The Hunger, Chapter 2

Author’s Notes: See previous part for notes.

Author: LelaRose, Rehatha, & Gia

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox,

Pairing: B/A, C/Pike.

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Originally posted: Oct 28, 2002

The dingy warehouse-looking building was totally dark. Buffy and Angel sat in the car looking over the imposing structure. Buffy’s eyes kept focusing on Angel’s hands. She was always amazed that hands so large, lethal and deadly, hands that could cause so much damage, death and pain could be so tender, so gentle, loving and passionate when touching her. Or rather when they use to touch her.

She was taken aback when she noticed he still wore his Claddagh ring with the heart point towards him. She wondered if he’d met someone else; given someone else a matching ring; if his heart now belonged to another. Surely he wouldn’t wear it to remind him of the freak he left in Sunnydale. She looked away from his hands. The thought of Angel loving another was just too painful to contemplate.

“Are we goin’ in there or are we goin’ to sit in your gas guzzler all night?” she asked, her recent train of thought making her moody and irritable.

Angel shot her a withering look and stepped out of the car Buffy close on his heels. He strode to the warehouse Buffy running to keep up with his long legged stride. He shoved the door open and they stepped inside. The interior was bathed in darkness. Their eyes immediately adjusted to the gloomy interior. Buffy wrinkled her nose as the foul stench of urine, rotted meat, old blood and waste floated through the air. Angel led the way through the large warehouse Buffy following closely.

“Wonder who did the decor in this place?” Buffy quipped.

Angel didn’t respond. Buffy shrugged her shoulders in resignation. Angel still didn’t have a great sense of humor. Angel stopped and looked at a pile of rags.

“What’s that?” She asked frowning at the stench coming from the pile of rags.

“They are making a place to give birth.”

Angel sniffed the air and crouched down leaning on the handle of his ax inspecting the bed of dirty rags closer. He stood up and continued walking.


“Huh?” Angel asked distracted still scenting the air.

“Do you know how many dogs are here?”

“I’d say at least 30 possibly 35. They eat off each other’s flesh so their scents are intermingling. It’s makes it a little hard to narrow down an exact number. I do know that there are at least three females breeding and that’s a problem. A pack protecting their offspring is more dangerous.”

“What?!” Buffy exclaimed shocked. “Could you be wrong about the number of dogs?”

He scented the air again picking out the different scents.

“Not by much. What’s wrong?”

“It’s never been that many before! Usually it’s 15 or 20. They’ve certainly been busy humping each other and multiplying. We can’t afford to let those females have those hell pups.”

“I told you I’ll help Buffy.”

“No it’s alright. Pike and I can handle it. We’re just going to have to find somewhere other than a playground jungle gym this time.”

Angel started to argue with her but before he could there was a loud growl. He turned quickly the dog a blur of hanging flesh flying through the air straight at him. It leapt at Angel’s throat knocking him backwards growling, slavering its jaws snapping viciously at Angel’s neck. Angel dropped his ax and wrapped his hands around the dogs’ neck as he fell backwards to the floor.

Buffy was trying to help but she couldn’t. Angel and the dog were rolling around on the floor and she couldn’t get a good shot at the dog. The dogs growls and Angel’s grunts filled the air. Buffy’s head went back and forth trying to follow the movement of Angel and the dog. Finally she heard a snap and Angel shoved the dog off him. He rose to his feet grabbed his ax from where it fell on the ground and decapitated the dog.

Buffy spared a glanced at the decapitated dog before turning away. “Breakin’ it’s neck was enough but, I guess can’t be too safe with these things. You’re hurt,” she said inspecting the bite on his hand and touching the gash on his stomach.

He looked down at the wounds, “It’s not bad. I heal quickly. I’ll be alright.”

“Give me your hand,” she demanded.

At first she thought Angel would not comply. She glared at him until he relented. He reluctantly placed his large hand in hers. She pulled the scarf from around her neck and wrapped it around his hand and tied it securely. Angel watched lovingly as Buffy tenderly cared for his hand. The heat of her hand on his cool one was heaven. He leaned down to inhale her scent. A mixture of vanilla, sunshine, purity and Buffy. She looked up about to speak and met his eyes. She thought she saw the hunger in them; hunger that matched her own; raw, desperate, all consuming hunger. Or maybe that was just what she wanted to see in his eyes. Confused by the direction of her thoughts and the intensity she saw in his eyes she immediately released his hand and stepped back. There was an awkward silence between them for a moment.

Buffy nervously cleared her throat, “Um, um that’ll do till we can get it cleaned and bandaged properly.”

He looked down at his hand wrapped in a hot pink, blue and yellow multicolored scarf.

“Until then I’ll be hard to miss,” Angel joked, surprising her. He rarely joked. Yet it seemed to come so easily. She looked at him curiously, before she returned her attentions to the task at hand.

“Are there any more here?”

“No, this one was probably left to guard the den. We need to get out there and help the others get those things back in here.” They looked around the warehouse one more time before they left.

* * * * *

They hit the streets to help the others just in time. Willow, Pike and Cordelia had gone to his shop to pick up the ingredients she needed for her containment spell. Gunn, Wesley, Riley and Xander were having a hard time keeping the dogs. A frightened group of teenagers looking to do a little vandalism in the warehouse district had gotten the scare of their lives and almost lost their lives. If it wasn’t for Gunn, Wesley, Riley and to his credit Xander distracting the dogs to allow the teens to escape they would have become a meal for a group of hunger Sk’larra.

Angel and Buffy came along as the four were trying to hold the pack at bay. Cordelia, Pike and Willow pulled up in his truck just as Angel and Buffy found the others on the streets.

The dogs seemed to be attracted to Angel and Buffy’s scent. Angel knew what was attracting the dogs. They were attracted to faint scent of arousal that clung to them. The dogs sniffed the air and then turned snarling and snapping at Angel and Buffy steadily advancing on them.

Without words their movements were in sync. They turned and ran in unison. Matching each other stride for stride the pack of dogs snapping at their heels. The gang brought up the rear trying to keep and eye out for the strays.

Angel and Buffy burst through the doors of the warehouse the demon dogs right behind them. They ran through the warehouse until they heard the others bolting the doors behind them. They jumped up on the catwalk without the need of the ladder scaling along the metal structure like the super natural beings they were. They jumped out the window and landed on their feet on the outside of the building.

Willow was standing in front of the warehouse arms raised to the sky eyes closed rapidly chanting in a long ago lost language only Angel understood. The gang stood around watching her.

Out of no where the group heard a snarl they all turned to the sound. Angel ran towards the hellhound leaping in the air just as the hellhound sailed in the air arching towards Angel. They met in the air in what looked like a violent ballet dance. Their upper bodies slamming against each other. In a move so quick the only person to see it was Buffy keen vision Angel’s fist mashed through the hellhounds skull. They all heard a sickening crunch and then Angel pulled his hand back it was covered in the Sk’larra’s pinish blood. The hellhounds brain and spinal cord in his hands. The dog fell from the air landing on his back his paws pointing straight up in the air. Angel land on the ground on his feet. The threw the hellhounds brains and spine on his lifeless body.

