Unwanted Passions, Chapter 6

Author’s Notes: Set during BtVS season 2.

Warning: Reminder – this is for mature audiences only. This is a dark story with adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. Angelus is nicer, but he’s still not that nice. And now we have Spike, who’s not at all nice either (remember, evil vampires did at one time exist in Sunnydale… )

This isn’t really where I thought the story would go. :( Had you asked me if I would ever write W/S, I would have said no… Just shows you what I know. J That being said, this is clearly my least favorite chapter so far…

Dedication: Once more, to everyone who reviewed the story and asked for more (thanks!), to LelaRose, still an inspiration in smutty dark Angelus goodness (if you like this story, you MUST read her stuff) and to Starkitty, who graciously hosts my stories on her ever-growing and fabulous site – thanks!

Rating: Very much Adult; explicit sex, rape, coercion, blood play.

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Pairing: B/Aus, includes W/S.

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Originally posted: Sep 15, 2002

The next day at school, Willow shyly confided to Buffy what she had seen the night before at Angelus’s apartment, and who had been with her. Buffy was appalled and embarrassed, not to mention frightened for her friend. She was glad that Willow had escaped Spike, unsure if she would have been able to forgive herself if her friend were hurt or worse, when simply trying to find her to give her a message.

She was less concerned about the content of Willow’s message – that Xander had told Giles about her affair, if it could even be called that, with Angelus. Buffy had read some of the watcher’s diaries about Angelus as well as many other vampires, and doubted the Giles would really be too shocked. Although, she was a little discomfited because Giles was sort of like a father to her, so the conversation – if and when it came up – was bound to be a little uncomfortable. She certainly wasn’t about to disclose any specifics unless she absolutely had too.

Buffy and Willow talked for a while longer, ignoring Xander completely when he came into the cafeteria. Buffy made Willow promise that she would not go out at night alone, as Buffy was afraid that Spike might seek her out again, feeling the need for some type of revenge. She’d also talk to Angelus and see if he could do anything to prevent his childe from harming her friend.

– – – – –

Two days later, Buffy and Willow exited the Bronze arm and arm, laughing over some silly joke. Angelus had mysteriously taken off, so Buffy hadn’t seen him for several days but had managed to keep busy just the same. They had just crossed into the cemetery when they were ambushed. Buffy had only seconds to realize that they were not alone before the lead pipe hit her in the back of the head and she went down, out cold.

Spike chuckled and dropped the pipe as Willow dropped to her knees beside Buffy. He knew he’d pay for that when Angelus found out, but this would be worth it. More than worth it, he thought as he licked his lips and glanced at Willow.

Willow looked up at him, her eyes large and frightened. Grabbing her by the arm, he yanked her to her feet. She was no match for his strength as he tugged her along behind him, then tossed her into a mausoleum. “Wait here, pet. I’ll be right back.”

He didn’t want to be interrupted by an angry slayer, so he needed to deal with her while she was still out cold. Moving quickly, Spike tied Buffy’s arms behind her, then tied her feet before he wrapped several lengths of chain around her and a strong tree. As a finishing touch, he stuffed a handkerchief in her mouth and bound the gag tightly. He stopped for a minute and admired his handiwork. Her arms would surely ache from having then trapped between her and the tree, a thought that made him smile.

When he returned to the mausoleum where Willow waited, he opened the door slowly and smiled sadistically as he stepped over the threshold. She was starved for a good fuck, anyone could see that.

Closing the door, Spike walked toward her slowly, predatorily. “Now then, love, where were we?”

“Where’s Buffy? Did you hurt her?” Willow backed away from him, attempting to stay as far away from him as possible.

“Not yet. She’s resting comfortably outside. Well, maybe not so comfortably, but resting just the same. Don’t worry, pet, she won’t be bothering us.”

