Hellmouth Christmas Carol, Part VII

Author: LelaRose and Gia, with contribution from Rehatha

Author’s Notes: See previous parts for notes.

Rating: Adult; explicit sex

Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.

Pairing: B/A, mentions of C/A, B/S.

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Originally posted: Dec 22, 2002

December 23

It was late afternoon when Buffy strolled up the sidewalk to the mansion. After their sexual adventures in the cemetery Angel had taken her home. She smiled just thinking about last night – early this morning. It had been Angel’s decision that she go home and come to the mansion later. He told her he had a surprise for her. As she looked at the mansions there were obvious signs of recent activity – the shrubs had been trimmed, the weeds had been cleared. Even the door appeared to be almost new.

When she had talked to Angel on the phone earlier in the day, he had casually mentioned that he’d be staying at the mansion again. After several minutes of teasing conversation, he’d extracted a promise from her to come over around six in the evening and not a minute sooner. Buffy smiled as she opened the door, wondering just what he had planned. He had mentioned that he had somewhere to take her.

Buffy gasped in surprised when she entered the main room. A large wreath hung on the wall near the deep green velvet curtains that shielded the patio doors. Pine boughs intertwined with ivory and gold ribbon were draped across the mantle along with brightly gleaming ornaments and two red velvet stockings. It was almost identical to the vision that Kendra had shown her. The only thing missing was –

A pair of strong arms circled her waist, pulling her back against a broad chest, interrupting her thoughts. Angel smiled and inhaled deeply as he buried his face in her hair, breathing in the vanilla scent.

“You’re early.” Angel admonished as his lips found her neck, brushing her hair aside with his nose and nibbling at the soft skin.

“Oh. Sorry. No watch.” Buffy held up her naked wrist as she arched her head to the side, giving him easy access to the sensitive skin. She closed her eyes, scooting back to snuggle more closely into his body.

“Hmmm.” Murmuring an unintelligible response, Angel laved at her pulse point before biting it gently. After a long moment, he reluctantly released her. Now was not the time.

<What the fuck? There is *no* better time…> Angelus sputtered in surprise. <Off with the pants already… c’mon..>

“We need a tree. I want to take you to get one.” Angel stepped away from her, gesturing toward the vacant spot in the corner. “Then you can decorate it while I watch, then I’ll make love to you beneath it.”

“Oh, really?” Buffy replied playfully even as felt her pulse jump at his words. “You’re not going to decorate?”

“No.” Angel turned, tugging her hand and grabbing his coat. “But I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.”

<This is more of that romance thing isn’t it?…There’s a whole lot of waiting in romance. I don’t like it.>

Angel closed Buffy’s door then walked around the car to get in the driver’s side. As soon as he climbed behind the wheel, Buffy slid across the seat to sit next to him. She snuggled close, kissing him on the jaw playfully. Just after they pulled on to the freeway, her attention increased in earnest. With her arm resting on the back of the seat, she toyed with the short hairs along the nape of his neck. Sighing dreamily, she moved even closer, pressing her breasts into his arm. Her hand roamed along his chest, exploring the firm muscles beneath the snug black thick cotton shirt, slipping down to brush lightly across his lap.

“Hey.” Angel smiled slightly when her hand closed over his firming erection, “I can’t drive if you do that.” Besides, he had visions of her spread across his bed tonight, where he could make love to her properly. It was bad enough that the first time they had made love in years had been in a cemetery…

“Yes, you can.” Leaning in, she kissed his neck, a hot open-mouthed wet kiss that threatened to raise the cold vampire’s body temperature. Slowly she traced his neck with her tongue, stopping to nibble at his earlobe before shifting forward and leaning around to kiss him on the lips.

Angel worked his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. With his eyes still on the road, he returned her kiss, sucking on the tongue she had thrust into his mouth.

With her hand on his now hard cock, Buffy felt a sudden urgent hunger for him. She squeezed tightly, eliciting a near growl from deep in his throat. Reluctantly, Angel pushed her away, “Sweetheart, not now. I don’t want to drive off the road.”

“Then drive. I’ll play.” Smiling teasingly, Buffy unbuckled his belt.

<Yeah, you drive, I got this. Let her play.>

“Buffy.” It was a last attempt to stop her, yet he really didn’t want to. Not with her hand so expertly manipulating his erection. With effort, he kept his attention on the road.

Watching his face, she began stroking the hard bulge in his pants, grasping it in her hand tightly and squeezing. When she was satisfied that he was sufficiently aroused for her purposes, Buffy unzipped his pants, reaching inside and closing her fingers around the erect shaft. She licked her lips and moved back on the seat slightly, allowing her lean over as she drew his cock out to her gaze. Angel groaned deep in his throat as she began moving her hand up and down, stroking him with increased pressure, her fingertips brushing over the sensitive tip, her attention focused on him as she concentrated on his pleasure.

