Category: Clarity

A bit of a rewrite of SOA season 2. Jax/Tara. Adult themes, sexually explicit content.

Clarity : THREE

“I’m taking you both in,” the Deputy Chief said finally, glancing between the two men. “We’ll sort it out at the station.”

Unclipping his handcuffs from his belt, he started forward, “Jax… “

With one last glare at Weston, Jax turned around and allowed Hale to handcuff his wrists behind his back. Read more →

Clarity : TWO

Gemma watched Jax refill his glass and down a second shot of whiskey. She studied her son, much as she had been doing all his life. He was her baby and her wild boy, but also the center of her life. He’d been the cause of plenty of sleepless nights, but he was on the right track now with the club, and with his own son. She made sure of that. And with her help, he’d stay that way. Read more →

Clarity : ONE

Jax took another long drag on his cigarette and carefully scanned the yard and street. All seemed quiet and still at the late hour. Nearing his front door, he blew the inhaled smoke out in one long breath. Once again his nerves prickled, his attention on edge. He cocked his head, his brow creasing in concern. Read more →