“Let me go.” Lunging forward suddenly, Willow attempted to dart past him, but she was much too slow with Spike clearly expectant and on the hunt. He grabbed her easily, one hand seizing her arm to wrench it behind her back as he pulled her against him. His mouth came down on hers, hot and hard against her lips. Spike felt himself harden even more at the feel of the soft contours of the girl pressed against him.

Willow twisted against him, trying to wrench her mouth away from the tongue that was now probing her mouth in a mocking fashion of things to come. Her free hand had little to no effect on him as she punched and scratched, trying anything to escape. Effectively curtailing any further moves, Spike slid one hand into her hair, gripping tightly and holding her head still to accept his brutal kiss.

A low moan escaped her lips as Willow fought to escape, a shadow of despair descending as she began to feel that all her efforts to break free were futile. Spike mistook her groan as one of pleasure, raising his interest ten-fold. Moving forward, he pushed Willow back toward the floor.

“There’s plenty of time, pet.” Shoving her down, he followed and began kissing her throat. His tongue laved roughly at the pulsing vein on her neck before moving up toward her ear. He resisted the urge to bite, saving that pleasure for later. Much later.

“You’re a delectable piece.” His voice was rough, as he glanced down at her, his hand now roaming across her ribs and stomach then down the outside of her thigh before moving back up to the cloth covered juncture between her legs. Willow squeaked in startled surprise when, with a sudden movement, Spike pulled down the zipper on her jeans to expose her to his lustful gaze. With a leering smile, he put his hand in her pants and slid it down into her panties to feel the soft pubic hair below. With a grin, he inserted his finger into her soft folds, parting her to find the trembling nub of her clitoris.

Willow cringed with each touch of his hand, her mind wrestling with the horror of her situation while her body was irrationally beginning to respond to his lewd and lascivious touches.

“Please… don’t.” Willow moaned as Spike moved to push her legs apart, his fingers tugging at her jeans and the thin cotton panties below.

“I’m going to guess that you haven’t had anyone between your legs before.” With an evil smile, Spike twisted his hand in the crotch of her panties and yanked, tearing them away from her while pulling her jeans away from her body, leaving her lower half openly exposed to his gaze. “But you saw Buffy and Angelus, so you know how it’s done.”

“Nooo…” Willow whispered helplessly as she attempted to cover herself with one hand, clamping her legs together. She was embarrassed and frightened.

“Open your legs, Red. I don’t want to get rough with you- well, now that’s a lie. I do actually, want to get rough with you, but it will just be that much worse for you. And don’t forget about your little friend outside. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything to happy to Buffy…” Spike wouldn’t harm Buffy, but Willow didn’t need to know that. Christ, he’d already be beaten within an inch of his life when Angelus found out that he’d knocked her out and tied her to a tree. Not to mention the little peeking in the window incident the other night. He’d managed to elude his Sire since then, so he figured since he was going to get a beating already, it might as well just be one for several perceived infractions rather than several.

Willow slowly relaxed her thigh muscles in defeat and fear. Spike looked on leeringly as the slender white columns splayed, exposing the thatch of curly reddish-brown hair and pink lips. She felt his finger as he explored her, moving along her narrow cleft. Squirming in response, she shivered at the lewd tracing finger and yet felt a small spark of something akin to pleasure when he pushed it slowly inside her.

Something was happening to her that she could not explain. Willow felt the spreading warmth in her belly, the tingling sensation centered at the point of Spike’s probing and caressing fingers. She whimpered softly at the emotional conflict, as yet unrecognized sensual desire swelled and her nerve endings began to come alive in response to him. She didn’t want this to happen…. Did she? What was wrong with her?

Squirming her behind down on the ground, Willow attempted to escape the tormenting fingers, her whimpers turning to moans as his fingers tightened on her flesh to hold her still. With sudden electrifying contact, he gripped her clit then rubbed it hard as moisture began to seep from her in forbidden and unwanted sexual desire. Mentally Willow tried to steel herself against the probing fingers; she did not want to succumb to the feeling that was building.

