A Night At… Xanders

Author’s Notes: Just a little season 3 PWP and CWC happiness piece. *grin*

The very beginning of this was written months ago, but I recently revived it after reading Tango’s fics – “Calling in Sick”, “Going in Well” and “Staying Well” – truly yummy PWP and a highly recommended read.

This is for Tango, thanks for the naughty inspiration (and for Chimera!)

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Rating: Adult; explicit sex

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Pairing: B/A, mentions C/X, W/O.

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Originally posted: Oct 31, 2002


Cordelia giggled as she stumbled and sloshed the drinks, almost spilling rum and coke on Xander’s couch as she handed Willow and Buffy their refills. The girls had been left alone with the fifth of Bacardi rum that Xander had found in his uncle’s stash while he went to pick up pizza and videos and were now on their third round of drinks. Happily drunk, they were laughing and talking about school, clothes, make-up and, of course, boys.

“So, Buffy…” Cordelia was dying to talk about sex, and wanted to brag about her and Xander’s escapades in her car the night before. “How many times have you and Angel done *IT*?”

“Um, I dunno.” Buffy blushed slightly, a little startled by Cordelia’s blunt question and still a little shy to share details with her friends. She thought that they would think her nympho or something if she told them how often she and Angel had done “it”, not to mention where they done it or how often she thought about him and looked forward to doing it again. That thought made her giggle.

“C’mon Buffy, take a guess,” Cordelia knew by the blush on Buffy’s cheeks that there was something to share, and with a guy like Angel who had to be *really* experienced – it should be interesting…

“I-I guess, maybe 10 or 15 times.” Buffy glanced at Willow who was staring at her with an open mouth then giggled again. Silently she gestured to Willow to close her mouth before all three of them burst out in laughter.

“OH MY GOD! Really?!” Cordelia’s shriek could be heard throughout the house.  Luckily, Xander’s parents were gone for the weekend.  “Do you guys have time to patrol or see a movie or do anything else?  Wait, I know the answer to that so never mind.”  Cordelia smiled broadly, and paused for a minute considering her next question.  “So tell. How many ways have you done it? You know, different positions?”

Buffy was warming up to the topic now that she could see how interested Cordelia and Willow were, and besides it was kinda fun being the knowledgeable one for a change.  “Oh, uh, I’d say 5 or 6 – depends on how you count ’em.”

With a confused look on her face, Willow asked “There’s more than 3? I mean, not that I would even know about that, but, but… 5 or 6?”

Buffy smiled and held up her hand, folding down a finger as she described each position, “Well, there’s the standard guy on top position right, then girl on top guy lying down, then you can have girl on top guy sitting up like in a chair or something, then doggie style on your knees or doggie style standing, or just standing up against a wall facing each other. See, it depends on how you count them.”

Buffy took another big swig of her rum and coke, hoping to cool off as she was now feeling very warm. “Okey-dokey. Cordy, your turn. How many times have you done IT?”

Cordelia grinned “Three times and only with guy on top. First there was Kevin – remember him? Then Devon, twice. Kevin had never done it before either, so it was just awkward. Devon had definitely done it lots of times, but I was pretty nervous. It was pretty good though…” She left the rest of her thought unspoken. “So, have you always… enjoyed it, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh yea. Every time. At least once, sometimes more.” Buffy’s huge grin supported her statement.

“Do you mean orgasm? And isn’t that always part of it?” Willow, while academically knowledgeable about the basics of sex, had no real experience yet to speak of so only knew what she had read.

“I wish.” Cordy’s snort of disgust made it clear that she hadn’t always been so lucky. “I only did once, the second time I did it with Devon. I did a couple of other times too when he was using his hand… The other times were just over too fast.” Cordelia looked back at Buffy over the rim of her cup, “Have you ever used your mouth on him? On his-?”

Willow’s eyes widened and she nearly choked on her drink, leaning forward and almost falling out of the chair, causing all three girls to break out into laughter again.