The group looked at him. Pike stared at him in awe. He’d never seen anything quite like what Angel had done before. He realized his first impression of Angel was right. He wasn’t a man or vampire he wanted to mess with.

Angel looked at the group. “Is Willow finish with the spell?”

“All through,” Willow said walking towards the group.

“Good then we can go. I’ve seen enough of this warehouse and those hell dogs for one day,” Cordelia said shuddering as she entwined her arm with Pike’s.

They all started towards their cars. Riley walking next to Buffy. Now that the hellhounds had been secured he saw no reason for Buffy to remain in Angel’s company.

* * * * *

The Hyperion lobby looked like a makeshift triage unit. They were tending each other’s wounds smearing on the green antiseptic paste Pike had given them from his backpack.

Cordelia had replaced the scarf on Angel’s hand with a sterile bandage and was hastily cleansing the wound on his stomach. Her eyes kept wondering to Pike who was bandaging Gunn’s arm. The only ones that hadn’t sustained an injury were Willow and Xander.

Angel’s entire body was tense. He felt like something had crawled inside his skin and was trying to get out. He could feel Angelus in the back of his mind clawing, screaming, rearing his head.

Suddenly, Angel growled at Cordelia, “Don’t touch me!” He pushed her hands away from him.

“What’s your issue?” she snapped stepping away from him. “Hey, Wesley I think we might need to get the chains,” she said slowly backing away from Angel.

“Buffy!” Angel called urgently. Buffy looked up from wrapping a bandage around Riley’s hand. The burning urgency in Angel’s voice told her something was wrong. She absently dropped Riley’s hand without a second thought and went to Angel, kneeling in front of him.

“What’s wrong?” she asked soothingly trying to calm him with her voice.

“I feel like I did when Angelus escaped the last time. I can’t focus.”

“Pike did you bring the book on the Sk’lara demons?” Buffy asked not breaking eye contact with Angel. She knew he must be having some sort of reaction from being bitten by the Sk’larra.

“Yeah, it’s right here I don’t leave home without it,” he joked pulling the book out of his backpack.

“I need you to check on what the dogs bites do to humans and demons, particularly vampires.”

Buffy was kneeling in front of Angel. Her hands on his thighs her face level with his groin. She watched mesmerized as a bulge appeared in his jeans. She looked up in his eyes and they were flashing between gold and brown. He was fighting to hold the demon back. His eyes bored into hers. Pure unadulterated lust and hunger radiated from their fathomless depths. His true visage appeared. Something was definitely wrong.

“Buffy get away from that thing!” Riley yelled running towards Buffy.

Buffy held up her had to ward him off. Without breaking eye contact with Angel she replied, “I’m fine Riley. Stay where you are. For the record Angel is not a thing. Never called him that again. Pike, I *really* need you to find that information fast!”

“I’m lookin’,” he said quickly skimming through the book.

The others in the room were now watching Buffy and Angel with alarm. Wesley slipped away to go in the office and get the chains. Buffy gently smoothed her hands over the ridges on Angel’s face as she watched him fight to bring the demon under control.

“It’s goin’ to be okay, Angel. I promise,” she murmured her voice soft.

Responding to her soothing words and touch his face reverted back to his human visage.

“From what I’m reading there is really nothing to worry about. No one was bitten or sustained the injuries Cordelia did so a hospital visit isn’t necessary. The green salve I made should handle most of our little minor scrapes.”

“Angel was bitten. What does the bite do to vampires Pike?” Buffy asked.

Pike flipped through the pages as Cordelia leaned over him her long hair brushing against his arm. “Here it is. Oh. It says that diluted the dogs saliva is used as an aphrodisiac among demons and vampires.”

“What does the full strength saliva do to demons and vampires?” Buffy pressed.

“Okay. Oh, Uh, this doesn’t sound too good. The undiluted saliva can cause sexual and physical aggression, psychotic episodes and hallucinations.”

“Great,” Buffy muttered watching Angel struggle to control the demon, “just what we need – a sexually, physically aggressive, psychotic vampire who is suffering from hallucinations. Why doesn’t that damn book just say *Hello Angelus, welcome back.*

“It also says that the effects usually wear off in a few hours,” Pike offered weakly.

Buffy made her decision then. “I want all of you to leave now.”

“There is no way in *hell* I’m leaving you with him when he looks like he’s about to lose his mind,” Riley argued.

“I have to agree with him on that point Buffy. I don’t think it would be a good idea to leave you here alone with dead boy,” Xander agreed.

“Look,” she yelled losing her patience “I didn’t ask any of you to come. Your help wasn’t asked for or needed. But now that you are here you will follow my orders or you can get on the next bus or catch the next ride back to Sunnydale. I don’t have time for you right now. I have bigger problems to worry about. Now I want all of you to leave. Do it NOW!!”

Everyone seemed to be a little stunned at Buffy’s outburst especially Riley and Xander. Riley stared at her mutinously while Xander looked at her like she’d turned into a two headed-Buffy.

“Look, Buffy is *Slay* girl. If she says she can handle it on her own, I say we leave and let her do it. She kicked Angel/Angelus’ ass to Hell before and she did it without us. If she has to do it again I’m sure she’s more than capable. That’s what superpowers are for,” Cordelia backed Buffy.

Buffy wasn’t sure if Cordelia was backing her because she believed in her abilities to keep the situation under control or if she wanted to spend some alone time with Pike. Buffy gave her the benefit of the doubt and figured it was most likely both reasons.

Riley started to argue but the heat in Buffy’s eyes convinced him it would be fruitless, not to mention unwise. Plus no one else seemed to voice objections to his girlfriend spending the night with her psychotic, vampire ex-lover.

“I’ve got to get out of here,” Angel growled, shoving Buffy away from him. She fell unceremoniously on her ass, as he stepped over her and stalked from the room.

“Where is he goin’?” Buffy asked Gunn who was closest to her. Her eyes followed Angel’s exit.

“Most likely the roof. He likes to spend time up there,” Gunn answered. “Are you sure you want to handle this alone? I mean I’ve never met his alter ego Angelus but I hear he’s one mean, evil Son of a Bitch.”

Buffy smiled at Gunn’s description of Angelus, “Yeah he is. Don’t worry I can handle him, but I can do it better if I don’t have to worry about all of you.”

“Gotcha,” Gunn said.

“Our cellular telephone numbers are in the rolodex if you deem it will be necessary to call,” Wesley informed her as he laid the chains on the counter. “These might come in handy.”

“Thanks Wes.” Buffy squeezed his hand in gratitude. He returned the gesture and walked away.

Buffy reached in her pockets and pulled out a set of keys. “Willow, these are the keys to my dad’s condo. He’s out of town for the next few weeks. You remember the security code right?”

“Yep,” Willow said taking the keys from her hand and giving her a hug, “be careful, Buffy.”

“I will. I can handle Angel and if he appears Angelus too. You sure that containment spell will keep the dogs in until mornin’?”

“Yep, It’s solid.” Of that Willow was confident. “but any of the returnin’ ones that we didn’t catch won’t be able to get back in.”

“Good. She reached around her neck, unhooked her chain and handed Willow the cross. Take this with you. Put it on my dresser I’ll get it later.”

“Okay.” Willow hugged her again before stepping away.

