I – Stolen Moments

Author’s Notes: Just a short little PWP happiness piece. Takes place during BtVS season 7 and AtS Season 4.

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/A

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Originally posted: Nov 14, 2002

The house was quiet when Buffy returned from her late night patrol. She knew though, that he was here. She sensed it the minute she had turned the corner and neared her house. Her steps quickened in anticipation.

“Angel?” Buffy whispered quietly, turning on the bedside light.

“You’re late.” His eyes scanned her, taking in the white sweater and tight jeans, the low hip hugging pants emphasizing her small, trim waist. In the dimly lit room, his words were soft and seductive, rolling over her in warm waves.

Buffy felt the tremor of excitement, that spark of heated desire race through her at the thought of the entire night alone with him. Their nights together were so few and far between.

She turned to face him. He was comfortably sprawled in the chair near the window, his legs crossed at the ankles in front of him. His dark hair appeared darker in the shadowed corner of the room. The white linen shirt he wore emphasized the breadth of his shoulders, the strength beneath. He was bigger, larger now than she remembered. His shirt was tucked into a pair of black pants, his coat draped over the back of the chair behind him. He was as sexy, gorgeous and as tempting as sin, Buffy thought as she looked at him, the familiar heat of desire stirring, clamoring within her.

She licked her lips, her eyes drinking him in.

“You can’t suck on me yet. You have to wait. I want to ram this into you first.” His hand slid across his arousal through his pants, stroking casually as she watched the size of the bulge increase. At his blunt words, she stifled a whimper. He remembered what she had said to him on the phone all those nights ago. What she wanted.

“Take off your clothes.” His voice was a husky whisper, his Claddagh ring glinting in the light when he lifted his hand.

Buffy swallowed anxiously, looking away from his magnetic eyes and mesmerizing strength in an attempt to control her heated response. Anticipation was poised, taut and screaming through her senses. But then, she had felt that way since yesterday when he had called to tell her that he was coming to Sunnydale.

She lifted her eyes to meet his. She smiled slowly and lifted her sweater over her head with a slow, measured cadence. She turned then, denying him the sight of her naked breasts as she removed her bra and tossed it at him.

Her hair was long now, long enough to reach the middle of her back. He remembered how it felt against his skin, the soft tresses stroking across him in feather light caresses. It would nearly cover her breasts now. He stifled a groan.

At the low sound, she smiled at him over her shoulder, her hands moving to the waistband of her jeans. He watched eagerly as she slid the tight jeans down her hips, pushing them to pool at her feet.

Angel shifted, uncomfortably aroused. His return smile at her, however, was wolfish.

His eyes smoldered with a heated look of desire, as they swept over her, taking in the perfectly formed legs and firm behind. She met his eyes over her shoulder again as she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her thong. For a pulse beat she felt his hot desire lick at her senses, then his gaze slid slowly down to her bottom, waiting with anticipation. She removed her thong, bending slowly to reveal her pink, wet cleft to him for the briefest moment.

“Come here.” Angel pointed to the spot between his legs.

She walked to him slowly, stopping in front of him, trembling.

“You like it when I tell you what to do, don’t you sweetheart?” His voice was rich, velvety. His eyes flicked over her, taking in the half-closed eyes, the hard rose tips of her breasts, her legs clenched together. His preternatural senses easily detected the aromatic scent of her arousal.

“No.” Buffy murmured, the sound barely audible. Yet, lust burned through her senses, indifferent to issues of authority or command.

“Are you sure? You’re so wet.” Reaching out with one hand, he slid his fingers through the lush profusion of wetness between her legs. He glanced up at her face. “And throbbing…” He’d felt it, that slight increase in her pulse beat when he touched her.

Buffy closed her eyes. His fingers were cool on her throbbing flesh and she felt a heated frisson of pleasure race through her at his touch. It had been too long.

“Were you thinking about what I said? What I wanted to do to you when I got here?”