When their laughter died down, Cordelia prompted. “Well, have you? And if you have, did you swallow it?”

“Um, er, yeah and yeah.” Buffy flopped back against the couch, feeling a little warm and fuzzy from the alcohol. “Have you?”

“Um, yeah. Xander went wild when I did it to him last night. I swallowed most of it. There was just so much.” Cordelia smugly looked at both girls before they all began giggling again. “Has he ever, you know, gone down on you?”

Willow’s eyes were now so big that they threatened to pop right out of her head. “Xander?! Last night?! But we were all at the Bronze, and, oh after… But um, guys, isn’t that kind of gross to put his, his – well, you know, in your mouth? And swallow his, his- And how big is it really?”

Buffy looked at Cordelia then back to Willow, “It’s not gross Will, it’s amazing.”

Buffy’s face took on a dreamy look as she talked. “Angel’s well, he’s so hard yet it’s so soft. It gets harder and longer when I suck on it, even though I can’t fit it all in my mouth. He says that just takes practice. And when I do it, he likes it so much that I just want to do it more. I love that I can make him feel so good that he’ll whimper and beg. It’s such a powerful feeling. I don’t know about other guys, but well, Angel tastes clean and sort of spicy and salty. You’ll probably want to do it to Oz some day.” Buffy clenched her legs together, feeling herself grow wet as she thought about sucking Angel’s hard cock. “As for how big, he’s big. It’s about this long and this thick.” Buffy held out her hands, separating her index fingers almost 9 inches then curling her thumb and index finger in a wide circle.

“Angel whimpering and begging – not something I *ever* expected to hear.” Cordelia giggled, slurring her words slightly. “Xander’s not nearly as long as that, but he’s probably as thick.” Cordy held her hands up about 6 inches or so apart. Willow was thoughtful as she considered Oz’s potential size. She blushed slightly, wondering if – or when – she’d find out.

“Hey, you didn’t answer my question – has he done it to you?” Inquisitive, Cordelia spoke up again.

Xander stood silently by the kitchen door listening closely. The girls apparently hadn’t heard him come in the back door and were still talking. He had come in just in time to hear Cordy’s question – he wasn’t sure what she meant by “it” but he had a pretty good idea it was about sex. He waited.

“You first.” Buffy was now feeling completely relaxed and totally uninhibited. She glanced outside, noting that it was finally getting dark so Angel should be getting here soon. He had been less than thrilled about spending an evening at Xander’s with the gang watching videos, but she was sure – especially now – that she’d be able to make it up to him.

“Ok, well Xander did it to me last night. It was incredible. At first I was kind of embarrassed, but it, ooh, it was the best. What that boy did with his mouth and tongue – ummm.” Cordelia sighed as she grew warm thinking about Xander’s lips and tongue on her. She brought a few condoms with her tonight, hoping that she’d get a repeat performance and then some. “Angel’s done it to you, hasn’t he?”

Xander’s cock instantly stiffened at Cordelia’s words. He never thought she’d tell her friends about last night… But, oh man, since she really seemed to like it he could hardly wait until he got her alone again.

“Oh yea, he has.” Buffy’s husky whisper could barely be heard in the quiet room, the tone of her voice speaking volumes about the experience.

“Ooh, sounds like he was good at it too.” Cordelia’s grinned hugely at Buffy’s expression.

“Do guys like to do that?” Willow was also relaxed from the alcohol now and feeling no shyness about asking. “I mean, do all guys do that?” Thinking about Oz touching her there made her nervous enough, but to think that he might kiss her there – that made her almost want to faint.

“Well, I don’t know about all guys, but Xander seemed to like it. He was the first that ever did it to me.” Cordelia glanced over to Buffy. “And I hope he does again really, really soon!”

