Chapter 5, Bliss

Author’s Notes: This is pretty much AU. Or maybe it’s AR. It’s vampires and Slayers, and based on canon but totally different. What’s the genre for that?This is a pure fluff and lots of *smut* chapter – be warned. Oh, and Cordelia finally gets some of what’s coming to her.

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Originally posted: Oct 22, 2002

When Angel arrived at his house just outside of Sunnydale it was still early. He’d impatiently left LA when the sun was just crossing the horizon, anxious to see Buffy again.

The Initiative had been disbanded and Adam had been gone for almost a month now, but it was Angel’s first return trip to Sunnydale since he and Buffy had reconciled almost four months ago. As a huge concession to her in their make-up negotiations, he’d agreed to stay out of Sunnydale until 314 and the Initiative had been dealt with. She’d only worry about his capture too, and she didn’t want that additional concern. Angel didn’t like Buffy taking care of it herself, but at her refusal to give ground on the issue he finally relented. He wanted her in his life; he’d accept her conditions.

They’d met at a small resort outside LA three times, but otherwise their busy schedules had not allowed them to see each other nearly as much as they would have liked. Angel, however, was determined to change that.

Buffy had also asked him to wait and ask her again to marry him; she wanted a romantic proposal – not one that came on the heels of an apology. He relented on that as well, and had been recently giving some thought to how and when he could pop the question again.

A familiar sensation stirred within him as he opened the door, and his plans of taking a quick shower then calling Buffy changed. He shrugged out his coat and tossed it on the chair before making his way through the quiet house.

Opening the door to his bedroom, Angel came to a stop, a slow smile forming on his lips. Several candles illuminated the room, casting it in a pale golden light. “What do we have here?”

“Welcome back.”

Buffy lounged on the bed nude, the jewelry he’d given her in the last few months artfully displayed on her lush form. Emerald teardrop shaped earrings hung from her ears, and the cross he had first given her lay nestled between her breasts, along with several other silver chains, a diamond pendant and a strand of pearls. Her diamond engagement ring sparkled in the light, and her wrists glittered with a diamond and sapphire bracelet that he had picked up on a whim several months ago at an auction. It had been enormously expensive, but well worth the price to see it as it was now. A delicate silver chain was wrapped around her waist, and a matching chain hung around one dainty ankle. His eyes widened when he took in the replica of his tattoo just above the silver chain on her ankle.

Bracing his hands on the doorframe, he leaned into the room, his eyes continuing their lazy surveillance. “Do you know how often I imagined you here, like that?”

“Really? Just like this?” Buffy smiled at him, glancing down at her jewels and nude form. She’d found the engagement ring in the drawer where he’d left it. Technically, he hadn’t actually proposed again – but she planned on leaving no doubt in his mind about her answer. She glanced up at him again, meeting his eyes. “I have something for you.”

At his hesitation, she spoke again.

“You can come closer… I won’t bite.” Her voice dropped an octave as her eyes swept over him. “Unless you want me to…”

Angel closed his eyes for a fraction of a second, her words dangerous to his peace of mind. When he opened them again, a visible heat burned in the rich chocolate depths.

“Come now. You have to find your gift.” Her expression was hot, daring.

He didn’t move or speak for a moment, his control tested at her obvious teasing display.

“Am I scaring the big vampire?” She teased, sliding one leg up on the bed slowly, gracefully.

“On the contrary.” Angel smiled, “I was considering my options. I see you found your ring. Do you like it?”

“I love it. I love you.” Buffy returned his smile, her body temperature increasing exponentially now that he was here, watching her. She had shivered with anticipation at the thought of what she had planned but was finding the actual event to be more of a turn-on than she expected. “Do you mind?”

He dropped his hands from the doorframe. “Of course not. Although, I hadn’t officially asked you again, and you hadn’t really given me an acceptance to my earlier proposal…”

“I thought it would be obvious.”

His brows arched as he moved toward her. “I take nothing for granted with you.”

She studied him for a moment under her lashes. He was so tall, dark and handsome. As beautiful as sin. It was unfair. An irrational part of her wanted to lock him away so that he would belong to her and her alone.

“You look beautiful.” Angel murmured softly, his eyes still drawn to her as he kicked off his shoes. She was perfect from the top of her tousled blonde hair to the bottoms of her dainty feet with their perfectly painted toenails.

“I was hoping to impress you.” Buffy lifted her eyes to his face again.

“And you have.” He smiled, his hands moving to the buttons on his shirt.

“Can I undress you?” She rolled toward him, leaning on one elbow on the bed.

“Later.” When he could stand the wait. Right now he was seriously close to ripping his shirt in his haste to get it off.

“If I were your houri, I would have to undress you.” Her voice a husky whisper.

Angel’s head came up sharply and he looked at her, his eyes narrowing. Her hips were rocking slowly even now. The blood surged in his erection at the thought of her game.

“Okay, my sweet houri, come then.” He murmured, a rough edge to his voice. He held out his hand.

She immediately rolled from the bed and came to stand before him. He ran his hand over her shoulders, stopping to carefully remove the cross she wore. He sat it carefully on the table near the bed.

“I’m sorry.” Buffy had worn the cross to show him that she still had it, intending to remove it as soon as he joined her on the bed.

His erection surged at the docility in her tone. Taking her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, he tweaked them lightly. “Don’t forget again. I’d prefer not to have to discipline you.”

Buffy suppressed a smile, pleased that he was willing to play. “No, my lord, I’ve been on my best behavior.”

“We’ll see.” With a gentle squeeze he released her nipples. “Undress me then.”

She finished unbuttoning his shirt and laid it carefully aside. When her hands returned to his belt, he stopped her.


His authoritative tone brought a spark to Buffy’s eyes but it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. She squeezed her legs together tightly. She could feel the sticky wetness on her thighs already. As she lowered herself to her knees she could feel the object inside her shift and she sucked in a breath.