With a sudden movement, Willow attempted once last time to escape. Forcefully, she struck out attempting to push him away. “Stop it. Get off me!” Shrieking, she kicked out hard.

Her sudden attack caught Spike by surprise, but he was not caught off guard enough to allow her to escape. Not this time. Catching her by both wrists again, he pined her to the ground with his body.

“Now, now then. None of that.” Spike forced his leg between hers, wedging them apart as his hand returned to explore her exposed flesh once again. His finger plundered ruthlessly as he stared down into her face.

“You’re going to get fucked, love. But you won’t be able to say it was rape. You’re going to ask me for it. In fact, Red, you’ll beg me for it before I’m through with you. Now just lay back, relax and cooperate.”

“Never. I’ll never ask you for- for- that!” Willow spat in his face, her fear increasing ten-fold at his words.

“We’ll see about that.” Spike was cruelly confidant. He had a couple of hundred years of experience with women, he knew what they liked, what turned them on. He was particularly skilled with virgins, a personal favorite.

After several long minutes of struggling against Spike’s continued lewd caresses, Willow collapsed weakly on the ground as the helplessness of her situation slowly sank into her brain. Tears of humiliation and fear leaked slowly from her eyes, as she fought the sensations that the play of his fingers on her genitals had continued to arouse, her slit now openly wet and pulsing.

His voice was low against her ear as he leaned over her, “Starting to feel good, isn’t it?”

Willow turned away from him, the maddening sensation of his fingers on her clit causing exquisite vibrations to drum through her body. She whimpered softly when he pinched her clit hard, further arousing her. “Mmm. You like a little pain with your pleasure, don’t you, Red? I could tell when I first saw you…” He teased as his tongue traced her ear wetly.

Moving over her, Spike released her wrists and grabbed a handful of her long hair. Drawing her head toward him, he kissed her hard as his tongue slid into her mouth. He kissed her until he felt the first responses, the tentative sucking of his tongue into her mouth.

“Now, let’s see the rest of you.” Spike released her and knocked her arms aside, quickly divesting her of her shirt and bra. She gasped when his cool hands closed around her breasts, kneading and squeezing them until he finally rolled the nipples painfully between his thumb and index finger. After a few minutes, he leaned down and sucked one into his mouth deeply, taking the aureole as well. Taking his time, he moved back and forth paying each breast equal attention until finally he licked a wet path down her stomach to her navel. He tongued it as his hands returned to her breasts, kneading and massaging the now aching tips once again.

His cool mouth on her breasts fanned the fire that was coursing through her veins, further tempting her with the pleasurable sensations. Willow felt his hands trace a path down her body, moving from her breasts to her rib cage then along her waist, down her hips and firmly along her thighs. She closed her eyes tightly when they descended between her thighs, pushing her legs wide apart for his perusal. After a few moments, she felt cool air where he had been and realized that he had moved back away from her. She could hear the whisper of cloth and knew that he was undressing, a thought which made her squeeze her eyes closed more tightly.

“You’ll have to face it, pet. Might as well open those eyes.” Spike’s voice was mocking as he watched her.

When Willow finally had the courage to open her eyes, Spike was naked and kneeling over her, a lewd grin on his face. Her eyes swept down his muscular body, down the flat abdomen to the thick penis that jutted out from his body. It wasn’t as long or as thick as Angelus’s appeared to be from her brief glimpse of him the other night, but it was still a formidable weapon.

Her eyes widened in horror as his hand descended on it, gripping the hard shaft tightly and stroking himself while she watched. Willow dropped her head back and closed her eyes, but could still see the obscene stroking of his hand vividly in her mind.

“Just wait until you feel this in your tight little pussy, Red. You’ll know you’ve really been fucked then.” He dropped on her then, crushing her against the ground with his weight as his hands returned to play with her nipples. He kissed her hard, his tongue stabbing in her mouth as he ground his hips into her so she could feel his hard cock against the soft swell of her stomach.