The peals of laughter coming from the living room muffled the sound of Angel’s knock in the kitchen. Opening the door, Xander whispered “Come on in” then motioned Angel to keep quiet.  Angel looked at Xander curiously before he heard the laughter coming from the living room.  Then he noticed the Bacardi bottle on the counter and put the two together.

“Have they been drinking this? How could you LET them?” Angel whispered harshly.

“I didn’t LET them, they did it while I was picking up food. Now sh! It’s just getting interesting.”

Angel wasn’t sure what Xander meant and was undecided about heading into the house to find Buffy when he heard her voice.

“I think Angel likes it. I mean, he seems to want to do it. And when he does it, it’s just mind-blowing. I-I sometimes wish he wouldn’t stop, it feels so good.” Buffy shifted yet again on the couch, strong feelings of desire sweeping over her as she thought about Angel putting his head between her legs, his mouth on her.

Angel cocked his head slightly, not quite sure what Buffy was talking about. But, like Xander, now curious enough to want to hear more.

“Angel must be good at all of it. I mean with all of his experience-” Cordelia stopped at Buffy’s narrowed eyes and just shrugged her shoulders. “Well, you know what I mean.”

“That’s true.” Willow nodded and agreed with Cordelia before noticing that Angel’s previous sexual experience was not a subject Buffy wanted to discuss. She switched topics. “What’s it like to, to – you know?”

Buffy glanced at Cordy, wondering if the brunette would answer the question. When she didn’t, Buffy started to speak again.

“Um, well, everything with Angel is always so incredible. He’s, well, he’s just so yummy. And it just feels so good.” Buffy grinned dumbly before closing her eyes to think. “He talks to me sometimes, you know, when we’re… and, well it’s… the things he says, they… well, I really like it. It makes me crazy.” Buffy opened her eyes, realizing that she had gone off topic. She looked at Cordy and Willow, attempting to gauge their reaction to what she had said.

“Well, what does he say? Is it like, I love you and stuff?” Willow shook her glass, trying to eek out just a little more of her drink.

“OR does he talk dirty to you?” Cordelia sat forward with interest, eyes sparkling.

“It’s- I dunno, its sort of both I guess. Sometimes its just stuff like what to do or where to move or how it feels. Maybe it’s just the way he says it… so confident and in control. ” Buffy trailed off, unable to find the right way to describe the delicious way that Angel talked to her or how much she liked it when he took charge.

“Have you guys ever seen the stories that they run in the men’s dirty magazines? Well, I read some in my Dad’s Penthouse magazines – he always leaves them in the bathroom under the sink like no one will notice them there – which like, yeah, right.” Cordelia glanced at the other girls before crossing her legs on the couch. “Anyway, they’re pretty much these guy fantasy stories and one of them was about a couple having sex in an office at work. The girl – a secretary or something I think – came into the guys office wearing nothing by a long coat and really sexy lingerie. Then they did it on the desk – of course it describes the details. Anyway, the girl was so into it that she was making all these loud noises so other people from the office totally knew what they had been doing when she left the office.”

Willow and Buffy just looked at each other, wondering where Cordy was going with this story. “And…?”

“Strictly confidential, ok? I sorta think about that being me and Xander – I’ve even got the perfect lingerie picked out.” Cordelia smiled somewhat sheepishly. “Do you think that’s weird?”

“No – it’s not weird.” Buffy returned Cordy’s smile. “So, you like Xander and want to do fantasy things with him. Seems ok to me.”

“So, Buffy, do you have any naughty Angel fantasies? Anything that you want to do?” Cordelia asked, deciding to resume their game until the guys showed.

Xander and Angel exchanged a glance and half smile, silently agreeing to keep quiet awhile longer.

“What do you mean?” Buffy asked as she took another sip of her drink.

“I hope that Oz kisses me and puts his tongue in my mouth,” Willow blurted, smiling “And, I want him to touch my… me under my shirt. And I want to touch him, you know… there. But, but, maybe not with my mouth yet.”