Angel stroked her hair as she unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. His erection surged at the sight of her kneeling in front of him. “I love your smell. Your taste.”

Buffy looked up at him. She felt another tremor inside her, his words flaming her desire. She knew he could smell how aroused she was already.

“Are you ready for me?” Angel smiled, noting the flush on her face, the rampant scent of her arousal, the glistening wetness on her thighs where she knelt in front of him.

“Yes.” Buffy licked her lips, as she slid his pants down his thighs.

“First, I want you to take me in your mouth.” His cock was so hard now that it nearly ached. And he wasn’t at all sure that it was a good idea to have her lips around him, but he couldn’t resist. “If you’re very good, then I’ll give you what you want.”

“Yes, my lord.”

How did she do it? Provoke him to nearly uncontrollable lust with that breathy acquiescence? Willing women had always been the norm in his life, so it wasn’t the submissiveness or the compliance. Buffy rarely yielded her strength, her independence, her trust – which is what, Angel rather suspected, that aroused him to such a fever pitch.

Buffy had wrapped her hand around the long hard length of his penis and had pulled it downward, toward her mouth. When her tongue circled the tip, a breath caught in his throat. When she slid the head into her mouth, he felt the hot wet heat jar his body like he had been struck.

Tamping down a ramming speed mentality, he lightly caressed her ears, her cheeks as she took him deeper into her mouth. Her eyes lifted to look up at him, wide and filled with desire. She bobbed her head, her tongue swirling around him as she drew back, then she sucked hard before sliding him to the back of her throat.

“Deeper, sweet.” Angel whispered, his fingers toying with the emeralds that dangled from her ears. When more of his long shaft had disappeared into her mouth, he nearly groaned. “Do you like sucking my cock?” His voice was hushed.

Buffy nodded, unable to reply with her mouth full.

Angel closed his eyes against the friction. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

Opening her eyes again, Buffy looked up at him and shook her head. She wanted him inside her.

“Are you saying no?” Her meek submission perversely pleased him; he hadn’t realized he was so tyrannical. Perhaps it was just that no other woman had so provoked his possessive impulses. He put one hand on the back of her head, holding her as he pushed further into her mouth.

Her eyes flashed in warning and he released her before she might be tempted to bite him. She sat back on her heels, her hazel-green eyes dark with passion, lust streaking through her body and her lips shiny and wet. “I want you now.”

“Do you always get your way?” He smiled down at her, his earlier impulse curtailed.

“If you give me what I want now, you can have what you want… later.”

“How much later?”

“Later. You still have to find your gift.” Her gaze was heated.

“I thought I had.” Angel grinned, lifting her into his arms. He sat her on the bed then moved her legs to sit between them. With one hand, he delicately stroked the neatly trimmed curls at the V of her legs. “Is it… here?” His fingers lightly brushed her labia, then gently parted her folds to find the taut nub of her clit. Once more his fingers dipped down, nearly sliding inside her.

She nodded, her eyes closing at the delicate caresses, his fingers increasing the aching want between her legs.

“Hmm. It must be small. Really small.” His voice was a soft murmur as he surveyed her, the tips of her nipples pointed and erect, her skin warm and flushed.

Buffy whimpered, dropping her head back on the bed. Her hands clutched the blanket beneath her.

He slipped a finger inside her, then another and extracted the object. “A ring.” He whispered, turning it over in his hand. It was a thick platinum band. Looking up, he smiled at her.

Reaching down, Buffy took the ring from him. She kissed his hand and slid it on his finger. Then she held her arms up for him. “Want you – now.”

Without any further hesitation, Angel moved over her and guided the hard crest of his erection inside her. She clutched at his shoulders as he moved with slow, even strokes. When he dipped his head down to suck on the hard tips of her nipples, she arched her back and climaxed, pulsing hot and sleek around him. He paused for a few short seconds, waiting for her to catch her breath, then began to move again. She smiled and moved her hips in slow rocking undulation that made him groan.

Her earlier impatience now curtailed by the recent pulsing orgasm, she reached up and brushed her fingertips across his cheek. “Welcome home.”

“With this welcome, I’ll be sure come back more often.” Reaching for her hand, he brought it to his lips, lightly kissing her fingers, her engagement ring. He continued his dexterous rhythm of penetration and withdrawal as she rocked against him.

“Good. I’ll make you happy.” Buffy whispered, taking his hand and kissing the ring he now wore on his ring finger, next to the Claddaugh he still wore on his middle finger. She sighed then, feeling the swelling rise of another orgasm.

“You already do, sweetheart.” His hands drifted over her hips, her waist, to linger at her breasts. He kissed her again, his lips settling on hers for a lazy interval as Buffy basked in his attentions.

She sighed in blissful ecstasy as he moved, clinging to the hard strength of his body, every nerve attuned to him. Gauging her arousal carefully, he paced himself. When her next rippling climax began, he thrust hard and poured his own seed into her body with jolting spasms that he felt down to his toes.

When she could speak again, Buffy brushed a kiss across Angel’s jaw. “Marry me.” Her voice was a soft whisper.

He lifted his head to look at her, studying her face in the dim candlelight. He laughed then, a genuine heartfelt bark of happiness and joy. Hugging her tightly to him, he kissed her ear. “Just say when, babe, and I’ll be there.”

Several weeks later…

Oz, dressed as a wolf, hadn’t been recognized in the mens room when Parker and his buddies came in, laughing and talking loudly. True to form, Parker was bragging to everyone that would listen about the girl he was planning to have that night.

“Just wait. I slipped a little aphrodisiac in those cosmopolitans I was pouring for the little bumblebee and her ladybug friend. I’ll have bee all over my dick before the night is over, just wait and see.” Parker laughed loudly and slapped a high five with his friend just before he stepped up to the urinal to take a piss. “Yep, I’ll fuck that little insect every which way by morning, my friends, mark my words.”