Spike regarded her carefully for a moment, before slowly slithering down her body. Willow’s eyes widened in surprise as she realized what he was going to do, a sudden flash of memory of what Angelus did to Buffy.

Spike pressed her thighs wide apart with his hands and gazed hungrily down on her pink cleft. He glanced up at her face, the fear and humiliation spurring him on as he slowly placed his thumbs on her nether lips drawing them apart. Willow felt his cool breath on her intimately as he leaned down and ran his tongue across her tiny opening.

Tremulously, her body responded, the heat spiraling through her at the delicate licks on her sensitive flesh. She saw his eyes, the clear blue of them watching her sadistically from his position between her legs while his mouth and tongue licked and ate at her, the wet sucking sounds only furthering her clamoring desire.

Spike smiled against her wet flesh as he watched her struggle to resist, watching with satisfaction as she was losing the battle against herself. When his tongue found her clit, she whimpered. He then took it between his teeth and held firmly as he ran his tongue around it before sucking it hard into his mouth. Soon he felt the involuntary jerk of her hips as she began to move against his lips. Her head began to flail from side to side as the sensations built from the continued abuse of her nub with his lips, teeth and tongue.

Reaching under her, he lifted her legs over his shoulders and cupped her behind to lift her more firmly against him as he continued the assault. Willow was crying out softly as she was nearing the orgasmic peak. Suddenly she reached out to him, sliding her hand in his blond hair to hold his head against her as she jerked and spasmed, coming hard. When she cried out his name, he knew that he had her. She was ready to beg him for anything he wanted.

Spike chuckled as he thought about shoving his cock hard into her virgin body. He was so hot for her, he was sure he was going to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

“Ready to fuck now, pet?” Spike climbed between her legs and adjusted his position. When his cock was a mere inch away from her throbbing flesh he stopped. “Put it in. Put my cock in your hot little pussy.”

Willow looked at him, his words breaking through the heated fog of lust. Last shades of resistance emerged and she hesitated.

“Do it.” Spike vamped out and snarled, unwilling to wait any longer.

With a quiver of fear, Willow slowly reached out and touched the hard shaft jutting between her legs. Her hand encircled him, the first man she had ever touched in such a way. Swallowing hard, reeling with both fear and anticipation, Willow guided him slowly toward her.

With a flick of his hips, Spike pushed inside her, stretching her painfully as he moved.

Willow whimpered and bit her lip, biting back a scream. One look at his face told her that there would be no mercy, no respite from the pain. His pleasure evident from the cruel gleam in his eyes, Spike continued to slide inside her slowly. When he reached the virgin barrier of her hymen, he grunted and thrust hard plunging deep inside her.

Willow cried out, panting heavily. Spike lay still for a moment, then began to move flexing his hips powerfully as he withdrew and then slammed forward once again.

Willow groaned, but slowly began to relax as she adjusted to his size and his movements. Before long, her small mewls of pain began to be ones of pleasure, Spike’s slow, deliberate strokes designed to make her beg for him.

At the first gentle thrust of her hips against him, he smiled. When she was rocking easily against him, he withdrew and then leaned up to look at her. “Now Red, beg me.”

Willow’s eyes opened at the harsh words and the interruption of pleasure that had been building.

“You know the words. And I mean the good ones, the real ones.” Spike flexed his hips slightly, teasing her with the crest of his erection.

Willow hesitated. With every fiber of her being, she wanted to reject him but at the same time, she wanted that incredible pleasure again. Before she could think any further, the words were coming out of her mouth.

“Fu-fuck me.” She had no pride, now lost to sensation.

“Where, pet?” Spike teased with a mocking grin.

“In my-my, pussy.” Willow’s cheeks burned at the words coming so easily out of her mouth. Now she understood without a shadow of a doubt why Buffy could not resist Angelus. If what they did felt even as half as good as this, she knew that she’d find it incredibly hard to resist.

“With what?” Spike continued his game while using one hand to play with her nipples and clit, teasing and tantalizing.