“I don’t like this. Angel is unstable Buffy. You might need our help,” Riley insisted still reluctant to leave Buffy alone with Angel. He wasn’t concerned about the possible threat of the dogs on the street, only about what Buffy might do if left alone with her ex.

Buffy didn’t argue with Riley, “I can handle it. Good night Riley,” she said firmly. “I’ll see you all tomorrow. If there is a problem I know how to contact you.”

“Gunn, can you and Wes keep an eye on the warehouse tonight? Make sure that no one goes in. The few strays that we may have missed will probably be returning to the den in a few hours. Angel says it shouldn’t be more than 2 or 3. Think you can take them out as they return back to the den. Shoot them from the safety of your truck. ‘Kay?” Buffy smiled tentatively at him.

“Piece of cake.” Gunn raised his Crossbow as he walked towards the door. “Just call me the demonic dog killer,” he teased.

Buffy laughed. She waited as everyone left the hotel. She took a deep breath and followed Angel’s direction to the roof.

* * * * *

He was standing at the edge of the roof gazing out at the LA skyline. His back was to her as she came through the door. She loved his broad shoulders. His proud bearing. He looked beautiful in the moonlight.

“You shouldn’t be here Buffy.”

“You might be right,” she said slowly approaching him. “Are you still Angel?”

He gave a self-depreciating laugh. “For now. I feel him in the background though clawing to get loose, to come forward. You need to get some chains and tie me up Buffy.”

“Should I fear for my life if Angelus is able to push forward?.”

Angel was quiet for a little while, “No. Angelus would never kill you, but you might not be too pleased if you knew what he wants to do with you,” he said ruefully.

“Well let’s not go into that right now,” she shuddered thinking of some of the things Angelus might want to do to her. “I’ll hold off on chaining you up. I know some girls like that sorta stuff but I still haven’t developed a taste for the *kink,*” she joked.

Angel gave a small smile at Buffy’s joke. Buffy was standing next to him. They both looked out on the LA night. They were silent for long moments. Buffy looked over and could see the different expressions crossing Angels face. She guessed she should have been afraid of Angelus coming out but she wasn’t. Angelus had never been a threat to her only to those she held dear. It took her sometime but she had finally understood Angelus. Angelus wanted to kill everyone she loved so she’d only have him. So he would be the only *thing* she had in her life. Angelus wanted her to be as consumed with him as he was by her. Possessive much, but she had finally learned that was just Angelus’ way. She knew that if Angelus did appear she was strong enough physically, mentally and emotionally to protect her loved ones from him.

“I’m sorry for striking you,” he finally said.

“Come again?” Buffy turned to look at Angel’s profile.

“I said I’m sorry I hit you. When you came about Faith. I need to clear one thing up. I never hit you for Faith. I hit you because Faith had just broke the news to me that you were having sex with your new boyfriend. I’m afraid I took the news badly. Your storming in a few minutes after she’d told me about your new love didn’t improve my mood.”

“So, you didn’t hit me for Faith?” Buffy wanted to be sure she understood what he was telling her.

Angel turned to face her and closed the space between them. Buffy had to tilt her head back to look in Angel’s eyes.

“I hit you because I was jealous and hurt. I felt betrayed. I hadn’t been gone a year and you’d already slept with two *boys.* My heart,” he gave a self derisive laugh, “and ego were bruised.”

Buffy blinked a few times as she stared into his eyes. “If you want to blame someone because I slept with two *boys* then look in the mirror. Oh, I forgot you can’t see yourself,” she said cuttingly. “You left me so I could fuck Angel. Then you want to get angry because I do.”

“Let’s just say I didn’t think you would do *it* so quickly and I didn’t think it would hurt so badly.”

Buffy couldn’t take it. Who was he to feel hurt? He left her. She was the one left hurting. Before she could think about it she bitch slapped Angel and he flew a few feet across the roof.

She angrily stalked over to where Angel lay sprawled. She straddled him her ass pressing into his groin, her small strong hands pushing him flat. “You were hurt?! What about me?! You-left-me!”

Angel looked into the angry eyes staring at him and finally realized what he’d done. The mental and emotional damage he’d caused when he left her. He reached up and wrapped his hands around her ponytail.

“I left you because you deserved better than anything I could give you. I left you to give you a normal life.” He brought her head down to his. “I left you because every night I was with you I wanted to make love to you, my soul be damned. You have no idea of the things I wanted to do to you!”

Buffy roughly shoved him away. She swung her legs from over him and stood. “Whatever! It doesn’t matter why you left. You left.”

Angel struggled to his feet. He shook his head trying to maintain control. He grabbed Buffy’s elbow and swung her around. “Do you want to know what I wanted to do to you Buffy? Do you!?”

Buffy looked in his eyes and saw the lust and hunger reflected in them as the struggle he was waging with his demon all but consumed him. She should be chaining him up or at least getting away from him or thinking about her boyfriend Riley but none of it seemed to matter right now. He pulled her to him. She could feel the evidence of his arousal pressing into her stomach. His hands wandered up threading through her disheveled hair. He pulled her down towards his mouth.

“Angel this isn’t goin’ to solve anything. You don’t want me it’s just the reaction you’re havin’ to the bite.”

“The bite may be lowering my inhibitions, maybe even heightening my arousal but I assure you I want you. I want to be inside you.”

She weakly tried one last time, even as his words created a swirling warmth through her entire body. “What about the curse?”

“The curse is no longer an issue. I’ll tell you about it later. Maybe this won’t solve anything but I promise It will be pleasurable for the both of us. Right now it’s all I can think about,” his voice was a husky whisper as he backed her up until her back hit the wall.

His long broad tongue invaded her mouth, tasting her sweetness. He’d missed kissing her. He’d missed the heat of her body against his, the sweet earthy taste of her in his mouth. Buffy moaned and squeezed her body closer to his, her arms wrapping around his neck drawing him closer.

Buffy broke their kiss breathing heavily. She knew she should ask about his curse why it wasn’t an issue, but with this body pressed so tightly to hers it didn’t seem important just then. Her hunger for him was consuming her and all rational thought ceased to exist. Only the gnawing hunger deep within that demanded to be fed. And Angel was the only one who could feed that hunger.

Denied access to the sweetness of her mouth Angel rained kisses across her face and latched on to his mark on her neck as his hands busily ran up and down her body. He was a starving man. His hunger for the feel and taste of any part of her flesh insatiable. His hunger for her as deep for her as the hell hounds hunger for warm blood and flesh. He understood the hell hounds cravings for he too craved flesh and warm blood. Hers. Only Buffy’s sweet flesh and blood could satisfy his hunger. Could sate his carnal desire.

Buffy’s hands were just as busy roaming over his back to his waist and boldly squeezing the firm taut flesh of his ass pulling him against her. A normal man’s hips would have broken with the force she slammed against them. Not Angel’s. With Angel she didn’t have to worry about being gentle or tampering down her passion. Angel could match her passion. Angel sucked harder on her mark. He smelled the rush of wetness that seeped from her core as her arousal floated around them.

“Oh, Angel, I need you to be inside me. Oh……..oh, baby, you feel so good, I want you,” she writhed against his aroused body.

