Category: Clarity

A bit of a rewrite of SOA season 2. Jax/Tara. Adult themes, sexually explicit content.

Clarity : NINE

Jax stood perfectly still, watching as Tara’s car was towed away, a Charming police car following behind. It was an ominous sign, somehow, and he again had to struggle to control the rage and fear washing over him in equal measure. Read more →

Clarity : EIGHT

Opie hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but the door to chapel was open. When he heard that the voices were Gemma and Clay’s, he started to walk away. But then he heard Donna’s name, and his feet seemed rooted to the spot. Why would they be talking about his dead wife? Read more →

Clarity : SEVEN

“Yeah, I guess with all this shit going on… she was having second thoughts about staying in Charming,” Gemma explained. “I should have told you, baby, but I didn’t know if she was serious. If she was, I thought she’d say something to you, you know, instead of just taking off.” Read more →

Clarity : SIX

Gemma studied him for a moment. She only wanted to protect him, her only son. Why did he insist on rebuffing what she knew to be in his best interest? Finally, she said, “This is bad, sweetheart. She will hurt you, and she will hurt this club.” Read more →

Clarity : FIVE

Tara looked up at him, aware of the tension in his body but not the reasons for his restraint. She tensed and waited, expecting him to wrap his arms around her, or pull her to him for a kiss. She was a bit skittish about the familiar intimacy in ways she hadn’t been before, but Jax had proved to her years ago he was very adept at soothing away any such fears. Read more →

Clarity : FOUR

Tara sighed. Could she turn a blind eye like she knew the other wives and old ladies in the club did? Even Gemma accepted Clay’s faithlessness as long as it was kept out of sight. Read more →