Hellmouth Christmas Carol, Part VI

Author: LelaRose and Gia, with contribution from Rehatha

Author’s Notes:

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/A, mentions of C/A, B/S.

Distribution: My site, EverySixSeconds; sites currently with permission to host my fics; all others please ask.

Originally posted: Dec 22, 2002

With school on break for the winter holidays, a table at the back of the Bronze was a rare and desperately coveted prize. Being a simple and small-town night spot, the Bronze did not cater to reservations so prized seating was a first come, first claim commodity, unless one happened to be capable of the tried and true method of acquisition known as intimidation, a skill Angel excelled at, so in short order a table was theirs.

It was tucked in a shadowed alcove and was as quiet and secluded as the crowded club was likely to get.

Buffy glanced around, half expecting to find the gang grouped around a table near the dance floor, but there was no sign of Willow, Xander or their respective love interests, a happenstance she was grateful for. She didn’t want to have to explain Angel or his presence…at least not until they had talked things over and she understood where they stood herself. Not that they had done much talking since they had arrived at the Bronze; they had ordered the drinks that sat untouched between them and then had sat in silence.

Angel couldn’t take his eyes off Buffy. He hadn’t realized just how starved he had been for the sight of her. Her presence was a bliss he had nearly forgotten. He couldn’t help cherishing every little smile she gave or any touch she gave him. Their hands had brushed innocently as they had seated themselves and his pants had been uncomfortably tight ever since.

<Look, I know you want to romance her. Can’t we just recite poetry or something while we fuck her?>

Angel choked on a sip of his tepid tea and waved Buffy’s concern aside as he cleared his throat. <Can’t you think of anything else?> Angel asked his demon irritably.

<Well…no,> Angelus responded. <What’s this? You suddenly remember that I’m here, soul boy? You’ve been ignoring me for so long, pretending I wasn’t here that I was beginning to wonder whether or not you could even hear me.>

<I hear you. I give you the attention you deserve. None. And you’ve been getting awfully chatty since we hit town.> Angel replied, watching his concerned love watch him.

<What can I say?> the demon drawled. <I was as unhappy in LA as you were and saw no point in being ‘chatty’ as you call it. And here…with her. I’m happy. You’re happy. I’ve got things to say and things to want. And for hell’s sake, would you take the girl out on to the dance floor and at least cop a feel?>

Angel saw Buffy’s head bobbing to the song that had just started playing. He reached his hand across the table to gently squeeze hers.

“Would you like to dance?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said playfully.

Angel led her to the crowded dance floor and pulled her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist and laid cheek against his chest. It felt so good to be back in his strong arms…so good to feel his coolness against her.

If you’re lost you can look – and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you – I’ll be waiting
Time after time

After my picture fades and darkness has
Turned to gray
Watching through windows – you’re wondering
If I’m O.K.
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time –

You said go slow –
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

Time after time
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time

Angel reached around to capture one of her hands. He twined his fingers with hers and brought them to his lips to kiss; that one gesture told her more than any words he could say would ever tell her. She laid her head back on his shoulder and snuggled closer in his arms. He laid his face on the top of her head and inhaled her intoxicating aroma.

<You’re killing me. You’re honestly killing me. Stop being so sentimental and cop a damn feel. Her ass. Her breast. Fuck, give me a scrap here. In fact, enough of this lovey-dovey wuss shit. I want to fuck her. You want to fuck her. She wants to be fucked. When do we get to fuck her?> Angelus asked impatiently.

<When the time comes I’ll be making love to her,> Angel answered, easily slipping into the long forgotten habit of responding.

<Call it what you want as long as it’s skin to skin…and as long as she’s screaming and clawing up our back. I really liked it when she did that.>, the demon reminisced fondly.

This time Angel ignored him, his own limited memories of Buffy too precious to share.

One song seemed to turn into two, and then three into four and on and on; slow or fast, Buffy and Angel never seemed to move any faster. They clung to each other as the music floated over them and the people moved around them.