Angel tried to push the straps of her top off her shoulder. The thin strap broke in his large hand. He pushed the offending material away. Her breasts sprang forward. He lowered his head to take a nipple in his mouth sucking roughly. He was trying to be gentle but his need for her was too strong, too long denied.

Buffy moaned and threw her head back thrusting her breast further in his mouth. The feeling of his cool wet tongue and mouth covering her breast engulfed her. She couldn’t get close enough to his large cool body. To feel him against her.

She felt his hands struggling with the button of her jeans. She knocked his hands out the way and rapidly undid her pants. Before she could completely unzip her pants he was pushing her jeans down her legs. He dropped to his knees and yanked off the boot on her left leg. He didn’t even try to remove her right boot. Angel hooked her left leg over his shoulder and buried his dark head in the gossamer sheer fabric covering her core. He inhaled deeply. The scent that he would know anywhere. Vaguely he registered Riley’s scent on her but it was vague and he promised himself that after tonight his scent would be the only scent clinging to her skin.

“Do you taste as good as you smell?” he asked huskily, “Because baby you smell like the best meal I’ll ever have.”

His long broad tongue came out and he licked her through her panties until the fabric was transparent. Buffy’s moans of pleasure floated around him and increased his arousal. Her panties were drenched with as much of her moisture as he had left with the lapping of his tongue. Her soft moans and pleas were music to his ears. The scent of her arousal was like a drug. He was high on it.

“Please Angel. I want to feel you touch me. I want you to suck me.”

“You taste so good baby. So damn good,” he moaned against her.

Angel ripped her panties from her core with his teeth, separating her lips with his thumb as his thick broad tongue licked her from slit to clit and back again before it penetrated her core swirling around collecting her dew. She screamed in pleasure bucking her hips forward arching her back. Angel sucked her little stiff nub of pleasure in his mouth and firmly bit down on it. Her scream caused the pigeons to flutter out of their hiding places feathers dropping around them. Angel wasn’t through. He opened his mouth wide and sucked her entire core in his mouth drinking down her pleasure as it gushed hot, tangy, sweet and musky over his tongue, down his throat.

Buffy’ s body was warm and flush from her orgasm. Her breaths were coming in shallow gasps. Angel slowly trailed kisses from her hot core, to her lips. His tongue plunged in her mouth mating with hers. Buffy could taste herself in his kisses and it increased her arousal. She moaned in pleasure and wrapped her arms around his neck straining closer to him enveloped in his kiss.

She broke the kiss and dropped to her knees in front of him unzipped his pants and pushed them past his hips. His erection stood proudly before her. It was so large, beautiful, uncircumcised. The extra skin covering the head like a hood.

Her hands reached out to encircle it drawing him closer to her mouth. He was staring down at her his eyes glazed with passion. Their eyes locked as she leaned forward to rub her face back and forth in his groin area, her nose nuzzling the coarse hair, her breath warming his skin. He released another pained groan of pleasure, leaning forward and bracing his hands against the wall tilting into her mouth. She sucked the head of his dick into the hot wet cavern of her mouth. And he howled in pleasure. Buffy’s head bobbed back and forth drawing his turgid flesh in and out of her mouth as her small warm hand messaged his balls. She relaxed her throat muscles. His dick hit the back of her throat and an agonized moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Buffy reached around and grabbed his firm ass noisily sucking him making wet primal sounds as his dick hit the back of her throat. When she pulled Angel’s dick from her mouth, he moaned in distress.

She laughed huskily, luxuriating in her sensual power over him. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m not through yet,” she said.

Her hazel eyes locked with his lust filled chocolate ones. She pulled the extra skin of his dick back and circled her tongue around the sensitive area underneath. She mixed her saliva with his pre-cum making his head wet, shiny and slick. She opened her mouth again taking his entire length down her throat again. Angel’s eyes rolled back from the pleasure.

“Cum in my mouth, Angel. I want to taste you,” she murmured around a mouth full of dick.

The vibration of her words caused another jolt of pleasure to ripple through him. She looked up locking her eyes with his. His dick moved in and out of the wet, slick, hot cavern of her mouth. The wet, sloppy, sucking noises she made as she sucked him tipped him over the edge. She voraciously sucked him until he hit the very back of her throat massaging his balls with her hands. He was lost. He leaned further into her bracing his hands against the rough brick of the wall grinding his dick in her mouth. With an animalistic roar, he spilled his cold dead seed into her mouth. She gulped greedily savoring the taste of the cold liquid as it spurted in her mouth, washed over her taste buds, as her tongue swirled it around in her mouth before it traveled down her throat, the taste salty, musky and earthy. She sucked him until his body stopped quivering.

Angel’s head was pressed against the rough surface of the wall. His eyes were closed trying to gain some semblance of control. He’d just experienced the most erotic moment of his life. Though not as experienced as the other women he’d dated her hot mouth had made him lose all of his vampiric control.

Buffy’s head was resting on Angel’s thigh. His semi-limp dick lay against the side of her cheek. It was cool and wet. She leaned back raising her head off Angel’s thigh. A drop of cum was still hanging from the tip of his dick. She stuck her finger out and gathered the moisture on it. She felt Angel’s eyes on her and she looked up at him. She gave him a wickedly sensuous smile before her tiny pink tongue darted out to lick the drop of cum from her fingertip.

Angel moaned he wasn’t sure if it was in pain or pleasure and neither was Buffy. Angel grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up. Unceremoniously ramming his tongue in her mouth mimicking what he intended to do to her with another appendage of his body. She hungrily sucked on his tongue. Whimpering with need her core dripping wet and waiting for him to fill her.

Angel smelled her arousal. His hand went around grabbed the firm globes of her ass as she jumped up and wrapped her strong legs around his waist. Had he been a normal man the force of her squeeze would have broken his hips. She didn’t have to worry. She couldn’t physically hurt Angel with her desire and ardent passion.

Angel felt him moving forward. Taking control. Forcing Angel to the background. Angel didn’t have a chance to warn Buffy as Angelus violently and painfully took over his mind.

“Well well, what do we have here,” he purred in her ear before viciously grabbing her hair and yanking her head back, “Angel’s little whore bitch. The little whore that has been spreading her legs for any little *boy* that gives her a sweet line. You know I’m going to have to kill them don’t you?”

Buffy gasped. Maybe she should have chained him like everyone told her to do. She wondered if she was so busy thinking with what was between her legs she forgot to use her head. Or maybe she was thinking with her heart. She didn’t have time for second thoughts now. She had to figure out what to do about the demon that had just appeared.

She thought about the things Angel had told her about Angelus. She made a decision then and there she could either panic or go with her instincts. She chose to go with her instincts. “Angelus, do you want me? Do you want to fuck me?” she purred seductively to him. “Do you want me to be your whore bitch?”

He growled as his dick hardened. He pushed the evidence of his arousal against her soft flesh. His eyes glazed over with passion. Buffy knew the look of passion. She forcefully pulled him against her body. She decided it would be much easier to fuck Angelus than spend the night fighting him or chaining him up. Plus she reasoned with herself think of all the lives she was saving my sacrificing herself to a *great fuck.*

“Then shut the hell up and fuck me.”