Throwing caution to the wind, Angel placed his hand on her head and tugged her forward with deliberate pressure, wanting to feel her mouth on him.

<Now we’re talking… >

With a small smirking grin, Buffy complied, leaning down to plant a kiss on the velvety head. Holding his arousal upright, she ran her tongue around the tip wetting it completely before sucking it into her mouth. Taking his eyes off the road for a few seconds, Angel watched her as she moved her head up and down slowly, her lips and tongue creating an intense friction that he could feel through his entire body. Moving her head faster, Buffy sucked harder, using her teeth to gently scrape the tip before taking him deep into her throat.

<Ohhh, fuck…Right there baby. Just like that…Right lane. Right lane!>

Angel glanced up and jerked the wheel guiding the black GTX back into the right lane.

Confident about Angel’s ability to keep the car on the road, Buffy continued lavishing his shaft with attention. Reaching between his legs, she caressed the twin spheres of his balls, rolling and squeezing them gently to the rhythm of her sucking mouth.

<That’s nice… suck it just like that, baby…harder… >

She could feel them tighten and increased her efforts, stopping ever so often to tease the crimson tip with her teeth before bobbing her head down again. She moaned slightly, lowered her head and sucking him deep into her mouth. Her low vibration of her voice set him off and suddenly Angel came, growling and spurting his seed down her throat. Buffy swallowed greedily, clenching her legs together to stave off the growing ache.

For long minutes afterward, Buffy continued to kiss and nibble his semi-hard erection with feather light kisses. Finally, with a last kiss she tucked him away and fixed his clothing, sitting back on the seat, looking at him with a satisfied grin.

When he glanced at her, she licked her lips. As if the sight of her wasn’t delectable enough, that blatantly sexual motion stirred his arousal almost instantly.

<Oh, she’s entirely too smug. Step on it. The little woman needs to be reminded just who is at who’s sexual mercy here.>

Glancing at the road signs, Angel noted that their exit was just a few short miles. Any additional sexual exploits could wait that long. Had it been any further though, he was sure he would have had to pull off the road and find them some privacy.

Angel exited the freeway and followed the signs to the Christmas tree lot. At this time of the evening and on the night before Christmas Eve the lot was nearly deserted. Not to mention, plenty of Sunnydale residents weren’t so inclined as to cut their own trees. Too much work involved.

Angel was quiet when he parked the car, pulling in the far corner of the dimly lit parking lot, away from the two other cars parked near the entrance. Buffy glanced at him, curious. With a sudden movement, he was pressing her back into the seat.

<Yeah baby. Daddy’s home… spread those legs…>

“Now then. My turn to play.” His voice was teasing, husky and warm near her ear. She shivered. Leaning over her, his large body pressing against her, Angel lowered his lips to hers. His hands drifted over her waist as his tongue slipped into her mouth to curl around hers before pushing deep into her throat. It was a passionate and demanding kiss, intended to rouse her desire to a fever pitch. One hand drifted down to her hip as Angel familiarized himself once more with her body. As his lips trailed down her throat, he murmured. “Now where should I start?”

<If we’re taking a vote, I’m for breasts.>

Spike had seen the activity at the mansion and had heard about the fight at Willies with Angel and the demons, but he still didn’t believe his eyes when he saw Angel and the Slayer turn off Crawford Street in Angel’s black GTX. As if he needed more to convince himself that what he was seeing was real, Spike followed them at a distance on his motorcycle, keeping the headlight turned off so that they wouldn’t spot him. He grimaced when Buffy’s head dropped below the seat, and spat with disgust at the car swerving every so often on the darkened road. It was quite obvious what was going on in that car. But how was that possible? Had the poof really managed to secure his soul somehow? Or maybe it wasn’t really his grandsire? Hopeful it was the latter. Regardless, Spike wanted more proof.

When the car stopped in the far corner of the deserted parking lot, Spike stopped too, staying far enough away as to not be noticeable. Cautiously, he parked the bike and began to creep along the darkened edge of the lot, near the uncut pine trees.

“Buffy, you’re beautiful.” Angel’s voice was soft near her ear, husky and deep as his lips drifted across her cheek to nibble on her neck. Buffy arched against him, twining her arms around his neck as her lips searched for his once again. They kissed for long minutes, his lips nipping at hers gently. Impatiently, Buffy pushed her tongue into his mouth and pressed closer as Angel tilted her to nearly lie across the seat. He slid one hand down her waist and behind her back to cup her bottom. Squeezing her firm flesh, he attempted to fit her against him.