“You know Buffy, things like that,” Cordelia teased and laughed, smiling at Willow who was grinning. “Too bad Oz is gone this weekend, Willow, he’ll be really sorry he missed this.”

“Um, well. Everything with Angel is sooo nice. And he always seems to know just what I want…”

“But don’t you have some fantasy scenario? Like doing it in a cemetery or something?” Cordelia was insistent. “Oh my god – you have done it in a cemetery already haven’t you?!”

“Um. Maybe…” Buffy shot Cordelia a sheepish look, “For fantasies… I guess maybe- Well, Angel’s always so in control. Just once I’d like to make him crazy.  I sort of imagine going to his place during the day – maybe after school or something.  Anyway, I would surprise him by kissing him *everywhere* until he can’t stand it.  He grabs me and we just do it… ” Buffy closed her eyes briefly, feeling the heat of desire swirl throughout her stomach as she imagined Angel, out of control and wanting her desperately, making love to her roughly against the door or on the floor, only a minimum of clothing removed…

“And here I thought you’d say you just wanted to play naughty stewardess!” Cordelia’s words started another round of laughter. “Well, I hope Xander gets back soon. I’m planning on having my way with that boy tonight.” Cordelia’s dropped back on the couch, sighing heavily, her words sending another jolt through Xander’s body straight to his erection.

“Yeah, I thought Angel would be here already.” Frowning, Buffy leaned over and turned on the lamp in the now dark living room.

Unwilling to wait any longer, Angel headed into the living room. The minute she saw him, Buffy flew off the couch and threw herself into his arms, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist. “Ooooh, Angel,” her words were muffled as Buffy buried her face in his neck and began to kiss and suck noisily, all inhibitions and modesty forgotten in the excitement of seeing the topic of her recent conversation now in front of her. “I missed you. I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Uh, Buffy.” Angel could smell the alcohol and knew that she was a little intoxicated. “Sweetheart.” Trying to extract himself from her grip was proving to be a little difficult. “You need to eat something.” Angel was too aware of their attentive audience and was reluctant to let things get too heated.

“Uh-huh. You.” Buffy grinned at him then planted her lips on his and pulling on his hair to hold his head close.

Willow and Cordelia watched them with wide smiles, until Cordelia noticed that Xander was standing behind Angel. “Xander!” Reaching out with her arms, she waited for him to reach the couch then pulled him down for a kiss.

Standing unsteadily, Willow stumbled off to the bathroom mumbling about missing Oz and how everyone was getting smoochies but her.

Finally managing to extract himself from Buffy, Angel sat her in the chair that Willow vacated. “Stay here, I’m getting you some food.”

“But I want kisses.” Buffy pouted, then reach out and ran her arms down Angel’s waist heading directly for his groin before he caught her hands. “And other stuff…” She smiled up at him, clearly hoping to change his mind.

“Eat now. Then movie. Kisses later. If you behave. Xander. Xander!” Angel pulled Xander away from Cordelia, then the two of them served the pizza – but no more rum – to the three girls before Xander popped in the movie that he rented.

It was just after midnight, the TV the only sound coming from the Harris’s living room. Xander and Cordy cuddled on the couch, while Willow was sprawled on the floor. Buffy sat in Angel’s lap not even pretending to watch the movie. The pizza had sobered her up some somewhat but she was still feeling relaxed and very aroused. Nuzzling his throat, she squirmed on his lap, feeling his erection rising against her bottom. Pulling his head down, she licked at his lips before pushing her tongue in his mouth. Running her tongue along his teeth, she shivered as wetness flooded between her legs as she thought of running her tongue along his fangs when he was in game face. They kissed for several long minutes before Buffy lifted her head to take a breath. Smiling slightly she ran her open mouth down his neck caressing the cool skin with her lips, her teeth, her tongue before sliding her hands under the bottom of his sweater.