Oz made his way quietly out behind them, not wanting them to notice him. He knew that Parker had been pouring drinks for Buffy and Anya just a little while ago, and with Buffy dressed as a bumblebee and Anya as a ladybug, Oz had no doubt who Parker was referring to. Given the lewd words, he thought it best that he find Buffy and warn her before it was too late.

Oz found Willow first and told her what he had heard. She anxiously pointed in the direction where Buffy and Anya had been and Oz pushed his way through the crowd in that direction. Willow was going to make a circle the other way and swing by the ladies room, just in case they had gone that way. Regardless, they agreed that they needed to find their friends quickly.

Angel never really liked Halloween – the clichés, the costumes – he’d spent too many years lurking in the dark to really appreciate the desire to do it purposefully. Buffy had told him to wear a costume, but he’d been too busy to really come up with anything he felt comfortable wearing. And, quite honestly, he hadn’t really wanted to dress up. His only concession had been to wear a scarlet silk shirt and his leather pants instead of his usual attire. She seemed to like the leather pants, so maybe that would appease her.

He walked slowly up the walk to the fraternity house where he was supposed to meet her, uncomfortable on the UC Sunnydale campus. He was also late, which meant that Buffy was likely to be annoyed with him. He’d been working on a particularly difficult case and hadn’t been able to leave LA until much later than he expected.

A blond woman in a toga had spotted him just as he made his way up the walk and invited him in, saving him the usual vampire dilemma of an invitation. She complimented him enormously on his costume, saying that he made a very believable rock star. He only smiled slightly at her over-exaggeration and shrugged, making polite but reserved conversation with her as they made their way inside. Once he had politely but firmly disengaged her clinging form, he stood just inside the door and looked around for Buffy.

“Angel!” Willow waved when she spotted him just after he crossed the threshold, as she had been moving in that direction toward the ladies room. When he didn’t see her, she waved again trying to attract his attention. She was more than relieved that he was finally here, even though she hadn’t yet found Buffy.

Angel hadn’t recognized Willow at first in her little red riding hood costume, but when he saw her waving at him he began to weave his way through the crowd toward her.

Buffy held the cool glass up to her cheek, the sensation wonderful against her heated skin. Similar in fact, to the feel of Angel against her – a thought that made her shiver briefly as she recalled again that he was coming here tonight. That they were finally going to be able to see each other more often.

She felt wonderfully warm and tingly, a curious excitement racing through her veins now at the thought of Angel. She closed her eyes, attempting to capture the memories of their last visit almost two weeks ago. When she opened her eyes again, the room seemed somehow quieter, despite the noisy crowd. Even Anya’s voice, standing next to her, seemed to be coming from a great distance.

Buffy felt the familiar pang of Angel’s nearness and looked up excitedly. After a few minutes of perching up on her toes and craning her neck, she saw his dark head near the door. She squealed with delight, surprising Anya who jumped, knocking her drink over. Giggling, Buffy took Anya’s hand and they started toward the door. Both girls were moving with languid slowness, the drug in their drinks beginning to show it’s affects.

When he first saw her, Angel stopped short and stared. She’d told him she was dressing as a bumblebee, but this – her costume – was not anything like what he had pictured in his mind. Her dress was a strapless, yellow and black striped pattern that clung to her figure and came just to the tops of her thighs. On her head, she had a headpiece had two shiny gold antenna and on her back were a pair of gold and black trimmed gossamer wings that just peeked over her shoulders. With each step she took, he got a glimpse of tanned thigh just above the thigh-high black stockings she wore and his eyebrows rose just that much higher. He wanted to throw his coat around her and hide her from all the eyes that were watching her as she made her way through the room, weaving slightly on the high black heels. His mouth was dry and impatient lust raced through him as he watched her moved toward him, a radiant and welcoming smile on her face.

It wasn’t until she had almost reached him that he noticed Anya close behind her. Anya’s outfit was the exact style as Buffy’s yet with the red and black colors and markings of a ladybug. They were a stunning pair together, attracting more than their share of attention from the men in the room.

Parker, unaware where Buffy was headed, smiled and lewdly rubbed his hand across his crotch as he shot a glance at his friends, then fell in step behind her.

As Buffy crossed the room toward Angel, her thoughts seemed to drift through her mind in a haze. The tactile sensation of the slick material of her dress rubbing across her heated skin, her peaking nipples, only seemed to add to her rapidly building desire, as images of Angel saturated her mind. With vivid clarity, she recalled their passionate, torrid sex in the weeks past and she felt another wave of desire sweep over her.

Angel’s nostrils flared as Buffy neared him, immediately recognizing the aromatic scent of her heated passions. Instantly too, he noted her dilated pupils, the slightly vacant look on her face. His anger rose, and along with it, his concern. What was going on?

When she neared him, Angel held out his hand for hers – steadying her as she walked toward him and pulling her close to him. Buffy felt the light brush of his fingertips across the skin of her hand and arm as only the mildest sensation, yet it rocked her, sending another spike of heat through her body.

“Hey, man. She’s with me.” Parker stepped around Anya and Buffy just as Angel took Buffy’s hand. Glancing at Anya, Angel realized that she wasn’t in much better shape than Buffy. Anya, in turn, licked her lips and closed her eyes. She thought of Spike, her sometime lover since Xander had enlisted in the army and left Sunnydale. She hoped she’d be able to find him tonight.

“Really?” Angel stood completely still as he looked at Parker.

“Oh good, you found… her. Them.” Oz reached the group just seconds after Angel spoke, Willow close behind him.

“Parker gave something to Buffy and Anya.” Willow looked accusingly at Parker.

Not being particularly bright, Parker hadn’t yet realized that he might be standing in front of Buffy’s boyfriend. Her very angry boyfriend. With Buffy obviously out of it, he saw no need to hide what he’d done. Instead, he unwisely decided instead to brag about it. “Yeah, I put a little opium and mandrake concoction in her cocktail. It’s something I picked up in Greece. You give this to a chick man, and she’s good to go – all night, if you know what I mean.” Parker sniggered and looked at his friends, who had sensibly had taken a step back after taking a look at the piercing stare of the tall man in front of them.