<Move your leg to – shift her – there’s not enough room in this damn car, Romeo!>

Spike grimaced at the sound of the ground crunching under his feet. He stopped, expecting, or perhaps wishing, that the occupants of the car would stop what they were doing and step out.

Growling in frustration with the relatively small confines of the car, Angel shifted back slightly and decided to content himself for the moment in reacquainting himself with his love’s body.

Buffy moaned softly and tilted her head when he traced a hot path down her neck, nipping and biting. Reaching the obstruction of her shirt, Angel stopped and laved at the slight swell of her breasts. Beneath him, Buffy shifted restlessly, wanting more.

<Mmm.. tastes good. Now off with the shirt.>

In the next instant, Angel’s hand roved across her breasts, caressing the sensitive mounds through her clothing. Buffy caught her breath as she closed her eyes and dropped her head back, arching her chest toward his lips. Under his hand, her nipples hardened, begging for an even more intimate caress.

Spike could see the couple in the car now, his preternatural eyesight giving him a clear advantage both with the dark and the distance. Not to mention that the bleedin’ poof had practically parked under one of the few lights the parking lot had.

There was no doubt in his mind now that the spiked-haired, broad shouldered outline was Angel’s. Was the slayer really his companion? Still hopeful that he was going to be proven wrong Spike began to move slowly and deliberately around to the passenger side of the car. He stayed crouched in the brush as he moved, intent on not being spotted.

Glancing at her face, Angel’s fingers skimmed the hem of her top just above her jeans, then slid underneath to push it up, just above her breasts. Angel stared at the sexy red lace, surprised at her choice of undergarments under the demur cotton top. He knew then that she had worn it for him. Just for him. A thought that was both unique and rare, filled with possessive lust. With a wolfish smile, he began planting wet kisses above the lace edge of her bra and along her cleavage before tugging the lace down away from her nipple. When his tongue swirled around the hard peak, Buffy gasped and reached up to grip the nape of his neck with strong arms.

<Fangs, fangs, she likes fangs. Oh, and suck harder.>

Gently, Angel stripped her top over her head and pulled the straps of her bra down, reaching behind her to unhook it and remove the obstruction. Leisurely, as if they weren’t in a car in a parking lot and had all the time in the world, Angel explored her breasts with his lips, his tongue, his teeth. He nursed at her nipples, sucking them into his mouth while Buffy’s hands moved restlessly over his shoulders and through his hair.

Spike nearly choked at the sight that greeted him when he finally managed to make his way around the car. Buffy – his Buffy, the Slayer – was holding Angel’s head – the bleedin nancyboy poof’s head – to her naked breasts. Her beautiful, rose-tipped breasts with their perfectly pointed nipples that were, if his eyes were not mistaken by the brief glimpses he was allowed, gleaming with the saliva of his very annoying grandsire.

Just then, much to Spike’s displeasure, Angel leaned back and reached for the button on Buffy’s pants. He unbuttoned them roughly and impatiently jerked the zipper down. Buffy moaned softly as Angel pushed his hand down the front of her pants. His fingers skimmed over the neatly trimmed patch of hair moving lower, finding the pulsing nub of her clitoris with his fingertip.

Spike’s mouth went dry as Angel’s hand moved with obvious purpose in the front of the Slayer’s jeans. His view was limited, but the expression on Buffy’s face told him all he needed to know.

“Angel, please.” Buffy whispered, wanting more than just the gentle stroke of his fingers on her aching core. “I want you. Now.”

<Yeah. Now is good. Earlier would have been good too…>

While he might have been intending to prolong their pleasure, her impassioned whisper was his undoing. No more waiting. He struggled out of his coat, leaving it wadded up behind him while Buffy shimmed out of her jeans. Next, he pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it on the dash.

Outside the window, Spike stood, craning his neck and trying to see more of Buffy’s now unmistakable nakedness. He risked them seeing him, but at this point he wasn’t sure it mattered. Or perhaps he hoped that they would see him and stop what they were doing.

In one smooth move, Angel unfastened his pants and pushed them down his thighs as he slid across the seat. Buffy, anticipating his intentions, moved to straddle his lap. She reached down and guided his cock into her wetness, sinking down until he was fully sheathed in her heat. Then she stopped, wrapping her arms around his neck and simply enjoying the feel of him, the sheer pleasure of his hard cock inside her, his size and strength.

<Ahh fuck… that’s good… Hot. Tight. Wet… Doesn’t get any better than this…>

She surveyed him under her lashes, her eyes drifting over his face. Leaning down, she nuzzled his cheek, tracing his jaw with her lips. With slow wet kisses, she continued along the side of his neck, nipping at him occasionally. Beneath her, Angel shifted and closed his eyes, basking in the pleasure of her caresses.