“Your cock. Your big hard cock.” Any reservations she had held on to now gone, Willow eagerly surrendered unconditionally to the wanton desires of the flesh.

Spike grinned and rocked above her, thrusting in with firm short strokes, gradually increasing to longer and harder ones. Willow felt her whole body respond to him, writhing and squirming beneath him as he returned his lips to hers kissing her hungrily around his fangs. She ground her hips hard up against him, her face contorting with desire and her breath coming in pants as she neared that ever-approaching peak.

Never in her life had Willow imagined that this would be such pleasure, that she would want anything so much. The intensity of the feelings were increasing, becoming delicious and yet unbearable. She had forgotten that this was against her will, against everything she should want.

Willow tossed her head wildly as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her, her muscles contracting as she exploded in climax.

Spike felt her contracting around him even before she cried out, and it spurred him on. He pounded her feverishly until he came in great jerking spurts, releasing his seed deep into her body. Collapsing on top of her, Spike sighed.

“Damn, red. You’re a great fuck.” Unusually, he had climaxed without feeding. He couldn’t remember the last time that had happened to him.

Willow closed her eyes, time receding for a moment as she contemplated what had happened. She was content to simply be for the moment, to simply feel the radiating sensations that still echoed through her body. It was nice to dismiss the morals or logic for the moment, and simply respond like any another animal.

Long minutes later Spike withdrew and wiped himself off on Willow’s shirt. “Thanks, luv. Let’s do this again soon.” He whistled as he left, content for the moment.

Willow groaned and moved slowly to dress. She couldn’t believe what had happened, especially the fact that she had ultimately begged Spike, just as he predicted. She shivered as she dressed, wondering about Buffy. When Willow found her, Buffy was conscious and struggling against the chains, but with no success.

“Are you okay?” When Willow removed her gag, Buffy’s first words were concern for her friend. “Did he hurt you?”

Willow looked away from Buffy, unable to say the words to describe what Spike had done. What she had done.. Within seconds Buffy understood. “Damn him. I’ll stake him, Will, I promise. He’s so dead. Did he- did he hurt you very much? Are you okay?” The last words were softer, filled with apprehension.

“No, he- uh, it didn’t hurt that much.” Willow was sore, but even more she was embarrassed and humiliated.

– – – – –

Angelus had only just returned to Sunnydale, having spent the last week in the Pacific Northwest visiting a Shaman that had the apparent secrets to immortality; secrets that Angelus now had in his grasp.

After a shower and a change of clothing, he set out to find Buffy. He had checked her house, his apartment and the Bronze, anxious to see her again after the days apart. He was now searching the various Sunnydale locations where she might be on patrol, his irritation at not finding her increasing. He had just crossed the street near Restfield cemetery when he caught her scent. He stood still for a moment, confirming her location. Then he stalked forward, his long coat billowing out behind him.

When he caught sight of her a few minutes later he growled, furious. She was still tied, both girls still struggling ineffectively to free her from the chains still binding her to the tree.

“Who?” He gritted out the word as he knelt beside her, pushing Willow’s hands aside to grab the lock. With an easy wrench he pulled it apart, his strength having increased ten-fold since he had been feeding regularly on slayer blood.

“Spike.” Before either girl could reply, Angelus spat out the word. Spike scent was wafting strongly to him from Willow. He glanced at her briefly, noting the torn clothing and flushed cheeks. Angelus was no fool – he knew what had happened. His next concern was whether Spike had dared to violate Buffy – his mate.

Yanking her to her feet he inspected her impersonally, running his hands over her head, through her hair and down her body. He grunted at the large bump on her head, Buffy slapping his hand away in pain and irritation. Satisfied that she was unhurt and unmolested, his thoughts shifted back to his earlier intent in seeking her out. Without warning, Angelus grabbed Buffy and slammed her hard against him. His arms pressed her close, her face buried against the soft cashmere of his sweater as he unthinkingly rained kisses down on her hair.