Buffy had slipped her hand between the buttons on Angel’s shirt and was caressing his chest as her hips undulated slightly against his thigh. Noting her actions, Parker adding grudgingly. “Hey man, it’s cool. I’m willing to share her with you. She seems to like you. But hey – I get the first ride. I’m not much for sloppy seconds.” Parker leered and winked. “Or, there’s her friend if you’re interested…”

“Angel?” Buffy whispered, her voice a needy whimper filled with carnal passion. She snuggled close, stepping under his arm to wrap her arm around his back, her other hand automatically reaching for his crotch as she sought, with singular focus, to ease the ache now burning inside her. And he was looking so damned fuckable in the leather pants…

“Hold on a second, sweetheart.” Angel grabbed her wrist before she reached him, holding it in one hand as he brushed her hair back from her face to look into her eyes again. Automatically, she closed her eyes, lifted her face and rose up on tiptoe, attempting to press close to him for a kiss. She pouted when he refused, instead wrapping his arm around her waist to hold her tight against him.

Could you kill someone more than once? Angel wondered as he stared at Parker. His burning need for vengeance in that moment was so great that he nearly lost control of the demon inside him. His blood lust was so acute he could taste it.

He’d cut off Parker’s balls first, Angel vowed silently. And, if he had time, he’d watch him bleed to death. But first he needed to take care of Buffy, who was rubbing her body against him now like a cat in heat.

Forcing his eyes away from Parker, Angel turned to Oz. “I’m taking Buffy home. Can you take Anya?”

“Hey! Wait a minute. I get my turn with the cunt.” Parker still didn’t get it. He didn’t realize what dangerous waters he was treading in.

A tense silence had fallen over the room, the hostility palpable as Angel looked back at the boy in front of him.

“I don’t share.” Angel growled softly, his jaw muscle tensing and flexing as he worked hard to keep his anger in check.

“Maybe you don’t have a choice.” Parker looked to his friends for backup, his misplaced bravado fueled by his own stupidity and the alcohol he had consumed.

“Let me make this clear. My wife is unavailable to you. And I always have choices.” Angel murmured softly, but with menace. His eyes were now flecked with gold as he struggled for control.

“Wife?” Parker squeaked, glanced at Buffy who was pressed tightly to Angel’s side, now kissing his neck with her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feel of him against her. Angel’s arm was wrapped around her waist, steadying her as she perched up on the toes of her high-heeled shoes to better reach him.

With preternatural speed, Angel punched Parker in the face. He slammed into the ground hard, landing awkwardly on his ass. Parker’s friends backed even farther away. Wisely, they had no intention of helping him out of this one.

Angel said nothing, only glared at Parker as if daring him to stand. When Parker finally dropped his eyes from the intense and angry stare and scooted back on the floor, Angel swept Buffy up in his arms and turned and walked out. Oz and Willow led Anya behind them, and the five of them left.

Angel talked with Oz for a few minutes, recommending that they find Spike and leave Anya with him. Once again, his stomach turned in disgust at what had been done to the two girls. When he considered what might have happened had he not been there, his anger surged again. Taking a deep calming breath, he reminded himself that Buffy was supernaturally strong – even drugged it’s likely that she would have been able to fight Parker off – had she wanted to, which was questionable given the nature of the drug. He growled again, vowing further revenge.

When Angel climbed into the car where Buffy waited, she immediately slid next to him on the seat – her passions increasingly urgent and becoming almost painful. “Please . . . Angel.” Her voice was a husky whimper, almost a whine.

Angel debated for a moment, his raging anger still demanding action against the bastard that did this to her. Taking yet another calming breath, he forced himself to concentrate on Buffy. She needed him right now.

His hand brushed down her arm and she whimpered, the light touch seemingly stirring every nerve in her body. When he reached her breast, she groaned loudly. Fierce, uncurbed lust raced unchecked through her body culminating in a wild, pulsing throb between her legs.

Despite his abhorrence of what had been done, Angel’s erection throbbed in anticipation.

When his lips met hers, Buffy opened her eyes, her feverish senses simmering. She sucked hard on his tongue when he slipped it into her mouth and reached up to hold him to her by the nape of his neck. The merest touch from him had created a frantic pulsing in the wet core of her body, a wild driving need for consummation overwhelming her brain. “Angel… please…” She murmured against his lips before kissing him eagerly again.

Angel debated his options before deciding that he would not make love to her in the car in the UC Sunnydale campus parking lot. But he could ease the tension for the drive to his house. “Spread your legs, love.”

Angel nudged her thighs slightly with his hand and Buffy responded immediately. She writhed against the seat and against Angel as the feverish need continued to course like wildfire through her vagina, to the hard tips of her breasts. Lifting her hips, she arched toward him seeking a surcease of the ache that threatened to overtake her like tidal wave. She let out a soft cry of longing when his fingers brushed across the lace-clad wetness between her legs.

The black garter and stockings framed her femininity perfectly, tempting him beyond belief as he looked down at her. Muttering a small prayer for control, Angel slipped his fingers under the elastic edge of her thong. When he slid two fingers inside her, Buffy stirred fitfully against his hand, her well-lubricated passage accepting him easily. He stroked and massaged, penetrating her with his fingers as she panted heavily. Reaching up, she gripped Angel’s bicep so hard she bruised him, yet she was insensible to anything but him and the voracious sexual craving overtaking her. When Angel exerted pressure on the taut and swollen nub of her clit, Buffy cried out. The agonizing pleasure tore through her body as her climax broke in a feverish display of raw, unbridled feeling.

When Buffy collapsed back against the seat, still breathing hard, Angel slowly and carefully withdrew his fingers. He couldn’t resist tasting her, so he licked them clean as he started the car. Pressing hard on the accelerator, he sped out of the parking lot to his Sunnydale home.