When she began to glide her hips, his hands moved to her hips and he guided her movements, setting a slow and steady pace. Eyes still closed, his hands drifted up to cup her breasts as she moved, his fingers toying with her nipples. Moaning softly, Buffy arched her back pressing her breasts more firmly into his hands. She felt every tug of his fingers on the taut peaks as if those nerves were connected directly to the ones between her legs.

<Do that thing with the backs of her knees. It drives her wild.>

With her golden hair and luminous skin fairly gleaming in the dim light, Spike could not look away as the Slayer made love to the vampire. He spat in disgust that she could do such a thing with the man who had left her. How was it that she obviously forgave him so readily? Angry and hurt, unbidden tears pooled in his eyes. Angel’s absence had been key to his success with Buffy.

<The knees. The knees. Ahh fuck it. Next time…Oh, Slayer…>

When Buffy pressed her lips to his, Angel opened his eyes meeting her gaze. Reaching up, he buried one big hand in her hair as his other clasped her waist. They kissed for several long moments before Buffy resumed her rhythm, moving slowly up and down. When she broke off the kiss to take a breath, Angel pulled her closer to slide his mouth down her throat. Reaching the scar – his mark – on her neck, he growled softly and began licking and sucking at the mark.

<Bite… She tastes so good, remember? Just a little taste? C’mon, you know you want to… > The demon growled, urging Angel on.

The low rumbling growl stirred Buffy’s passion to greater heights. Grinding her pelvis hard against him, she felt herself losing control once as she raced toward that inevitable explosive ecstasy.

Angel lifted his head, his lips capturing hers again in a deep passionate kiss as Buffy moved with greater force. Harder then faster, they moved together, the intensity building. Neither content to be passive, they reached for each other, kissing and licking any available flesh within reach. They were both too aware that they had been denied this pleasure for too long.

“Oh, Ahhn-gel,” the word a breathy moan, Buffy mewled softly as she came, arching against him. Leaning down, she sank her teeth into his neck biting hard and pushing him over the edge. Angel released a hoarse grunt as he grabbed her hips and slammed her down hard for two deep thrusts as he released his seed into her.


Panting heavily, Buffy collapsed in Angel’s arms. He crushed her to him and buried his face in her hair, tucking her head in the crook of his neck. Shifting slightly, he settled her more comfortably against him as he held her, his hand gently caressing her back. Making love to her was like no other feeling he knew; a delicious sweetness, an incredible and profound sense of completeness, of satisfaction. It was as if he had been incomplete and was now whole again.

Buffy snuggled into Angel’s chest, and settled more comfortably with a deep sigh. Being held in his arms gave her an overpowering sense of contentment and belonging, a feeling so intense and so rare that it touched her very soul. As Buffy drowsed in his arms, she smiled.

<The boy is still outside. He’ll need to be taught a lesson.> Angelus growled, possessive at the thought of the younger vampire watching. He was also reminded of what *could* have been, what he had seen in the vision Doyle showed him.

<Yes. Later.> Angel answered his demon, stirring and reaching over to grab his coat and drape it over Buffy’s back, covering them. His eyes searched the dark shadows for what, or rather who, he knew lurked there. He had sensed his grandchilde earlier, but had little interest in the bleached blonde vampire with his beautiful golden girl in his arms. When they lit on the crouching vampire, Angel smiled a tight, possessive smile. It was a warning. Spike understood. He scurried away, unwilling to linger should both Angel and the Slayer choose to turn on him.

Content, Angel closed his eyes once more. He wanted nothing more than to hold his precious love in his arms, to prolong the exquisite sensations strumming through his body and savor the love that he had been allowed to reclaim.

A few hours later, Buffy laughed as Angel studied the tree and the car, attempting to figure out the best way to haul home the tree that she selected. He had good-naturedly followed her around as she walked looking for the perfect tree. Buffy was looking for the tree she’d seen in the vision of Christmas present Kendra had shown her. It had taken her almost 2 hours but she’d finally found the tree. It stood almost by itself. It sorta reminded her of Angel; proud, aloof and beautiful. Buffy had turned to Angel and wrapped her arms around his waist squeezing him tightly. “This is it Angel. The perfect Christams tree.”

Angel had smiled down at her, “Then it’s yours.” He gently untangled her arms from around him and Angel cut down the tree and toted it back to the car.

“You would have to pick one over 8 feet.” Angel grumbled, even as he enjoyed the small pleasure of the outing with her. It was the first time he’d ever done this and he enjoyed it more than he thought possible. And how could he not – after their earlier interlude.

After some consideration, Angel put the top down on the convertible as Buffy watched, a curious grin on her face. Tossing the tree in the back seat, Angel looked up at her. Their eyes met over the car. Buffy shrugged, then they both laughed. That would work…