Category: Dawn’s Letter to Angel

Rated PG. Set after BtVS s5. Dawn writes an angry letter to Angel after Buffy’s death. (ok, contains C/A – but it’s not happy)

Angel’s Reply

Angel re-read the letter again before folding it and setting it aside. Dawn’s words – all of them – were a surprise. Buffy shouldn’t have died without him knowing. In that split second, he realized that it mattered to him that she was alive somewhere in the world. But he had to face the awful finality: she wasn’t coming back and he would never see her smile again or hear her say his name in that questioning tone. Read more →

Dawn’s Letter to Angel

Dawn sighed as she closed the last book. She never knew that Buffy kept a journal until she found several of them while packing up Buffy’s things after her death. She wrote a lot during high school, tapering off in college then writing only sporadically after that. Buffy apparently wrote mostly for emotional release – which naturally meant that a great deal of her writing was about Angel. Read more →