Pushing her head back and lowering his, he took possession of her mouth, kissing her hungrily. Willow looked away, feeling de trop but unwilling to wander out into the dark cemetery on her own. His lips still pressed tightly to hers, Angelus walked Buffy backward until she bumped into the tree behind her, his hand busily working its way under her shirt to feel the soft skin beneath.

Buffy immediately felt the excitement building within her. It had been too long since they had been together and she admitted to herself that she was longing for it. When he released her lips to begin kissing and sucking at her neck, Buffy dropped her head back to give him unrestricted access. Angelus leaned into her, trapping her between his body and the tree.

When his cool fingers reached her breast, Buffy’s eyes flew open. Willow! How could she have forgotten her friend? Now panting, Buffy finally managed to get the word out. “Willow.”

“Willow.” Angelus repeated, lifting his head to look down at her. He then recalled Buffy’s friend. Without breaking eye contact with Buffy, Angelus spoke. “Willow. You can wait in the mausoleum over there, or you can go home. You’ll be safe.”

Buffy’s eyes searched his, surprised at his consideration and yet not, knowing that Angelus always got what he wanted, when he wanted it. Feeling that she should take care of Willow, Buffy attempted to extract herself from Angelus’s arms but to no avail. He didn’t budge.

Willow sighed with resignation and walked to the nearby mausoleum to wait. She had only just moved past them when Angelus reached for the zipper on Buffy’s pants. He tugged it down, then pushed her pants and panties down her legs to pool at her feet. Buffy lifted one leg out, her foot still clad in the black sandal.

He lifted her shirt and tugged her bra down, wanting to see her naked breasts. As he suspected, her nipples were already jewel hard. One hand rested just on her mound as he leaned down to suck one hard peak into his mouth. He licked and sucked, alternating with bites as he devoured each breast while Buffy squirmed against the tree behind her. Several times she attempted to move so that his hand would touch her where she wanted it most, but he only petted her teasingly, stroking the trimmed patch of hair. When he finally lifted his head, Buffy’s nipples were hard and swollen, faintly purplish and bruised from his aggressive attentions. Between her legs, she was running wet with desire even though he had hardly touched her there. He smiled, a feral and wolfish smile.

Angelus unfastened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He was near bursting with want of her. His hand slid between her legs, touching her lightly.

She tongued his throat, restlessly waiting. When he did not move to give her what she was anxiously waiting for, she bit him on the neck. He leaned into her as his lips touched her ear. “Want me to fuck you?”

His erection brushed across her stomach, the pulsing crest leaving a wet trail where it met her skin giving away his need for her. His mouth was wet against her throat, “Want me to fuck you right here?”

“Yes.” Buffy whimpered as his hand began to stroke her deliberately, his fingers rubbing her clit firmly. His mouth covered hers again, his hand hard against her wet, pulsing core as he pressed her even more firmly backward into the tree. His kiss was intrusive, forceful as was his hand between her legs as he sought to dominate her.

“Yes, what?” He lifted his head and looked down at her in the moonlight, her lips wet and slightly swollen from his kisses, her eyes half-closed.

“Yes, pleeease.” Buffy begged, wanting him desperately. He bent his knees slightly as she lifted her leg to hook her knee over his hip. He lifted her then, as she reached for his cock, adjusting the angle and position so that she could slide down on the cool, long, and hard shaft. He gripped her shoulders, pulling her roughly onto him until she was seated to the hilt.

Buffy moaned softly from the feel of him, she was stretched, filled, engorged. He felt like cool marble inside her, firm and unyielding. She shivered from insatiable longing as he ground into her, his pelvic bone striking the sensitive nub of her clitoris with exquisite pressure.

Angelus gripped her buttocks in his hands as he began to lift and lower her. His lips covered hers again and his tongue thrust into her mouth with the same rhythm as the movements of the lower half of his body. His fingertips brushed the cheeks of her bottom, stroking her between them with wicked touches that further enflamed her, making her want him more.