Buffy pouted when Angel forced her to keep her hands to herself and sit next to him on the drive. She had roused shortly after they entered the freeway, her passions and craving for sex, for him, still acute and intense.

As soon as they entered the small house, Buffy turned and launched herself into Angel’s arms. When he lifted her hand and kissed her palm, attempting to slow the pace, she made the softest sound, muted and low, and Angel felt it in his pulsing cock. Wrapping one arm around her, he drew her hard against him.

When he kissed her, she sighed and lifted her arms around his neck and molded herself against him in flagrant invitation. She was already beyond aroused again, her own heated passions combined with the drug she’d been given and the wait on the drive making her near frantic once again.

“Now… Please.” Buffy hooked a leg around his knee and writhed against him. With her other hand, she began to pull her short dress up to her waist.

With such an overtly sexual entreaty, he could wait no longer. Angel swung them around and pressed Buffy hard against the door he had closed behind them. Swiftly unzipping his pants, he lifted her and tore the thong panties she wore from her body. He plunged inside her as she slid down, her sleek warmth closing around him with gratifying tightness.

“Yess… Angel…” Buffy dropped her head back and clutched his hair as he trailed hot kisses down her neck and throat. He was dangerously out of control himself, his hips moving insistently in a hard driving rhythm. She clung to him fiercely, meeting his strokes with her own selfish violence, immune to logic or reason, frantic and panting. The leather of his pants chafed against the soft flesh of her thigh above the stockings, but she was beyond caring.

Raising his head, Angel kissed her hungrily as he continued to pound her against the door – her arms and legs gripping him tightly. She was so hot, tight and wet around him that Angel gritted his teeth trying to control himself and hold back. Inflamed and overwrought, Buffy abruptly jerked free and bit him hard on the neck. Angel grunted in pain as his features shifted to his demon face. She seemed to delight in the feel of his fangs as she kissed him again, pushing her tongue insistently into his mouth and matching the rhythm of his hips as he continued to thrust hard inside her.

Without thought, Angel kissed a wet path across her cheek and down her throat. When he sank his teeth into her neck, she screamed and bucked hard against him, erupting in climax. Her nails dug into his back through the shirt and jacket he still wore and she clenched around him. With the tensioning building inside him and Buffy’s blood filling his mouth, Angel slammed her against him with two more strokes before finally releasing a groan and clutching her tightly as he shot his seed inside her.

Licking the closing wound on her neck, Angel dropped his head against the door. He hadn’t meant to take her like an animal and he certainly hadn’t intended to bite her. It reminded him too much of the demon side of him that he couldn’t always control. Buffy squirmed slightly, the drugs in her system spurring her passions again.

“Angel?” Her voice soft, Buffy stroked his back. She could still feel him inside her and it was adding to the lust coursing through her blood.

“Hmmm?” He couldn’t think after such a shattering orgasm, he could only feel. Kissing her tenderly he finally leaned back and withdrew from her, lowering her gently to the floor. When he looked down at her he couldn’t help but smile. Her antennas were lopsided now and one wing was thoroughly crushed, having been slammed against the door.

He didn’t have time to consider the damage for long her as her fingers closed forcefully around his still semi-erect cock, causing him to jerk in surprise. Her hand then swept downward with sure, swift pressure bringing his focus back to pleasurable sensations of her touch. “Did you want something?” Angel teased, as Buffy concentrated on the movements of her hand, licking her lips unconsciously as she stared down at him.

“Yes. You.” She glanced up at his face quickly and smiled, the returned her gaze to her hand. When she dropped to her knees in front of him, Angel felt a pure hedonistic surge of pleasure. His hands slipped into her hair as she pushed the tight leather pants aside to draw him out more fully. Her lips opened and surrounded the smooth crest as her tongue began to draw circles on his rigid erection.

His low groan as she sucked him deeper into her mouth sparked another bolt of carnal heat in Buffy’s body and she clenched her legs together in anticipation. Angel held himself motionless as she bobbed her head up and down, the friction of her soft lips and tongue followed by the subtle jarring of the back of her throat, rapidly driving him toward climax.

Reaching between his legs, she caressed the twin spheres of his balls before circling her fingers around the base of his hard shaft. With increasing urgency, she licked and sucked, nibbling gently on the tip before closing her lips firmly around him again. Angel watched her under his lashes, her mouth and tongue driving him crazy as she repeated the movements again and again. Almost at the point where he could no longer restrain himself, he reached down for her. “Buffy, baby, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum…” She looked up at him with a daring glance and shook him away, darting her tongue out to swirl around the pulsing head of his erection again as she stared up at him. With slow deliberation, she continued her teasing motions.

Releasing him, she paused for only a moment and murmured, “Want you to…” before greedily sucking him back into her mouth. Long minutes later, Angel groaned and rocked toward her, as he erupted in her mouth. Buffy swallowed rapidly before lifting her head, licking her lips and taking him back into her mouth.

She licked him softly, her tongue catching every trace of fluid on him as he sighed in pleasure. After she was pleased with her efforts, she leaned back on her heels to look up at him. When Angel finally opened his eyes to look down at Buffy, a carnal and ardent expression on her face, her lips shiny and wet, her thighs, slightly parted for balance, revealing her garter and the tops of her stockings, he felt a spark of possessive lust. And once again his anger surfaced. She was his and his alone. No one would ever see her like this. He’d kill Parker for what he tried to do.

Buffy, unaware of the turn Angel’s thoughts had taken, reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She pulled it over her head and tossed it aside along with her now broken antenna then sat back on the floor. “You have too many clothes on.” Her voice a husky whisper, Buffy leaned back on her arms and bent her knees, drawing up her legs and opening them wantonly. With her garter, stockings and high-heels, she was a picture of pure, unadulterated lust, her thighs spread for him.

Angel took in her blatant pose with a connoisseur’s interest, new life stirring in his previously content erection. His eyes never leaving her, he removed his coat and tossed it in the chair behind him.