“Yess…” The words were scarcely a whisper, her attention focused on his hand, his touch.

He sat up, his fingers continued to stroke her. When he bent forward, Buffy sighed and slid her fingers into his hair. He eased her thighs further apart and she whimpered. The sound of a door closing in the house brought Buffy’s eyes open with a start. She tensed.

Angel felt her stiffen and looked up. “It’s just you and me in here, and I’m going to lick your sweet little pussy whether you like it or not…”

His tongue licked the nub of her clitoris delicately, insistently. Buffy arched her back and attempted to open her legs wider as she felt the melting ecstasy swirl through her senses.

“Oh god.” Buffy moaned softly, biting her lip, her fingers tightening on his hair.

“Sh…” He admonished softly, “If you promise not to scream, I’ll make you come. Twice.”

Pushing two fingers inside her, he forced his palm against her clit and rotated his hand with firm, steady pressure. Buffy gasped loudly, panting as the first convulsing ripples began.

“Quiet, sweetheart.” Leaning down, he parted her gently and sucked her clit into his mouth as he felt her orgasm begin.

Buffy barely managed to stifle the scream that erupted from her lips as the ecstasy jolted her aching core where Angel’s lips and tongue were still working their magic.
But when he continued sucking, the irrepressible sensation soared higher and she was lost to all but the rash, incautious pleasure that he offered.

When the high, keening cry echoed through the room, Angel couldn’t help but smile. It was a smile of pure masculine pride, satisfaction that he could bring her to such pleasure.

Panting and breathless, her hands still clutching his hair, Buffy looked down at him. “Oh god. Do you think they heard? Do you think they’ll know?”

Yes, he thought, unless they were either deaf or stupid, or both. But he knew her worries, her fears.

Their friends did not know they were back together, not yet. Dawn would accept him without reservation, but her friends… She wanted to wait until Willow recovered from her foray into black magic, until they understood the ramifications of the return of Spike’s soul. Xander – well, he might never understand. And the AI team – well, Gunn and Fred would probably be happy for him, but Cordelia – like Xander – would never accept their relationship.

“It doesn’t matter.” He stood, lifting her into his arms. “I’m going to fuck you all night.”

“All night?” She looped her arms around his neck and smiled, her fears dissolving at the feel of his body pressed to hers.

“If you last that long…” Angel tumbled her back on the bed, lying on top of her with his weight balanced on his elbows. He erection pressed into her stomach as his hips undulated against her so that she could feel the tantalizing hardness.

She kissed his neck, her hands working at the buttons on his shirt. She pushed it over his shoulders and he shrugged out of it. He kissed her then, his lips meeting hers for the first time that night. After several heated kisses, he lifted his head.

“If you get tired let me know.” His gaze was direct, challenging.

“What if I want to stop?” Buffy squirmed against him, delighting in the feel of his cool hard chest against the aching tips of her nipples.

“You can’t. And you can’t call for your friends and you can’t scream with you come this time.” His tongue licked across her upper lip. “Hmmm… think you can come quietly?”

“What if I don’t let you in?” She murmured playfully shoving him hard and rolling across the bed. She escaped for a fleeting second before he caught her leg and flipped her back on the bed, covering her with his large body again.

Buffy giggled. “You’re fast. But hopefully not too fast…” Her gaze drifted downward, her innuendo clear.

“Do you want to find out?” Angel licked a wet path down her throat as she arched her head back.

“Yes. Unless you’ll think that I’m-”

His lips interrupted her words, brushing across her mouth in a teasing kiss.

“A hot and greedy little puss?” He smiled at her, lifting his head to look into her eyes.

“Is that a term from your youth?” She returned his smile, happy to be in his arms again.

“Hardly.” Angel was amused.

“So then, what do I have to do – to, uh, attract your interest?” Her strong arms slid around his back, her hands sweeping across the muscles. She hugged him close, planting small kisses along his upper chest and collarbone.