He wasn’t a demon who had to be told twice. As much as he wanted to kill and torture and give the soul more pain to brood over right now fucking Buffy seemed to be a much more pleasurable pursuit. Plus he knew how much the soul would hate knowing he’d fucked his little whore bitch.

Angelus gave Buffy a lascivious smile. “Buff, you’re about to get the fucking of your life,” he bragged.

“Oh, you do like to brag on yourself” she said flipantly, “Why don’t you let your actions speak for you. Or maybe that’s all you are………….just talk,” she taunted giving him a saccharine sweet smile.

Angelus growled his displeasure at her words but did just what she asked him to do. Angelus wasn’t as gentle as Angel when he thrust into her hot depths. Her slick walls clamped down around his dick. He released her hair to grab her ass. He held the two globes in his large hands as he powerfully thrust into her over and over. His thrust would have shattered the hip and pubic bone of a normal woman. He looked up at his lover her head thrown back her body was arched into his. Her lips were slacks as moans of pleasure drifted to him. That was all he needed. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He had to hurry and *bust a nut.* He could feel that damn soul clawing to come forward again. To claim Buffy. Angelus increased his thrusts, moving harder, faster and deeper. He reached around and pinched Buffy’s clit between his forefinger and his thumb. His whore bitch screamed her pleasure for him. Her walls clamping down on his cock as he pounded into her silken channel. He made three final thrusts and he roared jetting out his cold seed to mix with her hot juices.

He waited for her breathing to return to normal. Angelus gave a lewd smile to his whore-bitch. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist. He ran his hand between the cleft of her ass. Yes, he was about to sample another virgin territory. He forced Buffy’s legs down, untangled her arms from around his neck. He stepped away from her. She looked at him questioningly. Her movements still slumberous after her multiple orgasms.

“On your knees baby facing the wall,” he ordered. He expected her to balk but she followed his instructions still riding the crest of her multiple orgasms. He vaguely thought about pulling her boot and the other leg of her pants off but decided against it. He didn’t want to take the time. She looked over her shoulder at him her ass wiggling. He dropped to his knees crawling the distance separating them. He knew he would hurt her but he didn’t care. He’d wanted to fuck her in the ass long before she gave herself to Angel. He’d always thought Buffy had a great ass. Soft, gently rounded, the firm globes fitting in the palms of his hands. It was delectable. He didn’t have time to woo her and make this pleasurable. He could feel the soul clawing coming forward. This was going to be a ram and fuck. No finesses.

“I’m going to fuck you in your ass,” he told her.

Buffy looked at him over her shoulder. His words causing her dew to flood. His hands moved over her soft firm ass separating the cheeks. He reached forward and played with the dampness of her core bringing it back to gently finger the pink rosette of her ass. He felt Buffy tense up the first time.

“Turn around and close your eyes,” he ordered.

She obeyed. He tried again. He blanketed her back with his and whispered huskily in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you in your ass and it’s going to feel so good. So damn good. At least for me.”

Buffy gasped at his decadent words and wiggled her ass at him. Angelus smiled licking his mark on her neck. His fingertips slid from the drenching folds of her core to the rosette of her ass, tracing the rim of the tight little hole with his finger.

Buffy squirmed as his finger pressed past the tight barrier of her ass. She was tense for a few seconds before she relaxed. Angelus’ other hand reached around to manipulate her clit. When he heard the soft moan escape her and her whole body relaxed against him he pressed his finger forward, sliding completely inside her. The muscles of her ass clamped down on his finger.

“It hurts. I don’t know if I’m going to like this,” Buffy whimpered.

“It may hurt a little the first time but hey what’s a little pain. I’ve always found pain to be quite enjoyable. I’m going to teach you to like it too.” At least he hoped he’d get a chance to teach her.

Angelus didn’t have time to deal with her whimpers. So she felt a little pain. There was nothing wrong with pain. Hell he even enjoyed pain. He rubbed his dick back and forth along her ass and prepared to penetrate her virgin territory. It was his last thought.

Angel felt himself coming forward; taking control. He was blanketing Buffy’s back. He knew how he got there he knew what was happening. He refused to let his demon steal anything from Buffy that he jealously and possessively considered his.

He whispered gently, “He’s gone, Buffy. If you want to stop and chain me up you can.”

Buffy opened her eyes and looked slumberously at her lover. It was Angel this time. She gave him a seductive smile. Angel could smell her arousal. It was a heady perfume floating on the air.

Buffy didn’t quite know what to do next. She was looking forward to anal sex, yet she didn’t know how to relay that desire to Angel. She decided to just go for the direct approach.

“I don’t want to chain you, Angel. I’ve never had anal sex before and I want you to be my first. You’ve been my first for all my other sexual experiences. I want to give this to you too.”

Angel looked at her and smiled. “I’ll make it good for both of us baby. I promise.”

He pulled back and discarded his shirt and duster. He laid the duster out, grabbing Buffy around her waist he lifted her on to the duster. Buffy’s heart swelled. Angel would always be so gentle with her. He’d always see to her comfort. A man who treated her like she’d break instead of being afraid that she’d break him.

He came to drape behind her again. “This is going to be a tight fit baby. And it will be a little painful at first but I promise just give me a few minutes and I’ll make it good for you.”

With tenderness, she felt his lips brush across the nape of her neck, then lower moving slowly along her spine. His hands were stroking her hips as his erection nestled against her behind. When he cupped her breasts, she inhaled deeply, knowing that each moment was bringing them closer to the actual event. He toyed with her nipples, distracting her even as she began to rotate her hips against him.

One hand left her, returning to guide his pulsing cock to the tight rosebud of her ass. With slow measured degrees, he pushed forward. Buffy sucked in her breath at the first painful pressure. She was a little frightened, but she still wanted him to do it. She glanced back at him over her shoulder.

“I won’t hurt you.” Angel answered her unspoken question softly, “I’ll be very careful.”

Pressing forward, he slid inside her another two inches, stretching her by degrees and waited. The tightness of her virgin channel clutching him was almost painful. Buffy took another deep breath and forced herself to relax. She felt lightheaded, even as a faint spark of liquid pleasure began to seep through her veins. Holding her tight against his powerful body, Angel buried himself fully inside her. When he felt the tension ease somewhat from her body, he began to move – slowly and shallowly at first, then with increasing tempo.

With one hand, he reached under her and began to stroke the soft blond hair at the apex of her thighs, sliding his finger into her drenched cleft then across the taut nub of her clitoris. When she whimpered, he began to count down from a hundred, wanting to make sure she was with him when he climaxed. He wanted to make sure that it was pleasurable for her. Even as he began to count, he felt the surging presence of Angelus stirring, clamoring inside him again, raging at him for taking control.

He struggled, lost track and started counting again as the demon grew more insistent. He stopped moving, gritting his teeth, but Buffy, now in the throes of pleasure didn’t seem to realize what was happening. She moaned, and pushed back.

“Please, Angel, fuck me,” Her voice was nearly a whine now as she now wanted him with a near painful urgency. “I need you.”