“Buffy.” Whispering quietly, Angel grasped both her wrists in one hand to stop her from undressing him in Xander’s living room.

“Um?” Not moving her face from the curve of his neck, Buffy continued her nibbling and wiggling. His grip on her wrists restraining her was only making her hotter.

Angel could smell her arousal and detected the additional heat when he grabbed her wrists. That combined with her earlier revelation about what she liked when they made love could make for a very pleasant evening. Maybe he’d revise his opinion about an evening spent at Harris’s house… Glancing over at the couple on the couch, Angel noted that they were involved in their own make-out session and so paying no attention to he and Buffy. Willow was dozing quietly on the floor, facing away from them toward the TV.

Still holding her wrists, Angel used his other hand to tug at Buffy’s hair pulling her head back. He kissed her hard, roughly thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth causing her to open her mouth wide. She whimpered and ground her bottom harder into his lap. Raising his head, he looked down into her face, whispering huskily “Hmmm… You like that babe?” Releasing her hair, his knuckles lightly caressed her nipple through her shirt. “Umm… hard. Just like I like them. But I think I can make them harder, you wetter. Don’t you?”

Buffy closed her eyes as a loud moan escaped her lips, once again trying to ease the ache between her legs by pushing her bottom into his erection.

Xander and Cordelia looked over at the couple when they heard Buffy’s loud moan. Buffy’s head was back, her chest arched toward Angel. His head was bent low, his face close to her ear and hidden by her hair. Cordelia was mesmerized by the erotic image, and slightly envious of Buffy’s obvious passion.

Sensing the attention, Angel stood with Buffy in his arms and made his way through the house to the first doorway that offered them privacy. It was a den or study of sorts, with a long, low sofa and illuminated with a single small lamp. Perfect.

Angel lowered her to the sofa. He followed her down, dropping to his knees in front of her when she wouldn’t release her arms from around his neck. When she whispered, “kiss me” he easily complied, his tongue erotically playing with hers as he pushed her legs apart to kneel between them.

Reaching for her hand, Angel pulled Buffy into a sitting position before slowly running his hands across her temples and through her hair to stop on her shoulders. He kissed her for several long minutes with light, teasing kisses. She craved him, wanting more, his mouth harder, his tongue deeper – but his hands on her shoulders prevented her from pressing closer. Whimpering, she struggled slightly, trying to break his hold.

Between kisses his hands moved to the sweater that she wore. “You’ll be more comfortable with this off.” He unbuttoned the two top buttons of the twin-set sweater and pushed it back over her arms and off, tossing it aside. “More fuckable.”

His words, basely carnal, increased the accelerated pulsing between her legs, her craving for him immune to any sense of offense or respectability. Obsessed by what he made her feel, she responded to his apparent authority, melting inside, liquid and flowing as if making her body ready for him.

Then he kissed her as she wanted him too – hard, demanding, passionate, his tongue probing, drawing hers into his mouth. Her low moan escaped in a breath exhalation, her hands clenching on his shoulders.

He slid the strap of her camisole down one shoulder, kissing the fullness of her breast before pulling the fabric down to expose her. He pinched her nipple between his fingers, squeezing lightly and looking down at her face.

“What do you want, Buffy?” Angel whispered against her lips. His other hand traced a pattern along her waist, moving around to stroke her back.

“Umm… you. Closer.” Buffy tried to wrap her arms around him and pull him forward but had her plans obstructed when Angel leaned away from her.

“Angelll…” Buffy whined in frustration.

His tongue curled around her nipple lightly, teasingly. “Tell me what you want.” His voice was a husky whisper against her skin, making her shiver. “You have to tell me, sweetheart, or I won’t know.”

Buffy whimpered softly and arched back even further pushing her breast toward him. His tongue flicked across the taut bud again. Her hands clutched at his neck, her fingertips stroking the hair at his nape. It took considerable effort to resist her strength as she attempted to pull him to her.