As much as Angel was enjoying having his love in his arms he knew they needed to talk. He leaned down and kissed her ear before whispering, “Buffy this is great and I’m really enjoying myself but I think we need to talk. Maybe we need to find a quieter place.”

Buffy lifted her head off Angel’s chest to look around the club; he was right. Instead of the crowd thinning it looked like more people had come in. As much as she hated to leave his arms, they needed to talk.

“‘Kay,” she conceded and followed him off the dance floor.

Angel glanced around the dimly lit diner: several tables occupied by whispering couples whose conversations were muted by a soft music playing in the background on a jukebox.

Buffy had told him that the diner was relatively new. Located in the warehouse district of Sunnydale, it catered mostly to truck drivers passing through and men and women meeting for illicit purposes. And it was only a few blocks away from Willies.

He and Buffy had taken a table towards the back so they could see the entrance and exits – a predator paranoia Cordelia had never understood and had often disparaged. They sat across from each other in the red vinyl booth with a red and silver Formica table separating them.

Again they had ordered and again their orders sat between them, unwanted obstacles to their conversation. Angel hadn’t touched his tepid tea and Buffy was only stirring her soda while her apple pie congealed unappetizingly. Now that they were in a quieter atmosphere neither seemed inclined to talk; other than placing their order and Buffy catching Angel up on the latest developments in the lives of Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya, they hadn’t said much.

Buffy broke the silence. “Do you want to start or do you want me to start.”

Angel reached across the table and took her small hands in his. “I think I need to start.” He leaned closer across the booth. “Buffy I could go into a long list of everything I’ve done wrong since the moment I asked you if you loved me before I told you about Dru. The thing is I’ve made every conceivable mistake in the virtual *Book of Love*. Every mistake but stop loving you. That I’ve never done. No matter what has happened in the past Buffy I’ve always loved you and I always will.” He paused, searching for the right words. “Last night, yesterday…” For a moment Angel seemed confused. “Let’s just say an old and dear friend showed me where my choices would take me – my wrong choices that is. It wasn’t pretty. The point is, Buffy without you in my life I don’t have a life. I have an unlife. You are the only one that has ever made me feel alive. Unbreathing, no heartbeat or body temperature but when I’m with you I feel alive. No one has ever made me feel that way again. Buffy I’d die over a thousand times to be with you, to keep you safe, to prove my love to you. I left you for many reasons Buffy,” he decided to leave the part about her mother out of his explanation, “Mainly because I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Of loving you too much. Of having you waste your life on a thing who couldn’t give you anything. Children, sunshine, Buffy I couldn’t even kiss you properly for fear the demon in me would be unleashed again. And I’d do anything to keep him from hurting you again.”

<Look I didn’t hurt her. Okay I was a little pissed at the end. But I wasn’t going to kill her. I was going to turn her. And let me tell you, we’d be deep into our happily ever after by now if Willow hadn’t made with the curse. Can you imagine her brow ridges? Damn she’d be gorgeous…more gorgeous.>

Angel closed down his demon. He pushed him as far as he could into the background. “I was weak Buffy. Every moment with you I wanted you. I knew eventually I’d lose all self-control. I was so afraid that one day you’d wake up and ask yourself why you’d wasted your life on a man who couldn’t give you anything.”

“You’re so wrong Angel. You gave me everything. My life was ruined the night you turned on your heel and walked away from me. That’s when my life was ruined. You warned me a long time ago that when I kissed you I wouldn’t wake up from a fairy tale and live happily ever after. I knew that back then and accepted it. I’ve always known it to be true. Back then I told you that when you kiss me I want to die.”

The answer had so shocked him at the time that he hadn’t known how to respond; she had sprinted away from him before he could ask her what she meant and he had never gotten up the nerve to ask afterwards.

<Well, ask her now, you Wuss.>

“Buffy what did you mean when you said that. I’ve never quite understood.”

Buffy thought about the innocent 16 year old girl who had only seen Angel in her future. Who had only wanted Angel in her future.

“Just what I said. When I’m in your arms Angel, it’s like if I die right then, it will be okay because I’ve already tasted heaven on earth.”