Her words may have been the trigger, or it may have been the sheer clutching warmth of her around him, but Angelus pushed forward. He grinned evilly for a moment, then ground ruthlessly forward, burrowing deeper into Buffy’s virgin ass. She panted. She whimpered. Tears ran down her cheeks, despite the spark of pleasure.

“I knew you’d be a great fuck,” Angelus muttered, pumping hard. “Baby, your ass is so tight it’s going to pull my dick off.”

At his words, Buffy knew that Angelus had taken control again and felt a momentary panic. But there was nothing she could do. Angelus showed no mercy. He fucked her with straight, strong thrusts, increasing his pace. Buffy moaned at the brutal strokes, even as her body responded.

How much of her arousal was due to physical stimulation, how much to pain, or how much simply to being with Angel, er, Angelus, again, she didn’t know. But she bobbed against him, taking his hard, thick cock easier with each stroke.

“You love it, don’t you, whore bitch,” Angelus’ voice was husky, yet he felt his soul angrily wanting control.

As the threat of orgasm rose, Angelus felt his own hold receding. He slapped Buffy hard on the thigh.

“Tell me,” His voice was a hiss, “Tell me you love it! Tell me to fuck you hard!”

“Yes, I love it.” Buffy panted, “Fuck me, haaardd!”

Angelus rocked her with the force of his thrusts, his brutal sodomistic fucking and she came, quivering and jerking. His cock twitched inside her, the feel of her rippling grip around him unbearable, and he spurted his cool semen into her. As his orgasm ebbed, so did Angelus. Angel kissed her shoulders, her nape gently, his hands caressing her sides and back. He was dismayed as he withdrew from Buffy, his thoughts in turmoil.

“Oh, Angel,” Buffy sighed, then snuggled her back against him as he lay behind her. “Angel?”

Her eyes flew open in question, now wondering if her assumption as to who she was with had been correct. She had sensed the change in his mood, his gentleness.

“Are you okay?” Angel’s hand tentatively stroked her arm.

“Okay? Hmmm,” Buffy turned then, her hand running up his arm to stop at his shoulder then slid down his chest where she explored the cool flesh with her fingertips distractedly.

She inched closer. “Yes, baby, I’m better than okay. You?”

“I’m good.”

Angel looked at her, his thoughts again on how rare and special his feelings for her were, how precious.

He echoed her words, “Better than good, actually.”

Grabbing her torn shirt she shook the pigeon feathers from it then cleaned them both up and tossed the shirt aside before returning to her position, snuggled against his chest.

“Was it okay for you?” Buffy looked at him somewhat shyly under her lashes, curious. She knew he remembered things as Angelus, but she wasn’t sure how clearly.

“Baby, it was amazing. You’re fantastic.”

Buffy’s smile was radiant. She glowed from the praise. Angel kissed her then, unable to resist. Buffy returned his kiss eagerly, having spent too many years without them, without him.

She melted against him, kissing him as the musky scent of sex and the faintest fragrance of vanilla filled his head. How often had he thought he would never have this again?

She pulled away from his kiss to catch her breath. She nuzzled his neck. That’s when she saw it. The silver chain around his neck with her Claddagh ring hanging from it.

“Where did you get this from,” she asked lightly tracing her fingers across the ring.

“I found it on the floor of the mansion not far from where I landed when I came back from Hell. I kept it to remind me of you.”

Buffy didn’t know if he kept it to remind him of the good memories they shared or the bad memories and she was too much of a coward to ask so she didn’t. Instead she leaned into him and devoured his mouth. Her tongue mingling with his tasting herself in his kisses. She sucked greedily on his tongue as she pressed her aroused body into his. He ran his hand through her golden hair letting the silken strands fall through his fingers. Releasing her mouth, he lifted her slightly to access her breasts. He cupped one gently in his hand as she thrust forward, then dipped his head to taste the dusky pink nipple. He had to fight the urge to suck too hard on the tempting, erect bud, afraid that his aggression would once again allow Angelus to seize control. Even now, he could feel him taunting him, reminding him that it had been he – Angelus – that had come in Buffy’s ass.

Buffy rubbed her thigh against the growing hardness of Angel’s erection, scarcely daring to believe that she was hungry for him again. With his hot demanding mouth on her, his powerful arms now encircling her and pressing her against his hard length, Buffy gave herself up to sensation, to pleasure. Only with Angel could she let down her guard and truly be herself.

As he rolled her onto her back, Angel once more lost control to Angelus, the combination of the demon dog’s saliva with his own lust for Buffy a potent and intoxicating combination. His mouth returned to hers, out of control, plundering and barbaric. Buffy had no choice but to yield to the onslaught, pressed hard between the roof beneath her and the large body now lying over her.

“You’re one hot little pussy, aren’t you, Buff?”

Buffy met the glittering gold of his eyes when they ceased the leisurely survey of her body to return to her face.

“And that makes you what, a dickhead?” she asked flipantly. Perhaps against her better judgment she taunted him.

“That’s the one thing I never understood, why Angel let you get away with that smart ass mouth,” he informed her. Angelus decided to ignore her jib more interested in fucking than fighting with Buffy.

He squeezed her breast hard, then lowered his mouth to suck hard at each pointed nipple. Buffy gasped when she felt his fangs brush the sensitive flesh and he lifted his head and looked at her with a cold expression. He traced a path down her body with bites, leaving faint marks from his fangs. She met his eyes when he knelt between her thighs and he smiled up at her, a feral smile. He imprisoned her thighs tightly in each hand, then pressed her legs back toward her chest and spread them wide. She gasped in surprise, yet felt the surge of heat, the damp wetness between her legs increasing. He could feel her heartbeat, the pulse of her blood flowing through her veins, the rising heat of her body. His mouth closed hungrily over her sex, the place he seemed to crave with an inconceivable appetite.

He ate at her delicate flesh, sucking her clit hard and scraping it with his fangs even as the soul raged within him, struggling for control. He wrung three screaming orgasms from her, Buffy becoming more sensitive, her clit more painful with each one, before he slid up her body and shoved his cock hard up her wet channel. She bucked in surprise and pushed against him, unsure if her over sensitized flesh could take any more. He ignored her futile protest and drove forward hard. His eyes filled with heat as took in the wet silken curls covering her mound. Wet from his previous ministrations and her own juices. He watched his long marble cock disapper into the glistening pink folds of her sheath. He growled in pleasure as it came out covered in her dew, slick, wet and shiny. He thrust in again marveling as his whore bitch’s sheath clamped down on his cock at each thrust. He lowered his head to lick at the mark on her neck.

His powerful hands held her beneath him as he stroked in and out ruthlessly, his taste for blood becoming stronger and more acute with each passing moment. The pulsing of her vein beneath his tongue teased him and he snarled. When he sank his fangs into her throat, Angel surged forward and seized control. Despite his wishes to the contrary, the delicious elixir of her blood was irresistible. He drank hungrily.

He continued to move, stoking deeply in and out to the pulsing rhythm of her blood. Beneath him, Buffy wrapped her arms around him and heatedly demanded more. The combined sensation of his cock buried deep inside the hot wet depths of her silken sheath and the sucking pressure on her neck jolted her to yet another orgasm. His tongue ran across the wound in her neck, to her ear.

He whispered huskily, “Stay with me baby . . . You’re so hot . . . so tight.”