“Spread your legs.” He nuzzled her cheek, drifting down to suck gently on her ear lobe.

“That’s all?” She laughed softly, his lips tickling her as they moved across the sensitive skin of her ear.

“For now.” He licked softly at the scar on her neck. His mark. He bit down with blunted teeth and felt her quiver beneath him. Her hands clutched at him.

“Your standards are low.” Her voice was low, breathy as he sucked on her neck.

“I actually think my standards are quite high. I rejected Cordelia, for one.”

“Really?” Her eyes narrowed in anger, the thought of the brunette with her Angel too horrifying to contemplate.

“Yes. Wider.”

She squirmed, parting her legs wider and lifting her lips. It was blatant invitation. “How’s that? And did you really?”

“Very nice.” He shifted back on his heels, admiring the view. “A hot little slayer just wanting to be fucked.”

A small needy sound escaped her lips as her hips rocked slightly.

Angel unzipped his pants, warning her again. “You can’t make any noise.”

“I know.” She whispered. She would have agreed to most anything he asked at that moment.

He pushed his pants off and lowered himself between her legs. When he first entered her, Angel stopped savoring the wet, lush heat, the enveloping rapture. How long had he waited to be there, how far he had come to feel this, and perhaps more pertinently at this moment – how tenuous his restraint.

Buffy’s hands slid to his waist, down to the base of his spine. She arched her back and lifted her hips, taking him deeper. She sighed softly. He was everything she needed.

So much for restraint. Angel felt his control spiral away as her lips searched for his.

Buffy was as impatient and ravenous as he, immune to moderation and self-denial. They had been apart much too long, their evenings now few and far between.

She didn’t tire that night, as he had suggested, no more than he could subdue his rampant desire for her. They were insatiable. He was, she was, they were – mindless to all but carnal passion and their rapacious cravings.

– – – – – – – – – –

“You have to go.” Buffy checked the clock again. “It’ll be dawn soon.”

“I know.” His arms tightened around her, his face hidden by her hair, nuzzling her neck.

“Angel.” She scolded. He shouldn’t have stayed so long; she should not have allowed it. Each time they were together it was harder to part. And each time they grew more lax in their desire to do so.

“I know.” His hand was stroking her back, lazily drawing circles that were moving closer to her hip.

“Don’t just say I know again.” Buffy pushed against his shoulders, “Get moving.”

“Okay.” His hand slipped around to cup her bottom, squeezing.

“Angelll…” His name came out sounding like an endearment, not the admonishment that she intended.

“No one is up this early.” He still had not opened his eyes, continuing to explore her body with his large hands.

Buffy pushed away from him and sat up. “If you don’t get out of my bed this instant, I’ll get you up and put you out myself.”

His brows lifted and his eyes drifted opening lazily. “Mmmm… You getting me ‘up’ is hardly an incentive to get out of bed, sweetheart.”

“Angel.” Her voice was stern, her expression serious.

He groaned and rolled out of bed, knowing she was right. He had to leave now or spend the day in Sunnydale – and of course, the AI team would worry if he didn’t return. “I’m up. I’m gone.” Nude, he rose and began to dress.

Buffy watched him, hating the sound of those words. He was gone too much, too often.

He pulled his sweater over his head. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. A few days.”

“I know.” She sighed, hating the life they led right now. They were hiding from everyone. But soon…

Angel leaned over and kissed her with tenderness, his every feeling and emotion poured into a single kiss. He smiled at her when he lifted his head, his thumb brushing across her mouth. “Don’t forget me.”

“As if I could…” She murmured softly in reply, kissing him again. Her heart was so full of love that she wanted to laugh and cry, she wanted to shout it to everyone yet at the same time hold it close and protect it, as if sharing it were to risk losing it.

“I love you Angel. Come back to me.”

“Always. I love you Buffy.” He was gone almost before she blinked, before he could lose his resolve to leave her again. His only consolation was knowing that she waited for him, and that he would be back.