“C’mon baby, talk to me.” His roaming hands brushed the curve of her breast and waist, moving down toward her hips.

“Please Angel, suck…” Buffy felt the heat in her face at her words, arousing and explicit.

He smiled slightly as he leaned forward again. Covering her taut nipple and aureole, he sucked them into his mouth. When she felt the firm pressure, hard and sucking, Buffy couldn’t breathe for long moments. When she finally found her voice she whispered, “Yesss… don’t stop…” and with trembling fingers pulled down the remaining strap of her top to offer her other breast to him. She wanted that exact sensation again – the feel of his lips, tongue and teeth on her nipple traveling downward to her heated, throbbing core.

“Mmm. You like that?” He stripped her top away gracefully, then reached out his fingertips tracing her mouth before his palm slid along her throat down her chest to caress her taut nipples slowly, feeling their hardness as his hand moved back and forth, watching the pleasure on her face.


“I love how you taste.” His words were soft against her breast, as he once more returned his lips to her thickly swollen nipples.

“Take your clothes off.” Buffy softly urged, her hips rocking restlessly, her breasts quivering with her movements as her hands stroked his shoulders, his back, the nape of his neck. She tugged on his sweater.

“Later.” Angel lifted one of her hands and kissed it as he studied her, his eyes roaming possessively over her swollen lips, her bare breasts and erect nipples, her skirt now pushed up to the tops of her thighs just barely exposing the soft pink of her panties. As his hand glided along her thigh, his wrist pushed the fabric higher, baring her more to his heated gaze. Her panties were small and lacy, almost gleaming in the dim light against the brown fabric of the sofa. He felt his erection pulse harder at the sight of her so aroused and exposed to him.

His fingers brushed across the silky fabric. He smiled, the white of his teeth evident in the shadowy room. She was so wet, it was soaking through the material. She whimpered softly as he touched her intimately, her head dropping back. Her hand clutched his bicep.

“Now what sweetheart?” He continued to rub and pet her through the thin silk, the light pressure teasing. She lifted her hips to meet his hand, wanting more. She wanted his fingers on her naked body, his mouth. She wanted him to do all the things that only he could do her, that only he could make her feel. She sighed softly, her hips continuing to writhe against his hand.

“Tell me.” He murmured softly, his fingers continuing their tantalizing play. He’d located the nub of her clitoris and was lazily drawing circles around it with his thumb, the pressure increasingly steadily.

“Touch-” Her breath broke as she attempted to speak. Swallowing, she licked her lips. Her eyes were still closed, her head against the back of the couch. “Touch me.” It was a soft plea, breathless and needy.

“Like this?” Angel continued to stroke her through the soft material, his fingers sliding down and up along her profusely damp cleft.

“No-o.” She whimpered softly, trembling.

“Then how, babe?” Angel was so hard he was near bursting. Buffy’s obvious passion testing his limits. He wanted to crawl between her legs and thrust inside her until the ache she created within him was assuaged. But he waited.

“Skin….” Her eyes opened, the carnal heat in them illuminated by the small lamp, her cheeks flush and warm, “Take them off…”

“You want to take your panties off?” His fingers were stroking near the elastic edge of one leg, nearly giving her what she craved.

“Yes.” She breathed, the throbbing anticipation between her legs increasing ten-fold.

“Take them off for me.” He whispered, brushing his lips across her jaw, his tongue stroking her neck, the pulsing vein in her throat. His hand brushed her breast, tweaking her nipple.

Buffy hesitated only a moment before she reached under her skirt to grab the waistband of her panties. Lifting her hips she began to slide them down. Angel scooted back to let her close her legs, lifting them to slide the damp pink material down her calves and off. She didn’t bother to remove her shoes or her skirt, and Angel found the vision of her partially clad form incredibly provocative.

“I’m glad I found you.” His voice was soft as he kissed her, moving back into place between her legs, his feelings for her surging amidst their play, their lust for each other equal to the love they shared.