Buffy clung to him, letting him take her higher and he plunged harder, deeper. She submitted to him body and soul, letting him take what he needed from her. Allowing him to sate his hunger as he’d sated hers. Pleasure overwhelmed all else that night, as Angel – at turns Angelus – driven by the insatiable hunger for her, took her again and again. Buffy, her own hunger for him at a near fever pitch, responded with her own heated demands. Together they soared, until triumphantly, the world shattered around them into a million fragments and left them floating on a sea of bliss.

“Angel, I love you.” Her voice a soft whisper, she held on to him tightly, as if she never wanted to be parted from him. She was limp, languid and drowsy in his arms. He’d filled the hunger she had felt inside her these last years, physically, mentally, emotionally. How would she live without him again? How would she ever sate her hunger without him?

Angel held her tightly, then rolled until she lay on top of him. Her cheek was pressed against his chest, her hair covering them in a golden fall. Her small hand cupping her Claddagh ring. Her words struck him with fear, he couldn’t let her love him again, could he? But then again how could he not. Buffy was the only one that had ever been able to sate the hunger that burned and gnawed in not only him but Angelus too.

They both drifted to sleep with these thoughts playing through their mind.

* * * * *

Buffy came awake slowly. She heard cooing and realized pigeons were flapping overhead in one of the grates in the wall. She felt the cool firm muscled body beneath her. She’d fallen into an exhausted sleep on top on him maybe two hours ago. She was surrounded by his scent. His large leather duster covered her. It shielded her from the cool breeze blowing across the roof. She rolled off Angel or Angelus unsure who would wake up beside her and grimaced. She was sore between her legs and her ass. They had really gone at it last night. Still for the first time in years she felt sated. The hunger that was usually ever present each morning gnawing at her belly wasn’t there.

“Are you okay, Buffy?”

She hadn’t known that he was awake. He groaned sitting up. His eyes hungrily raked her body. He smiled thinking of all the things they indulged in last night. His body hummed from their night of lovemaking. Her scent floated to him and he loved his smell clinging to her. There was no longer any trace of Riley on her nor would there be again. He intended to make sure of that. The hunger that usually greeted him each day was no longer present. He was content. Sated.

“Well, it’s, um, um, well, I should get going.” Buffy stammered reaching around for her clothes. She jumped up and hastily gathered her clothes. Her panties were hopelessly ruined she tossed them aside and pulled on her pants. She pulled on her boots and looked for her top. It was as hopeless as her thong.

Angel handed her his shirt. “You can wear this.”

“Thank you,” she mumbled grabbing the garment from his hands and avoiding his eyes. She shrugged into the garment rolling up the sleeves. The shirt fell past her knees and dwarfed her tiny body.

Angel didn’t like this. Buffy hadn’t looked at him. He thought about the night they’d just spent together. He wondered if he should apologize for his and Angelus’ vigorous love making but damn it he’d told her to chain him. She had chosen not to. And he knew she’d gotten as much pleasure from last night as he had.

“Buffy maybe we need to talk,” Standing and pulling on his pants, he tossed his jacket over his arm.

“There’s no need Angel. This wasn’t your fault. No need to feel guilty or brood. I chose to stay here and I chose not to chain you up. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Buffy that’s not what I want to talk about. We should really talk about…..”

She avoided the talk. “Maybe later Angel. I really need to get home. Riley and the others will be worried.”

Angel growled low in his throat at her mention of Riley. Angel knew that she wasn’t in the mood to talk and nothing he could do could force her to talk with him. He’d bide his time for now.

“Wait,” he called as she reached the door.

He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out the keys to his car. “Take my car.”

She looked at him in stunned surprise for a moment. He knew she was a terrible driver and she’d also heard the others joking about how he loved his car. But then he had let Cordelia drive it. She snatched the keys out of his hand.

“I’ll bring it back, later today,” she promised

In a blur of blue jeans and too big shirt she was gone. Angel let out a audible sigh. She’d spent the night making love to him yet jumped up and ran away like it was the biggest mistake of her life. He moved towards the stairs. He thought last night meant something to her. She told him she loved him. Yes, he knew it had been in the heat of passion but still she’d said it. Yet in the gray light of the approaching dawn she bolted from him obviously forgetting her avowal. She acted like she couldn’t stand to be in his presence a moment longer. He sighed. He was definitely going to talk with her when she brought his car back.

Buffy didn’t see the lone figure with his binoculars trained on her as she ran out the door of the Hyperion. He took in the disheveled hair, the bite mark on her neck and the fact that she was obviously wearing Angel’s shirt. The same shirt Angel himself had worn last night. He looked up at the imposing hotel and thought about going in to stake the lone vampire occupant, but he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance. He wasn’t about to lose the woman he loved to a monster. Riley turned on his heels and walked away. He had to beat Buffy back to her father’s condo. He couldn’t have her wondering what he had been doing tonight.

* * * * *

Buffy shut the door as quietly as possible and tipped toed through in her father’s condo. Dawn was just breaking over the sky as she came through the door. She checked in the guestroom first. Willow and Xander were asleep at different ends of the bed. She smiled at how innocent they looked lying in bed together. She closed the door and went to her bedroom. Riley laid in the middle of the bed. She was annoyed. She knew that after last night and this morning’s *fuck fest* with Angel/Angelus she was not going to lay next to Riley. She quietly shut the door. She would sleep in her father’s room. She missed Riley sitting up fully clothed angrily glaring at her. He’d only made it back in the condo a few minutes before she did.

She looked at the clock in her father’s room. She needed sleep. Something she had gotten very little of last night. She would have to face the Sk’larra demons tonight she knew she’d need her energy. She knew she’d probably sleep to well past noon. Buffy laid in her father’s bed. She slipped off her pants but kept Angel’s shirt on. She wanted to keep him close to her. She could still taste Angel in her mouth and smell him everywhere on her. His dark spicy, erotic scent clung to her body. The smell was soothing, comforting. It chased away the hunger. She wrapped her arms around herself, snuggled beneath the covers and for the first time in over a year fell into a restful sleep.

* * * * *

The water cascaded over her skin washing away a surplus of body fluids; hers and his, but his scent still clung to her. She inhaled deeply hoping the scent never washed away. A few feathers floated in the water puddling at her feet as she washed her hair.

She scrubbed herself in the hot water, her mind replaying the night’s events as her hands wandered down her body. Her soapy hands on her breasts brought back memories of his hands on her, his lips, his tongue, she sighed and closed her eyes, the warm swirling heat stirring her memory. Tentatively she touched the sore and swollen lips between her legs and the puckered rosette of her ass. Even with her Slayer healing ability, there was no doubt she’d be sore for a couple of days. Still, she felt the ache of hunger again, her desire for him sharp and acute. If anything, last night had shown her that she wanted him still. That only he could appease the hunger that constanly gnawed at her. That she loved him with all of the innocence of her youth, but now with the passion of a woman. They were perfectly matched, or so she thought.

Riley’s knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“What?” She yelled over the sound of the rushing water, pulling aside the curtain.

Riley opened the door and peered in.

“Can I join you?” He smiled and started in the room.

“Uh, um, I’m actually finished. Pruney even.”