She didn’t get a chance to finish; Angel’s torso was across the table and he was leaning into her as she met him half way their lips met in a tender kiss.

He gently nipped her bottom lip before sucking it between his teeth. He ran his cool tongue across her lips before he slipped his tongue between her lips urgently to taste the sweetness of her mouth.

Buffy met his urgency with her own, her little pink tongue caressing his and tasting the spicy flavor of him.

Angel cupped her head in his palms, drawing her closer to him. Her warmth permeated every pore of his body. He had forgotten how delicious she tasted; her flavor was earthy and sweet. Her arousal perfumed the air and Angel inhaled it as he began sucking on his lover’s little hot tongue.

She crooned softly into his mouth, a soft vocal tribute to the pleasure he so generously lavished upon her and clung to his shoulders, her small fingers digging into his shirt desperately. She wanted to get closer to him, needed to be closer to him. Did he know the power of his kisses? Did he know just how good he tasted? How good he felt? How could he not?

The kiss was igniting him and he knew his hunger for her was slipping its leash. Not the demon, just his own passion and desperate desire for her. It had been too long since he’d held his love in his arms…since he smelled the erotic aroma of her arousal; he wanted to lift up her dress and impale her in one hard thrust.

<Not that I’m not enjoying this Romeo, but you are about to put your elbow in her apple pie. It might ruin the *romance* of the moment.>

Angel’s brain slowly clicked in to the warning that his frustrated demon had relayed and remembered that they were at a diner; this was just not the place to make out with his lady. Reluctantly he gentled the hot kiss, cooling his raging passion and retracting his tongue from her mouth, which was difficult: one because he could never get enough of the taste of her and two because his lover had a vacuum hold on his tongue.

He growled softly and continued to gentle the kiss, extracting his tongue from her mouth. She whimpered and he nibbled at her bottom lip in consolation before licking the swollen, pouty curve.

Angel fisted his fingers in her hair and gently, but firmly pulled away; she moaned softly in desolation. He trailed a cool open-mouthed kiss to her ear and whispered, “Later. We need to get some things worked out first.”

“Why?” she pouted.

“So we will never ever doubt each other’s love again. So we will never leave each other again.”

Buffy thought about all that Kendra had shown her. He had sacrificed his humanity to save her life. He had unselfishly given it back for the chance to protect her. The demon had said “Together you are strong.” She intended to be with Angel forever. Only death would take her from his side. She decided to tell him so, “Death is the only way I’ll let you leave me again,” she vowed. “Even then I’ll follow you to the beyond. I want eternity Angel.”

Angel locked eyes with her. He loved her. He had been looking for the right words to assure her he’d never leave her, to express his love for her. He, a man who had spent a life time reading books, a man over two centuries old and his love not yet 20 years old had put it into three sentences. He couldn’t help but smile at the irony of it all.

“That’s about what I’ve been trying to say, baby.”

“Well, why didn’t you?”

He laughed ruefully, “Guess I was trying too hard.”

“Angel can we get out of here?'” she asked.

Angel smiled slightly in response. “Yes.”

His heated gaze locked with hers, their hunger for each other nearly scorching the air between them. He threw a twenty on the table, nearly three times the amount of their tab and they both scooted out of the booth.

They barely made it to the car before he spun her around to take her lips in a kiss so hot Buffy felt steam was rising from them.

Backing her against the vehicle, Angel lifted her on to the hood of the car and stepped between her thighs. He clutched her to him, arching her until her breasts pressed against the wall of his chest.

Her breath caught at the anticipation of having him there, poised at the entrance of her body and Buffy moaned, tangling her fingers in his dark hair and pulling him closer to her. She opened her mouth wider to allow him better access and Angel’s tongue licked every corner of her lips before voraciously sucking her tongue.

She tasted just as he remembered and more: sweet, earthy, natural. He couldn’t get enough of her. He wanted to devour her. All of her.

She was breathless; it had been so long since she’d had free access to the pleasures of Angel’s cool mouth. He tasted exactly as she remembered: spicy and mysterious. She drank him in.