“Hurry.” Buffy reached one hand between her legs, trailing her fingertips across the wet and swollen flesh. Her eyes closed at the first touch and she arched up slightly against her fingers.

With her sprawled at his feet and masturbating, Angel was in no hurry. He watched her with interest as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, her fingertips drumming across the nub of her clitoris to dip below and slide inside. He tossed his shirt in the general direction of his coat, unwilling to look away from her. She was lost in carnal lust, rampant desire raging in every nerve and tissue, as her motions gradually increased in both speed and pressure. Angel kicked off his boots and removed his leather pants just as she sighed, reaching another shuddering orgasm.

When she opened her eyes, he was standing over her, his fingers moving with practiced ease up and down his now hard penis.

“Are you ready?” His voice was soft, but with authority.

Buffy nodded, her eyes fixed on the motions of his hand.

“Are you wet?”

“Yes.” Buffy’s voice was breathy with need, despite her recent orgasm. With effort she forced her gaze past his erection to meet his eyes.

“Show me.” Angel watched her fingers disappear between her legs, his erection rising higher in response as he continued his own manipulations.

When she lifted her hand to him, her fingers were drenched with glistening fluid. He joined her on the floor when she crooked her finger at him, surprising him by tumbling him on his back as soon as he reached the floor. Straddling his hips, she reached for his erection. “Mmmm… Want this…” Buffy murmured, stroking the length of his shaft.

A second later he was buried deep inside her and she was riding him in a bewitching rhythm that threatened to drive him out of his mind. She took pleasure in teasing him, moving fast then slow, stopping with only the tip of him inside her only to slam down hard, all the while not allowing him to touch her with his hands. Each time he reached for her breasts, the sight of her hard nipples jutting in front of him as she bounced up and down too tempting to resist, she slapped him away playfully. “Nuh-uh-uh. No touching.”

“Really?” Angel surveyed her under his lashes, her words sparking a challenge with him. While he loved her on top of him, riding so aggressively, it wasn’t his nature to be particularly subservient.

Buffy ignored him, arching back and putting her hands on his thighs as she concentrated on the delectable feel of him between her legs. When she rose up again, Angel moved quickly and gripped her waist, holding her still just above the head of his cock.

“Are you sure no touching?” His voice was soft, even as he rubbed the tip of his erection against her wet labia.

“Ngyah. Angel…” Buffy squirmed, attempting to slide down.

“If you’re good, I’ll let you come again.” He lowered her then slightly, feeling the tightness engulf him as he began to slide up her wet channel. She bit her lip as she felt him, squirming again and hoping to force him to her pace.

When he held tight, she opened her eyes to look down at him with a half-lidded gaze. “Please, fuck me.” Her words were desperate with longing.

Her plea struck him with the most fundamental surge of heated desire. He lowered on down on him again, but as soon as she was seated he rolled her under him with preternatural agility, plunging to the very depth of her body. He rode her with a brute force and ferocity that he couldn’t control, wanting to possess her in the most elemental way, dominant male to submissive female.

She met him, thrust for thrust, her wildness matching his. At base, she wanted what he wanted. She clung to him with a insatiable urgency, whimpering and moaning as she spiraled toward the pinnacle of ecstasy once more.

Hot-blooded and feverish, their heated passions continued through the night. Greedy, ravenous, Buffy often set the pace and Angel complied, heedless of all but their need for each other. It was sensational excess, gluttony for the senses.

Toward morning, Buffy pushed Angel away irritably when he lifted her from the floor. His back ached from their exertions on the hard wood, and he had no doubt that Buffy’s would as well. “No… sleep now.” He smiled as she grumbled sleepily, kissing her lightly on the forehead as he carried her to bed.

Buffy groaned and pressed her nose closer to the cool expanse of Angel’s back as he lay facing away from her on the bed. Her first thought was that she ached, everywhere. Her knees were bruised, her hips felt pounded, her nipples were sore, there was a dull throb between her legs… Even her head seemed to hurt. The previous night was a vague memory, she remembered meeting Angel at the party and wanting him desperately. And, she remembered him complying – often. While it had been a couple of weeks since they had seen each other and she always felt that same warm ache of desire for him, last night had been different. Much different. She struggled to make sense of it.

“Buffy?” Angel felt her stirring behind him. He attempted to turn toward her, but she snuggled into him, not wanting to face him just yet. “Sweetheart, are you all right?”

She didn’t say anything only nodded into his back. Taking in the faint scratches – obviously from her nails on his back, Buffy again felt uncomfortable. Had she turned into some sort of sex maniac or something? Maybe it was the two kamikazes that Anya talked her into trying… She peeked over his shoulder at the clock and noticed that it was nearly 3:00 pm. Well, of course they would sleep the day away – they had been up most of the night… Buffy blushed and buried her face against his tattoo as she thought of some of the things she had done.

Angel shook her loose and turned over, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her against him. Buffy put her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

“Talk to me?” At her continued silence, Angel was starting to worry. Did the drug have side effects? Was she okay?

Buffy groaned and looked up at him. “I’m just contemplating how grateful I am for vampire stamina.” She smiled, but her cheeks were still flushed.

Angel returned her smile and kissed her temple. “Not that I didn’t enjoy it – immensely – I think I’d prefer that we handle any future sexual marathons on our own, without any stimulants.”

“What?” Buffy lifted her head and looked at him in surprise.

Angel studied her face for a minute before realizing that she wasn’t aware of the cause of her behavior last night. “Someone apparently slipped an aphrodisiac in your drink at the party last night. Do you remember – anything?”

Buffy looked at him searchingly, “Well, I remember you, um, us in the car before we drove here and I remember lots of sex when we got back here.” Buffy rested her hand on her hands that were on his chest, thinking. “I remember going to the party, Anya talking me into to trying drinks and- Oh! Parker. That son of a bitch!”