“I was waiting for you.” Buffy sighed softly as Angel’s hand delicately slid over her slick, wet labia. He probed, slipping a finger inside her hot, wet channel.

“Mine.” Angel whispered, sliding his finger deeper then adding a second one, forcing his hand upward and stroking her with such deftness, such expertise that Buffy held her breath against the building rapture.

“Yours.” Buffy exhaled softly, past any notions of objectivity and independence.

“Now think of me fucking you here,” he murmured slipping his fingers into her heated dampness, “a dozen times. And then after that,” he whispered, bending to lick her nipple then suck her neck, leaving a small passion bite. “I’ll take you home and fuck you a dozen more.” Buffy moaned, dissolving in the heat of her arousal, his words creating another flood of wetness, of streaking heat.

He stroked her sleek tissue delicately with infinite skill and expertise, she cried out softly when she climaxed, her hips arching up to meet his hand, his words the added stimulant that pushed her over the edge.

He held her close until the feverish tempest subsided, kissing her lightly on the temple, her neck, his tongue tracing the delicate shell of her ear. She released him reluctantly when he pulled back, opening her eyes when he lifted her legs over his forearms, spreading her thighs wider.

“You know how often I imagine you like this, wet and ready for me?” He smiled at her wickedly, his tongue sweeping across his lips as he looked down at her.

“Angel…” With strong arms she pulled him closer, “I’m dying for you.”

“What do you want now, sweet?” He punctuated his words with another light brushing kiss across her lips.

“You.” Buffy quivered. “Your mouth…”

“Here?” Angel kissed her lips, his tongue darting inside to tangle with hers. “Or here?” Brushing a kiss across her ear, she felt the goose bumps rise on her arms.
“Or where, babe? Tell me…” His voice was husky, heated.

“There…” She pointed slightly, gesturing down between her legs.

“Where? Say it.” He teased her nipple again, sucking it into his mouth before biting down gently.

“My-my- pussy.” Buffy felt the heat rise again in her cheeks at the words, her embarrassment secondary to her impassioned desire for him, for his touch.

“That’s my girl.” Angel kissed her lips again, then lowered his head to her wet cleft. He explored her first with his tongue, licking with slow, long licks. Dipping inside her, then swirling around her swollen nub. He sucked it softly, then bit down gently. With her thighs spread wide, she reclined back against the soft, sinking her fingers into the thick dark spikes of his hair, his tongue unhurriedly lapping her dewy wetness. He knew exactly how to touch her, and where, licking, nibbling, and sucking to provoke the intense, stabbing desire. Her heart was racing, her breath coming in soft pants, every nerve taut as he pushed her toward their paradise.

When he moved back from her and stood, she watched him with ardent eyes, her passions once more inflamed and urgent.

He pulled his sweater over his head and dropped it, her eyes greedily drinking in the muscled expanse of his torso. When he unbuckled his belt she shivered, struggling to regain some composure and wondering how it was that she could so wantonly crave him? With the release of his zipper, she felt the flagrant reminder of the days and nights of passion that had past. How was it that she still wanted him with such an out-of-control burning lust? Briefly Buffy wondered at the control he had over her. Making love in someone else’s house, the others within earshot even, was rash and indulgent. Before Angel, she would never have even considered this.

“Are you ready for me?” His voice was husky, his gaze drifting along her body down to the golden hair at the juncture of her thighs.

Her hazel eyes, sultry, heated met his. “Yes.”

“Then we should see if we can put this,” he drew out his erection, his hand stroking it with mesmerizing slowness as Buffy watched. “in here.” Leaning down, his other hand brushed across her drenched slit.

Buffy moaned, the sound low and muted, sexual frisson running down her spine at his touch. He seemed larger. And incredibly aroused. Despite the number of times they had already made love, she seemed to have forgotten how big he really was. Had she really taken that inside her?