His deep growls of pleasure caused heat to travel through her body and pool at her most intimate point. The moisture seeped from her core dampening her thong and she scooted closer to him, knowing that he could assuage the ache that was beginning to build between her thighs.

Angel felt the heat of her body increasing and he could smell the moisture of her core tantalizing him with her body’s eager invitation.

Unthinking, he laid his hand on her thigh and slowly began to ease her skirt upward to give him access to the treasure of her feminine core. He cursed the demure yet provocative skirt he had admired before, gathering the material in his fist until he could lay his hand upon the hot flesh of her thigh.

Buffy broke the kiss to draw in a ragged and desperate breath, her heartbeat thundering in her ears. She trailed several soft kisses over his jaw and paused over the silent artery of his throat before she latched on to the cool skin of his neck and bit down firmly, sucking hard. Angel’s hoarse groan of pleasure was almost her undoing and she released his neck and trailed kisses back to the paradise of his mouth. Her tongue tangled with his and she drank deeply of her lover.

Angel groaned; he was so hard it was painful. He felt as if all his blood had rushed from every part of his body to that one muscle between his legs. Every long thick inch of it. He was light headed with desire and he could smell her arousal; it tickled his nose and was the sweetest perfume he smelled in over two years. He leaned into her pushing her back against the hood of the car and almost climbing on top of her, deepening his impassioned worship of her mouth.

Angel’s eyes blazed saffron gold with passion. He looked down at Buffy’s splayed thighs, her skirt pooled nearly at her waist, her golden legs and everything in between open to his gaze. His mouth suddenly went dry and he licked his lips; she looked good enough to eat and as the thought entered his mind, he dropped to his knees in front of her.

He inhaled deeply as he slid her skirt up her hips, pulling her closer to him as his shoulders pushed her thighs further apart.

“Angel?” Buffy asked missing the cool touch of his body against his. She rose up on her elbows to look at her lover; the sight of him between her thighs caused her breath to hitch. “I thought you wanted to wait.”

“I’ll wait, but you don’t have to.”

Angel gave her a wicked smile and opened his mouth as he pulled her to meet his lips. He didn’t remove her panties but sucked her through them; the friction between the smooth silk and his rough cool tongue had Buffy moaning and grinding her core eagerly into Angel’s mouth.

“Angel,” she breathed. His name was a plea…a request…a prayer.

He loved the smell of her desire…the taste of her essence. In one move he ripped her thong from her with his teeth and plunged his tongue into her steaming depths.

Buffy had enough presence of mind to muffle her scream of pleasure by throwing her arms across her mouth as she arched against her demanding lover.

Angel was relentless, his tongue plunging in her depths over and over again as his fingers gently plucked her clit. He could hear Buffy’s harsh breaths as she neared her climax. He had forgotten how her body heated as she neared orgasm. He could smell it coming. He could smell her cum as it prepared to leave her body.

<God damn it you idiot. You would pick a public place to give in. Get your face out of her cunt now, we’ve got company. A cop. A cop!>

The crunch of shoes crossing the asphalt reached him and Angel groaned in frustration. Not now. Not now! She was so close. But the shoes were drawing closer and he could see the beam of the officer’s flashlight wavering as he walked toward them.

Reluctantly, he pulled away from her, flicking her skirt back down to protect her from prying eyes.

Buffy wailed at the loss of the pinnacle of pleasure that had been so close and scrabbled desperately at Angel’s arms.

He rose from his place of worship and gathered her unsatisfied body in his arms tenderly. “I’m sorry baby,” he whispered.

“Angel,” she whimpered, arching tightly against him.

“All right you two,” the Sunnydale cop shined his light mercilessly upon the two lovers. “Take it home before I run you two in for lewd acts or something.”

Buffy flushed with embarrassment and unfulfilled desire. She pressed her face into Angel’s shoulder, the ache in her body sharp and nearly painful.

She couldn’t believe it. For years the Sunnydale police had made themselves scarce around this district, never there to save a single soul from a vamp attack and always hours late to pick up a body. And now, NOW, one showed up NOW to hassle them for acts of public lewdness. It was so unfair.