When Buffy nearly bolted from the bed, Angel grabbed her arm. “Hold on. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find that weasely excuse for a guy and-and- kick his ass.” Buffy was furious, now that she realized what had happened. What if Angel hadn’t, coincidentally, come to Sunnydale that night? Would she have- with Parker? It was too horrifying to contemplate.

“Hey, just come here.” Angel tugged her hand, pulling her back into the circle of his arms. “We’ll take care of this together. Okay?”

“But Angel – what if you-” Buffy shuddered, unable to complete her earlier thought.

“Shh. It doesn’t matter now because I am here. We’ll deal with this, I promise. Now, first, how about a shower…” Angel stood and pulled Buffy to her feet, “and then food.” Cupping her face in his hands he kissed her gently. Looking down at her face he was reminded again how precious she was to him, how sweet and trusting – oh, there was no doubt they’d deal with Parker.

When Buffy and Angel arrived in Sunnydale that night, however, the situation with Parker had already been resolved. Anya, with Spike at her heels, hadn’t wanted to wait any longer to confront Parker. Instead, she had rushed in to the bar where he and his friends were hanging out, shouted a few choice curse words at him and then slapped him hard. Spike laughed at Parker’s expression, before dragging him outside into the alley. After Spike had toyed with him for a few minutes, at turns mocking him and landing a few choice blows, he punched him hard in the face, breaking his jaw in three places. Anya called the cops and said she wanted to press charges for attempted rape. The police had just taken Parker away to jail when Buffy and Angel arrived.

Buffy was disappointed that she didn’t get the opportunity to at least yell at Parker herself but Anya convinced her that she really didn’t miss anything. In fact, not seeing the ‘rodent’ again would suit Anya just fine.

Spike, crushing his cigarette out under his foot, sidled up quietly to Angel. “You know, I thanked him before I broke his jaw. Last night… Well, I can’t recall an experience that would compare, if you know what I mean.”

Angel smiled faintly, his thoughts in disturbing agreement. “I know what you mean. I still wish I had been there, although I’m not sure I would have stopped at a broken jaw. I was thinking that I’d rip the little prick’s balls off – to start.”

“Yeah?” Spike glanced at Angel before returning his attention to Anya and Buffy who were talking quietly. “You always were best at torture. Must be why I miss hanging out with you.” Spike grinned, the lit another cigarette. “Maybe it’ll make you feel better to know that Anya bribed the cop that took him away. It’s my understanding that our man Parker will be getting a very special roommate. Which leads me to believe, he’ll get what he deserves.”

Angel glanced at Spike in acknowledgement, then they joined their girls. He doubted if he’d be satisfied until he had taken his own vengeance on Parker himself, but for now he had no choice.

Buffy walked through the lobby of the hotel, glancing around at Angel’s spacious new digs. “It’s great.” She turned a circle in the lobby as she looked around, smiling at Angel who stood behind her.

He smiled faintly in response, her enthusiasm for life and all things in it contagious. It was their first weekend together in LA, the first of many according to their new schedule for spending time together.

After their last weekend together in Sunnydale, they had managed to work out a schedule that would allow them to maximize their time together and still meet their respective local commitments. Unexpected demon emergencies aside, it looked like they’d be able to spend most weekends, usually Thursday night through Sunday together. Buffy was hoping to convince Angel to move back to Sunnydale eventually since she didn’t feel as though she could leave, but that was going to take some time.

Buffy spun a circle into Angel’s arms, where he greeted her with a kiss. After a few heated kisses, he broke off and apologized. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I have to take care of one thing really quick then I’m all yours for the weekend.”

“Promise?” Buffy’s voice was a suggestive purr as she cuddled against him.

“Yes.” Angel felt his arousal stirring at the feel of her in his arms and the promise clearly in her eyes.

“Can we try out – all the rooms?” Buffy looked around the hotel once again, smiling as she contemplated their sexual adventures.

“If you can keep up…” One more kiss turned to several, before Angel reluctantly pulled away. “Wait for me. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

Smilingly Buffy collapsed on the couch in the lobby, happy and content to plan their evening upon his return. It seemed that she had only just sat down when she heard a voice ring out.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Cordelia stalked across the room, her face contorted with anger. Doyle had mentioned that he thought Angel had resolved things with Buffy, but she never suspected he meant – resolved, as in they were back together. Sure, Angel had disappeared for the weekend on several occasions during the last few months – that didn’t mean he had been with Buffy. And Angel, never one to over-share, found no reason to discuss his private life with Cordelia.

“Well?” Cordelia stopped in front of Buffy, her hands on her hips. “Care to explain?” She glanced at Buffy accusingly.

“Angel and I are back together, Cordelia. I’ll be around her on the weekends – or he’ll be in Sunnydale. Get used to it.” Too happy to let the jealous brunette get to her, Buffy made to turn back around. Cordelia’s hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“I don’t think so. You can’t be back together. You’re the worst thing possible for Angel.”

With deliberate anger, Buffy shook Cordelia’s hand off her arm. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Why? Are you going to go all slayer on me?” Cordelia sneered.

“No, but I will kick your ass.” Buffy smiled, somewhat hopeful that Cordelia would make the first move. She was long overdue for an ass kicking.

“I don’t know why you think things will be different this time.” Unsure about a physical confrontation, Cordelia dropped her hand but continued to speak with a mocking tone.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” Buffy felt pleasure at being rude in return. She felt no need to disclose anything at all to Cordelia. She was Angel’s friend now, not hers. Not that she had ever really been Buffy’s friend, not even in high school.

“He won’t stay with you. He may be able to fuck you now but that doesn’t mean he loves you. He’s sorry he went to Sunnydale to help you, you know.”

“Really? How do you know?” Immediately, Buffy regretted the words as they came out of her mouth. She and Angel had talked about this, but still, the words planted a small seed of doubt…

Cordelia’s expression was triumphant. “Because I know him. I’ve taken care of him these last few years, when you weren’t around.”