Rapidly losing touch with reality, her focus shifting purely on quenching the ache between her thighs, Buffy began to move on Angelus with strong, and sure movements. He stifled a groan deep in his throat as she plunged down on him, gripping his shoulders tight for leverage. In response, he rammed into her hard, making her mewl. Their mating was savage, animal as they moved together. When he felt her stiffen in climax, his features changed and he pulled her closer, his arm wrapping around her back as he buried his face in her throat. When he pierced her with his sharp fangs, Buffy cried out and sank her nails into his shoulders through the thin silk of his shirt. Angelus was filled with a lust so acute that he forgot everything else but the hot, pulsing nirvana surrounding his cock and the delicious nectar filling his mouth. As he drank her blood he continued to move his hips, driving her hard until he felt her convulse against him again. Only then, did he release his seed into her body, collapsing against her in a soul-shattering, sensational orgasm.

Angelus kissed her lightly on the head, then lowered her to the ground. She leaned against him unsteadily for a minute before adjusting her top and bra, and picking her pants up from the ground. Shaking them off, she began to dress.

“Where have you been?” Buffy’s tone was casual, yet she was burning with curiosity. She was also concerned that Angelus may be less than faithful to her, which, granted, given their unorthodox relationship and the fact that he was a demon was not something she should necessarily expect. Although, his sense of urgency tonight suggested that perhaps that fear was unfounded. Even now her back felt scraped from the rough bark of the tree.

“Out of town.” Angelus adjusted his clothing, and looked around the darkened cemetery. Now that he had the burning lust out of his system, he was intent on taking care of Spike.

“Oh.” Buffy sniffed in disappointment, turning to walk toward the mausoleum where Willow likely waited. “Spike raped Willow.” Buffy’s voice was soft, yet angry.

“I know.” Angelus walked beside her, his thoughts now preoccupied. “Go home. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be at the apartment at dusk.” Kissing her once more, Angelus disappeared into the dark night.

Buffy sighed. His recent somewhat gentle behavior was more confusing than anything. Well, she’s worry about that later. Right now she needed to make sure Willow was all right.

– – – – –

Willow spent the night with Buffy, unwilling to face her family or to sleep alone. Other than the fact that she was no longer a virgin, she was physically unharmed. She scrubbed hard in the shower, feeling as if she might never be clean again. Unbidden flashes of Spike would pop into her head, making her feel nervous yet strangely warm, almost excited.

The girls talked for a while about what had happened, Buffy feeling reassured that at least Spike hadn’t bitten Willow. They also talked about Angelus, his strange disappearance and Buffy’s complicated relationship – if you could call it that – with him. She wasn’t sure how that was going to play out, but right now she was content to go along for the ride. He seemed to be keeping to his part of the bargain, so she would too.

They lay quietly in the dark for a while before Willow suggested softly that it wasn’t necessary that Buffy stake Spike, but Buffy still vowed to get even with him for what he had done.

It took Angelus less than a half hour to find Spike, and another fifteen minutes before Spike realized that he was being watched. He was playing poker with a few of his demon friends in a small underground pub, a gathering place of sorts for Sunnydale’s demon population.

“You know him?” The demon on Spike’s right asked casually, noting Angelus’s piercing gaze at their table.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Spike tossed his cards on the table, knowing that it was useless to run. He’d take his lumps like a man, er, demon. And who knew – maybe he’d even manage to take the poof this time. After all, he had been working out some. “Excuse me gents, I’ve got some business to take care of.”

Angelus waited outside in the small garden for Spike to appear. He was leaning casually against the wall.

“So, you’ve come to kick my ass.” Spike strolled toward him cockily, feeling a surge of confidence from his earlier exploits with Willow. “Because I happened to find your little love nest and see you fucking the slayer? Or because she was screaming my name as you pounded her ass?”

