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This page is organized by: BtVS/Angel – One Shots, BtVS/Angel – Series, BtVS/Angel – Collaborations, Sons of Anarchy, and BtVS/Angel – Badfic.

BtVS and/or Angel – One Shots

These are short/one chapter fics. All stories are Buffy/Angel (B/A) or Buffy/Angelus (B/Aus) unless otherwise noted. They are also primarily adult with explicit sex, including naughty words and all that it entails. All fics are completed, unless otherwise noted with by the *WIP*.


Concessions - AR. Set during A:ts s5. Explicit sex warning. After a disagreement, Buffy realizes that Angel has to be seen by everyone at Wolfram & Hart as the alpha. She sets out to make amends. Written for the B/A Kink Ficathon.


Ersatz - B/S, B/A strongly implied, A/S implied. Set during BtVS s7. Set during Chosen. Buffy and Spike on that night.

Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli - Takes place during 'Damage', A:ts s5. Buffy returns to Los Angeles to pick up Dana and gets more than she expected. Smutty interlude with a tiny plot.

Full Circle

Full Circle - Future!fic written for a challenge in Ducks' fluffython. So, just fluffy fluff. Set during A:ts s5. Post Chosen, end of A:ts fic.

Shadows & Idyll

Shadows & Idyll - This is a Futurefic, and is part of the Project Paranormal Series. Buffy and Angel find that even on holiday in Bath, they aren’t free from ghostly visitors.

Sources of Comfort

Sources of Comfort - Takes place during s6, Seeing Red. Written for the BtVS 144 ep challenge by DarlingVioletta. Trying to accept that Connor may be lost to him, Angel goes to the one person that has been his source of comfort and strength in the past, only to find something unexpected. Perhaps kicking ass really is comfort food.

Momentary Illusions

Momentary Illusions - B/Aus short PWP fic set during s2. Can they resist the inevitable?

Pirate Dreams

Pirate Dreams - A short B/Other PWP. Even Buffy has fantasies time to time...

Rewards of Patience

Rewards of Patience - Set during "Just Rewards" A:ts s5. Essentially a PWP in the same 'verse as Concessions; Buffy went to LA and is working at Wolfram & Hart with Angel.

Scent Memory

Scent Memory - Four years post-Chosen/End of Days; Buffy thinks about Angel.

BtVS/Angel – Series Fics

Basically, the longer ones. Multiple parts and/or chapters – whatever I decided to call them at the time. All Buffy/Angel unless otherwise marked, and all Adult unless otherwise… ha, who am I kidding? They’re all smutty to some degree.

A Convenient Marriage

AU. B/A, C/A. Challenge Fic. In order to keep her Irish boyfriend in the country, Cordelia helps arranges his marriage to someone ‘non-threatening’. Here’s Tara’s Challenge.

A Night at…

Basically PWPs set in BtVS s2. Buffy and Angel get frisky in the library. But is someone watching? After Surprise (so I’m watching FX reruns). There’s no happiness clause.

Buffy’s LA Adventure

Buffy goes undercover as *gasp* a stripper to help the AI team on a case. Smut happens. Far-fetched but sorta fun.

In The Darkness *WIP*

B/A, A/Other. Post BtVS ‘End of Days’ and A:ts ‘Not Fade Away’. Buffy and Angel get back together after Sunnydale is destroyed. All is well and happy until Buffy disappears. Experimental angsty and somewhat dark fic.


Total AU. Angel, Oz, Spike and Xander are the members of the Dingoes, a popular band. Angel meets Buffy, Sunnydale school girl. Smut with tiny plot. Includes W/O & S/D

Secrets & Lies

Post BtVS season 7 and AtS season 4. Will Buffy and Angel find their way back to each other in the future?

Stolen Moments

Buffy and Angel find a little happiness. Set in BtVS Season 7, AtS Season 4, and after. Basically just PWPs.

The Xander Zone

B/A, B/Other. Not what you might think. Set during BtVS s6 – what if Buffy found another way to deal with being yanked out of heaven?

Unwanted Passions

B/Aus, includes W/S. Set during BtVS s2. Angelus corners Buffy in the cemetery. He has plans. Warning: For mature audiences only. Adult language, explicit sex, little to no plot. This is Angelus people, he’s not very nice.

BtVS/Angel – Collaborations

Fics written as collaborations with other authors.

Hellmouth Christmas Carol

A collaboration with LelaRose. It’s Christmas on the Hellmouth. What do the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future have to teach our favorite couple?

The Hunger

AR. A collaboration with LelaRose and Rehatha. Buffy goes to LA to help Pike defeat the Sk’larra demon dogs – and gets more than she expected.

Sons of Anarchy

All stories are Jax/Tara unless otherwise noted. They are also primarily adult with explicit sex, including naughty words and all that it entails. All fics are completed, unless otherwise noted with by the *WIP*.


Jax, Tara, a fluffy PWP walk down memory lane.

Strangely Restless

Tig decides to try an aphrodisiac – of course something goes awry.

Clarity (formerly The Catalyst)

A bit of a rewrite of Season 2. Tara was used by the League to send the message to SAMCRO.

BtVS and/or Angel – Badfic

As described – badly written, characterized, structured, or all of the above. May be written badly by accident, or fic written badly on purpose for amusement, or may just be competently written, but contains bizarre, or absurd, brain-breaking content. 

A New Chapter / Moving On

AU. B/Other. References to C/A. Buffy’s moved out but wants closure after hearing a conversation of Angel’s. Or, Buffy hears something that Angel said when they meet up under unusual circumstances. But she’s moved on with someone new.

Buffy / Valentine Crossover

AU-ish and kinda bad. Someone is killing girls in Sunnydale. Is it… Angel? Written in response to a challenge. Choose your own ending.

The Bargain

A demon takes Buffy hostage hoping to strike a bargain with Angel… for his soul.

Dawn’s Letter to Angel

Rated PG. Set after BtVS s5. Dawn writes an angry letter to Angel after Buffy’s death. (ok, contains C/A – but it’s not happy. And not one of my better fics…).


Rated PG. Warning: Bad, Songifc. Reunited after a few wrong turns? Set to the lyrics of a song.

Picture Perfect Reunion

Connor finds a picture, goes to Sunnydale, meets Dawn. Buffy drives Connor back to LA, meets Angel. Little bit of smut, lots of happiness ensues. Includes D/C.

Picture Perfect Reunion - This came about after seeing an ad for Angel re: Connor. I'm not a big Dawn fan, rarely including her in my stories, and I'm sure I didn't make her whiney enough in this one...