Buffy studied the former cheerleader for a minute before she finally replied. “Hum. Well, it’s a shame then that he’s never been interested in fucking you, then isn’t it?”

Cordelia’s anger showed on her face, her features twisted with indignation. Buffy had called her bluff.

“Did you need something Cordelia?” His voice cool, Angel walked up quietly. Stopping behind Buffy, he wrapped his arms around her. Holding her loosely in the circle of his arms, he was unsure if he needed to protect Buffy or Cordelia. Regardless, the expression on his face was not pleased or welcoming. Both women wondered how much he had heard of their conversation.

“We are back together. And not that it’s any of your business, we got married a few weeks ago. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some things to do.” Angel’s words were polite but firm. He whispered something in Buffy’s ear that made her smile, further angering Cordelia who was watching them jealously.

“Oh, no. Don’t think you can do that to me. I’m the one who has to watch you brood when she leaves. Or when you leave her, if you’re smart.” Once more Cordelia put her hand out, attempting to restrain them from leaving. She was furious that Angel was once again involved with Buffy. And married? She couldn’t believe it!

This time Buffy lost her temper. She backhanded Cordelia hard, sending her sprawling into the couch. “That’s it! I’ve had enough of your insults and snide remarks to last a lifetime. If you can’t deal with our relationship, then I suggest you get the hell out.”

Angel sighed resignedly. He hadn’t wanted it to come to this. After all, he did love Cordelia as a friend, but his relationship with Buffy came first. He simply waited with Buffy to see what would happen next.

“But.. but..” Cordelia sputtered, near tears.

“For some reason Doyle seems to care a whole lot about you. I don’t understand it, but he seems to be a great guy. You might want to give him a chance before you end up bitter and alone.” Buffy turned then and took Angel’s hand, dismissing the girl from her mind.

“Now then, which room did you say was yours…” Her voice a suggestive purr near his ear. He returned her smile as he led her toward the stairs. “All of them…”

Later that night Buffy and Angel strolled through the darkened streets of LA in search of the latest rumored demon.

“Are you happy?” She ventured, glanced at him briefly.

“Enormously.” Angel stopped and leaned down to kiss her.

“Do you realize under normal circumstances, we might never have met?”

“I would have found you.” Angel said with the same unequivocal authority that often tempered his life. “This way.” He gestured to the alley on their right and they continued on their way.

“Maybe I would have found you.” Buffy smiled and looked at him, her expression teasing.

“Yes. Or that.” Angel smiled slightly and agreed, considering Buffy’s potent spirit and high energy.

“Angel, do you believe in fate? In destiny?”

No, he thought. After all these years he believed in making one’s own destiny but a fragment of Irish superstition still existed beneath the pragmatism and he also knew what answer would please her.

“Sometimes I do.” Reaching for her hand, he held it. It was warm.

Cordelia’s words came back to Buffy. Lacing her fingers with his, she played with his hand. “So, are you sorry – you know, about coming to Sunnydale and letting Angelus out and all?”

He could tell she was stewing on some idea that Cordelia had planted earlier. He was often surprised at some of her insecurities, given her strength, her confidence.

“Let’s see… I got to make love to you, then as Angelus, fuck you for a few hours more… then I got my soul back, permanently so now I can make love to you – or fuck you – more often … All in all, I’d say a few hours as Angelus in exchange were a bargain.”

She giggled at his crude words, slapping him on the arm. “I’m serious.”

“Buffy, you’re my life. You’re my joy, my pleasure. Maybe it is fate. Whatever it is, I’m very glad to have you back in my life.” He murmured softly, brushing her hair back from her face. When he kissed her this time he felt her, not just with the sense of touch, but deep in his heart and soul, as some mystical impulse had reached inside and marked him.

“Me too.” She murmured against his lips. Their fairytale had come true.


Buffy and Angel divided their time between LA and Sunnydale, until Buffy was finally able to convince Angel to turn over the operations of Angel Investigations in LA to Doyle and Cordelia.

Just before Buffy’s thirty-second birthday, Angel obtained his Shanshu and became human. Nine months later, their first son, Dylan, was born. Two years later, they had a second boy, Connor followed a mere 10 months later by a girl, named Elizabeth Joyce after Buffy’s mother.

After Dylan’s birth, a new slayer was called – effectively removing Buffy from active duty. Together, she and Angel opened an art gallery, Angel returning to his love of sketching and Buffy running the gallery much as her mother had done.

Spike and Anya stayed together for several years, breaking up and reconciling as almost as often as they were together. When she caught Spike cheating on her with Druscilla, who had returned from Brazil, she fled Sunnydale in a fit of anger. No one seemed to know where she went, although Buffy received several telephone calls from her and suspected that she was in France.

Xander was, of course, disappointed that Anya had not waited for him when he returned from his first stint in the military. He promptly re-enlisted and ultimately rose to the rank of Lieutenant. When anyone last heard from him, he had a position of some importance (though he couldn’t disclose details) in Europe and was living with a girl that looked remarkably similar to Anya.

Willow and Oz married, but ultimately became a threesome when Tara moved into the house. It was a bit of an unconventional relationship, but it seemed to work out for all of them.

Cordelia and Doyle eloped, marrying at the “Chapel of Love” in Reno, Nevada. They returned to LA and ran Angel Investigations, along with Wesley, Gunn and Fred and the occasional help from Angel and Buffy.

Riley continued his military career as well, often finding himself in remote locations around the world for various demon related activities. On one assignment in Las Vegas, he met the girl that would steal his heart away from Buffy – and so he married her. A strange girl showed up at their wedding with a book of fictional tales about Riley supposedly written by his bride, but that’s a whole other story.

And Parker? Well, during his three-year stay in the state prison, he became the bitch of his cellmate, Jethro, a burly ex-demon that had known Anya. When he was released from prison, he disappeared. It was the same old Sunnydale rumor – vampires. Although, only one really knows for sure…