<See,> Angelus snarled. <If you were going to give in, you should have done so at the damn house, like I told you to. Now she’s unsatisfied. And I’m unsatisfied.>

<I’m unsatisfied too,> Angel thought resentfully.

<Who cares about you. You’re the idiot who had to romance her and then ended up with your face between her legs in a damn parking lot. Real class there, Romeo. Should’ve left it to me.>

“Move it along,” the cop repeated firmly.

“We’re going,” Angel muttered hoarsely. He eased Buffy from the hood of his car and escorted her around to the passenger door, allowing her to continue to hide in his chest. He held the door open for her and she disappeared quickly into the dark safety of his car.

The cop watched with clear disapproval as Angel walked back around to the other side of the car and slid into the driver’s seat.

“I’m so sorry baby,” he whispered.

“Not your fault. Bad timing.” She grinned ruefully. “Maybe we should keep our PDAs to the cemeteries where we can at least kill the people who interrupt us.”

Angel laughed softly and pulled her in for a brief kiss. “You’re probably right.”

She stared at him tenderly, her body aching with unfulfilled passion and her eyes alight with love. “We should get out of here before that cop decides a little warning isn’t enough.”

Just after Angel started the car, his telephone rang. He fumbled around in his coat pocket and flipped open the telephone.

“Angel,” he said tersely.

“Angel, the demons you were asking about?”

“Yeah,” Angel said.

Willie let out a wry laugh. “They just walked in the bar and sat down.” He said in disbelief. “It’s like they knew you were looking for them.”

“Don’t let them leave. I’ll be there in 20.” He flipped the telephone closed without saying goodbye and turned to look at Buffy.

“Is everything all right?” Buffy asked worried.

“Just some unfinished business. Nothing for you to worry about.”

<Good! Since you’re obviously too stupid to fuck at least we can kick some ass and release some of this pent up energy.> Angelus snarled.

“Come on. I’ll take you home.”

“Back to waiting?”

“Back to wanting things to be perfect for you.”

“Things are always perfect when I’m with you.”

“Willie.” Angel strode casually into the bar, glancing around the room and checking out the other occupants.

“Angel?” Willie nervously responded to the coldness and the hard glint in his eyes. “That is you right, Angel. Not Angelus?”

“I’m Angel,” he assured him.

Willie stared at him for a few minutes before accepting his response. He motioned to the table to the left of him. “Can you try not to totally destroy the bar?” he pleaded.

Angel spared him a glance as he headed towards the demons, then tossed several bills on the bar, enough to cover any damage about to occur. “No promises.”

He stopped in front of the table.

“Well, Well, look here?” The D’ebrak demon smirked. “If it isn’t Angelus, the Slayer’s pussy whipped boyfriend.” The D’ebrak demon smirked. Sniffing, he chortled. “I can smell her all over you.”

Angel gave a chilling smirk that was all Angelus. “Jealous?” It was a deliberately provoking taunt.

The D’ebrak demon stood up looking at his companions as if to assure himself that they would help him. The patrons in the club, realizing there was going to be a fight, started placing bets with Willie on the outcome.

In the background one of the demons murmured loud enough for Angel and the demons to hear, “Angel or Angelus he’s still one mean son of a bitch.”

Angel sized up the 4 demons.

<We’ll take out the big scaly one first and then rip off the head of the Lokiue demon. After that we’ll just pick them off one by one. After all, we’ve got some pent up energy to burn…>

“This isn’t a fight you can win, vampire. The odds are pretty steep. Sorta hard for me to lose this one,” the D’ebrak demon bragged, already relishing in the prestige that would go to the demon that defeated Angelus. Even if at the time he was the pussy whipped Angel.

“Odds look ok to me.” Angel replied, the threat in his voice unmistakable. He watched the demons as they all pushed away from the table and stood. Whether they wished it or not, two of them were already showing signs of fear.

