A Note about ACM

So, when I started this fic I thought it was going to be something that I’d knock off in a few weeks (at most) and would be a fun little creative exercise to see if I could be a little bit different spin on a “green card” fic – those not necessarily being new.

Well, a year later… here we finally are. After the first few chapters the fic sorta took on a life of it’s own. I blame Lindsey really. The introduction of his character brought a whole new twist to the story that I didn’t originally plan. He flopped from bad guy to good to bad to good again, each causing a revision to the outline. You’ll notice that the first few chatpers move along quickly, a lot happens, then suddenly there’s a drastic slow down in plot development after that… I think that’s when Lindsey was introduced. So see? *g*

Overall, I think I re-outlined this fic 8 times as the various parts unfolded. I have 41 acm_something files, if that gives you any idea. Some are actual, completed chapters. Others are bits of the fic that got pulled out, others are conversation fragments – and there were no small number of these with LJ, Copper and indie – while others are discarded revisions.

This fic almost died twice… once during the plagiarism incident, and again when I got so busy I almost lost all inspiration to write on it. At one point I had told the story in my head so many times that I felt as if it were already finished, even if I hadn’t written it down yet. When you’ve told the story you want to tell, it can be hard to make yourself tell it again, even if that just means writing it down. *g* Surprisingly though, even when I did sit down to write it out, it didn’t come out exactly as I had thought it would. Guess that shows you that sometimes you never know.

Regardless, with everything I write I learn something new and I find things that I’d like to get better at. I’m lucky enough to write for a fandom that has some incredible feedbackers, (if that’s even a word!) so you guys help me a lot to learn and grow or even just nudge me along with things are slow. If I didn’t know that I’d forget someone, I’d list you all by name, so instead I’d just like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to read this fic. It goes without saying that anyone that has been with me since the beginning deserves a badge of patience! *g*

I’m both happy and sad to finish, for all the reasons that everyone I’m sure understands. And on that note, I’ll stop blathering. I’m happy to finally pronounce this fic finished!

Thanks to everyone that’s shared it with me.

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  1. March 6, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    I loved all of the stories and I just wished there would have been more. You.are a very good writer and again thanks for the goodies.

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