits, Red. I like big nipples and from what I can tell, yours feel just about perfect.” Willow murmured in response, her reply muffled by his hand. “Do you promise not to scream if I release your mouth?” Spike tightened his hand on her nipple, clearly indicating how he would punish her initially if she lied. Willow nodded as she attempted to look at him from the corner of her eye.

Spike snorted as his hand continued to fondle Willow’s breasts. The hand that he removed from her mouth now rested on her hip, dangerously close – in Willow’s opinion – to that most private spot between her legs. “He always did have a thing for eating pussy. Spoiled Druscilla with it, should you ask me. She always expected me to do it, whining that *he* would’ve. Not that I minded of course, but I’m not much for comparisons.”

“S-sure. I can see how that would be difficult.” Willow timidly agreed, hardly believing that she was having this conversation with Spike while he was feeling her up.

Angelus moved forward and in one economical gesture, plunged his hard cock into Buffy’s willing and waiting body. She quivered as the first thrust seemed to reach the very end of her womb, filling her completely. Buffy felt the hard muscles of his stomach against her bottom on each stroke as Angelus gripped her hips and drove forward. With relentless energy, he drove each fierce thrust into her filling her completely. When her climax finally broke, Angelus held himself against her as the crashing waves of blazing hot passion poured through her. When he could feel the convulsions subside, he pulled out of her and shifted his position.

Buffy whimpered as he pushed forward, driving his hard length up her tight rear channel. Slowly and with care he restrained himself, moving with long slow movements as Buffy adjusted to his size.

“Bloody hell, he’s fucking her in the ass.” Spike ground his hips harder against Willow’s bottom as his one hand pinched her nipple hard. His other hand roughly unzipped her pants, jerking Willow out of her complacent stance. She struck out, fists flailing as she tried to get away.

Buffy’s breath began to come in short pants as the pain subsided and the pleasure began to consume her. Every nerve felt taut and stretched as she melted against him, timidly pushing back to meet his thrusts.

Angelus leaned over her back and reached around, his hand gliding effortlessly through the wet folds to find the sensitive nub of flesh. Buffy opened to him, helpless against his powerful, assertive passion.

With a lucky punch, Willow managed to break free from Spike long enough to draw back her foot and kick him hard between the legs. In the next instant, she ran, sprinting hard down the street. Spike gasped and bent over, cursing angrily as the pain shot through him.

Angelus moved with increasing speed, plunging deeper as Buffy met his every thrust. Until he finally felt it, that rush of passion, that heady plunge over the edge to glorious rapture. When Buffy released a small sound of pleasure, Angelus let go releasing his cold seed into her with a groan. He resisted the urge to sink his teeth into her yet again, feeling somewhat sated with the blood he had taken earlier.

Moments later, Angelus brushed a kiss across Buffy’s shoulder as he withdrew from her and collapsed on the bed. He did not see Spike at the window now, but no matter. He’d take care of making sure that the younger vampire did not attempt to poach on his personal property and that he stayed away from this apartment. What he did with Buffy’s friend was of little interest to Angelus, however.

Angelus watched Buffy absently as she rolled from the bed and headed to the bathroom. His earlier thoughts of keeping her – forever – had returned. For reasons unknown, he found the thought of turning her disagreeable. Perhaps it was because of how Druscilla turned out… When Angelus heard the shower, he pushed aside any further thoughts and rose from the bed intending to join her. He’d figure it out later…

– – – – –

Giles opened the door to the insistent pounding to reveal a nearly hysterical Willow. She was breathing heavily and was obviously frightened. She had run to Giles’s house, as it was the nearest safe place she could think of once she had broken free from Spike.

When she calmed, Willow was not surprised to see Xander. She had in fact, suspected that Xander was going to Giles which is why she had gone looking for Buffy. She looked questioningly from one to the other, then sipped the water Giles handed her as she tried to calm her thoughts.

“Willow, what happened?” Giles was concerned but calm. “Where’s Buffy?”

Xander snorted in disgust, drawing both of their attentions briefly.

“Spike. He- I- I- he, uh, grabbed me. But-but I was able to get away.” Willow knew she needed to be cautious about revealing too much, yet she was grateful to have escaped. Admittedly, there was a small thrill when Spike was touching her, but she was too inexperienced to really appreciate it. And certainly far too inexperienced to go any further. Certainly Spike would not be the best choice to lose one’s virginity to.

“And Buffy? Did you see her?” Willow looked away, uncertain how to answer knowing that she was a terrible liar.

“Uh, no.”

“It’s ok, Will. I already told Giles that Buffy is screwing her demon boyfriend. We just don’t know where.” Xander looked smug as he blurted out that news.

Giles resisted the impulse to roll his eyes. When Xander arrived earlier, he’d been just like the little bratty kid that every kid knows – that one that tells on everyone for the most minor transgression and yet still wants them all to be his friend. Giles had wanted to slap the smug look off the face of the immature boy, but he knew that would not be the best way to handle things.

There was no need to mention that Giles had been a watcher a long time, so Xander’s little revelation was hardly surprising. In fact, given Angelus’s history coupled with his – or rather, Angel’s, and Buffy’s prior relationship, Giles would have been exceedingly surprised had they not become sexually involved. But, as long as Angelus was obsessed with Buffy and considered her his personal property, then Giles could breathe that much easier. The other demons and vamps would not risk Angelus’s wrath by attacking his lover. That will give them time to figure out how to deal with Angelus himself…