Angelus, refusing to be baited, simply pushed away from the wall. “You just trying to see how it’s done? Or did you think I was fucking Dru?” Angelus laughed at Spike’s expression. “You did! You actually thought I was fucking Dru.” Sobering Angelus continued his walk to where Spike stood. “Did you honestly think that with that hot little slayer ass that I’d even bother with a tired, screwed up piece like Dru? And scream your name? Dream on, Spike.”

Spike snorted, pissed that Angelus would malign his mate, but said nothing.

“As for the slayer, I’ll tell you this just once. She’s off limits. Don’t even think of hitting her again. Ever. In fact, I’ll make this easy. Don’t look at her, don’t touch her, don’t even think about her.” Angelus now circled Spike slowly, moving behind him. “If another vampire or demon had found her chained up there, then you’d be staked to the ground slowly waiting for sunrise by now. But since you are my childe, I’m going to be generous and give you another chance.”

Angelus’s growl was the only indication Spike had that their talk had ceased. He was taken by surprise when the blow hit him square in the face, nearly breaking his nose. Spike staggered back from the blow, his hands covering his face in agony. Angelus’s blow seemed harder, stronger than before. Looking through his fingertips, Spike realized that the blood that Angelus has been taking from the slayer must be making him stronger. Suddenly, he was less confident than he had been moments ago.

Angelus reached out and yanked Spike toward him. “Well, don’t you have anything to say?”

“Suck my cock.” It was croaked out, but easily understood. Spike wasn’t giving in easily.

Spike tried but there was no question who was going to walk away from their fight the victor. Angelus was taller, heavier and stronger, not to mention also furious. He showed Spike no mercy, pounding the smaller vampire into the ground with several well-placed punches.

When it was finished a short while later, Angelus stood over Spike who lay on the ground barely conscious. “I’m sure that you won’t touch Buffy again. Or, come near my apartment. You can fuck her little friend all you like – but I wouldn’t hurt her, if I were you. Buffy might choose to come after you if you do, and I’d hate to think what I might have to do to you were you to choose to fight my mate.” Angelus spat blood out of his mouth from one of Spike’s few returned blows, then turned and walked away. Spike blinked, but Angelus was already gone.

– – – – –

Xander kicked at the rock on the sidewalk, feeling morose and sorry for himself. He’d spent the last hour at the Bronze, hanging out alone and mostly getting strange looks from the girls there. Even a few of the guys looked at him as if he had grown an extra head.

He owned up to the fact that he missed Buffy and Willow. He missed the added cool factor that hanging out with them gave him, but mostly he just missed their company. Admittedly he didn’t understand the attraction Buffy had for Angelus, but he now regretted having told Giles about it. Sighing as he crossed the street, he thought that tomorrow he’d try to apologize to her and to Willow and see if he couldn’t repair their friendship.

Xander had been so immersed in thought that he nearly missed Giles as he exited the coffee shop with Jenny Calendar and two men that Xander didn’t recognize. They were still engrossed in their conversation and had yet to notice him behind them.

“But what if the ritual fails?” Jenny looked at Giles anxiously. Before he could answer, one of the other men spoke. “Then another slayer will be called.”

The second man continued speaking, his voice thick with a British accent. “You know as well as I do Rupert that an immortal slayer would be an asset. We’ll have to take Angelus out of the picture of course, but I say we let him complete the ritual and see what happens.”

“No. I violently disagree. If anything goes wrong…” Giles paused, unable to complete the thought. He cared too much about Buffy to think about the consequences.

“Well, Mr. Giles. You don’t have a choice. Attempt to intervene, and the council will be forced to stop you. Good night.” The two men turned the corner and got into the back of a black van that had been waiting for them. The van roared off, stirring up dust.

“What are you going to do?” Jenny watched the van until the taillights disappeared.

“I don’t know just yet.” Giles too, waited until there was no sight of the van before he turned to look at Jenny.

Xander had ducked behind a parked car, hidden from view but close enough that he could make out their conversations. He wasn’t sure about the whole conversation, but what he understood told him that he needed to warn Buffy.