Buffy yanked the towel off the rack and shut off the water.

“Just one sec and I’ll be out of your way.”

She wrapped the towel around her behind the curtain, careful to conceal the few love bites on her breasts, stomach and between her thighs and using her hair to cover her neck.

“I was actually hoping you’d be in my way,” he said using what he thought was his seductive voice.

Buffy shuddered. There was just no way she could let Riley touch her after spending the night with Angel. He closed the door and stood in front of her, feeling a possessive need to somehow lay claim to her, to mark her as his.

“Uh, I’ve got things to do. Later, okay.”

With a quick peck on the cheek, Buffy pushed past Riley and out the door. Before he even knew what was happening she was gone.

As Buffy dressed, her thoughts once again drifted to Angel. While there was no doubt in her mind that last night would be replayed over and over in her memory – as one of her better memories – she was disappointed in herself, that she had used his weakness in fighting off the bite of the Sk’larra as an excuse to have sex with him again. He’d asked her to chain him up, but she refused. It had just been so long and she had missed him so much. Buffy chastised herself for her own weakness. Angel didn’t want her; he’d made that clear more than once. Undoubtedly, her behavior and actions of the night had confirmed his opinion that she was a freak, just because she didn’t hurt him physically didn’t mean that his opinion would have changed. And the fact that she had begged Angelus to fuck her. She sighed. What would he think of her now?

* * * * *

Buffy drove Angel’s car back to the hotel, Willow riding with her, Riley and Xander following behind in Riley’s sedan. She had left a message on Pike’s cell phone earlier, since no one had heard from him after they left the hotel last night. Buffy was worried, but knew that Pike had an uncanny ability to take care of himself.

When they arrived at the hotel, Pike was drinking coffee with Cordelia, the two of them appearing rather intimate as they laughed at some joke.

“Buffy. You’re back.”

Cordelia didn’t move her hand from Pike’s arm when she looked up and spoke. She wanted Buffy to know that Pike was interested in her, and she felt a curious sense of possessiveness with him. Angel had been down earlier, but had refused his usual breakfast, muttering something about being full. Only Wesley seemed to think anything unusual about that statement and had looked at Angel sharply. Angel refused to meet his eyes. Wes had also put away the chains this morning when he had arrived, noting that they seemed to be exactly where he had put them last night.


Pike greeted her and the others, just as Angel came down the stairs. He had sensed Buffy’s presence and was anxious to see her. He stopped short at the sight of Riley right behind her.

“Thanks, uh, for letting me borrow your car. It’s back – and in one piece.”

Buffy tossed him the keys, unwilling to get too close. If she could touch him, she might and that could only lead to bad things. She licked her lips, her eyes moving over him as unwanted memories of the taste of him, the feel of his hard body pressed tightly to hers flashed through her mind.

Angel caught the keys in his left hand and shoved them in his pants pocket. He stared at her, his own thoughts indecisive. He wanted to yank her away from Riley’s side, he wanted to take her in his arms, he wanted to take her to his bed. He shook off the thought but not before Buffy noticed the slight ridge of his erection. Was he too, thinking about last night?

“Buffy, we need to talk,” Angel glanced over her shoulder at Riley, noting that the younger boy with bristling at his words, “privately.”

“I don’t think so.” Buffy was afraid of what Angel would say to her, unwilling to risk a reminder that he didn’t love her, didn’t want her. She already knew those things just as she already knew what kind of freak she was.

Angel stared at her in surprise, her blunt refusal not what he expected. But then, things with Buffy had never been particularly easy. Maybe he did owe her an apology for last night, but if she wouldn’t speak to him, how could he apologize?

Xander cleared his throat loudly. “Okay then, again with the tension…”

“We’re glad to see you both survived the night,” Cordelia said.

Cordelia looked from Buffy to Angel, then back again. She could see the fatigue in their faces, the pale blue shadows under Buffy’s eyes, the tired droop of Angel’s shoulders. But she also detected something else, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. And with Angel wanting to talk to her privately.

“What happened?” So, in true Cordelia fashion, she simply asked. “You know, last night. What did you guys do?”


“None of your business.”

Buffy and Angel answered at the same time, their voices in unison.

With his answer, Buffy jumped to conclusions. So it was true he really hadn’t wanted her, it was just the reaction to the bite and she happened to be the one there to satisfy his lust. With effort, she fought for control of her emotions. She’d been hurt before and she’d survived. She’d survive this as well. She took a deep breath and stiffened her spine.

Angel watched her, noting the play of emotions on her face then the determined resolve. He too, jumped to his own conclusions: she apparently regretted last night, and she hadn’t really meant what she said to him.

“Really?” Cordelia’s tone was sarcastic as she looked at him. “You guys didn’t….uh, you know?”

“No, we didn’t…….you know.”

Buffy met Angel’s eyes, daring him to contradict her. She’d just pretend that Cordelia’s *you know* was eat ice cream or pizza or something, then she wasn’t really lying. He only shrugged.

“So, uh, Pike. It’s the full moon tonight. We need to get prepared.”

Buffy turned to Pike, wanting an end to the uncomfortable eyes watching them closely, wanting to leave the Hyperion and not come back.

“I’m ready. We’ve got to pick up a few things at the shop, but we’re good to go.”

Pike studied Buffy’s tight expression and drew his own conclusions. He watched Angel too, taking note of the fact that when her head was turned Angel watched her like a lovesick schoolboy. He also picked up the fact that Angel had a faint bite mark just under his ear, a perfect oval of teeth marks and darkened skin. It was mostly hidden by his collar, but there just the same, and Pike didn’t recall seeing that yesterday.

“Great. So, where?” Buffy crossed her arms over her chest, struggling to retain her composure. She wanted so much to wrap her arms around Angel and keep him for herself.

“Let me show you the location where I think we can do the ritual. It’s not far from the warehouse the dogs are being held in. It’s an abandoned building. It’s about two stories. It’s just the bare steel bones of a structure that was never finished. Should do the trick once in the circle you can climb to the top and be relatively safe from the dogs.”

“Sounds like a winner Pike. Let’s check it out.”

When Pike struggled to his feet, Buffy looked away uncomfortably. Angel, observing Buffy intently, noticed the change in her demeanor immediately.

Unhappy with Buffy’s obvious dismissal of last night as well as her refusal to speak with him privately, Angel growled and glowered the rest of the day. When he spoke, his words were terse and short. Even Gunn looked at him warily, wondering if Angelus weren’t really the one in the room with them. Riley’s presence only added to his annoyance.

Buffy shut down any and all attempts from the AI team to help with the ritual tonight. Angel argued with her, but Buffy held her ground. Finally, he relented, but he didn’t like it. And if he could figure out a way to help her, he would.

Riley had also argued with Buffy that he should be the one to go with her, to serve as the *bait*. She shut him down quickly when she asked him if he knew how to perform the ritual.

“Then you can’t help me. You’ll only get in the way.”

“Pike and I have done this before, successfully I might add. We know what we’re doing and we won’t get hurt. We’ll start the ritual tonight and be back after dawn tomorrow. Any questions?”

Buffy glanced around at their faces, her tone brooking no argument.

“Good. It’s settled.”