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AU. B/A, C/A. Challenge Fic. In order to keep her Irish boyfriend in the country, Cordelia helps arranges his marriage to someone ‘non-threatening’. Here’s Tara’s Challenge.

A Note about ACM

So, when I started this fic I thought it was going to be something that I’d knock off in a few weeks (at most) and would be a fun little creative exercise to see if I could be a little bit different spin on a “green card” fic – those not necessarily being new. Read more →

A Convenient Marriage, Part 12

Author’s Notes: This is AU. Hallie, I actually envision something like Halfrek, though the name Halfrek just doesn’t work in an AU fic. *g* Thanks to Voodoo Cowgirl for pointing out that I had all but forgotten Hank Summers. That has been corrected. And big thanks to Akay, for helping me to recover my inspiration to write. See previous parts… Read more →