<Finally a little action. > Angelus rejoiced. <Blood and Carnage. Now this is what I call a good time.>

The D’ebrak demon attacked throwing himself at Angel with a roar. His first mistake. Angel ducked the demons punch, bragging his ham-like arm and swung him around in an arch knocking the other demons back. He then seized the D’ebrak in his arms and with a violent twist and jerk, the resounding crack was heard throughout the bar as Angel broke the demons neck and dropped him to the floor. Before the D’ebrak demon even hit the ground, Angel had moved on to the next demon.

He grabbed the next demon, the Lokiue, with a move so fast that the gaping onlookers in the bar almost didn’t see it. Angel pulled the Lokiue demon’s head off his body. His neck cavity spewed foul yellow substances as his body still stood twitching. Angel threw the head still clutched in his hand over his shoulder into the crowd. The demon’s body fell to the ground, still twitching in death as his head was now being batted around the bar.

<Yeah, now this is what I call working off a little frustration. The next best thing to fucking.>

Angel gave a vicious smile at the remaining demons, and curled his fingers at them in invitation. “Bring it on.”

They rushed him in an attempt to over power him with their numbers. It didn’t succeed. Despite the odds of four against one, the fight was over quickly. Angel dropped kicked the the demon closest to him knocking him to the ground. The blow was so powerful Angel’s foot went through the demons skin,muscles, crunching bones as it entered it’s chest and as it exited through the other side. It was a quick, painful violent death. The Lokiu death gasp was still floating on the air as Angel turned to the other demons. The two remaining demons had been better fighters than the first two, managing to land a few well-placed blows, but Angel – with Angelus egging him on – managed to wreak some serious havoc on the foursome.

Wiping the blood off his face with a napkin from the bar, Angel left the bodies for Willie to dispose of.

<Now that. That was fun. Any chance we can get laid now?> Angel sighed. His demon seemed to have a one-track mind.

Buffy dropped the splintered stake on the ground with a shrug. It had served its purpose; she had taken out the two vamps in the cemetery and one in the park. Still too keyed up to think of sleep, she decided to return home and pick up a few more weapons then take a sweep down by the beach. If she was lucky, she’d find a demon nest or two which along with some action to help burn off more of this sexual frustration.

As she walked toward the entrance to the cemetery, she reflected on her earlier embraces with Angel. Her cheeks grew warm as she thought about him, his lips, his hands on her. It was his fault that she was too hot and bothered to sleep… She grinned, unashamed of any of it and wanting more. Soon. Even… now.

She had only just felt that familiar tingling sensation when a large body appeared in front of her, having stepped out of the shadows of the nearby crypt.

“Buffy?” Angel’s surprise was obvious. He hadn’t expected to see her again tonight, but then he should have guessed that she might have gone on patrol. He had heard noises coming from the back of the cemetery and had been on his way to investigate when she nearly walked into him.

“Angel?” Buffy smiled, surprised but pleased to see him again so soon. In the next instant she frowned, taking in the cut over his eye and the slightly swollen cheek. She stepped forward and lifted her hand. “Your eye- that cut…”

It was the first touch of her hand on his face that was his undoing. He was no longer able to restrain himself, especially after the earlier fiasco. Reaching out, he grabbed her, fairly dragging her to him as his lips descended on hers.

Angelus stirred within, snorting in approval. <Finally! I was beginning to think you didn’t know how to get under her skirt. Don’t fuck it up this time.>

She wanted him. But then she always wanted him. Her hunger was too strong, too sharp in renewed acceptance for her to ignore or mistake it any longer. The arms now locked around her were a welcome cage; the hard body pressed to hers a longed-for delight.

Angel plundered her mouth, ruthless and reckless, his earlier gentle demeanor forgotten in the heat of passion. Buffy responded eagerly, luring him to take more from her as she gave in to the raw need that was threatening to consume her.

He exalted in the desire he could sense that he evoked in her, a desire that equaled his own. His kiss deepened, his tongue probing her mouth. She felt the swelling surge of passion, his and hers, and she reveled in it. The heady wave grew into a vortex of heat, swirling about them, flames licking at them, consuming them.

