A Convenient Marriage, Challenge

The challenge thatĀ led to “A Convenient Marriage”…

Angel is from Ireland and ending his junior year at college in the US on a student visa. After much pursuing on her part, he has been dating Cordelia for the last few months. Her grandfather is not pleased that she is dating below her and refusing to date the more acceptable men he chooses. He decides to get rid of Angel and pulls strings and has his Visa revoked for irregularities in his paperwork. He will have to leave in a week before he finishes the spring semester.

Cordelia is upset that he has to go, especially after all her work to ensnare him. Her friend Harmony suggests she marry him and then he can stay. Cordelia knows, if she does her grandfather will disinherit her. They discuss Harmony marry him. Harmony offers she find some ugly chick he wouldn’t look twice at to do it. Cordelia laughs it off.

Later while at the popular student lunch spot with Angel she notices the waitress. The badly dressed haggard young girl is rushing around trying to keep up with the growing crowd. Cordelia and Angel discuss his leaving. She even mentions him finding someone to marry in name only. He thinks she is crazy. She continues to watch the waitress. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and ask the manager about the girl. She learns she is a freshman who is putting herself through school working there and has a second job as well. Cordelia smiles.

After Angel heads to again to talk to the government officials, Cordelia sits and waits for the crowd to thin out. When it is slow, she invites Buffy to sit down. She proposes that Buffy marry Angel so he can stay. And in return she will pay for all Buffy’s tuition, books, and fees. Not sure if Angel should know Cordelia is paying Buffy.

After another rough night at her second job, Buffy accepts the offer and Cordelia tells Angel she found him a name only wife. He is shocked but after meeting Buffy and realizing she is willing to help, they get hitched and she moves into his apartment. He finishes the semester.

Buffy is able to quit one job and cut back her hours. Then Cordelia’s grandfather learns what happened and sicks INS on the couple. They have to deal with home inspections and interviews. Going into their senior/sophomore years, he is forced to take a sophomore level course he has been putting off. Something like Biology maybe or US History. Buffy offers to help him since it is her best subject. They sign up for the same class.

Soon they discover they are being followed and fearing the INS and the consequences they have to be more demonstrative in public. Angel continues to see Cordelia secretly.