Angel’s hand stroked her thigh soothingly as if he understood her thoughts. Cupping her cheek, he lifted her face to him and kissed her softly, gently. Her momentary fear dissolved with his touch, only the ache of want remained.

When he sat next to her, she wasted no time moving to straddle his lap. His erection pressed into her bottom and she squirmed against his irresistible hardness. When she rose to her knees, his hands spanned her waist steadying her. She guided the hard shaft into place, then slowly sank down. As he filled her with his engorged length, the violent pulsing between her legs intensified and took on a singular focus.

“You’re perfect.” Angel watched her as she moved, her cadence slow and steady. Every nerve in his body seemed hypersensitive. He could feel her the beat of her heart, the throbbing of her pulse, her scalding, tight channel surrounding him. He flexed his hips up to meet her. “We fit… perfectly.”

“It’s you.” Buffy sighed, her senses inundated with him, with the pleasure that he offered her so easily.

“It’s us.” Angel corrected, his experience telling him that what they had was rare, unique and precious. Forcing her hips down, he held her in place, his cock buried deep insider her.

Her ravenous desire rapidly spun out of control and she moved on him urgently. Bracing his feet, Angel drove upward, forcing himself deeper with a steady pressure that increased the throbbing ache in the core of her body. His grip tightened on her hips, guiding her, holding her.

“You’re almost there, aren’t you babe?” Angel voice was hushed, the words penetrating the lustful haze of her thoughts.

In response, Buffy nuzzled his throat, licking a wet path to the vein in his neck and tasting him. When she bit down gently he released a soft moan. Her lashed drifted open briefly to look at him, the bewitching rock and thrust of her hips unchanged. After a mindless interval, Angel shoved upward with such force that Buffy cried out sharply, the orgasmic scream echoing through the room and heard faintly by the other occupants of the house. Breathless and panting, she collapsed on his shoulder.

She clung to him when he moved her, a small subtle movement that emphasized the sensitivity of her sex, still joined with his. He shifted beneath her as the fire inside her rekindled quickly, the intensity startling. It was as if she were oblivious to all but her abject lust for him.

“You feel so good… so hot… so tight…” Angel smiled, pressing against her, along every shuddering nerve of her vagina. She whimpered softly, her pulsing core gripping his hard, thick penis.

“You feel so hard… so big…” Buffy panted and frantically reached for him, her peaking desire overwhelming all else. His hands cupped her bottom, lifting her then lowering her, pressing her hips hard to his. Angel planted small kisses along her neck before leaning to suck and nibble at her nipples once more. Groaning, Buffy arched back and ground her pelvis against him as she felt the wave of her orgasm begin. Just before her last shuddering spasm faded, Angel pulled her lips to his and joined her in climax.

Angel heard only the faintest whisper from Buffy as she collapsed in his arms. “I love you.”

Kissing her head softly head, he smiled. “I love you too.”

Hours later, his earlier promise fulfilled, Angel dressed a very sated and languid Buffy. When she didn’t immediately move, he teased her about her lack of slayer stamina but lifted her in his arms easily, carrying her into the hall. The creaking sounds of bedsprings alerted him to the fact that Xander and Cordelia has obviously adjourned to another room of the house. Buffy met Angel’s eyes and giggled slightly.

Willow stirred when Angel stepped over her with Buffy, but otherwise paid them no attention. She had fallen asleep on the floor watching the movie, and Xander had covered her with blanket before he and Cordelia had gone to his room.

Buffy rubbed her cheek on Angel’s shoulder and snuggled next to him as he carried her over to the door. Putting her on her feet, he picked up her bag then grabbed her hand, tugging her out of the house behind him. “Come on, sweetheart.”

Reaching his apartment, Angel once again swept Buffy up into his arms. Kicking the door closed with one foot, Angel dropped Buffy on the bed in the dark room. “Now, where were we?”