Buffy twined her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts hard against his chest and struggling to get closer. When he finally lifted his head, she was breathless. With effort, she opened her eyes to see his face. She could see the hard edge of desire clearly on his sharp features, his eyes glinting gold under his lids as they were fixed on hers. In the next instant she was lifted and walked backwards. Her back met the wall of the crypt behind her.

“Didn’t you want to wait?” she teased, her fingers stroking the hair at his nape, her breath now coming in short pants.

“No.” He growled, flashing her a searing glance. The fight with the demons earlier had done little to assuage his hunger, his burning need for consummation. He took her mouth again in a devouring kiss, his hands resting on the wall on either side of her head, his body pressed firmly against her. She could feel his arousal against her stomach and she arched into it, rocking slightly from side to side.

“Did you?” It was a desperate last attempt at control.

<No fucking way…do not ask. Just fuck her, moron.>

Without a word she tugged his head down, closing her eyes, answering his question with her actions.

When she reached out for him, Angel felt an emotion stronger than lust pass through his senses. He kissed her again and again, starved for the taste of her. Buffy responded eagerly, meeting him kiss for kiss.

Bending slightly, his hands swept her skirt up over her hips, stopping at her waist. “I can’t wait.” He glanced at her in apology as his words came out a rough murmur.

At that moment, Buffy was glad that she hadn’t taken the time to change into jeans after their date, eager to give him access to that part of her that was aching for him.

As his hands swept up her thighs, Buffy took a deep breath. She was aching and hot, wanting him with an urgency that matched his own. Reaching out, she unbuckled his belt and fumbled with the button and zipper on his pants. She pushed them down slightly, along with his boxers, and reached for his pulsing erection. He grunted when she grasped it in his hand, her fingers closing over him to sweep down in an eager caress.

Angel brushed his fingers over her wet naked cleft. She was hot and wet and he could wait no longer. Lifting her, he lowered her onto his cock as she guided him to her heated entrance.

<Hell, yeah… fuck, that feels good.>

Buffy groaned as she sank down, his hard length filling her. She was impaled on him, filled with him and nothing had felt so good. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her hands into the back of his neck as he braced her against the wall and began to move.

The driving urgency of the moment had overridden any of their earlier reservations about waiting, about getting to know each other again, about the curse. They were consumed only by blind need for each other.

Angel plunged into her with hard strokes, shaking her with every thrust. His fast, relentless rhythm pushed them ever toward that pinnacle, that spiraling ecstasy that was building with increasing urgency. Buffy clung to him, her nails digging into his shoulders as she attempted to meet each thrust.

Suddenly she was careening over the edge, the world shattering around her. She cried out, clawing at Angel’s shoulders and arms. He joined her then, releasing a hoarse groan near her ear as he poured his own climax into her.

For long moments they stood there, Angel leaning heavily on her against the wall of the crypt, Buffy still intimately wrapped around him. Finally Angel leaned back, lowering her legs gently to the ground.

“Are you all right? Did I hurt you?” He was genuinely concerned, having lost all attempts at control.

<I didn’t think she could get better than that first time…Can we do it again?>

“Yes and no.” Buffy wrinkled her nose, smiling at him. She loved it that he was so protective of her, that he treated her as if she were fragile when so many others didn’t. She fixed her clothing, smoothing her skirt down.

“I’m sorry. I know we were going to wait… I-” Angel zipped his pants, feeling a bit like an adolescent.

“We waited. Okay, maybe only about an hour and 15 minutes.” Buffy stepped up to him and raised herself up on tiptoe, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him softly. “But we waited more than 2 years. Isn’t that long enough?”

“Too long.” Angel smiled at her in return, hugging her. “I love you.”

“I love you. With all my heart, my body, my soul. I’m yours.” Buffy kissed him again, feeling content and sated for the moment. The earlier nervous energy had dissipated. “Let’s go home.”

Buffy had slept deeply and soundlessly after Angel had walked her home. They had shared a few kisses at her door, and although she had wanted him to stay with her, he reluctantly declined. He still had a few things to take care of at the mansion before Christmas, and he didn’t want to spend the day trapped at her house.